Author: Kevin Blake
Category: Erotic Stories
Published: May 22, 2005
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Jake had a talent for spotting pretty women and today was no exception. She was lowered onto his dick and lifted up and lowered like she was wanking him with her cunt.

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Jake had a talent for spotting pretty women and today was no exception.

Jake was a keen photographer and did a bit of freelance work. Today he was on the look out for young mothers and followed Julie back to her house.

Julie went into her house and put the kettle on having just returned from dropping her little boy off at the school. Julie had two children one a baby of six months who she put in his cot to have a nap.

Julie was wondering how she was going to pay this month’s bills as her husband had left her and she was not receiving any maintenance money from him.

The door bell went and Jake stood at the door smiling and said how would you like to earn a few pounds

Julie would usually of turned the unwelcome visitor away but was ready to explore any ways she could to raise cash.

How, said Julie.

Jake said well I am sorry you can only earn money if you happen to have a baby under 12 months old so I guess I have knocked at the wrong house today because you look to young to have a baby.

Julie felt flattered and said but I do in fact I also have a five year old son who has just started school.

Well its your lucky day said Jake. Can I come in

Julie invited Jake in and said what do I have to do.

Well, said Jake. I am a freelance photographer for a company who is willing to pay £25 for a picture of you and your baby and all you have to do is hold one of their products in you hand.

Ok said Julie I will doit and Jake took the photo and gave her £25.

Chatting over a cup of coffee Julie said she was rather hoping the prize money was a bit more as she was having difficulty paying her mortgage.

Jake said he was also a freelance photographer for an escort agency who paid big bucks for respectable women to escort diplomats who are visiting the UK. All the women have to do is look pretty and go out to diner with the diplomat. Diplomat’s like to be seen with pretty women and pay big tips like hundreds f pounds.

Jake said all he had to do was take a picture of Julie in something sexy but not tarty and he was sure he could get her some work.

Julie thought about it for a few seconds and said she would do it. She went upstairs and changed into a tight busted top not too much cleavage and a pencil skirt with a slight slit in it that revealed a bit of leg but not too much.

Jake took the photo and said he would be in touch.

Julie almost forgot about it when a few days later Jake telephoned and said Julie had been selected. She had to make arrangements for someone to look after her children while she went to London. She would have a ticket wating for her at the railway station and it would be all expenses paid.

When she arrived in London a limo collected her and took her to the Savoy hotel and she was met by another women who explained what would happen over tea.

Julie was taken shopping and bought new clothes and everything went really quickly and in no time a tall she was introduced to a diplomat from Dubai. He was young and handsome and offered her flowers.

Over diner he said he would pay her to have sex. The women who briefed her told her that this would happen and it was up to her whether she did or not. Julie was rather flattered and she liked the look of her diplomat so explored a little further.

How much would you pay to sleep with me

I would pay you £250.

Julie thought that if she did that it would pay half of her monthly mortgage bill.

I’m not that cheap said Julie I would expect at least £500. Well Julie thought she had nothing to lose in trying.

Ok said the handsome diplomat £500 it is.

Julie was two mortgage payments behind and at least this money would stop the building society from taking her home away.

They went to his room or should I say palace. It was massive and had a seven foot bed.

Julie was bit disappointed with the fuck she got as it didn’t seem to last very long and he could see she was raring to go.

Would you like more fucking Asked the diplomat.

Well yeas I could have gone a little bit more. I was just starting to get interested when you came.

Ok you shower and when you return to the bed you can have more fuck.

It will cost you more said Julie.

Ok I will give you more money.

What Julie didn’t know was the fucking was not going to come from the diplomat as he was shagged out.

Julie showered and came back into the room. The lights were switched off and she crept over to the bed where a voice said can you stand up miss Julie.

Julie stood up next to the bed and in the dim light she saw stood in front of her one of the diplomat’s minders. He was a huge hunk and he smiled at Julie and said are you ok with this

Julie felt a gush of lust go all through her body. She had never been fucked my an enormous guy before and it made he feel randy.

Yes, Julie said, fuck me big boy.

At that moment two enormous hands went round her waist but it was not from the guy who stood in from of her but another minder who stood behind her.

The guy behind lifted her up and gently eased her onto the guy in front, who had an enormous hard-on and it looked about 12” long.

She was lowered onto his dick and lifted up and lowered like she was wanking him with her cunt.

This went on being lifted up and pushed back down for about twenty minutes. She didn’t know how many times the guy came or how many times she felt her clit ooze juice.

The guy in front who obviously worked out in a gym lifted her up and pushed her back a little and lowered her onto the guy behind.

His dick felt not quite so big, or was she just feeling well oiled she thought.

After she was lifted up and down on his dick for about ten minutes she felt him cum and the guy behind lifted her up and turned her over. Julie was lowered back and all she could see was an enormous dick heading for her mouth. She opened as wide as she could and didn’t think she could open it wide enough but some how it went it and she sucked while the guy behind licked her cunt.

The one in front creamed filled her mouth and then she was lowered on the bed.

The diplomat came over and said £1000 should cover it I think nicely.

Julie never had any problems paying her mortgage again.

Jake always found her work and they became friends. This led to lovers and then they got married.

Jake still rented Julie out from time to time and they became very rich in deed and was known all over the world in diplomat circles.

About: The author of "Freelance" is Kevin Blake. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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