Risk and Reward

Author: Kevin Blake
Published: May 23, 2005
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Everyone was convinced he was making the rules up as he went along but it seemed fun. Chris fucked Jenny slowly so not to wake her up and each man took it in turns slowly fucking her until they had all shot their loads.

The party was going well. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It was a big house and Mark's parents had gone away for six months and he was living there house minding.

There was plenty of booze flowing. In one room there was music and dancing and in another there were couples chatting each other up.

At the end of the hall there was one room where Chris had invited a group to play his game 'risk and reward'.

No-one had heard of it before and everyone was convinced he was making the rules up as he went along but it seemed fun.

Julie was next and she had to be blind folded.

Each participant had to bet on a yes or no. If the blind folded person did the challenge then the yes group's names were put in a hat and someone drew out the winner. The winner kept the money and was the next one to be blind folded.

Julie was asked to lick three things and guess what they were. She refused to do the challenge and everyone laughed as they knew what would have gone in her mouth and so did she.

Julie left the room laughing too and said she was going to dance in the other room.

Katie left with her and there were four men and one women left in the game.

Jenny was about to leave with the rest of the girls when Chris said hang on Julie you won and its your turn to be blind folded.

Jenny said she would catch the girls up later and was blind folded.

Chris asked her to put on a coat and then she had to remove items of her clothing for further bets.

Everyone said she wouldn't do it and offered Jenny a drink for Dutch courage.

Surprising all the boys she said she would do it.

The boys didn't tell her that no-one had bet she would but they continued the game.

Once blind folded Chris got out a coat from the cupboard and what jenny didn't know was it was actually see-through plastic.

She put it on and she did all the buttons up thinking they couldn't see anything and she took off a scarf.

Each time she removed an item of clothing they gave her a drink and spun her round.

She was actually down to her underwear and the boys couldn't believe their luck.

Jenny still thought she was wearing a coat and as she knew all the buttons were done up she thought she may as well take off her underwear for a laugh to tease the boys knowing they couldn't actually see anything.

When she was naked everyone stood looking at her bare body and as she thought she was fully covered she actually boldly made a few poses that excited everyone.

Craig got his camera out and started to take photos Some were quite close up to her fanny and tits.

They gave her another drink and spun her round and said she had to keep the coat on whilst still blind folded and walk along the hall. She agreed feeling quite drunk by this stage.

They went into another room where she heard music playing. She thought that this was where the other girls were but inn fact it was a different room with only the boys who had played the game.

They gave her more drink and spun her round and she danced to their delight.

After a few more drinks they had turned the heating up and she said she was feeling hot and wanted to sit down. They turned the music down and she sat on a settee.

She started to feel a bit drowsy and Chris the pervert he was got out a pair of scissors.

He started to snip away at the coat's seams and cut the buttons off.

Within a few minutes jenny said she wanted to lie down as her head was spinning and asked if she could take the blind fold off.

Chris said it was better for headaches if she kept it on otherwise the bright lights would make it worse.

Chris and Ben gently picked jenny up and carried her up stairs.

They lay her on the bed and by the time they did this all of her goat had disappeared.

She was now completely naked lying on the bed.

The room was left deliberately dark with some gently music quietly playing in the back ground.

Chris lifted up Jenny's head and instructed her to drink. He said this will make you feel better.

Jenny drank and after a few minutes was completely knocked out.

Right lads said Chris I'm first as it was my game.

Chris fucked Jenny slowly so not to wake her up and each man took it in turns slowly fucking her until they had all shot their loads.

We could make a bit of money here lads. John go and ask someone down stairs if they want to screw Jenny for twenty quid. No say thirty she's at least worth thirty quid isn't she.

They soon had a queue of lads who took it in turns to fuck Jenny.

Jenny started to wake up and reached for the blind fold. She tore it off and saw someone stood in font of her but could make out who it was.

Hi Jenny its Alex. Its my turn I've paid the money. Can you turn over.

Jenny thought they were still playing the game downstairs and just did what he asked no realising what was going on.

Alex wanted to fuck her up the ass and she soon found out what was happening.

She screamed out as he came and he thought she was enjoying it so twisted her round so the next lad could enter her. As soon as someone else rammed their dick in her cunt someone else rammed their dick in her mouth and used her head to wank in her mouth.

After everyone had fucked her senseless she lay there in disbelief.

Chris threw her clothes at her and she dressed and went down stairs.

She left through the back door and went home and never went to any more parties.

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