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My Time with Didi

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Dec 13, 2013
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I sent a e-mail back telling her how much I would love to get behind her and give that wonderful body a good old fashioned hard fucking.

* * * * * * *

I just opened my e-mails and found a letter from someone called Didi she said that she had just read one of the sex stories I had written for a web site, she went on to tell me how much she liked it and how it had made her pussy hot and wet.

I replied and sex alone three other stories I had written along with a photo of my nice hard cock with the foreskin pulled back over the swollen head hopping that she would not mind be being so forward, during the day we sent a few e-mail back and forth to each other and she told me that she was 34, Dark Skin, and slim build with a wonderful ass and a pussy just right for fucking.

So just reading this gave me a really big hard on and as I had tight jeans on at work it made me very uncomfortable so I had to go to the toilets to have a wank to get my cock to go soft as I could not work for the rest of the afternoon thinking about Didi and having this raging hard cock.

Didi had promised to send me a photo which I could not wait to see so as soon as I got home I was on the computer right away hopping that I had got the photo, No nothing yet so then about 30 minutes later my computer told me I had a e-mail so I opened it up to find this wonderful beautiful woman looking at me her wonderful red lips were smiling and that was all she was wearing was that out of this world smile and I could see that she had not lied when she said that she was slim and her breasts were dark and inviting just wanting to be kissed and held.

I sent a e-mail back telling her how much I would love to get behind her and give that wonderful body a good old fashioned hard fucking and I did not superpose she Lived anywhere near me, and sent yet another photo of my cock to her.

About a hour later I got a reply and could not believe that this sexy lady lived only 20 miles away, I asked her if she had ever thought about meet up with someone just for sex and how did she feel about having sex with someone that was 27 years older than her, her reply came as a shock as she said that the age did not mater that after seeing my rock hard cock with per cum on the top of it she wanted it inside her hot pussy.

We arranged to meet and that I would pick her up and bring her back to my home the next weekend and so that is how I got to be with this beautiful woman, I picked her up and and as I drove us to my home she started to run her hand up and down the inside of my leg bringing her hand higher until she was rubbing my cock which was now straining at the seams to be let loose, I was finding it very hard to drive but she just kept of rubbing my cock and smiling with those wonderful red lips.

When we got to my home I had a job getting out the car with this very hard cock but just about done it and we went inside, now Didi was wearing a short dress and it showed of her tremendous figure her tits were great and I could not wait to kiss then and lick her nipples and that ass well in that tight dress it showed how curved it was and I could not wait to lick it, kiss it and slap it before putting my tongue up against her ass hole and rimming her good and hard.

As soon as I shut the door behind us I pulled Didi to me and we kissed for the first time Oh those lips I will never forget how soft and wonderful they were as I pushed my tongue into her mouth she parted her lips and she tasted so sweet I raised a hard and cupped one of her breasts and it felt firm to the touch and her nipple hardened in my hand we kissed for a while and I kept on kneading her breast her nipple was rock hard pushing into my hand.

I pulled away from her and lifted her up and carried Didi into the bed room I was not going to waste time I wanted this woman and I wanted her now I lowered her to the bed and stood there and undress she started to take of her dress but I stopped her as I wanted to do it she looked at my hard cock and licked her lips as a drop of pre cum seeped from the tip of it.

I lay on the bed and we started to kiss once more and this time Didi placed her fingers around my cock and as she ran her hand down my shaft she pulled the foreskin back over the swollen head and rubbed her thumb over the top of it spreading the pre cum over the head.

I started to kiss down her neck and to the top of her dress and as her breasts were being pushed out the top of her dress I kissed and lick them I pulled one breast free of it's confined space and was her rock hard nipple poke out and up just crying out to be kissed and sucked so what could I do but do just that, as I kissed it I sucked it into my mouth flicking the tip with my tongue Didi pushed herself up against my mouth and gave out a soft moan of pleasure as she did so.

I ran my hand round her back and found the zip and slowly lowered it and then slid her dress of her shoulders revealing both her breasts and my god what wonderful tits they were I could have spent days just kissing them and sucking them I took her nipples one at a time into my mouth and as I sucked it as hard as I could I nipped the nipple between my teeth this got Didi really worked up and she was now rubbing my cock like mad.

But I knew I could not spend any more time on these fantastic tits and that her wet horny fuck hole was waiting for me to taste it so as I kissed down her body I pushed her dress down and she lifted her ass up so I could slip her dress under her and off her she kicked it free and I found she was knickerless so I got a great view of her sexy pussy oh it looked so fucking sexy I could not wait to feel it on my lips and taste it's juices running into my mouth.

I raised myself up and pulled her legs apart and knelt between them and slowly lowered my head getting closer and closer I could smell her sent coming from her juices and I could not wait to see what the taste would be like so I stuck out my tongue and ran it up her cunt lips and the taste was so good it was nectar from heaven.

Didi told me to get up and lay on my back before I could even lick any more of her juic, I did what she asked and she mover round and placed a leg either side of my head and I felt her lips fold around my cock Didi started to suck and lick the head of my cock and as she did so she lowered her dripping cunt onto my face and I did not wait before licking along the slit of her cunt taking in her sent as I did so her juices flowed from her and I push my tongue into her and found her clit and when I flicked the top of it I thought she was going to bite the head of my cock as touching her clit made her shudder and she gave out a long and muffled moan as she did not take my cock out of her mouth.

As we carried on like this I could feel her hard nipples moving against me as she moved up and down my cock by now she was taking all of it and I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat as she went fully down onto me she had cupped my balls into one hand and was gently squeezing them as she gave me the best blow job I thing I have ever had.

I was drinking her juice as fast as it was pouring out of her and all of a sudden she raised her head and screamed as she came forcing her throbbing pussy down on my face covering my face with her cum I pushed my tongue out as far as I could get it and it slid into her waiting hole and I could feel Didi's pussy pulse against my tongue as her orgasm ripped though her.

Panting of breath she rolled of me and smiled with her wonderful red lips and she turned round and kissed and licked her cum from my face then kissing me fully on the lips her tits pushing hard into me, I wanted to fuck this woman and fuck her now so I told her to get on all four's and I was going to ride her hard and fast from the rear a big smile crossed her face and it did not take Didi long to be on her hands and knees I moved round behind her and Wow that ass so full and firm I was going to enjoy looking at that while fucking her pussy from the rear.

I ran my cock up and down over her slit my cock now wet with her juice and as it hit her clit each time Didi shuddered and tried to push back onto my cock, the next time this happened I rammed forward as she pushed back and my rock hard dick thrust into her fully hitting home in one long push and our bodies slapped together hard and I took hold of her slim waste and started to pull her back hard against me as I thrust forward I took a hand of her waste from time to time to slap her ass saying you lick that bitch, you want it hard and being slapped do you like it, Yes Yes she begs Harder as hard as you can.

It was not long before I was getting ready to shoot my load of hot cum into her now throbbing cunt hole that was running with cum juice I could feel it running from her and down my balls and the inside of my legs, Harder and Harder I rammed into her and I ran my Finger down under her to get it wet and sticky and I just thrust my finger into her ass hole and this brought her to another big all mighty climax she was screaming with pleasure and I fuck her ass hole with my finger as I gave one long hard thrust into her pussy and filled her with my cum I do not think I had ever shoot so much cum in my life as I did that time and we both collapsed into a heap on the bed.

After a few minutes Didi moved round and started to lick my cock and balls drinking all her cum from me and I opened her legs and did the same to her the taste of my own cum and her heavenly cum juice together did not take long to back my now limp cock moving again with Didi sucking it to it was hard again in no time and this time I was going to take my time and push Didi back onto the bed so she was on her back and I moved down between her legs and started eating her cunt pout once more but this time as I suck on her swollen clit I pushed two fingers into her gaping fanny, her cunt was still wet from her massive climax and my fingers slid in without any problem.

I then started to fuck her with my fingers slowly while still licking her cunt and clit Didi was again arching her back as I did this moaning how good it felt I then entered three then four fingers inside her as I did I curled them up so they rubbed along her g spot this made her cum once again and her juice ran down over my hand and arm I looked up and saw that Didi was squeezing her tits hard and pulling on her nipples twisting them between her fingers and her head was being throwing from side to side, again and again she came over and over I pulled my fingers from her and slowly kissed up her body until our mouths met and we kissed hard our tongues entwined in each others mouths and I slowly entered my cock into her waiting pussy OH yes Dave she whispered into my ear as it slid home fully into her MY GOD that feels so fucking good,

I just held it inside her few a minute or two then started to slowly fuck her cunt her fanny was so wet it was making slurping sounds each time I push in and pulled out Didi wraped her legs around my waste and pulled me into her as far as she could get me we fuck like this for a long long time just soaking in the pleasure it was giving us both feeling my cock rub up inside her pussy hole my cock head running over her G spot each time in moved in and out making her shudder with each stroke.

Again Didi went ridged as yet another Orgasm ripped though her body she dug her nails into my back as she came, I was now getting ready to cum again and lifted myself up on my arms so I could push into her harder so with each thrust I was hitting her clit with my body harder over and over I thrust into her and as she came big and hard once more I gave one last thrust and filled her up with my second load of hot steaming cum.

We just lay there and fell asleep when we woke we showered and I took her home I was the first time I had ever had a Dark skinned beautiful woman and I was sure it would not be my last as I wanted this woman again and again I wanted more of that ass I want to lick it finger it and even fuck it if she would let me , so before I left we made arrangements to meet again next weekend for the whole weekend.

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