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Author: Ray
Publish Date : Dec 28, 2013
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He sucked my tongue out of my mouth and sucked on it as 2 of his fingers reached my g-spot and his 3rd finger was pushing into my asshole.

* * * * * * *

Rick was finally home from his trip and I told him I needed to get out and get laid. My friend Carole told me about a new porno movie she went to with a male friend and it is better than the one we have gone to a number of times. She said it was a given that any woman that goes there alone or with a guy or another woman is asking to be had

The seats are like airline seats that recline, the armrest can be raised out of the way the theater is very dark and there is plenty of action. She told me that downstairs there is a hole where you get to suck as many cocks as you want. You can even push your ass up the hole and get fucked through it. Next to that there is a hallway that leads to the bathrooms and she saw men sucking boys, women sucking and finger fucking each other and guys fucking women all in a very lightly lit room. When you get down there you get a mixture of sex and pot smells.

I told Rick that I wanted to go there. He agreed. I got dressed in a loose skirt, a blouse and a cut out bra. I decided not to bother with panties. I wanted to make life easy. I put on black thigh high stockings and a pair of comfortable black shoes. I took a tube of lubricant and put it in my purse for later use.

Rick took a 1/2 pint of vodka with him knowing well that I needed that for full relaxation.

It was already 9 pm when we left the house and it took us almost one hour to get there. We went in and Carol was right. Dark, dark guys and I could make out a couple close by where she was naked from the waist up and her head was in the guys lap.

I said to Rick that this was great and we should find some seats. As I walked in front of one guy I felt his hand under my skirt for a quick feel. Great this is what I wanted.

Rick pulled out his bottle of vodka and handed it to me so that I could take a deep pull on it. I felt it right away. I waited another minute and took another long swig.

It wasn't long before the guy that had put his hand under my skirt moved and sat next to me. The seats were great, you could move back and raise the armrest up and out of the way. Rick raised his armrest, put his right arm around my shoulders and moved his left hand under my skirt reaching for my naked pussy. He put 2 fingers in and gently was finger fucking me. It did not take long and my juices were flowing and I started squirming in my seat. I slid down more on my seat to make it easier for him to use one finger to poke my asshole.

With his right hand he started to unbutton my blouse and reach inside to pull out one of my tits. He rolled the nipple between his thumb and finger making me squirm more and I started to moan. I had my left hand on his crotch and I started to pull down his zipper to liberate his cock which was as hard as a rock. I bent down and took it my mouth and moved my head up and down so that his cock would go all the way in my throat which is were I like it.

He bent down to my hear and whispered that my neighbor was ready to make a move.

I raised my head back up so that I sat straight in my seat, looked atmy neighbor and smiled. He smiled back, he was a big black guy, he raised the armrest between us and moved closer to me in his seat. He moved his left hand on my knee and slowly raised my skirt while pulling my leg away from the other. He leaned forward so he could see up my dress. Rick still had his hand over my pussy but moved it away giving my friend an opportunity to move his hand where Rick's was. As Rick pulled out he pulled my thigh to him so that my pussy was totally exposed to my friend. I was in my glory.

My friend leaned over to me, moved his right up my to my wet pussy and shoved 3 fingers in and stated to finger fuck me like Rick has done. He pulled me closer to him and brought his lips over to mine and kissed me pushing his tongue in my mouth. I responded in kind. He sucked my tongue out of my mouth and sucked on it as 2 of his fingers reached my g-spot and his 3rd finger was pushing into my asshole. I was in ecstasy and started to shake getting ready to have my first orgasm of the evening He took his thumb and found my clit. I just lost it and was shaking up and down and could not stop and he kept on doing what he was doing. Rick was sitting there with a big smile on his face, this is what he likes.

My friend took my hand and laid it on hi crotch, I knew what he wanted and I pulled down his zipper and his big black cock jumped out. It was every bit 9 inches long and it was difficult to get my hand around it. I used his precum as lubricant to jerk him off.

He whispered in my ear that he would love to have my mouth around the head and lick his shaft up and down. I looked at Rick who smiled and mouthed an OK. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth, ran my tongue down the underside of his cock, licked his balls and ran my tongue back up, shoved it in my mouth all the way down my throat. I sucked him hard and in no time I got a huge load down my throat. I pulled away and licked his cock clean.

He smiled at me, zipped up his pants and left. Rick handed me the bottle of vodka and I took a big gulp. I was feeling real good and waiting to see if any other guy was going to come. Rick said he was going to walk away for awhile and see what would happen. I said OK.


I guess others had seen what happened and decided to move in on me when Rick got up.

I had one guy sit on my right and one on my left. I knew what was coming and just relaxed. I felt a hand on my left knee and quickly a hand on my right knee. I made no move to discourage them and slid down on my seat as far as I could so my knees would touch the back of seat in front of me.

My neighbors got the message and spread my legs and slowly moved up my thighs and found my wet pussy waiting to be ravaged. They both put fingers in my pussy and started to finger fuck me. One was more interested in wetting his fingers with my pussy juices so that he could finger my asshole. I turned to the left raising my ass allowing him to have more access to my hole. I was being finger fucked front and back at the same time, it was wonderful.

I started to breath hard and I knew a strong orgasm was building up. I worked my pussy and ass muscles and a wave of orgasm came on strong, I could barely stay in my seat as the orgasm kept on coming while my guys kept on using their fingers. They finally stopped and I realized that my skirt was up to my waist.

I was naked , my blouse was open and my tits were hanging out. I wanted to straighten up but the guy on my left grabbed my legs and swung them toward him making my back fall into my other neighbor's lap.

He spread my legs and went down to suck on my pussy. His tongue found its way into my cunt and his lips locked on my pussy lips. It felt like a vacuum sucking my pussy and my clit, he grabbed both ass cheeks, let one leg hang down and the other over his shoulder. It did not take long for me to start shaking, I raised the leg that was hanging, over his shoulder and almost screamed as I came and came.

OMG this guy knew what he was doing. While he was sucking my cunt the other guy was pulling and twisting my nipples and I felt like electricity was running down into my cunt. My fist guy got back on his seat. The guy on the right of me grabbed my shoulders and turned me on my belly so that my mouth was where his cock was waiting for me to open it and swallow this huge black cock into my mouth and down my throat. He grabbed my face with both hands and moved my head up and down, in and out and within a few minutes he shot a real hot load down my throat. I loved it. I can swallow cum all day long

I sat up and saw that Rick had moved in back of me and he smiled being very content watching me being fucked.

The guy on my right still had a big hard on and pulled my legs apart and over his shoulder and guided his cock into my pussy and fucked me as hard as he could. His cock felt great inside of me. I realized that there were a couple guys sitting on seats in front of me jerking off as I was being fucked. I felt his cock getting thicker and I knew he was going to shoot his hot load right up by cunt. I was not disappointed .

As soon as he pulled out of me the guy on my right took his place and drove his cock to the hilt, I was ready to come again and as he started breathing hard I came and I did all I could not to scream as he shot his load and he kept on shooting and I kept on shaking.

He pulled out and put his cock into his pants and so did the guy on my left. They left and I pulled down my skirt and buttoned my blouse. I was happy and ready fro more action.

Rick came down and sat next to me and handed me the bottle of vodka to wash down all the cum that was still in my throat and mouth. I was not finished and Rick wanted to know what I wanted to do. Did I want to get more here or downstairs or the beach parking lot.


I wanted more, a lot more and I said to Rick that we should check out the glory hole and see what it's all about. Carol said she enjoyed it, she said she sucked 2 black ones and got fucked once. Her male friend thought it was a great turn on. They went to her place from there and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Rick said let's go down and see what it is all about. We walked along a corridor and found a beige colored door with a round hole painted at eye level also there was an indicator showing if the place was being used or empty. As we stood there the door opened and a woman came out with a great smile on her face. I asked her if it is what it is cracked up to be. Her answer was that if you are into this you will enjoy it

I said to Rick that I was not interest to suck cocks and get nothing in return. Let's go to the beach. I also want to go to the bathroom and clean up.

When I went in I saw what my friend Carol said. There were a couple women fingering each other and my coming in did not bother them but I thought that was rather uncomfortable standing there and doing what they were doing.

I went into one of the stalls (no door), sat down and took care of business and left.

When I came out I told Rick that I want to go back upstairs. We went up and I noticed right away that it was more crowded and that there were a lot guys in one spot. When I looked harder I saw they were doing a number on one white woman that was almost totally naked except for her stockings. She was stretched out between 2 seats and being fucked, she was sucking one guy, her tits were being sucked on and some guys were just jerking off ready to dump a load on her. They were all black guys which made me happy. This was my kind of action.

Rick asked me if I wanted something like that. I said yes and no, I thought that this was a bit too much, but I was horny and needed some more action. I also noticed that there were other white women sitting between 2 guys being in different positions.

Just seeing all this was making my pussy wet. We found a couple of seats and I made myself comfortable. We raised the armrests. Rick started with his left hand under my skirt and raised it so my pussy was visible as he finger fucked me. I reached for his crotch and lowered his zipper and pulled out his cock which was standing up nice and hard. I bent down and took it in my mouth and I took out my tube of lubricant, skirted some up my ass because I figured I was inviting some guy to go for it.Because of the way I was laying on the seat my ass was very visible even though it was very dark in the theater.

It did not take long for a nice big black guy to come over and sit next to me. Rick whispered that I had company and he maneuvered my body so that there was no question about what I wanted, I was almost naked up to my waist. Rick pulled me down more over his lap which made me move my left leg up on the seat giving my friend my ass and cunt on a platter. I suddenly felt a very light touch on my ass and new he got the message. His left hand started roaming all over my ass, my crack along my thighs up to my pussy where Rick still had his fingers. Rick pulled out and my friend took his place by shoving a couple fingers right in and pushing his thumb up my ass. I stopped sucking Rick because he was going to get all he needs when we get home.

I took my friend's hand away and straighten out on the seat. My skirt was way up and he reached for my wet cunt and smiled at me. Put his left arm over my shoulders and went for my tits, pulled them out of my loose blouse and started to squeeze them and twisting and pulling on my nipples. He was finger fucking me again and had pulled one leg over his lap. I looked at Rick and he just smiled. My friend pulled out his fingers and took 2 big fingers and shoved them up my ass, thanks to my lubricant they went in easy and it felt wonderful and as kept finger fucking my ass I felt a climax coming on. He knew I was ready and took a couple fingers from his other hand and drove them up my pussy. I came and was shaking so hard and my tits were bouncing up and down I had to hold on to his shoulders. When it finally stopped and sat back in my seat to catch my breath.

My friend was not finished and he turned me over with my knees on the seat. I knew what was coming and I was looking forward to a good rear end fucking. He opened his fly and pulled this nice big fat cock, he moved in back of me and spread my cheeks and brought the head of his cock up to my asshole. I relaxed and he slowly pushed it in. Because I had lubricated myself a while back he was able to slid up pretty easily. When he got all the way he grabbed my hips and started pounding into me. I took one finger and found my clit and rubbed it in rhythm with his pounding. His balls were slapping against my cheeks. I started to tighten my ass and pussy mussels so that I had a good tight hold on his cock. I could feel his cock swelling and I had an orgasm coming. He let go of huge hot load in my ass and I came real hard at the same time. I really was feeling great. He pulled out and I had all that cum running out of my ass and Rick gave me a tissue to clean it off.

I turned over and sat and pulled down my skirt and put my tits back into my bra. closed the buttons and said to Rick I was ready to go home.

We went home and I was ready for Rick who fucked me as if he has not had me in a long time. I understand how turn on he was after watching me being fucked and abused.

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