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Fancy Dress


Author: Kevin Bake
Published: 08-Jun-05 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14

To my surprise the sales lady talked her into hiring the most sexy costume I have ever seen.

* * * * * * *

We were invited to a neighbour’s fancy dress party and we had a couple of week’s notice so had plenty of time to hire some costumes.

The weekend we went hunting around the fancy dress shops my wife and I were on good terms. We enjoyed trying on the various costumes and didn’t have much idea about which ones to have.

My wife Helen is they type of lady that does not like to expose herself and intended to hire a full costume, something that fully covered her body. This in itself is a crime as she has a very good looking body. I mean very sexy long legs and curvy.

To my surprise the sales lady talked her into hiring the most sexy costume I have ever seen. It was very colourful with a gold short skirt and top that showed plenty of cleavage. She was dressed as a lady of the night and I was dressed as a pimp.

The days leading up to the party my wife did nothing but nagged me and she was really tight in bed. I mean she did not want any sex and made various excuses. She was a real pain.

When we went to the party everyone told my wife how good she looked and she was a bit embarrassed so when ever anyone offered her a drink she accepted it hoping it would help her confidence.

She was still nagging me all night and what ever I did was not good enough.

Between the dancing a group of us were chatting and my wife kept making little jibes at me and when the subject got to sex Helen started to make negative references about my ability to satisfy her.

Helen told the group that she thought sex was boring and just let me get on with it and couldn’t see the big deal.

She went on and on and I had enough listening to her I walked away to get a drink.

Tom approached me and jokingly said as I was her pimp perhaps he should accept £10 for half an hour of my wife’s time. At that point Jim approached and I said if you give me twenty quid you can both have her.

Tom and Jim actually gave me twenty quid and I stuffed it in my pocket and laughed.

As the night went on Helen got drunk and was dancing provokingly with various men and when she danced with Tom she felt giddy.

Tom called over Jim and they said to me they better escort my wife home as she had had enough drink. It was ok with me as now I could party.

Helen agreed and said to Tom and Jim how nice it was to have an escort of men.

When Tom and Jim managed to get Helen into the kitchen they suggested they have a night cap. Helen didn’t notice but they didn’t have anything to drink and just filled a glass up of gin and got Helen to drink it right down.

Helen was part laughing and part swaying and the men helped her up stairs.

They suggested she put on her nightdress and she agreed.

She didn’t seem to realise they were undressing her and she collapsed on the bed. At this point she was almost naked and only had a nightdress and knickers on.

Jim said she won’t be needing these and pulled down her knickers.

Tom ripped her nightdress down the middle and asked Helen if she wanted to try a substitute for her husband. Helen muttered something but they couldn’t decipher it.

Tom told Helen she was now going to try something better that her husband could offer and it was her lucky night because she could have two for the price of one.

Helen glanced up and saw Tom’s cock slide in her mouth. Jim meanwhile was already slipping his huge cock in her cunt. Both pushed their cocks into her slowly and asked her what she thought.

Her eyes started to open and she realised what was going on.

Tom withdrew his cock from her mouth and she said what you think you are doing.

Jim said that as she came to the party dressed like a whore they were only trying out the goods and had paid her pimp good money.

Oh she said as Jim was reaching the right point I better deliver good service then.

Your husband thought you would not want to play.

I’ll show him Helen said and demanded both fuck her hard.

Each one took it turns and when thirty minutes was up her husband walked in and couldn’t believe what he saw. He told Jim and Tom to get out and they scampered away.

At the sight of his wife naked and well fucked he dropped his jeans and had a hard on ready to perform.

He entered his wife and she performed the best she ever had and they agreed to dress up more in different uniforms in future to spice up their sex life.

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