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A Busman's Holiday

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Feb 19, 2014
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Her cunt gripped my cock as she came and she just kept on riding though her orgasm cumming again and again.

* * * * * * *

It was early Morning about 04.30 when I got out of bed and had a quick bite to eat before leaving for work, my name is Dave and I was a coach driver and at the time I was 25 years of age, when I reached the dept I made sure my coach was full and of I went leaving the yard about 05.15.

I had an hours drive before starting to pick up the school children that I was taking for a week away in Dover I got up to the first pick up and along with the kids I picked up three of the five teachers that were coming along for the week.

At the last pick up the other two teachers got on board and we set off to Dover we had planed the route and we were going to stop of at Leeds Castle in Kent on the way, we arrived there at about 13.00.

Out of the five teachers three were in there late 40's early 50's and I found out that the other two were Husband and wife and were in there early 30's, all the teachers were friendly and that helps when you will be sharing a week with them but the young woman came and sat behind me once we got back on the road and was talking to me all the way to Dover asking if I was married did I have a girlfriend when I said I was not married and she was flirting with me and kept placing her hand on my shoulder while leaning forward and talking in my ear, I looked into my inside mirror and saw her husband looking at us but he was smiling and did not seam to mind that his wife was so flirty with me.

We got to our hotel the kids got settled in and I later I drove them to Dover town centre were they went of to get something to eat I parked up and sat in the coach awaiting there return, after about half an hour the woman teacher came back to the coach and I now knew her name as Jackie, she said that they were going to be a while as they were going for a walk once they finished eating and she wanted to know if I would like to go with them but I said I had been up from 04.30 and would rest here until they returned but said that I would gladly join them any other time.

Jackie left and I settled on the back seat to have a quick kip well I must have gone for to sleep as the next thing I know I could feel someone pulling the zippier down on my jeans I sat up with a start but was pushed back down by Jackie and with out saying a word she slid her hand into my open jeans and pulled out my Harding cock, she took a deep breath when she saw it getting hard as I do not like to boast but it is just over 10" long and 5 and a half inches thick.

Jackie was kneeling in the isle just looking at it with her mouth open as she slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft it was not long before it was as hard as rock Jackie licked her lips and bent forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around the top and up and down the slit at the top and I just laid my head back down and gave a moan as she did this.

It was not long before she was bobbing her head up and down and I gently placed my hands on her head and ran my fingers though her long dark hair and pushing her head down so she was taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could take.

Jackie sucked my cock like I had never been sucked before my breath was getting harder and faster and by now she was taking 6 to 7" into her waiting mouth I could feel the back of the throat hitting the tip of my cock as it slid in and it was driving me crazy she cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed then gently and that did it I shot my cum into her waiting mouth and she drank every last drop, when I had finished and my cock had stopped throbbing and ran her hand from the bottom of my shaft squeezing it tight as is did so to make sure I had none left and as her hand got the the head a few drops of cum appeared from my slit and she bent forward and licked it up and then licked my cock making sure she had every last drop of cum there was to have.

She looked up at me and she got up and said I hope you enjoyed that Dave as you are going to get a lot more for that this week I can tell you and with that she walked down the isle and off the bus to join the others, when they all returned she gave me such a wicked smile as she stepped onto the coach and then as her husband got on he lent over to me and said she good isn't she and patted me on the shoulder as he went of to his seat I just sat there in my own dream world and was brought back from it by the head teacher tapping me and saying OK Dave we are all here lets go, so I drove them back to the hotel.

The school sorted out all the accommodation and I found out that I was in a room of my own on the top floor and I was in a double room all to myself, I unpacked and and went down to the games room and found some of the teaches there and we talked about where and when they would want me to drive them so with that sorted out and the time being around 21.30 I thought I would have a coffee before turning in and the teachers joined me.

Fred was there that's Jackie's husband but Jackie was up with the children making sure they were settling down OK and the teachers start to wander off as the time went on and in the end it was just me and Fred and we started to talk and he lent forward and said in a low voice don't worry Dave I know what Jackie did and she has my blessing as long as I know what she is doing and who with and she gives me all the details once we are in bed, He went on to ask before I could reply where my room was and I stuttered that I was right on the top floor and he said what a single room, when I said no it was a double I was sure I saw a smile cross his lips, he got up and said good night and bent over laying his hands on my knee He said if Jackie wants to repeat things like she done earlier don't worry just go for it and with that Fred was gone.

About 30 minutes later I went up to my room and as I got to the door I found it not locked so I went in and found Jackie laying on my bed with a black frilly bra with red lacing and a black thong and back fishnet stockings, my eyes nearly popped out of my head and my mouth just fell open. This woman had a body any top modal would love ,

Her legs were long and slender her waist was just right and her tits were just the right size just about a hand full and her bra had holes for her nipples and boy were they hard they seamed to be about three quarters of a inch long and rock hard.

She said stop standing over there with you mouth open and come over here and get your kit of and start using that mouth on me, well I did not need telling twice I was un-dressed before I reach the bed and my cock was Harding with each step towards the bed.

I stood at the bottom of the bed looking at this fabulous woman laying there on her back legs wide open inviting me to do things to her and I knelt on the bed and started to kiss her feet and slowly worked my way up the inside of her legs kissing from one to the other as I went Jackie was given out soft low moans as I worked my way up her legs and closer and closer to her pussy.

I could see black curly hair poking out from under her thong and that pleased me as I do love a un-shaven pussy, when I got so close to that honey pot I could see a wet patch on her thong and knew she was wet from what I was doing to her, Yes Dave yes kiss me there she said but I kissed over her thong and she arched her body as my mouth touched her pussy slit, I could taste her juices though her thin thong and it tasted sweet but I did not stop there I carried on up until I reach her rock hard nipples.

I took one in my mouth and she was rocking her head back and forth as I did this saying Oh yes that's wonderful I love that and I bit her nipple hard she squealed out in pleasure and I took the other nipple between my finger and thumb and twisted it and her body went ridged and she had a orgasm she was panting hard as it ripped though her and as my cock was by now at it's full 10" + and in between us I could feel her dampness making my cock wet.

I carried on kissing and licking her nipples for a while longer then started on my way down over her firm stomach kissing her belly button and then down on to the top of her tong and as I did this I knelt up and slid my hands down over her hips and curled my fingers into the sides of her thong and eased them down very slowly taking my time so as to reveal her pussy slowly bringing into view her black curly hair which was trimmed very neatly and I looked up at Jackie and licked my lips and said god that is the most beautiful fucking cunt I have ever seen.

I slide her tong of and started to kiss my way up her legs once more but this time I was not going past her cunt as I could not wait to taste this woman's cunt

when I reached it I took in a deep breath smelling the aroma of her wet cum soaked pussy.

I pushed her legs up over my shoulders and lowered head and ran my tongue up over her cunt slit and she squealed and her body shivered as I did this and I pushed my face hard into her cunt pushing my tongue into her hitting her clit and she raised her body against my mouth making sure that I got as much of my tongue inside her and I started to lick and drink this woman's juices.

I had never had a woman make so much noise and was glad that my room was the only one taken as I think we would have had people knocking on the door she was on the verge of cumming again for the second time and I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked the end with the tip on my tongue and as I did this I pushed two fingers fully into her and she came as I did this her cunt mussels gripped my fingers as she came and I could feel her mussels ripple as her orgasm flowed though her.

Once she had calmed down and got her breath back I started kiss her back up her body but this time I still had her legs up on my shoulders and and by the tie I placed my lips on hers and our tongues entwined and now my cock was hovering over her wet wet cunt and I felt her hand on it guiding it into place and as she did this I pushed down and the tip of my cock opened her slit and found her hot wet hole waiting just beneath and as I pushed it into her she took a deep breath and help it as I pushed further and further into her I pushed about 7" into her and then pulled out so the tip was just in her cunt hole and eased it back in to about the same depth.

I wanted my cock wet and slimy from her cunt juices and to open her up before plunging fully into her I did this for a while and when I knew she was ready I pulled out as I had been doing and then with out warming I just rammed down fully into her filling her pussy with my cock and she pulled away from our kissing and let out this loudest scream and she came and this time I could really feel her cunt grip my cock as her orgasm ripped though her my balls were soaked by this time Boy oh boy did this woman cum and I started to pound and pound into her hard and at a fast rhythm.

Jackie's head was thrashing side to side and she was giving out long loud moans and saying yes yes god your filling me up yes yes after a while I pulled out and told her to get on all fours as I moved round behind her and she lowered her self down onto her elbows so her cunt was sticking out and I took my cock into my hand and ran it over her fanny slit she kept pushing back trying to get it inside her but as she pushed back so I pulled back and I was doing this for a while.

Jackie was now shouting fuck me Dave please fuck me I can not stand this teasing and with that as she pushed back I pushed forward and rammed into her that when or bodies meet that was a loud slapping sound and I took hold of her hips and as I rammed forward I pulled her back, Jackie was still shouting Yes Yes Fuck me Fuck Me Oh god what a cock Fuck me I am coming yes Fuck me and I did as she came once again I just kept pounding her her and she came and came and I was not far of cumming myself so after a while I pulled from her and got her to roll over and I got on top of her and place my cock back into this wet wet hole.

We got into a good hard rhythm and she was kissing me hard and I felt her body going ridged once more and knew she was getting ready for another orgasm and I told her I was about ready to cum and we did our best to cum together and she came I felt her cunt grip my cock and that took me over the edge and I shoot my cum into her I do not think I had ever shot so much cum in one go in my life my cock throbbed and throbbed inside her and she flung her legs around me holding me inside her as I emptied my cum.

After a while my cock went limp and slipped out of her and she told me to lay on my back and she took my limp cock into her mouth and licked it clean of her cum and mine I said I would like to do the same for her but she said that she would like that but her husband Fred would want to do that when she got back and that always got him going knowing that someone else's cum was inside me.

She did say the it was the biggest cock she had ever had and that she hoped I would not mind it she had it some more during this week I just smiled and said help yourself when ever you want and I told her that I was not just saying this but she was the best woman I had ever fuck and loved the fact that she was not shaven and was so vocal when being fuck and she had the best body I have seen or had and I hoped she would repeat it before the week was out.

With my cock my clean Jackie got up just put a coat round her and left me laying naked on the bed and she blew me a kiss as she went out the door.

This went on over the next three days and evenings she would try to find time and come and give me a blow job on the bus while the other teachers were having there dinner and looking after the children and then come to my room after all the other had gone to bed so I will not bore you with the details as I said it was more the same as the first night, Fred did tell me one time that he enjoyed what his wife was telling him of our sexual exploits and that he was enjoying licking out his wife once she returned to his room, I made a remark about instead of just hearing what his wife was telling me and tasting once she got back that I did not mind if he joined us one evening he did not reply so I gave it no more thought and that evening his wife Jackie turned up alone so I forgot all about it.

That was until the Friday night and I knew that there was only two more night before we were returning home so I was hopping that Jackie would make it a full week and I was not let down.

The teachers and I were sitting in the hotel bar when Jackie and Fred said good night and I got in another round of drinks for us and as the other two had gone off I thought I was not going to be treated with a sex fuck with Jackie tonight but I finished my drink and said good night and left the other getting to my room I entered and found not only Jackie on the bed but Fred as well, both were naked and Fred had two fingers up inside Jackie's wonderful honey pot and was sucking on one of her rock hard nipples.

She smiled at me and between taking deep breath's she said hope you don't mind Fred joining us tonight, Hell on I said as I took of my jeans and t-shirt, my boxers dropped to the floor and Fred said Fucking hell Dave Jackie told me you were big but that is one fucking monster no wonder she been coming back to our room worn out.

I laid down on the other side of Jackie and I took the other nipple into my mouth and placed my hand down between her legs and felt how wet Fred had made her and once my fingers were wet and slimy from her juices I slid two fingers inside her along with Fred's fingers and together we started to finger fuck Jackie and we were both sucking on her nipples which had grown even bigger and were now about a inch long we both sucked and bit on her nipples and it was not long before Jackie arched her back lifting her ass for the bed as a big orgasm tore though her she was screaming out as her cunt gripped our fingers as this massive orgasm when though her body and when she had cum so much she fell back onto the bed in a heap worn out.

I left her nipple and started to kiss down her body and I wanted to taste her cum and smell her now soaked pussy I moved round so I was now between her wide open legs and Fred took his fingers out of his wife's cunt given me the freedom to dive in and drink her juice as my mouth hit her slit she moaned out load and bit down on her lip as my tongue ran up and down her slit pushing it's way though her black curly hair licking up the juice which had run out of her throbbing hole it was running down her slit and over her bum and in between her cheeks coating her ass hole to.

I pushed forward with my head and my tongue parted her slit and I found her hard throbbing clit and I ran my tongue over it making Jackie shudder I sucked it into my mouth and flicked the top of the clit with my tongue and this gave her a small orgasm as I did this, then I dipped my tongue inside her and her scream of pleasure was cut of mid flow and when I looked up I saw that Fred was sitting over his wife's chest and filling her mouth with his cock.

I returned back to my pleasure in hand and started to work on this gushing wet cunt pushing my tongue inside her as far as I could get it she was raising her body as much as she could with her husband sitting on her so I could get my mouth onto her pussy, as she raised up I took one of my fingers and found her ass hole and as her juices had made her so wet it slipped into her with out any problem and this made Jackie remove Fred's cock and she screamed Yes Yes OH fuck hell that's wonderful Yes Yes and she cum once more but this time it was right into my waiting mouth and I drank down her sweet sticky juice as it flooded out of her, I just kept on ramming my finger into her ass and flicking her clit with my tongue Jackie was bucking about on the bed so much it was nearly throwing Fred off her.

After a while of this I got up and said I would like to feel those plumb juicy lips round my cock and Fred said I have never sucked a man's cock before I just gave him a grin and said you fucker you know I meant Jackie's but if you want to suck it you can I would not stop you.

Well anyway I got on the bed and lay on my back and Jackie knelt between my legs and this way her knees were down by the end of the bed so Fred could stand behind her and plunge his cock into her, Fred's cock was about 6" long by about 4" thick and he now had it buried into his wife's cunt he was holding her hips and pulling her back hard and fast onto his cock and I could hear there bodies slapping together as they made contact with each other, Jackie had my cock in her mouth and was sucking for all she was worth her rough tongue flicking over the now swollen head pushing it into the slit on the top it was now my turn to moan out load as she sucked my cock and I could not stand anymore as I lunged up pulling her head down as I forced all but two inches of my cock into her open mouth I could feel the head of my cock opening the back of her throat as it slid into her mouth she started to gag but as I opened her throat up I shot my load and Jackie did not have to swallow any of it as it shot right out of my cock and down her throat once I had stopped throbbing and my cum was all out of my shaft she pulled back and licked my cock sucking it and licking my balls.

She was still being fucked hard from behind by Fred and the way he was grunting it would not be long before Jackie had her pussy full of cum and just then Fred pulled her back against him as he forced his way forward and as they mett he held her against him and he let out a Oh fucking hell and he emptied this load inside his wife.

We all just lay on the bed for a while and then Jackie got up and said lay side by side you to I am going to see which one of you can get hard the fastest and which ever one does I will ride you to heaven and back while the other one has to watch and play with my tits, sounds fare enough we both said so slid together and Jackie knelt so she was kneeling over us and she took Fred's cock in her hand and lowered herself down to take mine in her warm mouth Fred said that's not fair Dave is bound to get harder and faster if your going to suck his, Jackie pulled her mouth of my cock and said don't worry daring you will get your turn in a minute.

And that is what she did switching from one to the other and it was not long before both our cock's were starting to respond to her soft warm lips and mouth sliding up and down or shafts.

We both got hard at around the same time so Jackie smiled at us and said oh dear what are we going to do now I wonder them with even a bigger grin on her face she said I know you can both fuck me at the same time one front ane back how dose that sound to you.

Well I can tell you we did not need telling or asking twice Fred said to my back hole or front I turned and looked at Fred and said both please but I feel it would be better if you took back first as it might hurt poor Jackie's ass if I go first that's very true red said with a grin from ear to ear, so Fred got of the bed while I moved down then Jackie got over the top of me and I felt Fred's hand grip my cock and place it in the right position and Jackie lowered herself down on me and Oh god did that woman feel good her body as I have said is divine it is like winning the loto have sex with this woman and to have her sitting upright over you while she slides slowly down your cock and all you can see is this wonderful shaped body and her beautiful smiling face and you lift your arms to cup her perfect shaped breasts is heaven and I will not forget this site as long as I live.

Fred said Oh come on you two fair is fair what about me I glanced over Jackie's shoulder saying sorry Fred but your wife's beauty took my breath away and I can not believe how bloody lucky I am to be fucking a wonderful woman like this, but I let go of her breasts and as I did this she slid down on my cock just a little more and she mow had about 8" stuffed inside her she then lent forward so she was now laying no me and her breast's pushed into my chest and I could feel her hard nipples digging into my and I felt Fred get up behind he wife and take hold of his cock in one hand and held onto her hips with the other.

Fred pushed himself forward and his hard cock entered Jackie's willing ass, as Fred pushed into Jackie I could feel his cock rub up against mine with only the thin skin of Jackie's hole linings between us, Once Fred was fully in we both started to fuck Jackie both of us screwing her and filling her up it was not long before her body went ridged and she had her first climax while we both fucked her it was only a small one but we all knew they were going to get bigger and better as this went on.

We were fucking her like our cocks were going to be cut of in the morning and this was the last fuck we would ever have Jackie was now screaming out Fuck Fuck Oh yes Oh Yes God that's great Oh fuck Yes, and she came this time like an explosion and she just shook all over and her cunt gripped my cock harder than it had any time in the last week and I knew this was the biggest orgasm she had ever had and Fred and I rode her though her climax without stopping her climax seamed to last forever.

Once we slowed down or hammering into her we said let change and Fred pulled out of her ass and then with very little energy left in her body Jackie got of my cock and I rolled of the bed so Fred could take my place Jackie was so worn out I asked her if she wanted to stop but she said no fucking way until you two have filled both my holes with hot cum, I did the same for Fred as he did for me by taking hold of his cock and placing it in the right place so Jackie could slide down his pole but before she did I gave his cock a quick wank running my hands up and down his shaft a few times and he looked at me and smiled then this dripping wet hairy cunt touch my hand and Jackie slid down on his cock taking him fully in and Fred gave out a long sigh of pleasure as her wet cunt folded around his shaft.

I moved round behind Jackie and pushed my face onto her ass and licked at her hole I entered my tongue into her and she gave out a long moan as I did this and said Oh Dave that's wonderful Fred said what's he doing back there love, she replied Oh just licking my ass and sending me to heavennnnnnnnnnnn she said as I pushed my tongue in a bit further.

I then got up behind her and I felt her stiffen as I placed the head of my cock up against her pouting hole and then I ran it up and down her ass crack stopping at her hole each time and putting just a little pressure on it and then the next time I just pushed and the head of my cock popped into her and Jackie took a big deep breath and say she let it out she said Ohhh Yesssssss and I pushed on inch after inch disappearing slowly into her ass I cloud feel Fred fucking her his cock rubbing against mine as he thrust in and out of her I was now 8" in and I pulled out and pushed back in and I started to fuck her at a slow steady speed and not going in any further than the 8" as I could feel Jackie pulling away when I reached that length and she was still moaning when once more she started to shake and we both knew it was going to be another big orgasm and I started to speed up my thrusting and was now matching Fred thrust to thrust Jackie's body when as ridged as a board and she just screamed FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss as her whole body just collapsed on top of Fred and once she had finished cumming she was so relaxed that I rammed fully home shoving the whole of my 10" + cock inside her ass my balls slapped against her and I started to fuck her very hard and very fast as I started this I felt Fred let go and his cock was throbbing pumping out his hot and steamy cum inside his wife's wet willing hole.

On and on I pumped pulling out so the head of my cock was just in before plunging back into her until our bodies slapped together Jackie was cumming and cumming and I got a bit faster as I knew I could not hold back much longer and I took hold of her waist and was forcing myself into her as hard as I could and with one last hard push I emptied my cum deep inside her waiting ass hole filling her with so much cum it started to seep out around my cock still buried deep inside Jackie and she said Oh god Dave Fred that was the best I have ever had My I kept my cock buried inside her until it went soft and slipped out and my cum oozed from her pucked hole and ran down the inside of her legs.

Fred was already lip and had slid out so Jackie lifted of Fred and just lay on her back so I just got down between her legs and licked her cunt clean drinking down her cum juice along with Fred's cum and my own I lifted her legs up over my shoulders so I could lick her anus hole clean of my dripping cum to while doing this Jackie was still having small orgasm's.

Once she was nice and clean I kissed up her body until I was laying beside her and Fred was on the other side and I turned her head to face me and kissed her tenderly on the lips then harder as I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she responded my entwining her tongue with my, once we pulled away she turned to Fred and they kissed the same way, we all fell asleep like this and they left early in the morning so the kids did not see them come down from my room, I said a big thank you just before they left my room and told them both how fucking sexy they both were and I would never forget this week, With a smile on her face Jackie said what you don't want a repeat tonight then to finish of the week, God yes if your up for it then you know I will be with that it was shower and get dressed for the day ahead.

Once again I was treated to one hell of a blow job on the back seat on my coach at dinner time this woman could drink cum for breakfast,dinner,& tea and she could have mine anytime she wanted it by god she gave bloody fantastic head that blew your mind.

That evening was the same as before Jackie & Fred excusing themselves before the rest of the party and I left about 30 minutes later this time when I entered the room Jackie was on the bed legs wide open showing her well formed pussy and her well groomed bush of curly black hair and she was fucking herself with a rambet rabbit she was thrusting it in and out of her pussy and the bunny ears were doing there magic on her clit and when she saw me she came squealing loudly and her whole body shaking.

Fred was standing at the bottom of the bed naked with a raging hard on and a video camera filming it, when Jackie lowered her legs and pulled the dildo from her soaked pussy Fred turned to me and said would you mind if I set this up on the tripod and filmed tonight Hell no I replied as long as I get a copy video what you like.

Ok thanks said Fred I will get some close up of you to before setting it on the tripod if thanks ok so I stripped and Fred zoomed in on my cock as it started to rise and I climbed on the bed and took Jackie in my arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips and took one of her breasts in my hand and twisted her Harding nipple between my finger and thumb and twisted it Fred got a close up shot of me doing this and Jackie let out a soft moan between our lips.

I lay on the bed and Jackie knelt over me placing a knee either side of my head and lowered herself down so I could reach her cunt I could smell her juice and it I stuck my tongue out and tasted her wet hair and it tasted so so sweet and as I did this Jackie took the tip of my cock into her mouth she put her lips round the head and pushed her tongue into the silt at the top of my cock and then ran her teeth down the length of my cock as she took it into her mouth Fred did not know where to point his camera either what I was doing or at what Jackie was doing after he had got close up's of us both he said fuck this I can not stand anymore I want some action so he placed the video camera on the tripod and joined us on the bed.

By now I had my arms up and over Jackie's waist and was pulling her down fully onto my face and my tongue was deep within her cunt licking the walls of her soft pink flesh drinking her warm juice as it ran out of her.

Fred came up and placed his knees beside Jackie's and bend down and licked her ass and once she was wet raised himself up and placed the top of his cock against her hole and pushed and Jackie must have loved the feeling as see bit hard on my shaft as Fred slid his cock into her.

We stayed like this for a while and then decided to change places so I was once again going to plant my 10" cock into her tight ass hole and filling her fully, Fred was now licking at his wife's cunt and she was licking his cock first I got behind her and pushed a finger inside her then two and a third one and started to finger fuck her hole, Jackie was getting near another climax as she was getting louder and louder with her moaning even thou she had her mouth full of Fed's cock.

When she was about to cum I quickly removed my fingers got up and pushed my cock into her this time I was not so gentle as I had been the night before and as she orgasmed I pushed home from tip to the bottom of my shaft filling her fully and she just screamed OOOOhhhhhhhh fuck YESSSSSSssssssssss.

And she came and came poor old Fred nearly drowned with the amount of cum that was pouring out of Jackie's snatch I could hear him taking gulp after gulp and she just kept on cumming and I did not stop I was now ramming hard into her my balls were banking on Fred's forehead each time I hit rock bottom.

After about five minutes I needed a rest so pulled out of her and left Jackie and Fred to it and I took the camera and got some close up's of them Jackie got onto her back and Fred lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and I got in close and filmed as his cock found the hole it was looking for and as her lips parted more juice ran out and down her bum crack I got a great shot of Fred's cock slowly entering Jackie's cunt as it pushed open her lips and they folded around his cock sucking it in down and down until he was fully home her legs bent up so her knees were round her ears and Fred kissed her tenderly on the lips and said thank you honey for this.

Fred started to rise and fall as he pushed his cock in and out of this pussy and the sound it was making was so nice to hear and Jackie was thrashing her head to and fro moaning softly I put the camera back and took hold of Fred's balls and gently ran then round and round in my hands and he gave out a loud moan but did not tell me to stop and he said between moans that it would not be long before he came so I said tell me when you are about to shoot your load.

Fred was not like a steam hammer ramming in and out of Jackie her screams were loud and he shouted Now I am cumming now and with that I rammed a finger into his ass and stroked his prostate and he shouted OOOHHhhh fuck yes and I felt his ass tighten around my finger as his cock pumped load after load inside his wife.

Now it was my turn to fuck this wonderful sexy woman once again, I went over and got a chair and Fred moved the camera round to see what I was doing, I sat on the chair and Jackie came over and stood facing me and my cock was now poking out and she climbed up and sat onto my rock hard cock once again Fred took hold of my cock and guided it into his wife's pussy Jackie slid from top to bottom in one hard and fast thrust and as it went in she held onto my shoulders and leaned back and screamed out OH my Fucking God YES YES YES and she started to ride my cock for all it was worth, I cupped her breast in my hand and squeezed then and nipped her nipples sending her to yet another great orgasm,

Her cunt gripped my cock as she came and she just kept on riding though her orgasm cumming again and again, we were both sweating and our bodies slapped together as she came sliding down into me lap Fred stood behind her and put his arms around her and cupped her breasts and played with them and lent forward and kissed her neck and ears as she continued to ride my cock.

I asked Jackie to get of me and stand facing the chair and lean forward so her hands were resting on the chair seat I told her to open her legs a bit more and I stood behind her,Fred got the Video camera and came and stood by my side as I took hold of Jackie's hips and Fred took holed of my cock with one hand and held on to the camera with the other, He looked at me and said which hole Dave the one covered by hair for now and he lowered my cock to the right place and I just pushed forward and took her hard and fast once again she screamed out as I entered her and my body meet hers with a loud slap and I started to fuck her hard and fast I said to Fred between my heavy breathing get ready to take hole of my cock as it going to finish by fucking the other hole and as I pulled out Fred grasped my wet slimy cock and aimed it at her ass hole and with one push my cock opened her hole and it was so slimy from all her cum that it slid right the was in filling this woman's ass stretching it open, I held on to her hips and started to fuck her and Fred was getting good close up's from the top view and from underneath slap slap slap our bodies went harder and harder I rammed into her she was screaming YES YES YES cum inside me Fuck me YES YES YES it was not long before I felt my cock getting ready to un-load it cum and I kept on ramming it into her and then I could not hold back any longer I pulled her back onto my cock and held her there and I un-loaded my cum into her will ass.

Fred got close as I started to pull out of his wife's ass and as my cock came out so did some of the load I had pumped inside her Fred videoed it as it ran out of her and then he handed me the camera and got down behind her and placed his mouth over her hole and licked my cum from his wife's leaking ass, he looked at and camera open his mouth and it was full of my cum and he just let it run down the back of his throat until his mouth was empty.

I was done and knew I could not get hard again for some time and not only that it was getting late but I asked one more thing before they went back to there room, I asked Jackie if she would just shower with me she said yes that would be nice and Fred said he would love to film that so Jackie and I went into the shower and Fred brought along the video camera I got the water running and let it warm up before getting in and Jackie got in with me.

I pulled Jackie close to me and kissed her her hard nipples pushing into my chest I pulled away and got down on my knees and started to wash her body over making sure that as I washed her pussy hair I ran a finger into her slit and curled it up inside her she shook each time my finger touched her very sentience clit and she leaned back against the shower wall letting the water run down her body and I pushed my face into her pussy and found her clit with my tongue.

Jackie placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her my tongue was now licking the inside of her love tunnel I could taste her juices running into my mouth and was surprised when my cock started to twitch I did not think I would be getting a hard on after what we had just done but it just shows how fucking sexy this woman was.

I must admit I had forgotten all about Fred being there with the Video camera after licking and sucking her wonderful cunt I worked my way back up her body kissing and running my hands all over her fine well shaped body sucking on her nipples as I got higher and higher I kissed my way up her neck and by my cock was back rock hard again and was standing upright between us I placed my hands round her and cupped her bum cheeks in my hands and lifted her up and my cock soon found her waiting and willing hole and as the head of my cock entered her she wrapped her legs around me and let her self lower into my cock until it was fully home.

Jackie was soon moaning again and a small orgasm went though her and as it did her legs clamped around me really tight I pulled out of her after a while and turned her round and got her to lean forward I shoved my cock back into waiting pussy and started to fuck her hard and fast I was not going to last much longer and Jackie knew it as she could feel my cock thicken getting ready to explode she was not far of exploding to and I hoped we could cum together.

On and on I pounded and Jackie screamed OOOOhhhhhhh fuck Yesssssssssss as she came once again and this time it was a really big climax and her cunt gripped my cock like a vice and as this happened I pushed inside her as far as I could and filled her once more with my cum, throb after throb my cock spurt cum into this hot wet cunt, we both collapsed into a heap on the shower floor breathing fast and heavy, I reach up for the shower gel and this time got to wash her clean, she dried of and Fred showered while I poured us a drink and Jackie got dressed, we had our drinks and they left.

I drove them all home and the kids had had a good week away dropping them of and Jackie,Fred, and two of the other teachers were the last to get off and as Fred got of he said hope the week was not to tiring for you and got of the coach and Jackie was the last to get off and she stopped and handed me a memory stick and said hope you enjoy watching this as we have making it, thank you Dave and was gone, I watch the video when I am along at home and I still can not believe how I was so lucky to make love to such a sexy woman as Jackie was.

A few days later the company I worked for sent a letter saying that they were so please about there driver and how I went out of my way to help them out anytime of the day and if I was available next year could they have me again.

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