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My Birthday Treat

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail
Publish Date : Feb 24, 2014
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I was laying on the bed arms and legs spread wide my wife then brought out a blindfold and put this on me.

* * * * * * *

I was turning 50 in two weeks time and my wife asked my what I wanted for my Birthday and as always I just replied nothing you know I do not believe in it and who wants to celebrate being 50 I said just the whole day in bed with you will do me just fine.

So on the day of my birthday I was just about to get up and my wife said it's ok dear you stay where you are I will bring you breakfast in bed so I rolled over and got back under the covers.

When my wife returned with the breakfast I sat up as I heard her entering the room and she waking in naked and said Happy Birthday my love eat this then you can have me anyway you want me with a invitation like that my cock was starting to harden already and I could not eat my breakfast quick enough.

When I had finished my wife said ok not you can have your Birthday present so where do you want my so I replied I think as I have not showered yet let do it in there and so we walked to our big shower room and got the water nice and warm and in we got My cock by this time was now standing at it's fullest which is 10" long and 5" + thick my wife took it in her hands and started to rub shower gel all over it and pulling my foreskin right back over the swollen head her hands were rubbing round and round all over the top of my very sensitive cock head and making my take deep breaths.

I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes as my wife continued to stroke and rub my cock and she was also cupping my balls in her hand rubbing them gently after the warm water had washed off all the soap she lent forward and flicked her tongue over the top and it was so sensitive it throbbed and jumped as she did this making me moan out load then she took the head of my cock into her mouth her mouth was warm and willing as inch by inch she slid her mouth down over my cock over the years she had got so she could now take the whole 10" and it was not long before my cock was filling her throat and she was now taking the whole lot and she still cupped my balls in her hand as she slowly withdrew up my cock then back down again.

As she started to speed up my breathing was getting harder and faster the tip of my cock getting so sensitive as each time it went down the back of her throat I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed her face fully down onto my cock getting every last bit into her mouth and then she slid a hand between my legs and found my ass hole and shoved a finger right in and she knew I loved the feeling that gave me and she bent her finger forward and thrust inwards her finger rubbed along my prostrate and if you have ever had this done to you you will know how fucking good that feels and she knew that once she started to do this it would not be long before I shoot my hot cum from my throbbing cock.

Her head was now bobbing back and forward very fast coming to the top of my cock and then plunging down to take my full length and it would not be long before I shot my load, my legs were shaking as I got closer and closer to my climax and my wife was still rubbing along my prostate and I was getting such a wonderful feeling from this and I moaned out loud as pushed my wife's head fully forward and held it there as my cock exploded and spurt after spurt of hot cum was pushed down her throat.

Once I had finished my wife kept on sucking my cock getting every last drop of my cum from me she love eating my cum and she could not get enough so she always made sure that I had given her every last drop.

We dried ourselves of and she told me to go and rest in bed and have a lazy day and she would join me later as she just had to go out for a while and then we could carry on from where we just left it, I said I could not wait as I wanted to taste her pussy and return the favour after the way she had just pleased me she smiled and said Oh you will don't you worry about that you just rest and build up your strength as you are going to need it, and with one of her wicked smiles she left.

I had no idea what she meant by that but I drifted of to sleep and was woken up by my wife coming back in and I could hear her moving around in the living room and I thought I could hear her talking to someone, the next think I knew she entered the room and said to me have you had a nice sleep dear and how do you feel about carrying on with me giving you your Birthday Gift, Well I said if it is anything like what you done to me in the shower then yea lets get going as I flung the covers back reviling my hard cock once more.

Oh I can see your ready you randy sod she said, Right I want you to lay on the top off the bed covers I was just going to say something and she said don't ask questions just do what I tell you or you don't get your surprise, this had me wondering what sort of treat I was in for so without saying another word I got of the bed pulled the covers back over the bed and then got back on the bed laying in the middle of it.

Ok she said open your legs I did and then she tied my legs open one to each corner then she got my hands and tied my wrists to the top corners of the bed posts so here I was laying on the bed arms and legs spread wide My wife then brought out a blindfold and put this on me we had done this a few times before but not many she then told me to open wide and as I did she placed a gag in my mouth and she must have gotten this while she was out as we have never had anything like this.

I felt her kneel on the bed and she kissed me on the forehead and said just relax and I will give you the best birthday you have ever had, I have just got to go to the bathroom and I will be back and as I lay there I heard her leave the room, a few moments later I heard her come back into the room and I felt this very soft light thing running down over my body it was very sensual and made my nipples hard as it ran over the top of them and as for my cock well each time this thing ran over the swollen head my cock twitched and I gave a small moan or as much of a moan as I could with my mouth full of this gag I could not believe the felling I was getting from this and then I felt a hand grip my cock and it started to run up and down my shaft with each stroke I kept trying to raise myself from the bed to meet the downward thrust of the hand stroking my cock.

I next felt some cold gel being applied round my ass hole and then two fingers where pushed in and this did make me arch my body as the slid into me and they started to fuck my ass and once again bent forward to rub my prostrate with each thrust I was now in Heaven after being rubbed down with what ever it was I must say it felt like a feather duster but it felt wonderful and what with the hand stroking my cock and now two fingers fucking my ass could this birthday get any better I wondered.

The next thing I knew was a butt plug being pushed up my rear end and it was a vibrating one and it was switched on to fast and it was right up against my prostrate and boy I had never felt anything like this my whole body seamed on fire then my nipples were clamped and the pain of this with the Butt plug doing it's thing god I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Then I felt my wife's mouth take my cock into her mouth and started to suck it and flick the now really swollen head with her tongue when I pushed my hips up to try to get it fully into her mouth she started to gag I just though that she did not think I was going to push up like it did her tongue was not running up and down the side of my shaft licking it and then down around my balls then back up to the top pushing her tongue into the slit at the top.

I was moaning more than ever with every lick but with my mouth full of this rubber ball gag it was hard to moan out loud like I would have been if I had not got this in then the nipple clamp was pulled given me more pains of pleasure, Then my head was lifted and the gag was taken from my mouth and my wife kissed me tenderly on the lips and whispered in my ear how's your birthday going so far my lover, though heavy breathing I answer darling this is the best Birthday ever.

Well she said it's not over yet and then the butt plug was pulled out from my ass and more gel was placed there and the next thing I knew was a big fat dildo was being pushed into me god it was big I say no my love no that will not go in there but she just kept the pressure there and applying more and more until the head of the dildo popped into my ass and then it was pushed in at least 6" and switched on god I let out a long moan of pleasure as my wife started to fuck my ass with it.

It was then left in and switched on as I felt her get onto the bed and take my cock which by this point was ready to pop it's lot I felt her knees either side of me and then I felt this warm wet pussy take the head of my cock into it she must have been so worked up by what she had been doing to me because as she sat down on my cock her juices ran down my shaft and over my balls god it felt fantastic feeling that wet cunt side down my shaft until it was fully me and she just sat there for a while just about moving on my rock hard stick.

I felt her lean forward and her breasts pushed against my chest and it seamed like they were bigger than normal and her nipples felt larger as she pulled on the nipple clamp once more I gave out a shout fuck me fuck me don't keep on teasing me ride that cock I want to feel you siding up and down it's length.

Wait a minute my dear my wife said I have one more big surprise for you now close your eyes and I am going to take your blind fold of and only open your eyes when I say do you promise, yes yes I said I promise and I felt her lift my head and undo the blind fold you have your eyes shut , yes yes I do I panted OK just one more second she said.

Ok open them now and as I did the flash of a camera went of and when my eyes adjusted to the light I saw that it was not my wife sitting on my cock but a friend from just down the road. My wife was standing beside us with a camera and a big smile on her face as she shouted out Happy Birthday my love and Didi said Happy Birthday Dave.

I just could not take it in at first here was this woman sitting on my hard cock with my wife looking on, then Didi started to move up and down my shaft and she said god I am glad I can make some noise now it's been so hard not making a sound when I came in and saw you laying tide up on the bed with that fucking monster of a cock I nearly screamed with delight I have never had such a big cock as this and when I slid down on it I do not know how I held my moaning in.

Well now you are on there let's give you a good fucking as I am just about ready for it with what you two have been doing to me and with that Didi took of the nipple clamps and my wife lent forward and kissed and sucked on them as Didi started to slid her firm trim body up and down my shaft she placed her hands on my chest so she could help her self ram up and down going down on my cock so hard even thou her pussy was running with pussy juice she was still very tight and the walls of her cunt gripped the sides of my cock and I lifted my hands and took her big firm breasts in my hands and squeezed them and twisted her rock hard nipples between my thumb and finger she flew her head back and moaned God yes god that's good My wife now joined in and started to fuck my ass with the dildo once again and that did it with one last upward thrust as Didi was on her way down I exploded inside her filling her love tube with my hot cum.

Throb after throb spurt after spurt I filled her up inside my cock empting out inside this woman that was here to give my a wonderful birthday present and boy oh boy it was a wonderful fantastic gift and and I finished she was still riding up and down my shaft and with one last shout of OH YES I felt her cunt grip my cock as her whole body shook as she climaxed.

She sat on my cock until it has gone soft and it slipped out of her soaking wet pussy, she rolled of me and lay beside me getting her breath back and my wife came over and took my now limp cock into her hand and lent forward and started to lick all the cum from it it was a mixture of my cum and Didi cum and she could not get enough of it as when she had licked me clean and licked up every last drop she pushed open Didi's legs and buried her head down onto Didi's cunt and she started to lick her out and Didi place her hand on my wife's head and pushed her face hard against her it was a wonder my wife could breath.

I lay over on my side and took one of Didi's rock hard nipples into my mouth and licked it and bit on it and she shouted out YES YES that's bloody wonderful please don't stop and I saw my wife shove two fingers into Didi's cunt she pushed them in so far and hard I thought her whole fist was going to enter her and just as she done that Didi arched her back as a big orgasm ripped though her and my wife was drinking down her juice as fast as she could.

This carried on for a while and I was soon hard once again so I got round behind my wife and pushed two fingers inside her as she knelt sucking Didi's cunt and she gave out a muffled moan as she still had her mouth full of cunt and once I had worked on her pussy I removed my fingers and licked them as I loved the taste of my wife's juice I the placed the head of my cock which was now dripping pre cum into the slit of my wife's pussy running up and down the slit making sure that it hit her tender sensitive clit which made her shudder as I did so.

I was now ready to fuck my wife and Didi was looking at me while my wife licked and fingered her cunt and as I slid my cock fully home it pushed my wife's face right into Didi's cunt and I saw the look on Didi's face as she came once again and it was the look of shear pleasure as she came and came and I was now fucking my wife pounding into her holding her hips and I thundered my cock into her and with each thrust of my hips my cock hit home and it pushed my wife's mouth harder onto the cunt she had in her mouth.

I reached over and picked up the dildo that had been shoved into my ass and as I fucked my wife I placed it up against her pouting ass hole and without warning pushed it into her she lifted her head and screamed out Ooooooooooooo Fuck YESYES fuck me fuck me and I switch it on once it was fully inside her and she came her cunt pulsing against my cock as I still rammed it in and out of her and I started to fuck her with the dildo as well and I could feel the dildo vibrating as it pushed against my cock with just a thin bit of skin between it and my cock and I was now getting near to shooting now third load of the day so far and I felt my cock getting ready to shoot and my wife must have felt it to and she lifted her head and said Yes Yes fill my cunt fill it up and with that I pushed the dildo fully home and I shoved my cock fully home and emptied my cum inside her I did not thing I would have that mush but I spurted so much that it started to ooze out between my cock and her cunt and she came and her juices came running out at the same time and she just collapsed down on top of Didi as she saw worn out and then I pulled out and remover the dildo and she rolled over onto her back panting for breath and Didi got up and took my cock and it was her turn to like me clean and she seamed to enjoy the taste as much of my wife did, Wow what a birthday this had been but I found out it was not over yet as Didi said her husband was away and she was going to stop over the whole night and with that she shuffled back up the bed and placed her knees either side of my wife's head and lowered her pussy onto my wife's open mouth and the she lent forward and started to suck the mixture of cum from wife wet and sensitive cunt.

I was worn out with all this fucking so I sat back and watched these to beautiful women make love to each other and took a few photos I did get up and place the nipple clamps onto Didi's long rock hard nipples and she gave out a long moan as I did this and as the were connected by a chain my wife lifted her had and gripped the chain and pulled it stretching Didi's nipples she lifted her head away from my wife's pussy and shouted load and Long Fuck YESssssssssssssssssssssssss as she exploded cum into my wife's eager waiting mouth.

After a while Didi got of and lay beside my wife and they Kissed and cuddled and I must admit I wondered if they had ever done this before and was Didi just returning the favour as it was her husbands 50th birthday about a month ago and had my wife done for him what Didi was now doing to me a question I would ask later but for now it was great to see then laying in each others arms kissing and they bodies pulled tightly together there tits squashed together there nipples rubbing and touching each other both women were panting for breath and my wife lowered her hand and stroked down Didi's back running her hand gently over her well form bottom and she brouth her and round over her hip and pushed it down between them and I knew she have found Didi's clit as Didi took a long deep breath and let it out as a long soft moan before clamping her mouth over my wife's and I could hear there tongues entwining together as they did.

It was my Birthday and I was beginning to feel a little left out so I eased my way up the bed between them saying Have you to forgotten who's birthday this is and with a smile on there faces they moved apart and I lay on my back between them and put my arms out and the both lay there heads on my chest and they started to run there finger nails lightly over my chest and round my nipples now it was my turn to have rock hard nipples and they both at the same time lent forward and sucked a nipple into there mouths and bit and flicked at my nipples I had close my eyes as the feeling of pleasure ran though my body, then I felt there hands running up the inside of my legs and two hands cupped my balls and started to play with them.

After a while I had the most wonderful feeling that I think I have ever had and that was when each of these wonderful sexy women took hold of my now hard cock to have two hands on your cock and as it was one hand from each woman it felt totally different two have both my wife's hands round my shaft , my wife's hand was holding onto the bottom half of my shaft and Didi's hand was not gripping around the top half

and then they started to wank me off by moving there hand together up and down my shaft and each time they reach the top of the stroke Didi would run her thumb over the now very sensitive tip and I would just moan and shudder as she did this.

Then the ladies started to kiss down my chest they kissed and nipped me with there teeth as they worked there way down my body and it was not long before they removed they hands from my cock and while one licked and sucked my balls the other licked and sucked on my shaft I was in Haven as feeling when though my body and I have ever felt anything like it before I told then between deep hard breaths that I would like them to lay the other way round so the pussy's were up near my head and this they done and started back on my cock so I opened there legs as wide as I could from this position and started to finger fuck them shoving two finger into each of them.

After a while I had worked my way up to four fingers into each of these wonderful wet pussy's both ladies were panting and moaning even with they mouths full of my balls and cock they had been changing places one sucking my cock and one my balls then they would change the noise in this room was wild with the three of us moaning and groaning in shear pleasure, both ladies had cum many times as I finger fucked them and I told them that is was not going to be long before for I came again and asked which one wanted it and the both together that they both wanted it.

Si they carried on sucking and licking until I could hold back no longer and with one last moan my back arched up and they moved away as the slit on the top of my cock opened up and spurt after spurt of hot cum shot our and covered my chest some even reaching my face as I gave out a Oooooooooooooo YesSSSSSSSSssssssssss as my cock throbbed and when it finally stop spurting cum it was quickly sucked back into Didi's mouth and she was sucking the very last drops from my shaft and my wife squeezed my balls I was breathing so have that I felt dizzy and had spots swimming before my eyes.

Then each one of these ladies took turns in licking my cum of my body both saying Mmmmmmmmmmmm as they licked my body clean further and further they workd until they reached my neck and face first my wife licked one cheek and then kissed me fully on the lips letting the cum she had got off my face run into my mouth and then Didi done the same thing.

After this both lay down beside me again with there heads on my arms we all fell asleep totally worn out and for filled.

It was three hours before we started to stir and we all agreed that something to eat was the order of the day so I walked out of the room to make us something to eat and drink and as I was going to be back in bed I did not put any clothes on on my return with a tray of sandwiches and tea I found the bed empty and then I heard the sound of running water so I knew they were in the shower so I opened the door to the shower room and found then in each others arm kissing under the running water I just stood there watching them as they played with each other body Didi bending her head to lick and suck my wife's nipples and breasts, My wife would bend her head back and let the water flow over her face and I could hear her moaning as Didi did this to her, then my wife would do the same to Didi both were so into pleasing each other that they had not noticed me watching them.

Didi dropped to her knees and took hold of my wife's legs and placed one on each shoulder and this put my wife's pussy right in front of her mouth and I saw her tongue dart out and lick the length on my wife's slit my wife shouted out GOD YES PLEASE SUCK me Please then her tongue must have found my wife's clit as her body shook and she went limp leaning back against the wall Didi just pushed her mouth onto her pussy and was really going for it then I saw her bring a hand up and garbed my wife's ass and pulled her cheeks apart and then shoved a finger inside her and started to finger fuck her ass.

Didi then placed two fingers into her one from each had and I could see her pulling my wife's ass open stretching it as far as she could get it my wife's was going wild and she was throwing her head from side to side shouting YES YES YES OOOOO FUCK YES, then Didi placed three fingers into my wife then four my wife was cumming none stop by this time I had never seen her shake and climax so much and then to my surprise and my wife's I should add Didi shoved her whole fist inside my wife's ass I have never heard my wife scream so much with pure pleasure she took hold of Didi's head and forced it into her pussy still cumming and cumming Didi was drinking down as much as she could Didi was still ramming her fist up and down my wife's ass bringing her to climax after climax.

When they had finished Didi put my wife's legs back down from her shoulders and my wife was so weak she could hardly stand her legs were like jelly, Didi kissed her again and I heard my wife say Thank you Didi I have never felt pleasure like that ever before it was wonderful that as my wife turned her head to kiss Didi again she saw me and smiled and said did you see all that I said yes everything and god it was wonderful to watch, but I feel that now Didi's given you pleasure you should come out of there and let me in so I can repay Didi for given you so much pleasure.

My wife smiles and said that sounds fair to me so she came out of the shower and I dried her off and then stepped into the shower with this beauty and I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard on the lips pushing my tongue into her mouth which she opened up and took my tongue and we kissed like this for some time and her nipples were digging into my chest so I pulled away from her and lowered my head to kiss and lick and nibble on her tits and spending a lot of time on her rock hard nipples.

Then I went down on my knees just as Didi had done and I hooked her legs over my shoulders and ran a finger up along her well formed pussy slit and I could just make out the head of her clit sticking out and I flicked the top of her clit with my finger and she shuddered as I did this and still ran my finger back and forth along her slit just stopping long enough to flick the tip of her clit each time, she said between gritted teeth stop teasing me please stop OOOO God Please eat my pussy I want you to eat my pussy Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee but I took no notice and carried on.

Then I put my head forward and sucked her clit into my mouth and I sucked hard pulling it as far into my mouth as I could get it and as I did this Didi climaxed and she gripped my head between her legs as she went so ridged as she came.

I then entered my tongue into her cunt her sexy juice running from her just like the shower that was running over our bodies I brought my hand up under her and entered three fingers into her willing pussy and started to fuck her and it was not long before she was cumming once again when she had cum I lowered her legs and turned her to face the wall and I picked up her legs and and held her away for her wall so she only had her hands against the wall I opened her legs as far as I could get them and my cock was rubbing up against her slit and I moved so it was right in line with her pussy hole and just rammed my 10" fully home with out stopping I did not give her chance to catch her breath and started to bring my cock out so the tip was just touching her hole before forcing it back into her to the hilt.

Didi was now screaming as my as my wife was a few minutes ago YES YES Harder Harder Fuck me Fuck me Yes Yes as I forced my full length inside her I then stopped and turned her round and brought her legs up to wrap around my body and I entered her again and now she put her arms around my neck pulling herself up against me so she could kiss me fully on the lips and as she did I felt her cunt mussels grip my shaft as yet another climax ripped though her body she went limp again and let her self fall back against the wall as I still pounded my 10" into her and again she game and this time her cunt mussels gripped my cock so hard that the next two or three thrusts into her brought me to my climax and I filled her once more with my hot white cum I did not know where it was all coming from but once again I filled her up so it ran out of her pussy we stayed like that for a minute or to and then I let her lower her legs and we washed and got out of the shower.

Going back into the bedroom we found my wife eating some sandwiches and drinking tea enjoy that did you yes we did we both said together and we sat down and had something to eat and drink, Didi got up and went to sit in the big chair we have in our room and I said well girls tell me have you to ever done that with each other before, Didi said no this is the first time I have ever been with another man or woman but I must say I hope I can do it again very soon , well I said I am honoured that I was the first man you have had outside your marriage so I take it your husband dose not know you are doing this, No said Didi but we have always talked about do it with others, so how did you two get this sorted out then I mean how did my wife bring up the supject of us three having sex together.

Well as you know we often meet for a coffee in the week and I asked Didi if she had any ideas what I could get you as a very 50th Birthday gift well she said you cold let me take him to bed as I have always wondered what it's like to have sex with another man and she went on to say that she had only ever been with Tony, She then laughed and said she was only joking, but I must admit my wife when on it did get me thinking and then last week she told my Tony was away this week so I knew you had always wanted a three or four some so I asked her if she really meant what she had said about having sex with someone else, when she said she was I ask Didi if she was up for this I did ask her what size cock Tony had as I told her yours was on the long and thick side, Didi said that she was sure she could handle it but you should have seen the look on her face when she came in here and saw the size of your cock, the look on her face was priceless.

Didi said I never knew a man could have such a big cock, I said no wonder you started to gag when I first tried to get it down your throat and we all laughed but thank you I said for letting me be the first other man to have your wonderful cunt I must say that you seamed to take my cock ok so what size is Tony then Didi ,she said I would say about half the size of you. Well then you did take it well I hope I did not hurt you if I had know I would have taken it slower, No I was so fucking wet it just slipped in with out any problem I must say that I have never felt so full up when that was inside me and your cum tastes so different to Tony's.

I was now laying next to my wife and Didi was sitting in the chair and I put my hand on the back of my wife's neck and pulled her towards me and kissed her tenderly on the lips and said thank you for such a wonderful birthday and we lay there kissing and cuddling and I tenderly touch her breast and needed it in my hand and her nippl became hard under my touch and as we kissed she gave a soft moan in the back of her throat so I rolled her over and gently got on top of her and she opened her legs as I got between them.

I slowly entered my wife slowly pushing the whole 10" inside her and she said Yes darling fuck me and fuck me nice and slow so I just let me cock rest inside her for a moment or two before starting to move in and out of her very slowly pulling out inch by inch and then pushing it back to fill her up once more and with each time I pushed my cock back into her she raised her body and said OOOOOOoooo yes that's nice darling I thing Didi knew that we just wanted to have this fuck to yourselves as she just sat in the chair watching us.

I raised my self up on my arms and looking down I had a wonderful view of my wife's body under me and I could see her breast's moving gently with each thrust of my cock they were bobbing back and forth with each and every gentle thrust, her pussy was so wet that you could hear my cock squelching with every movement , I looked over my shoulder at Didi and she had her legs over each arm of the chair and was fucking herself with the dildo and she smiled at me as she watch my ass going up and down as I fuck my wife.

I was not going to hurry this and wanted it to last as long as I could and Didi was huffing and puffing as she grew closer to her climax and then we heard her say O my fucking god yes yes yes as she came.

I was now fucking my wife with hard thrusts still pulling back slowly but ramming it home hard my wife lifted her self up to meet my down ward thrust and she was now getting close to her own climax and her breathing was getting heavier and she was digging her nails into me back as her orgasm got closer and closer, with this I sped up my pace and started to ram into her harder and faster then she arched her back and screamed OOOO my God as her whole body when rigged and her cunt gripped my shaft as she came I could feel her cum flooding out of her and my god did she cum.

So I started to really pound into her our bodies backing together hard and her wet pussy squelching with every thrust on and on I rammed into her and with one last hard thrust I pushed into her forcing her up the bed as I did so I was as fully into her as I could get and exploded inside her filling her cunt and my arms just gave way as I collapsed on top of her both of us panting for breath and we kissed again then I rolled off her and we lay beside each other with a big smile on out faces to finish the night of Didi came over and joined us on the bed and before she came to lay down with us she licked and sucked my cock clean and then she licked and cleaned up my wife she placed her mouth on my wife's wide open pussy and I could her her sucking trying to get as much of my wife's cum and my cum for inside my wife hot worn out pussy, when she was done she came up and lay on the other side of me and that is how we fell asleep until morning.

We woke up and all showered by ourselves this time and we got dressed and went into the kitchen for breakfast and we talked over the day before and I thanked Didi once again for making my Birthday a really special one and she said that as far as she was concerned she should be thanking me as she now knew what it was like with another man and woman which she said she had never though she would do.

I asked her if she would tell Tony when he got back later that day she said that he had always talked about me getting laid by another man and if I ever did I had to tell him the full details of what went on so yes I might just tell me, Well I laughed if you do tell him and he kicks you out there always a place in our bed for you .

Two day later we got a call From Didi saying that she had told Tony and he was fine with it and she went on to say that they lay in bed and she told him in fine detail of what we all did and it got him so worked up that they ended up having the best sex they had ever had, and she said Tony wondered if there was ever a chance of a foursome. Well we said we don't see why not why don't you and my wife talk it over next time you have a coffee.

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