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Published: Mar 10, 2014
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I swirl my tongue over your clit in circles, faster and faster as waves of pleasure radiate from within your body.

Imagine me coming in the front door, and spotting you watching me.

I put my bag down without breaking your gaze, and walk slowly towards you.

I keep coming, until I am just a little too close for your comfort, then I stop.

I peel my jacket off and let it drop to the floor behind me. I can hear the TV softly in the background.

My hands come up to twine in your hair and I back you gently into the wall as I kiss you, running the tip of my tongue across your lips.

I push against you a little so I can feel your heart beat faster as the passion of our kiss becomes more intense and the scent of your perfume surrounds us.

We break at the same time, our lips glistening and we pull each other up onto the bed, peeling our clothes off at the same time.

I press you down into the bed with my hips, while I run my fingers slowly up and down your body, tracing your curves.

You wrap your calves around the backs of my thighs as you try to pull me closer while we kiss, feeling the heat and throb start between your legs.

I lick my finger and start to rub gently.

I move down a little and you close your eyes and push me the rest of the way.

You can feel my breath and the brush of my curls on the insides of your thighs.

I place little kisses all around, teasing you until all you can think about is the moment when I finally touch you.

I dip my head and lick you slowly, up and down.

You draw in a soft, sharp breath as first I taste you, raking my fingernails on the outsides of your thighs.

I find your clit with the tip of my tongue, like a pearl nestled in layers of softness.

Your legs fall further apart against my hands, arching your hips up to press harder against my lips.

I swirl my tongue over your clit in circles, faster and faster as waves of pleasure radiate from within your body.

Your thighs start to tremble as the pressure builds, and you dig your fingers into my hair and tell me to do it harder, faster.

Your breathing quickens and you can feel yourself block everything else out to focus on my touch and the sensation of things surging.

You stop breathing for a second as the throb suddenly bursts in an explosion of pleasure and intensity.

You squeeze your fists into my hair and your legs around my shoulders as you press me further into you.

I can feel you slick against my tongue as your eyes slowly open and your heart stops racing...

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