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My Luck was In

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Mar 18, 2014
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Kirsty took hold of my cock and wrapped her fingers around my shaft slowly pulling my foreskin back reveiling my purple head

* * * * * * *

I have been feeling a bit unlucky of late, lost my mobile phone, had my wallet stolen, my dog is ill and at the vets, plus more things have gone wrong.

So I decided to take myself off for the week to the coast I book a B&B from Friday night until Monday morning, just felt like I wanted to blow that sea air though me and relax.

So I arrived and booked in to my room, it was only 7pm so thought I would take a walk along the sea front and find somewhere to get a bite to eat, I found this stake house so went in ordered my food and half bottle of wine, when a young woman came in and sat on the next table to mine, all the tables now had someone sitting at them, my food arrived and just as I was going to eat a party of four came in but as there were no table the waitress was going to turn then away when I said if the young lady did not mind sitting with me it would free up the table for them.

The young lady said she would not mind moving to my table so that's how I met Kirsty she sat opposite me and she looked about 20 - 25 about 10 years younger then me she was tall , dark brown hair, and the most beautiful green eyes and her smile was heaven to look at.

I told her my name and we sat and chatted while we ate our meal, I told her of what had brought me to Yarmouth for the weekend and she said that I hoped I got better luck soon so I said well Kirsty having you sit here with me has made up for all the bad luck so it has been well worth coming for the weekend already.

I saw she was wearing a wedding ring so asked her where her husband was she said he works on the rigs so he is away for 8 weeks at a time, so I asked her if she would like to come to dinner with me tomorrow and a drink afterwards, she replied she would love to and I walked her home and arranged to meet tomorrow.

When we meet we went for a meal and a drink and we got very close, we decided to leave early and Kirsty asked if I would like to go back to hers for a coffee, No sooner had we got in the door and closed it she pushed me against the wall and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and pushing my coat back over my shoulders.

She broke away from me took my hand and lead me to the bedroom where there was a king size bed and she pushed me back into it and jumped onto the bed beside me leaning over me and kissing me again, she lowered her hand and started to undo my buttons on my shirt and it was not long before that was on the floor, she started to kiss down my neck and reached my nipples and she placed her mouth gently on one of my nipples and sucked it into her mouth and then bit on it hard not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough for me to take a sharp breath in and it felt like getting zapped by electric.

This got my cock rising inside my jeans, as she carried on doing this from one nipple to the other my cock was now straining to burst out of it's confined space within my jeans, as she sucked and bit my nipples she moved over me so she was now sitting over me lent forward kissing my chest, all I could do was just lay there while this beautiful your woman was sending me to heaven I was giving out long soft moans and I ran my fingers thou her hair.

She then moved down now sitting over my legs and she started to kiss down my chest down over my stomach and reached the top of my jeans, while kissing my stomach she undo my jeans button and then lowered the zip very slowly and kissing my skin as it was revealed, then she told me to lift me bum from the bed and as I did she slid my jeans down taking my pants with them, she moved down the bed so she could pull then of me and when my cock sprang into view she just said Wow very very nice, and once my clothes were on the floor she pushed my legs apart and knelt between them.

Kirsty took hold of my cock and slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and slowly pulled my foreskin back reviling my purple head and she licked the top tasting the pre cum that was seeping from the slit in the top, she said Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice as she took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the top of my cock and then slowly took more and more in and it was not long before my 7" was fully inside her mouth and Kirsty was sucking on it for all she was worth.

Her head was now bobbing up and down taking my cock from tip the the bottom then she placed a hand and cupped my balls and gave then a gentle squeeze and this made me moan out load and I arched my bum of the bed.

Kirsty took hold of my legs and pushed them up so they were up in the air, still sucking on my cock and she let my legs rest on her shoulders and the next thing I knew she shoved a finger into my rear hole and sent pleasure feeling ripping thou me, I had never had anyone do that to me before and she bent her finger and as she pushed it in and out it stroked my prostrate and even thou this makes you feel like to want to take a pee the feelings it sends thou you and to pleasurable to describe but all I know it took me over the top and my cum burst from my cock and into her mouth and I let out a "O" my fucking god yes as I raised my bum from the bed, my cock just pulsated inside her mouth filling it with cum.

Kirsty made sure she had every last drop of cock from my cock before letting it slip from her mouth she moved back up against me and we kissed and I could taste my own cum on her tongue.

Kirsty was still fully dressed but after we finished kissing she stood up on the bed one leg either side of me and lifted her top up over her head and then cupped her hands round behind her and un-did her bra and very slowly slid the straps down over her arms making sure that she kept the cups over her tits, then once the straps were from her arms she gave me that very sexy smile and her eyes had a sexy glint to them and she lowered her bra and threw it on the floor.

Her breast were not big but not small either very firm and her nipples were dark and what looked like rock hard as they stuck straight out and were at least 3/4 inches long and she took her tits into her hands and squeezed them and took her nipples between her fingers twisting them and she put her head back and closed her eyes and gave a long MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmas she did this, them she ran her hands down over her body reaching her jeans top and looking at me right in the eyes she smiled and undo the button and lowered the zip and eased her jeans down over her well formed hips and she took of her jeans and then stood over me, she had got stockings, suspenders, and a thong under her jeans and the site of her standing over me dress like this and that smile and green eyes my cock started to twitch back into life.

She dropped to her knees over me again and took my cock back into her mouth and stared to suck on it it was not long before it was hard and ready for action again, so she moved up and pulled her thong string to one side lined up my cock with her pussy and just rammed back onto it, sliding completely down on it until our bodies slapped together she sat there for a while letting my cock fill her pussy and then she rose up and then back down again and started to ride my cock.

I reach up and took her tits into my hands and there felt wonderful as I said very firm and the nipples were really hard and I twisted them and at the same time pulled them she moaned Yes Yes O God Yes and she started to ride my cock harder and faster, I was twisting her nipple really hard by now and I could feel her juices running from her and down my cock and over my balls, on and on Kirsty thrust down on my cock and then without warning her body went ridged and shook as her first climax ran though her body sending shivers up and down her spine, she did not stop thrusting on my cock as she came I sat up as much as I could and took one of her nipples into my mouth and flicked the end of it as it entered my mouth, she had another small climax as I did this.

I pulled her down onto me and she let herself and as she lay on top of me I rolled her over still inside her and she opened her legs and I raised myself up on my arms and started to thrust into her hard and with long strokes pushing fully home with each and every thrust inwards our bodies hitting together hard, she place a hand down between us and I felt her playing with her clit rubbing it round and round, she was getting ready to cum again and I felt her body stiffen and she screamed out as she orgasmed I could feel the cunt grip my cock as she had spasm after spasm as her climax ripped thou her, I pulled her leg up so her knees where nearly on the tits and I was now fully getting every last inch of my cock into her.

I was not going to hold back much longer and after a few more long deep strokes I gave one last hard push held my cock into her as far as I could get and sent my second load of cum up my cock but this time it filled her dripping wet cunt, filling her with warm,sticky,cum pump after pump shooting from me.

When my cock had emptied out inside her I let her lower her legs and we just rolled over on our sides and my cock still inside her we kissed and cuddled not saying a word to each other, we just lay there touching each other stroking each others backs, as we kissed we entwined our tongues when we did finally pull apart all I could say was Bloody Wow that was intents never had a woman strip in before, I placed a hand under her chin and lifted her face up and kissed her tenderly on her lips, as I pulled away she just smiled then said you will stop the night wont you please say you will.

I did stay and after laying there a while in each others arms I rolled her over onto her back once more but this time it was my turn to kiss down her body, I traced down her neck, and onto her tits that felt wonderful as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and I bit down on her nipple like she had done mine and like me she let out one long moan, I sucked one then the other until she was begging me for me to suck her pussy, so after leaving her nipples I worked down her slim stomach licking her belly button as I went, then moving round so I was between her legs and kissing lower and lower until I was at the top of her thong I undid the bow at each side and pulled it from under her just leaving her in her stockings and suspenders, I cold not see her pussy fully for the first time and it was shaven and her lips were wet and shining a mixture of her and my cum, I lowered my head again and just touched the tip of her slit with my tongue and she shook as I did this saying YES YES O Please YES and I ran my tongue very lightly down over her slit teasing her as she kept arching her back trying to get my tongue inside her pussy.

The taste of her cum and mine was sweet and once I had tasted it I could not hold back any longer and pushed my tongue inside her slit pushing her pussy walls open and as I did Kirsty came again she placed her legs round me and pulled me into her and my face was buried inside her cunt, I started to flick my tongue over her pussy she arched up her body again as my tongue flicked her clit and then I sucked it into my mouth hard Kirsty let out a scream as I did this her body shook as yet another orgasm when thou her.

I just kept on licking and drinking her juice and I then placed a hand under her and pushed two fingers into her pussy she gasped and her pussy tightened around my fingers as I curled them up and found her G spot and as I started to rub it Kirsty came so hard her cum juice spurted out of her and it was hard to drink it down, I carried on rubbing her G spot and licking her clit and she had two more powerful orgasms before I removed my fingers and asked her to get on all fours which she did right away.

Now the site of this young 20 year old ass just in front of me and her legs covered in stockings and suspenders was nearly enough to make me shoot my load just looking at it, I got behind her and lent forward and ran my tongue the whole length of her ass slit then back down again I stopped at her whole and licked around it and as I did this I pushed two fingers back into her pussy and found her g spot once more, I was licking her ass and fingering her cunt as she came again.

I got right up behind her and entered my cock into her pussy and Kirsty gave another long long moan and pushed herself back onto me, I took hold of her hips and started to fuck her with long slow strokes, holding onto her hip with one one I got my other hand and did to her what she had done to me had shoved my finger into her ass.

As I had been licking it it was nice and wet and my fingers slipped in easily and I started to finger fuck her ass and ram my hard cock inside her , no and no I pushed thrusting into her she came and came as I rode her sweet sweet pussy and ass. Her cum she rushing out of her the bed was wet with her cum, I held back as long as I could until my cock just felt as if it had exploded inside her and I filled her pussy again holding myself inside her so as much of my cum stayed inside her, When my cock had softened it slipped from her and I got her to lay on her back and I lifted her legs and started to drink down my cum and Kirsty's it tasted so so sweet my tongue could not get enough of it as I licked all this juice up Kirsty add more by cumming again, once I had drunk her dry I kissed her as I moved up her body stopping of at her nipples as I went and ended with a long tender kiss and we fell asleep in each others arms.

We both woke at the same time as I opened my eyes Kirsty's head was still on my arm and I kissed her gently on the lips and she opened her eyes and smiled, sending a shiver down my spine as it was so sexy, I ran the back of my hand over her breast and her nipple grew under my touch, I ran my hand down over her body and lightly over her pussy lips and her legs parted to let me touch it fully.

I pushed a finger into her slit and my finger slid in and found her clit and I started to rub it round and round and Kirsty was moaning softly in me ear as I did this, I then pushed my finger lower and found her wet hole and entered two fingers inside her and she arched her back and I saw her nipples were now rock hard again she had her eyes closed and just taking in the pleasure I was given her.

I found her G spot and like last night I started to work on it, it was not long before she clamped her legs tight as she orgasmed her legs clamped so tight I could not move my hand at all.

When she relaxed I said do you have a bath or shower she said bath ok I said I will run us a nice hot bath while you go make us a coffee then we can drink it while having a soak what do you say Kirsty, sounds good never shared a bath before, well now is the time then.

So Kirsty went to make coffee and I ran the bath and I got in waiting for her she returned with the coffee and got in the bath with me, we just lay there for a while her at one end me at the other, I moved my foot and started to play with once of her nipples with my toes and she giggled as I did it but it was not long before her nipple was hard we just sat there looking at each other and I said my god your gorgeous and those wonderful green eyes.

We both sat up and managed to get close enough to kiss, I got her legs and placed either side of me and she slid herself up my legs until my cock was pushing it's way into her pussy and she just moved a bit and it popped inside her and she came forward so it was fully inside her and we kissed once more. We started to fuck slowly as she rose herself up and down by her arms on the side of the bath, we took it slow but with the water splashing up and down our bodies with the movement it was not long before Kirsty came again and with a few more strokes of her pulsing pussy I came up inside her filling her cunt with come once more.

We laid back and just soaked and drinking our coffee then I washed her all over and when she was done she got out and dried herself and left me in the bath to wash before getting out.

We missed breakfast so we went out for a meal late afternoon and then for a long walk until it was time for tea then we went back to hers and fucked for most of the evening and I left her laying there at about 2 in the morning and went back to my B&B.

I packed my bags and before setting of home I called round to see Kirsty and she was not at home so I left a note saying thanks for the weekend and that I would remember it always.

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