My Name is Lucy - Chapter 9

Author: Lucy
Published: Mar 25, 2014
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He raised his buttocks and I had no trouble in taking and placing his cock in my vagina.

The night passed with all of us on Kela's bed kissing and fondling. The sex in the living area had been quite extraordinary and Brandon was so full of energy and lay next to Abi who kept rubbing his lovely cock and obviously wanted more. She was not to be disappointed.

I think we all were tired and had consumed a great deal of alcohol so we lay initially and just caressed and slept.

Abi must have woken from her slumber next to Brandon and started to feel his body. He did not complain as he obviously liked these lovely big breasts and his cock being felt by a young girl.

I had also awoken and could hear her whisper to Brandon that she wanted his cock inside her. "I love your cock", she said and began to stroke it gently against her pussy. "You are so wet", he said and she moaned as he ran his fingers up and down those lovely juicy pussy lips.

We were all awake by now and Brandon lay on his back as Abi climbed on top of him and placed his wonderful tool inside her. She slowly rode him up and down and in the meantime I was feeling Kela's body kissing and licking her all over.

We were all suddenly alive and the smell of sex was fantastic. Kela and I took great pleasure in touching and watching Abi and Brandon at work.

This girl knew how to ride a cock and rubbed her clit as Brandon shafted her. We decided to play with her breasts and squeeze her nipples which excited her even more. Brandon looked into her face and told her to ride up and down on his cock. "You are going to get a big load lady", he said. Abi loved this and asked him to plant all his seed inside her.

They fucked even harder and Abi was begging for Brandon's cum. He duly obliged with a big groan as Abi's body shook and she she said "Put it all in me". Kela and I kept feeling her body and then she raised herself off Brandon's cock and placed her fingers on her pussy and felt the cum dribble onto them. She placed a finger of cum in my mouth and did the same for Kela. It tasted beautiful.

Abi then ran her hands over Kela's body and they kissed passionately whilst I had the opportunity to play with Brandon and get him hard again. He grabbed me tight and kissed like a real strong lover. His beautiful body was now on top of me and I could feel that hard cock against my pussy .

He raised his buttocks and I had no trouble in taking and placing his cock in my vagina. The others decided to rub my body all over whilst Brandon told me that he was going to fuck me so hard that I would beg him to stop. He held me with his hand around my neck and said "Do you understand me bitch, you are going to be my slave now". I agreed and said "Oh yes, I am yours, please take me with your big cock".

Kela and Abi were rubbing each other in excitement at watching me and Brandon. He was fucking me so hard and it was a lovely feeling to give my whole body to him. He looked into my face and asked if his cock was good and I screamed that I wanted more and harder. He just kept pumping.

He slowed and withdrew his cock and ordered me to lick it and I duly obliged slavishly running my mouth up and down whilst he held my head and pushed his rod inside.

Brandon decided to put his cock back in my pussy. Kela helped and guided it in whist Abi sat astride my face and I licked her lovely clit. What a pussy she had and Brandon's cock was pumping me again resting his arms on Abi's back. Kela just rubbed herself.

I was coming and let them know it. Brandon lifted my buttocks to let another wonderful load explode inside me. "I am yours", I screamed and repeated myself over and over again. I really was a slave to his black cock.

Abi took herself off my face and she and Kela then licked all the sperm from my pussy and kissed each other. It looked wonderful and Brandon lay exhausted and stroked my body and asked what the cum tasted like. "Wonderful", they said in unison.

What a wonderful night...

About: The author of "My Name is Lucy - Chapter 9" is Lucy. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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