Part Time Pervert - Chapter 2

Published: Apr 1, 2014
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Like many women of her generation,she does not shave her pubic area, but allows the soft curly hair to frame the lips of her vagina.

The day after I got home from my visit to Mr. Simmons, I thought that the idea of my wife being used by the repulsive old shitbag would have evaporated.

It hadn't.

If anything, it was becoming more compelling, turning into an obsession.

Why had I had those strange, foreign desires come thundering into my brain Had that evil old pervert fucked with my thought processes No, that was ridiculous. It was only coincidence that he had expressed a desire to look at pictures of Susan just as I had been becoming possessed with the notion.

Let me describe my wife to you so you have a mental image of her. She has been a fourth grade teacher at a grammar school in our neighborhood for seven years and is well known and received there.

Susan is three years older than I am. That makes her 39.

She stands five feet nine, just about exactly my same height. . . tall for a woman.

She has a full, voluptuous figure, not fat, but softly rounded. Her legs are very shapely. She was in several beauty pageants as a teen and a young woman and was always noted by the judges for her outstandingly pretty legs. She considers them her best feature, but although I am in awe of them, I also adore her breasts, They are 38 c size with sweet pale pink aureoles capped with luscious nipples. Of course at 39' there was a slight sag, but that only served to make them more feminine and appealing. The thing that first captured me about Susan was her face. Everyone agreed that she was wholesomely beautiful, with green eyes, a small well shaped nose, high lovely cheekbones and full but not overly large lips. She is a brunette and wears her hair in a style which falls just short of her shoulders. She is fastidious about her appearance and knows just how to apply her makeup. She has expressive delicate hands and keeps her nails manicured and polished beautifully. Like many women of her generation, she does not shave her pubic area, but allows the soft curly hair to frame the lips of her vagina, I think, in a totally sexy way.

So, you might ask how she ended up with me. Sometimes I wonder that too. She could have had her choice of many men, but somehow picked me. Go figure.

As for her past, she admitted to "making out" with a few different young men in her school years but says she never "went all the way" until she was twenty, when she had her first serious relationship. They were passionate and slept together often, until, for one reason or another, it went south. After that she consoled herself with four other guys in a period of eight months. The last one of the four was me. I was eighteen, she was twenty one. We got married. We never had children. Something in her reproductive system was fucked up and she could never conceive.

That was ok with me. I never really had a great desire to be a father. Besides we never had to use condoms and she never had to be on the pill. A win win situation.

We had a great sex life at the beginning. For the first five years we fucked like bunnies, until at twenty three I had my first homosexual encounter. It changed me profoundly and my focus became distracted from her. Susan always thought that it was just that time together had taken the edge off my horniness, and never really made an issue of it. But any time I approached her for sex, she was always pleased and happy to do it. Don't get me wrong, I love fucking her too, but the dial had been turned a little after I sucked my first dominant dick.

Now though, as I fantasized about Susan at the hands of Mr. Simmons, I looked at my wife through HIS eyes. Damn, it made me hot.

She seemed pleasantly surprised at my eagerness to have sex together, especially when I suggested we go shopping for some sexy lingerie. I told her it had been a long time since I had taken any pictures of her and I wanted to update them. The last time we had made any nude shots I had them developed at the one hour place at the drug store, hoping that the pimply faced kid who worked there would see my wife and get turned on. He must have because when we went to pick them up, he was blushing furiously and couldn't keep his eyes off Susan. He stammered nervously as he gave us the package and took the money. He told us to have a nice day four times in a row. Susan and I laughed about that for a long time. She said she wondered if he sneaked an extra set for himself. it turned us on to think of him frantically jacking off in his bathroom as he ogled my wife's charms.

Now I wanted some hot photos for Mr. Simmons to gaze at while I sucked him off. I could just imagine all the lewd comments he'd be making about my wife as his dick was in my mouth. How humiliating. Yeah!

I told Susan that I wanted the sexiest lingerie we could find. She laughed and suggested we start at Frederick's of Hollywood. They had the most outrageous lines of all. Not as upscale as Victoria'sSecret but a little more raunchy, slutty and suggestive. Not wanting to be caught shopping there by colleagues or friends. . . . and god forbid, parents of her pupils, we drove to a mall outlet some forty miles away. There was a flea market on the way and Susan has always loved those funky places, so we made a stop. We browsed through the usual flea market shit until we found a little storefront place that had teddies, panties, adult toys and porn DVDs displayed right out front. Of course I talked her into going in. The place was run by a man. He did not look like the type to be doing that. He was a middle aged fellow, leaning on a makeshift counter reading a magazine when we entered. He looked at us, smiled and welcomed us to the store, giving Susan the eye. He asked if he could help us, but we said no, we'd just look around. He went back to his reading, but often looked up at us. I don't know if he was afraid we'd steal something or if he was just getting an eyeful of my wife. Any way we found some really outrageous things. The sleaziest, sluttiest outfits I had ever seen. Bras with holes for the nipples to poke through, baby doll pajamas you could read through, crotchless panties and pantyhose, long robed completely transparent, and one thing that was only a skimpy, see through piece of material with two strings to tie it on. From the back the two strings were the complete thing. I had to have it. Susan was not too sure about the things I wanted for her, but she relented and let me have my way. The man said there was a small dressing room in the back if she wanted to try them on. And if she did he would cut the price by twenty five percent. Sure. . . I bet he would. If she had agreed to let him watch her try them on, I'll bet he would've given them all to her free. But we said no thanks, paid for everything and headed off to the mall to find some shoes as whorish as the outfits. Susan selected three pairs of stilettos, one pair white, one silver and one black. They were sexy as hell and I couldn't wait to photograph her in them. Mr. Simmons would probably have a fucking heart attack looking at these pictures. But I hoped he would at least live long enough to come in my mouth a few more times. God, what a weirdo I had become.

When we got home I got everything ready for the photo shoot. I fixed Susan and me a tall scotch and soda to mellow us out and she came into bedroom wearing one of the baby doll sets. Damn, she looked amazing. Before I had shot many pictures my cock was throbbing. She was a willing model, changing from one sexy outfit to another, at last posing completely naked. She even allowed herself to be shot lying on the bed, her legs spread wide, displaying her beautiful pussy, with a come hither expression on her face. Finally I had to stop. I stripped off my clothes and laid on the bed with my wife. I hadn't been this turned on with her in ages. Neither had she. Of course she had no idea that I was staring at her through the eyes of the grubby old man a few miles away. It was the hottest sex we'd had in years.

" I don't know what's gotten into you Keith, "she said after we had fucked our brains out, "but I sure like it. "

With that, we had another scotch, then came back to bed and screwed until daylight. I slept like a rock.

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