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Freezer Frenzy

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Author: sxc beginnr
Published: 02-Oct-05 Revised/Updated 22-Jan-16
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She leaned over, the slit in her modest black skirt parting to reveal creamy white thighs and well toned calves... "I want you, now." She leaned back, pressing her delicious ass against my cock, smiling provocatively while I throbbed with barely restrained desire.

* * * * * * *

She leaned over, the slit in her modest black skirt parting to reveal creamy white thighs and well toned calves tapering into dainty ankles cradled in sensible black heels. My breathing hitched and heat started to throb in my veins. A man opposite blushed nervously at the full cleavage and black bra visible through the white business shirt. Kitten was all business today; small glasses perched on her cute button nose, silky black hair wrapped up in a bun, shirt tucked into her skirt, her clearly defined curves a testament to my rising cock. The man had been dragged away by this time, his wife glaring daggers at us over his shoulder. We were alone. For the moment.

Kit gave me a smoldering look. "Chocolate, or vanilla" "Huh" She sighed in exasperation, "Ice cream, Dave!" "Actually I've always preferred strawberry myself," I whispered, suddenly remembering why we were at the freezer in the first place, before slipping behind her to kiss the place where her neck and shoulder met. She sighed and leant back into me, the strawberry scented conditioner she used in her hair driving me crazy, flooding my body with an all-too-familiar heat. She started in surprise at the evidence of that heat, my firm erection pushing into her back.

We had been going out for a few months now, having met at the beach where she had been working out and just 'happened' to bump into me. She had been a model then, exotic features and olive coloring, not to mention her fabulous body, making her one of the most sought after models in the country. We had sex regularly, at any time of the day or night. We had our wildest times when we were in public places, the danger of getting caught a powerful addiction. Several times the authorities had given us severe warnings for unacceptable sexual conduct in public places, like when we traumatized two little kids in a family restaurant, who caught us stark naked and going at it like rabbits on the bathroom floor. She was a wildcat during sex, and insatiable.

"I want you, now." She leaned back over the waist-high freezer, pressing her delicious ass against my cock, smiling provocatively while I throbbed with barely restrained desire. I pulled her back towards me and reached up to let down her soft curled hair which framed her flushed face. She pulled off her glasses and slowly unbuttoned her shirt until she revealed her perfect breasts which were practically bursting out of her black lacy bra. I started kissing her hard, running my hands over her breasts, feeling the large hard nipples push against my hand. She moaned softly against my mouth and opened to me, her tongue dancing with mine, her hands quickly unzipping my jeans and stroking my hard cock through my briefs, making me pull her even harder against me. I grabbed her butt and lifted her so we were the same height. I let my hand wander up her soft thigh and under her skirt to feel her tight ass. Perfect. She wasn't wearing any panties and was also very wet. She gasped when I touched her inner lips, breaking our kiss, and I continued to run my hand slowly up and down her folds. She started squirming in my arms, trying to push her pussy onto my hand, but I held her firmly pressed against the freezer so she couldn't move. "Not yet." Kit was going frantic as I continued to stroke her slick inner folds, staying away from the centre of her desire. She kissed me deeply, and then started kissing her way down my body, pushing my shirt off my shoulders onto the floor, licking my neck, biting my nipples, brushing her hands over my abs, stomach, and lower...

Someone could have come along at any moment. I sat her on top of the freezer, and pulled up her skirt until I saw the dark hair of her pussy, ignoring her yelp as the cold spread over her ass, effectively pulling her back from the edge of orgasm. I spread her legs with my hands and lowered myself between them. I kissed her inner thighs as she gasped from the heat of my mouth. My tongue found her lips and thrust into her heated wetness, lapping up all she had to offer. The smell of her grew stronger and I licked my way up to her clit and traced around the tiny button. Kit cried out then, quickly muffling the sound and pushing my head even closer. I settled over her clit, slowly drew it into my mouth and then sucked hard. I quickly pushed one of my cold fingers into her pussy at the same time and she moaned loudly, bucking up against my face as I increased my rhythm of sucking and inserted another icy finger. She started coming and I finger-fucked and sucked her harder and faster until she cried out again and her legs trembled from coming hard and fast and her head dropped onto my shoulder, spent. I thrust my tongue back into her pussy and drank her juices. But I wasn't nearly finished with her yet.

I stood up and made her stand too, unhooking her bra through her half-open shirt and pushing it down over her large breasts. I cupped the undersides and played with her dark hard nipples, circling them and leaning down to lick and kiss them. I placed my tongue over one nipple and laved it with her own wetness, and softly bit the tips of first one breast and then the other. Kit knelt then, and released my aching cock, running her tongue lightly over the tip, licking up the pre-cum. She fondled my balls while running her tongue all the way up the underside of my cock, tracing the veins. She had great technique. She kissed the head then drew my cock slowly into her mouth, her tongue everywhere, her nails caressing up and down the length of my cock. I leant back and watched her try and take the whole of my ten-inches into her mouth. Her finger found my crack and forced its way into my ass, making me jerk forward into her mouth. She started deep-throating me. I love it when a woman does that. I held her head and pushed my cock in and out of her mouth. She looked like she was enjoying it and tried to take me even deeper, sucking harder, with one hand playing with my balls, the other pushing in and out of my ass. I felt my balls get hard and hot and suddenly I was coming in her mouth. I just stood still and felt myself come harder than I had ever done before, and she greedily swallowed every drop of it. She stood and kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips.

I suddenly realised where we were and what we were doing. We could have gotten caught and arrested at any time. But then, that was part of the fun. Before my erection had even half gone Kit was bending over to retrieve her lost skirt and bra. The sight of her long smooth legs and bare ass and hanging tits started to make my cock rise again and within seconds it was straining against my stomach again. I rushed to grab her and lifted her easily and pushed her hard onto the freezer, not hearing her yelp of pain as her tits pressed up against the freezing cold door, instantly hardening. I fumbled with her shirt and kicked off my jeans so that we were both naked and trembling with the heat and cold. I reached around and kneaded her breasts with my hands before bending down to run my tongue all the way up her ass and finding the tight hole which I thrust my tongue into as far as I could. Her juices were running down her legs by now, and she pushed into me, begging me to fuck her. I stood up and spread her cheeks with my hands, and then rammed my huge cock into her slippery pussy in one hard thrust until my balls were right up against her ass. She squealed and gripped my cock as tight as she could. I heard a loud gasp from behind us then, and realised someone had caught us. I glanced over my shoulder, ignoring Kit's protest not to stop. I saw the check-out kid from out front standing with wide-eyed shock at the sight of the naked couple having sex in his store. I also saw he had a massive erection. I smiled and beckoned him over. He came, trying hard to swallow, and couldn't take his eyes off Kit. "Hey man, you want a piece of this" and I slapped Kit on the ass. She struggled for breath, and had her eyes closed. He nodded vigorously and said yes. He was kind of cute, young and blonde, with a hint of stubble on his chin. He walked around to the side of us and I moved Kit off the freezer, still inside her, controlling myself exquisitely so that I wouldn't come yet. The move showed off her toned body to him. "Well, you heard him Kit. Suck him off."

She shifted immediately to comply, anything for me to finally start moving inside her. She knelt on all fours and I knelt with her so we were in the doggy position. The young man anxiously fumbled with his pants, trying to get them off in such a hurry he nearly fell. Finally he removed his underwear and proudly showed off his enormous cock. He shuffled nervously in front of Kit and she reached up and grabbed him with both hands. He jumped with shock as her icy hands wrapped around his huge member and proceeded to stroke up and down. I reached down around to her curls then and parted them with my fingers, placing one on her clit and spreading her juices everywhere. She started panting and moving against me, tightening her hold on my cock and breathing faster and faster. The boy was breathing faster as well, while she tickled his balls and ran her tongue all over the head of his cock. I slowly drew my cock out of her and then slammed back in. She screamed, her voice muffled on the other man's cock, and began to suck on the head, while finding his ass and forcing one finger, then two, then three into his hole. His eyes bulged. It was evident no one had done that before. He started thrusting his cock uncontrollably into her mouth over and over, while I thrust into her pussy from behind. I matched the rhythm of my thrusting to his and the rhythm of my fingers on her clit. I moved faster and harder inside her, and she came again and again, quivering against my cock, bucking against me to beg for more, and furiously sucking on the other boy's cock, who screwed up his face and suddenly came inside her mouth at the same time I pushed inside her one last time and then stopped, shooting my load deep in her pussy. I held still, savoring the ripples of her folds on my cock as her last orgasm faded before drawing my cock slowly out of her wetness and standing up again.

Kit licked both of us clean and I let the kid suck her pussy until my cum and her juices no longer ran down her beautiful legs. We gave the kid our number and he promised to give us a call so we could get together sometime for a repeat. We all got dressed again, and it was only after Kit and I had both left the store and were back in the car driving home that she realised we had forgotten to buy the ice cream after all. I laughed, until I also remembered the video camera in the corner of the store's ceiling. It had caught everything on tape.

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