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My Name is Lucy - Chapter 10

Author: Lucy Contact: Not Provided
Publish Date : Apr 7, 2014
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I placed my mouth over her nipple and sucked whilst still working her pussy.

* * * * * * *

The holiday is unfortunately coming to an end. I have had the most fantastic time in the sun with the greatest sex with some lovely people. I am so sad. I have to return home but I still have a day before my late flight home the day after.

I had walked home with Abi after our night of crazy passion. It was early morning and we had left Kela's home as she had to go to work and Brandon had to go home to see his Mother and collect himself for a day with coconut milk on the beach.

We arrived at the apartments where Abi was staying and she held my hand tightly before declaring that she just wanted to lay in her bed with me beside her. She said that I had inspired her to enjoy sex without any prejudice or preference about whether it be with a man or a woman. "Being a woman who is bi-sexual opens up so many beautiful experiences", she said and I agreed.

We went up to her apartment which had a lovely view over the beach and undressed each other before we lay on her king sized bed.

Sighing with fulfilment as we lay there together we were able to recount the previous night which made me feel horny again and I began to run my hand over Abi's body.

"Oh my God", she said "You are a perfect lover", and she turned to kiss me so passionately and started to cry. "I love all this sex", she said and we kissed and kissed working ourselves into a frenzy.

"God I want to please you", I said and Abi replied that I could do anything with her. I did not need any more encouragement and plunged my fingers into her juicy pussy. I worked them in and out and then placed them in her mouth to taste.

"Wow my pussy tastes good", she said. "I am going to let you taste yours", and with that she thrust her fingers between my lips and extracted juice to place in my mouth. The taste was exquisite.

We turned our bodies so we could lick each other. Abi's tongue probed my pussy whilst I licked and played with her clit with my tongue. It was perfect sex.

I then decided to lay on top of her lovely body and feel those huge breasts that were beautiful to play with and I gently squeezed her nipples that made her moan. Then I licked her breasts all over and sucked each nipple that made Abi shake as I had my pussy grinding against hers. We kissed passionately and our tongues licked every part of our faces. It was so erotic.

I placed my hand on Abi's clit and began to gently rub and run my fingers into her pussy at the same time. She was in heaven and I just loved pleasing her as her face and whole body looked so ravishing.

Suddenly she cried out loud for me to make her cum. I placed my mouth over her nipple and sucked whilst still working her pussy. She spread her legs even more apart and she came like a torrent and her whole body shook while she kept moaning. "I love sex with you Lucy", she said after a short while. We will have to get together when we return to London. I agreed.

We lay together holding hands and kissing gently. Abi began to work on me and rubbed her big breasts against mine. It was so sexy and a beautiful feeling to have a young girl make love with me like this. She told me to relax and enjoy. So I lay there and let the lovely Abi play with my body. She was so good and I was getting so wet.

I told her to just take me and fuck me. She did not need any encouragement and went to work on me in no uncertain terms. I lay there and spread my legs as she fingered my pussy and licked my clit. It was beautiful and I wanted it to just carry on and on.

Abi worked slowly on me and kept teasing me rubbing her breasts against my pussy and then reverting to her hand. She kept on doing this and I finally had to release my feelings with an explosive orgasm that made me scream. I was panting with pleasure and excitement. "Oh Abi", I said, "that was beautiful". With that she smiled and kissed me gently.

We fell asleep after our love making and an exhausting night. When we awoke we decided to go for a swim and catch some sun before my last night in Barbados as I sadly had to return to the UK on the following day in the late afternoon.

I decided with Abi that we would meet up with Kela and Brandon that evening for a final celebration and so I phoned both to say that we would meet in the hotel bar at 8pm.

So we had our swim and some sun before we returned to our respective rooms to prepare for the evening.

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