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My Name is Lucy - Conclusion

Author: Lucy Contact: Not Provided
Publish Date : May 27, 2014
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The sensation of Brandon pumping my pussy is fantastic and I begin to ask him to fuck me good with his big black cock.

* * * * * * *

Well what a lovely sexy holiday I have had. I feel so invigorated what with so much cock and pussy. It feels great and I am a little sad that tomorrow afternoon I have to be on a flight back to London. Ah well thanks Barbados for a wonderful time.

But hey I am forgetting I still have one more night to go!! Roll on 8pm in the bar.

So tonight I am going to wear the sexiest clothes that I have left in my holiday case. A g string that barely covers anything to start and then a short skirt for easy entry. My top is a see thru' blue with no bra. If I get arrested I can say that I am leaving the country tomorrow!!

I saunter from my room at just before 8pm to the bar. I attract quite a few looks as I enter and then realise that I am the first of the group to be there. I take a seat at a table to accommodate all of us. The bar waiter approaches and his eyes focus on my breasts whilst asking what drink I would like. "A glass of champagne would be nice", I say with a sexy voice, "no make it a bottle". He immediately darts away to obtain my order. This is the last night. Expense no object.

My legs are attracting stares and I purposely cross and uncross my them so that more heads turn to see if they can see a bit more. I smile politely and remain composed when Brandon appears and gives me a big hug. It is so lovely to feel his skin and his strong body again. I have missed his cock. Tonight it is mine.

I ask the waiter to bring three more glasses so that we can all share the champagne. Abi and Kela arrive and we are all laughter and smiles and there is definitely sex in the air. Abi has dressed with nothing left to the imagination. Her breasts are the talking point very quickly throughout the whole bar and even old ladies are having a look. She winks at all of us and says that she ought to charge for a viewing. We all burst out laughing. Kela looks divine as well with a very slinky short dress which is cut up one side to reveal her curvaceous body.

So we drink a toast to each other and order another bottle of champagne. This is going to be one hell of an evening.

We drink the champagne and chat and laugh a great deal and attract a great deal of attention from other guests. When we have finished the champagne it is time to go and find a good meal and Brandon guides us to a lovely restaurant that has a jetty attached and overlooks the Caribbean . We are given a lovely table in a corner far away enough from other customers to be touchy and feely.

Brandon sits next to me and places his hand on my leg and rubs the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs a little and look at him and smile. He licks his lips and tells me he wants to fuck me so good tonight and that he is going to miss sex with him. "Me too", I exclaim "tonight I want you to just take me and fuck me, give me a great memory of you until the next time". "No problem", he says and we both laugh out loud.

Abi and Kela are having a great time as well and we all become more animated with more wine and great food.

During our main course I place my hand on Brandon's thigh and he takes one look and says that there is something stiff and large further up. I run my hand slowly upwards to discover that he is rock hard. Wow it feels so good and I cannot wait to feel him inside me again.

We realise that we have to be careful with our flirty behaviour as other customers are now turning their heads to see what all the noise from our table is about. Abi suggests that maybe she strips off there and then in the restaurant and we all agree that it would not be a good idea.

So we finish and pay and head for Kela's place for more fun. The evening air outside helps to ease the amount of alcohol we have drunk. Brandon is walking with his arm around me and the sensation of his strong body next to me is so erotic. Abi and Kela follow behind laughing and joking and occasionally stopping to kiss.

Entering Kela's home we all strip off and Brandon is rock hard and ready. "Ok Lucy, you are going to worship my cock tonight and the others will help". Abi and Kela lay me on the sofa and help to spread my legs in readiness for Brandon's rod. I am so wet and look Brandon straight in the face and say "Take me, I am yours and I worship your cock."

Brandon takes his meat in his hand and rubs the head over my lips. "Do you like that lady," he asks and then plunges inside me. I let out a yell as he stretches me and the other girls hold my legs in the air and rub my breasts. I am being given a big treat tonight.

Brandon slowly pounds me and Abi plays with my clit teasing me toward orgasm. The sensation of Brandon pumping my pussy is fantastic and I begin to ask him to fuck me good with his big black cock. "Only if you worship it," he says and with that I repeat over and over again that I worship it and that black cock is the best.

Kela begins to suck my breasts and Abi is kissing Brandon as he fucks me. Then he turns his attention to penetrating me very deep as he lifts my bottom in the air and begins to fuck me harder and faster.

"Do you like me inside you," he inquires. "Oh yes fuck me please". Suddenly my whole body jerks with a multiple orgasm that seems to go on for ever. Brandon does not stop and keeps pounding. I am almost delirious.

The night is young and Brandon's cock is still very hard and in need of attention. I need a rest and am very lucky to see Abi on top of Kela and they are brushing their beautiful breasts together. Brandon get's behind Abi and runs his hand around her pussy which is very wet. He takes his cock and plunges deep into her and she almost collapses onto Abi. "Oh my God", she cries "Fuck me please" and Brandon duly obliges with Kela taking all the weight of the heavy fucking. I am kissing Kela and rubbing her pussy by now. She is getting excited by what is happening above but also by my hand which is fingering and entering her pussy.

Abi's big beautiful breasts are bouncing up and down on Kela as Brandon fucks her. Suddenly Abi is having the most fantastic multiple orgasm that sends Kela wild as well. This is great and I am feeling so good as Brandon releases his cock from Abi and shoots the biggest load of cum all over my face.

Wow what a load. I love it. I am helped in licking and swallowing by Abi and Kela. Thanks Brandon. You are the best.


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