My 40th Birthday Treat

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Published: May 27, 2014
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She was soon sucking my cock but every so often she would stop and whip me across the chest and my cock and balls.

Now tomorrow was my 40th birthday and I told my wife I did not want a fuss and a day in bed would be great for me as I was not into birthdays, no my wife is tall and 5'11 inches and she has a wonderful figure for 38 she has deep ginger hair in both places and it is as thick round her pussy as it is on her head and when she dose her make up who she would knock any man of there feet so I have always thought myself very lucky to have her, we have two boys both 18 years of age.

Now on the morning of my birthday I woke to find myself strapped to the bed my arm above my head and leather straps tired to the head board, my feel tired to the legs of the bed by two more leather straps, I was completely naked as I also sleep that way and I had no covers over me I started to call my wife and asked what the hell was going on and to untie me.

About 15 minutes later she walked into the bed room and my eyes bulged out of my head and as she smiled she said Happy Birthday Darling, and she stood there like I had never seen my wife before, she had Black leather thigh high boot that covered her black fishnet stocking and black suspender belt laced with red, she then had a black and red bodice which pushed up her amble tits to over bulging giving her on massive cleavage, her ginger hair hung down over her shoulders and she had long eye lashes and red nail varnish and most of all she was holding a black and red whip in her hands.

Up until now my cock had been laying in it's dormant state hanging between my legs but at the sight of this woman my wife dressed like this it was hard before you could utter Fucking hell my love.

Well she said you wanted to spend the day in bed and in bed you will stay she came over to me bent over me and my god her tits nearly fell out and if they had I could not even have helped her put them back with my hands tied, but they just managed to stay where they had been tucked away.

She kissed my and said again Happy Birthday my dear enjoy your day and with that she stood up and the whipped me across the chest again and again she whipped me until she got to 40 now was that better then getting the bumps she said with a smile Oh I for got the one for luck she said and whipped me right a cross the dick and by hell did that sting , Oh she said did that hurt and bent down saying I had better kiss that better then and took the whole 7 inches into her mouth.

She was soon sucking my cock but every so often she would stop and whip me across the chest and my cock and balls, we had talked about doing this but she had said she was never really keen on the idea, so I saw totally taken aback by this but hell I was enjoying it greatly.

20 minutes later I filled her mouth with cum and she spat it out all over my chest saying did I tell you you could cum yet and in my mouth, I shook my head answer me DID I TELL YOU YOU COULD CUM AND CUM IN MY MOUTH no dear I said I am sorry dear, and she started to whip me again across the chest and this time it stung even more as the whip slapped across where she had spat out my cum and it hurt by now she was whipping me all over my body, she walked over to the small cupboard beside the bed and now I could see the back of her wow oh wow the bodice had a thong at the back and this really showed of her well rounded ass and it was beautiful, when she turned round she had to little clamps in her hand and I wondered what she was going to do with them, the clamps were joined by a chain.

She came over to the bed and knelt beside me and then sucked one nipple until it stood up proud of my chest and then clamped this clip on it the pain shot thou me like a fire and then she do the other one the same my god the pain was shooting though me these little fuckers had a strong spring in them and by god did they bite into my nipples, but I must say the it was pleasurable to it was strange that pain could be so sexy I had read about it but never understood it until now, then she placed one leg either side of me and sat on my stomach and took hold of the chain that connected the clamps and I said no no my love no but she did not take any notice and pulled them and as she did I thought I was going to pass out with the pain and the pleasure and I raised my body up as far as I could of the bed.

She lent over me and kissed me and said ok will leave you to get your strength back and remember you don't cum until I tell you to cum got it, yes yes I said I have got it and with that she covered my eyes with a silk scarf and I heard her get of the bed and leave the room.

I don't know if I fell asleep or not but the next thing I knew was the bedroom door opening and I her my wife walk across the room and stand again next to the bed and then the pain as she pulled on the chain stretching my nipples again you wake she said yes dear you ready for the next part of your birthday gift she said yes dear I replied with that the whip fell across my chest and stomach again a few times then it stopped I was trying to work out what was going on next.

The I felt her lips close round my cock once more and she started to move her head up and down my cock taking the foreskin back and forth as she did so, then she took hold of the chain and pulled it but not upward but down my stomach and I thrust up with my cock as the pain ripped though my and then her other hand gripped my balls and squeezed then so hard my god I had never felt anything like this in my life.

Then she just stopped and I heard her by the cupboard again and she moved back round to the bottom of the bed and a I felt a finger running from just under my balls down under me along my ass cheeks back and forth it ran and then I felt some cold like a gel touch my ass cheeks and her finger pushed in between them and ran up and down my bum and stopping off at my butt hole and why it did her finger would move round and round in small circles and the pleasure was bloody fantastic and my ass hole was getting more and more covered in the gel and then she pushed forward with her finger and it entered my ass and then the pain in my nipples as once more she pulled on that bloody chain.

Soon she was finger fucking my ass sucking my cock and pulling on that chain and I was really trying to hold myself back from not shooting my load but it was blood hard not to let it fly I can tell you, I was crying out please please let me cum please please my darlig let me cum, no she snapped back at me you had not better.

On and no she sucked my cock and squeezed mu balls just letting them go long enough to pull on the chain now and again, she now had three fingers tucked under me and fully in my butt.

Then once more she stopped it all my cock lay on my stomach twitching wanting so bad to let my cum loose but I did not what she would do to me if I did so I bit my lips and held it back, then I felt this hard item touch my ass and it found the hole where my wife had just taken her three fingers from and with one large push she shoved this thing inside me we had never done ass sex before and this was the first time ever that I had had anything pushed into it it was a fucking good job I could not see what was going on or I would have tightened my ass so much to stop her fingers let alone this thing, wider and wider it got and it started to hurt as she pushed it further up my hole.

I now had tears in my eyes with the pain but this did not stop her and then I felt my ass open up one last bit and then pop shut round a small piece of it and I knew it was a butt plug and it was now fully inside me ass, and there was now way this fat fucking thing was going to come out be it's self the way my ring clamped round the widest part as it went in and must say at that point I was dreading it coming back out, then it started to buzz and shake inside my ass, OH MY GOD this thing was touching my prostrate and as it vibrated again it pre cum started to run from the head of my cock

My wife whipped me across the cock and said I hope that's not cum my dear you know what I said , no dear it's not cum I promise but please let me shoot my load my balls will explode soon I need to cum please, no when I say so and not before, she went back to sucking it and the next time she pulled on my nipple chain she took her mouth away from my cock and said ok dear now you can come and as she ran her tongue once more over the head I raised my ass of the bed and I must say I have never cum like it in my entire life and I do not thing I ever will again.

The cum shot from my cock like the space shuttle taking off it flew up my stomach, chest, neck and even hit my face I do not think I have ever shot so much and with so much force, and I let out a loud OH FUCK YES as it shot out of me.

My my said my wife now that's a load of cum looks like you needed that feeling better now, yes darling I said thank you thank you much better, oh god I need to get rid of that, just remember she said next time will be the same you do not come until you are told by me, NEXT time I said, you dint think we are finished yet do you, you have plenty more treats in store yet and with that she left the room say rest my dear you will need it.

I lay there covered in my cum and I could feel it all over me slowly running down my face but I could not do anything about it, the butt plug was still buzzing away on my prostrate and the nipple clams were just as tight and pain full on my sore nipples, I tried to rest and I must have fallen asleep and when I woke my wife was already back it the room.

She knelt on the bed beside me and I felt her touch me running her hand lightly down over my stomach and touch my cock that twitched at her touch, then she removed the nipple clamps and the pain that forced though them was worse then them being but on as they had kept blood from my nipple and there release let the blood rush back into my and as I say the pain but as fore pleasurable pain to, my wife lent down and kissed them sending like electric shocks though them and my cock started to respond to her touch.

Then she put some more clamps on my nipple but not like the other one these were no where as tight and did not hurt they were tender on my nipples after what I had had on them but not hurt.

My wife then got her hand and spread my cum that was still over my body she spread it like a thin coating over my chest and stomach, when she was done she made me lick her hand clean this was not the first time I had tasted my own cum and I liked the taste.

She got back off the bed the next thing that happened I would never have thought of I got a small electric shock with went right threw me and I then knew that the things she had placed on my nipples were to give me small shocks with each one she gave me my whole body shook and wow Oh wow was it good my cock was hard again in no time.

Then I felt the bed give as she knelt between my legs and she bent forward and she took me in her mouth and sucked my cock getting all the lest cum of it and I still had the butt plug playing tunes on my prostrate so as you should work out by now I was in bloody heaven then she took my cock out of her mouth and she was not touching me and I got another zap of electric, then I felt her move again and I felt her legs either side of me and then I felt her hand close round my rock hard shaft and pull it forward and it was aimed at her pussy hole and then I felt her wet wet pussy lips fold open as his pushed down on my cock her lips opened allowing my cock to slip inside and she slid herself down on my shaft.

She felt lighter and I just though that it was due to what I had had done to me so far today, she started to move herself up and down my cock pulling herself up to the tip and then ramming hard back down onto it so it was forced fully into her then she started to zap me each time she got to the bottom of her downward stroke and this it turn shocked her to as it ran from my body into hers and being was bloody wet and the shocks where making her cum and cum it was like a river pouring from her I had never know her to have so much cum my balls were soaked fully and I could feel it run down my bum and onto the bed beneath me, this was totally fucking out of this world and amazing.

I wanted to reach up and play with her wonderful boos but could not due to being tied so I just had to lay there and enjoy it, well some one has to do these rotten jobs, Ha Ha anyway she was riding me harder and faster I had never know her to fuck me so hard and zap after zap continued god this she really working her up and I was now trying to force my butt of the bed with every downward stroke to meet her and hit it into even harder with ever zap she gave me I felt her mussels contract round my cock and grip it as she rode me.

I want to cum I want to cum I shouted oh no you don't she said please please I am bursting to shoot it NO she said in a stern voice so I gritted my teeth as she rode on and on she was now having climaxes with ever two or three zap of her electric bolts and each time she was drenching my balls, I then felt her hand between my legs and she said ready to cum my love oh yes oh yes please let me cum I begged, ok now and with that she ripped the buzzing but plug from my ass it opened up shoot pain though me as it let out this fucking big butt plug and then as that happened she hit me again with a zap of electricity and she came and I shot yet another load of cum but it went were it was meant to and that was far up inside and it was shooting out last time so it was being fired high inside her womb that was for sure.

She lifted of me and the next thing I new was her knees where either side of my head and I felt her pussy lower onto my face and my cock that was slowly shrinking she took and placed into her mouth, she was sucking for all she was worth and running her tongue round and round the head licking of any cum that was left.

When her pussy hit my mouth I started to lick and suck on her and she came again as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and bit down on it, then I wondered if she had trimmed her pussy as it was not so bushy and normal but hey I was not complaining after what this wonderful woman had done for my birthday I just could not wait tp hold her in my arms and thank her properly.

She came again filling my mouth with her juice even that tasted different, when she had finished she got of and said ok the boys will be home from work soon I better take that blind fold off you and I felt her undo the scarf and she removed it and when I eyes got used to the light I could not believe my eyes there shoot my wife twin sister fully naked and then I knew why she had been just that bit different, OH OH my I said now that was a birthday I will not forget that's for sure that you both so much with that they untied my hands and legs and my dear sister in law bent forward and gave in a tender kiss on the lips and said in a low voice I have wanted to do that ever since my sister started to go out with you, she a lucky woman.

With that she said ok I have to go Thanks I said no I have to say thank you for such a great birthday gift, thank my sister it was her idea and as she left the room I grabbed my wife's arm and pulled her onto the bed and lay down with her and kissed her and said thank you darling that was the best birthday gift ever, well I know she has always wanted you and I thought I would like to see it to so here we are and my wife still had on all her get up on including the boots and looking at her laying there even thou my cock had only shot it's lot a few moments before it started to rise again.

I rolled her onto her back and kissed her working down to the top of her bodice and her wonderful breasts that bulged over the top and I kissed each on and then worked my way down and kissed her between her legs that she spread open for me so I could get to her pussy I pulled her knickers so one side and licked her lips and pushed my tongue inside her pussy and found she was so wet from watching her sister fuck me. She said let me take them off no I said leave them on and I moved back up her and stopped off again at her breasts and then kissed her neck and ear lobes as that really got her gone and I put my hand down and eased her knickers to one side and pushed my cock into her and it slipped in to her wet cunt, I raised my self up on my arms and it was not long before I was really pounding into her and it felt good being able to move, I was pounding heard and I was going to last a while after cumming so much today already, when I did shoot as I came I kissed her and my cock exploded and filled my wife this time with my seed.

We kiss and left my throbbing cock buried inside her as long as we could keep it there until it was so soft that it just popped out and we rolled onto our side and hugged and kissed and cuddled I told her how much I loved her and that I would never forget this day as long as I live, she said well next time I wont tie you up, and you can both of us, you mean it I said, oh yes now I have seen her with you I want to see more and I want in, I am sure you won't turn it down will you. Me turn down my wife and her sister now why would I do that, we were brought out of out day dream by the front door opening and one of our sons calling out we both jump up and I got dressed and went out as my wife covered up her sexy clothes.

That was my 40th birthday and I have had more fun times with the two of them and this time I had my hands free, but that's another story .

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