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My Journey Home

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jul 4, 2014
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Her clit was as hard as her nipples and at each touch she shook and moaned out.

* * * * * * *

I was just leaving Scotland after a business trip and my car started to make a funny noise and then a bloody big bang and the engine caught fire, the car was getting old so I had it towed to the nearest scrap yard as it was not worth getting it repaired.

I phone the office to say what had happened and that I would be a day or two in getting back I said I had been successful in the trip and I would e-mail them the details now I was not going to be back to work for a day or two.

My name is Dave 58 years of age tall and of I would say medium build and single I worked for a sex toy company which was not a bad job as you met all sorts of people and most of the people how worked in the shops were beautiful young females( lucky me).

Anyway I booked into a hotel went up to my room and e-mailed the orders though to my department at work so after a rest I went down and went out to a local pub for a evening meal, when I got there which was only a short walk I found that it was nearly full and there were no tables empty there were two that just had the one person sitting at them so there was this woman I would say in her late 40's jet black hair, and a wonderful sim figure by the looks of it, so I went over and asked if anyone was sitting at the table with her when she said no I ask if she would mind if I joined her she smiled and said no that would be fine.

I order my food and a bottle of wine and asked if she would like to join me in a drink as she was kind enough to let me join her table, she said thanks and as I ate we started to talk I found that she was on holiday and that she was alone and this was the first time she had been away since her husband had had a fatal accident three years ago, I told her of my day and that I had booked into the hotel just up the road and she laughed and said that was where she was staying, then she asked what line of business I was in so when I told her sex toys her eyes lit up, mmmmmmmmmmmm she said got any a woman could try before they buy, well I said I do have some samples in my hotel room if you would like to borrow one or two for the night your more than welcome, why thank you she said but I was hoping you would show me how they worked.

Since my husband past away I have not been with another man and with only one before him so I do not have much of an idea as to what they do she went on to say,my mouth just hung open with shock but I managed to say Wwwwell if that is wwwwhat you want I wwwould gladly show you, fancy another drink here or would you rather have one once we back in my hotel room I said Oh it has to be your hotel room she smiled I want to see what you have to offer me, with that I paid the bill for the both of us and we walked back to the hotel and she placed her arm thou mine as we walked.

We stopped of to but a bottle of wine and a bottle of whisky and we when up to my room, as soon as I closed the door she was on me and she was kissing me hard and pushing her tongue down my throat when she came up for air I said slow down Kate we have all night, but it's been so long she said even more reason to take it slow I replied.

I poured us some drinks and opened my sample cases and the look on her face was a picture she looked shocked and excited at the same time she had the look of a child been let loose in a sweet shop, we had a drink as I told her what a lot of these things were when I went to pour us another drink she said OOOOooooooooooo fluffy handcuffs why do you fancy being chained up I said don't know never done it said Kate well Kate you know what they say never say you don't like something unless you have tried it first.

So I went over to her and pulled her up of the bed and this time I kissed her and slowly and tenderly and ran my hands up and down her back and she shivered in my arms then I lowered her zip on the back of her dress and then slowly pushed it over her shoulders and it fell down her arms and fully down onto the floor she was wearing a half cup bra and it pushed her ample tits up and made such a wonderful cleavage I lowered my head and ran my tongue from the bra up her cleavage up under her chin and then kissed her once again.

Her bra was red with black lace trim and very very sexy the fabric was very thin and I could just make out her dark nipples beneath it, when I looked down she had on a pair of very skimpy knickers and these were the matching pair to the bra, I took a real deep breath and as I let it out I said OH my God, what's wrong she said, what's wrong I said you must be joking you are beautiful WOW what a wonderful body, Stop it she said your just saying that, No No I said I mean every word you are gorgeous, and with that I pulled her to me again and we kissed again and as we kissed I ran my fingers through her long Jet black hair.

Then I ran my fingers down her spine and unclipped her bra and pulled the straps slowly forward over her shoulders and down her arms and revealed her breasts which were not big but not small either in fact just over a hand full and as I had seen though the fabric her nipples were very dark and long and as I looked at them I could see them growing hard and I had to put out the palm of my hand and ever so gently run it over top top it the tip of her nipple Kate closed her eyes and moaned mmmmmmmmmmmmm as our skin touched.

I cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed and she said Oh Dave Oh Dave and as I squeezed them her nipples popped between my fingers and I closed my fingers round them and nipped them between them once more she let out a long moan, I lowered my head and flicked my tongue over the tip of her nipple and then I dropped to my knees and kissed her breasts before moving down over her flat stomach kissing each and every inch as I went Kate was taking very deep breaths with each kiss my hands were now on her ass cheeks and I was squeezing them and pulling her against my mouth so I could kiss her even more and I hooked my fingers into her knickers at the back and pulled them down over her bum cheeks and placed my hands back on her bare ass and her skin was so so smooth and soft to the touch.

After playing with her ass and kissing her stomach it was now time to reveal what was beneath these sexy knickers and I ran my hands round her hips and once more placed my fingers inside her kicker waist band and started to ease then down and inch by inch her pussy was coming into view she had a well trimmed pussy her pubic hair was jet black like her hair but shaved into a thin line leaving just enough to cover her slit and it was me this time that took a deep breath, Wow Kate is said what a wonderful sight and without another word I lent forward and ran my tongue up the front of this fantastic cunt and as my tongue touched her slit she trembled and made a mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sound again and she placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my head forward hard into her crotch and my tongue entered her slit and found it very very wet and she tasted very nice I wanted more of this and I knew it was all mine for the taking and by the time I had finished with Kate she would had a lot more to give me..

Her clit was as hard as her nipples and at each touch she shook and moaned out Oh god she said I have missed this so bloody much and pushed my face even harder into her my face was covered in her juice but the more the better as far as I was concerned.

After a while she had a small climax and released my head and I stood back up and kissed her gently and lifted her onto the bed I was still fully clothed so I undone my shirt and took that off when she sat up and said let me help you and she took hold of my trousers and flipped open the hook and then lowered my zip and then placed a hand inside my boxers and as she felt my cock her mouth dropped open and she just mouthed the words OH My God and pulled it out and my 9 inch long 6 inch + thing cock came into view and she had it in her mouth in a flash and she was sucking it in my god you could tell this woman had not had cock in three years by the way she was going at my dick, she took it out of her mouth and looked at it spat on it to make it wet then placed it back into her mouth again.

She was making slurping noises as her mouth ran up and down my cock and she was taking nearly all of it in her mouth and I could feel her throat open up each time the head pushed it's way down, I did not want to stop her and knew if I came now it would make me last longer when I got round to fucking that heavenly pussy so I just stood there and let this most beautiful woman do what she wanted to and she cupped my balls in her hands and squeezed them gently and if was not long before I had this feeling deep down in my balls and it started to grow and I closed my eyes and said I am cumming Kate I am Cumminggggggggggggg and with that my cock spurt it's first load of cum for the night and it was forced down her throat as it was pumped from my throbbing cock.

When she took my cock from her mouth she licked her lips and smiled before saying I had forgotten what that tasted like wonderful Dave wonderful, right I said now we are both naked it is time for me to show you a few of my little toys, so I went over to the case and the first thing I brought out was a strap on clit stimulator and I said lift your legs which she did and I slid the straps over her legs and then asked her to put her legs down and raise her ass of the bed and as she did he pussy pushed up towards me and I could not help leaning forward and licking it making her shudder once more, I adjusted the straps and then turned it on and she squealed out as the vibration ran though her hard tender clit Oh god Oh God she was saying already.

Walking back to the case I picked up a blind fold and placed this over her eyes and she now ready to be excited and played with, next came the handcuffs one arm handcuffed to each corner of the bed I did not handcuff her legs as I would need them free, she was breathing really heavy and shaking as her clit was being stimulated still said OH OH Oh My God Yes Yes and I picked up a vibrator just a normal one for now and switch it on and ran it up and down her very wet slit from just below the clit stimulator to the bottom of her ass and then back up and she was now raising her body from the bed with shear pleasure and then I pushed it into her slit opening her outer lips up and it slid into her and found her pussy hole and entered her and as I pushed this 6 inch vibrator inside her she screamed OH Christ and she came and came her body moving all over the bed as her orgasm tore though her and as it left her she was saying oh oh oh my god.

I still kept on with the vibrator for a while longer she now had sweat running down over her body and her breasts heaved as she gasped for breath I got back of the bed and started to cover her body in chocolate body paint and I covered her tits and placed big heaps over each nipple and down her stomach to the top of her pubic hair.

Next came a small butt plug I lubed it up and raised her legs and opened them up and as I did her ass cheeks parted and I could now see her tight puckered hole and I place the putt plug against it and pushed she screamed out OH Oh Fuck Fuck that Hurt but when I switch it on a gently buzz she soon changed her mind saying Oh Oh Dave Wow never felt that before Ooo Wow that is bloody nice Oh wow, I then pushed a love egg inside her dripping cunt and turned that on.

The moment that started to buzz away deep inside her her body went ridged and then shook until she screamed out CHRIST YES YES OH CHRIST and she had one explosive orgasms her sexy juice was now flowing like a river and I ran my fingers though it and liked them and the taste was divine and so so sweet.

Leaving her with these three things buzzing away I returned to her nipple and licked the chocolate from them and she said Dave Dave Oh Christ Dave I have never never felt like this in my life and I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit onto it and she climaxed once again, I now pulled the egg from her and I was now bringing out the big guns so to speak the Rambet Rabbit and I took of the strap on clit simulator and pushed this big boy into her it's ears touch her now very tender clit sending her into more shaking and twitching as I set it to medium and away it went pumping back and forth while it's ears work there magic on her clit.

I now kissed and licked up her body from her pubic hair licking and kissing the chocolate from her she was pushing her body up against my mouth as I worked my way to her tits and looked so bloody wonderful rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

Once I had cleaned her body of chocolate I kissed her pushing my tongue inside her mouth and our tongues entwined and when I pulled back she said Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate so that's what you put over my bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy she said as she came again, I pulled the putt plug from her ass and replaced it with a bigger one and this had a really powerful vibration and when I turned that on she went wild on the bed her legs thrashing about, I had one more thing I wanted to use on this wonderful sexy woman and I got out my nipple clamps and as she could not see what I was doing she had no idea until the pain hit her and she screamed out Fuck Fuck Fuck she said quickly one after the other, that hurts that fucking hurts but oh fuck it is sexy and so so nice I want to see please Dave let me see so I removed her blindfold and she looked down at her body and climaxed again forcing her head back into the pillow and raising her ass as it ripped though her and as she came I twisted the nipple clamps and she just kept screaming and shaking.

After watching her for a while I really needed to fuck this woman my cock ached with the longing for her I wanted the warm flesh of her pussy around my shaft to feel her skin wrap around mine as it entered her pushing her inner walls apart making room for my cock to slide inside and fill her , I wanted to feel her juice running down my cock and balls and I work my shaft in and out of that glistering wet pussy and to feel her pubic hair entwine with my each time our bodies meet with my cock fully embedded inside her longing cunt.

So I removed the put plug, the rabbit, and the nipple clamps and the handcuffs and got onto the bed beside her and said well Kate how do you like me little toys then, she smiled at me and said there were bloody fantastic Dave and they as you saw drove me wild but nothing is as good as what your going to give me now a real hard cock, and with that I started to kiss her from her feet up each leg moving for one to the other as I work my way up and then there it was her wet,cum covered pussy her pubic hair matted with her cum and the bed wet beneath her where it had run down her butt crack and onto the sheets.

I opened her legs a bit more and lowered my head between them and the wonderful smell of her sex reach my nose and made me go dizzy as I breathed it in, them I entered my tongue into her warm slit and push into it and sucked her clit into my mouth and she moaned once more after licking her clit I entered my tongue into her hole and I could feel her juice running from her and over my tongue and O how wonderful that tasted, if you could bottle that you would soon be a millionaire that's for sure.

I started to kiss up her body reaching her heaving breasts and kissing my way up between them then up her neck and the head of my cock found the place it was longing to be and it just opened her pussy lips and slipped inside her filling her and it opened it's way up inside that very slippery tunnel,and she held her breath until it was fully inside her and our pubic hair was entwined and I just held it there soaking up all her juices. OH OH she said it's been three years since I have been fucked and tonight I have found out what I have been missing and as she said that I pulled back and pushed back into her pushed my fully 9 inches from tip to rock bottom into her and she placed her hands on my back and as she climaxed she dug her nails deep into my flesh and I started to fuck her hard but not fast, Pulling out slowly but ramming it back into her hard forcing our body's together hard.

I kept this up for some time but then all of a sudden she rolled me over and she was now on top and she sat uo and got onto her knees and started to move her self up and down my shaft and as she did this I raised my hands and took hold of her bouncing tits and played with them and pinched them and she rammed down on my cock and orgasmed once more and as her orgasm died away I filled her with my own seed it pumped deep inside her and she looked surprised and I said what wrong Kate did you not want me to cum inside you I am sorry, no no that's great I wanted you to but in all the years my husband and I and the man before him I have never felt the cum shoot inside me like I have with you, I could feel it shooting from you and hitting my insides and trickling down the walls, my god that is such a wonderful feeling Dave and she lay forward putting her legs down and as we kissed we rolled over onto our sides and we kissed and cuddled for a while and then o poured us some more drinks.

After about half and hour she said well I better get back to my room and started to get up when I said Kate stop the night let not part now I will want to have you again soon I smiled at her what you will get hard again to night yea with a beautiful woman like you I think I could manage that and once more if your up for it but if you want to go then that is fine also, no no she said I would love to stay and do it again something else I have never done twice in one night, Well you have cum so many times I think what you need is a nice hot shower and with someone to help you wash your back,Oooooooooooooooooooo she said you are a sexy man as she got of the bed and I got up and followed her to the bathroom and I turned on the shower and soon we were washing each other and kissing and cuddling as we did and when she started to work on my dick with her soapy hands it was not long before it was getting hard once again and she could not believe it and dropped to her knees and took it fully into her mouth and started to move back and forth licking the head as she ran her lips tightly up and down the length of my shaft.

I was now rock hard once again and took her by the shoulder and pulled her up and gently pushed her back against the wall and placed my cock between her wide open legs and just pushed upwards and it entered her wet fanny and with one hard push was fully embedded inside her and she gave out a long sigh as it slipped into her Kate brought her legs up and placed them around me and I push back and forth into her eager pussy with each thrust she was giving out a Oh Oh or Yes Yes and was taking heavy breaths as I pumped hard as I could with her legs folded around me, when she lowered her legs I pulled my cock from her she cried No No put it back but I turned her around and told her to bend over and as she did I pushed my dick back into her pussy and held onto her hips and now free of her legs rammed very hard into her and with the water running over us each time our bodies slammed together it made a big slapping noise and I took a finger and pushed it into her ass and she shouted OH CHRIST and exploded in another orgasm I was now fingering her ass at the same speed I was ramming her cunt and she was really shouting at each and every thrust.

I could feel my orgasm starting to rise and as it started on it's journey I pushed another finger into her and as it entered her she climaxed one more time and her pulsing trembling pussy took me over the edge and I filled her once more with cum and as she was now bent over it shot right up inside her and she loved it shouting I can Feel it I can feel it Oh oH Dave, as her legs gave way and as she dropped to her knees my cock popped out of her pussy she spun round on her knees and took my cock back into her mouth and sucked every last drop she could get from it.

We finished washing and stepped out of the shower and I dried her off spending a lot of time dabbing her pussy saying I must make sure this wonderful pussy is dry Kate I would not want you to go to bed with a wet pussy now would I.

Once we where dry we went back to the room and she walked in front of me and her ass swayed from side to side so fucking sexy I got up behind her put my arms under her and cupped my hands over her firm breasts and squeezed them as I did she put her head back onto my shoulder and moaned Ooooooooooooooooooo Dave Dave you know how to make a woman feel like she is wanted god where have you been all my life Ooooooooooooo yea that's nice as I squeezed her nipples, then she said I thought you did not want me to go to bed with a wet pussy because it is getting wet again already with what you are doing.

O my dear Kate I said we con not have that can we and picked her up and lay her back onto the bed, O dear I said I do not have a towel to dry your beautiful pussy of O well a man has got to do what a man has got to do I will just have to lick it dry, Bloody good luck with that she said with a great big smile.

So I pushed her legs open and and lowered my head and started to run my lips up and down her slit kissing it as I went and as I put my hand out they found the small butt plug so as I worked on her open pussy lips I pushed the butt plug back into her ass and switched it on and she came right there and then sending streams of juice running from her hole and into my waiting mouth she pushed my head harder against her as she came , once again shouting Fuck fuck fuck very quickly as her body shook.

I entered my tongue inside her warm and inviting pussy easing it open as my tongue pushed further into her and as I opened her inner lips a deluge of cum rushed from from and it was hard to take it all but I tried my best, I could feel the butt plug buzzing away it was sending a vibration though her and onto my tongue and then I got to work on her clit leaving her cunt hole open and so to fill it I pushed three fingers in and she arched her back Yes YES she shouted YES YES more more OH FUCK FUCK and so I sucked on her clit hard pulling it into my mouth as far as it would stretch and then clamped my teeth around it, and pushed another finger inside her and she had the biggest climax she had had all night, her pussy gripped my fingers, her inside trembled and shook, then her whole body went ridge and then started to shake all over OOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkk she screamed as this orgasm did indeed rip though her like a storm I had never seen anyone climax like this before at first I thought she was having a fit or something but her cunt was running with her sexy juice and her cunt still gripped my fingers tight, then what seamed like ages she started to relax and my fingers slipped from her and her sex juice just ran from her like a river, she was really breathing hard her tits heaving up and down ad she gulped for air.

When she had had time to get her breath back she looked at me and said my god what the fuck did you do to me I have never experienced anything like that in my like god I feel so fucking worn out but so so relaxed, Oh well I said in that case you won't fight me off when I turn you over and fuck your ass then will you, she looked at me and said I will tell you Dave after what I have just experienced you can fuck me anywhere you fucking like.

So I did turn her over onto her stomach and as I did she said my god you really mean it don't you of course I do and I got over her and placed my now hard cock in between her ass cheeks she said I have never been fuck in the ass before Dave well you took the butt plugs so you will be ok and with that I just pushed forward and I felt the resistance of her ass but kept the pressure there and pushed a bit harder and then I felt her ass ring open up and my cock slipped inside and she moaned as it entered her I pushed down onto her and soon I was laying flat on her back with my cock fully inside her ass and I lifted myself up on my arms and started to move in and out of her she was once again moaning as I pumped into her ass.

It was not long before she was saying Yes Yes Oh Dave Yes and after a while I felt my cum rising up and then let loose inside her and I felt a orgasm run though her as I filled her ass with my cum.

We showered again and then went to bed we kissed and cuddled for a while before we both fell asleep, the following morning she looked just as beautiful as she had the night before laying there naked beside me she was so beautiful she did not need make-up she had only said that she lived down south but not where so I asked her and she said a placed called Chelmsford in Essex, What I said I don't believe it I live in Colchester which is just 30 miles down the road from there, I gave her my photo number and said if you ever want to meet up again I would love to and not just for the sex I think you are one beautiful woman and I would be honoured to take you out and have you on my arm, Well she said I will be in touch I promise we had breakfast together and I had to catch a train back to Colchester and work, three weeks went by and I heard nothing from her I only wish I had got her phone number but I did not want to seam pushy.

Then on the forth week she did indeed call and said that she had had a few thing to do but they were all taken care off so did I still want to take he out, I took her out for a male and once again we ended up in bed and we were at it most the night, that was four years ago we are now married and very happy and it is great to have someone that will let me try my new sexy toys out on her before trying to sell then at least I can say how much they work.

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