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Sexy Time in Singapore

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Author: Anon
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Published: 17-Jul-14
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Tactfully he had her lay down on her tummy and he massaged her with sun tan lotion and oil, even between the legs and all over her buttocks, lifting the edge of her bikini bottoms.

* * * * * * *

This is the story of a guy who we will call X. He is now about 6foot 5 inches tall, and weighs about 200 pounds. He is well built and quite muscular and has rather good chiseled looks. He is in his later 30s, and has been a very successful professional in corporate organizations for some years and then gradually branched out into entrepreneurship. He was even a model in his college days and acted on stage and was a good sportsman, an orator, a good dancer, but was never skilled at seduction techniques for which he never had much luck sexually. Most of the time , though a lot of girls and women were drawn to him, the relationships would evolve into non sexual friendships. It was painful for him to watch the girls he loved and fancied hook up with his friends or other men. He developed inside himself a bitter hatred and a desire for vengeance continued to grow inside him. At one point when he was about 25, he found a girl who was very interested in him and she was quite pretty as well, but there wasn't much of a spark or passion. Even then, as she was interested in him a lot, they got married but without the flame of love fueling them on, the marriage ran into problems within a couple of years and they began to bicker and fight most of the time. She was possessive and stifling and even restricted him from associating with his female friends even though there was nothing sexual in those friendships. As a means to escape, he created a fake online profile and began to make friends on FB with women from all over the world. In a few months only he had over a thousand friends. He had always been a good writer, and now he used his creative writing skills for sexual conversations and he found himself to be amazingly successful. Before long he had dozens of these female online friends sending him pictures in bikinis and inner wear and eventually totally bare and they were unleashing their wildest sexual fantasies with him. And most of them were married women in their 30s and 40s as he was drawn to cougars and milfs. This was a great life. It gave him the confidence that manifested itself in his work and all else that he did. Then unfortunately, his wife, fed up with the marriage, and the growing lack of interest by X in her, ended up having an affair too. Though X did woo her back, but he was now even more determined to have a secret sexy life of his own. Even after her return, the wife did not quite behave well with him and once day after a fight when she asked him to leave, that is what he did. He was almost at the turn of 30, and since that time in the last 7 or 8 years, he has had the tremendous good fortune of having been sexually involved with over 200 women! And most of them were married and with kids, but amazingly sexy, fit and good looking ladies. For a few years he had continued to work in projects that got him relocated to various places, for a few months in each place, and in each location he got himself several playmates with terrific prowess. And after that he forayed into entrepreneurship, which gave him more time, freedom, flexibility, and money, which helped him even more in having a wonderfully sexually adventurous life.

All these affairs were truly beautiful relationships. He valued the ladies and respected them and treated them like a gentleman. He made it clear that he wanted to have multiple relationships, but he also made each of them feel special in her own way. The relationships were so beautiful that with most of the ladies, he has been able to continue having sex with them over the years. Sometimes at long intervals but it has almost never been a one time thing. There are some women who broke off from their previous marriages, led a wild life and then settled down with someone special and stopped dating and having sexual encounters, but with him, they would make an exception. He was almost like a god of affairs. All of these women became his good friends and they were from all over the world.

This story is about the time when he was based in Singapore for about 6 months, working for the multinational bank that he was a part of. During this time, he developed very interesting relationships with 2 of his colleagues, 2 neighbors and also the girlfriend of the brother of the owner of the apartment in which he stayed.

His most sensual encounter was with a neighbor of his who we will call Marieta. She was Singaporean, of Chinese origin from her mothers side and her father was Spanish. A very sexy lady of 5foot5 stature, about 130 pounds, nice and voluptuous and curvy. Dark hair and oriental features made her look exotic and the Spanish origin gave her a bit of a look like Zorro's wife. She had thick black hair, high cheek bones, and a truly sexy smile. Her breasts were breath taking. She was a few years older than him, being about 34, and had 2 kids, one about 11 and the other 7. They were school goers. She was married to a rather fat ill tempered British gentleman who was shuttling between Singapore and Hong kong all the time. Marieta was a housewife but who also remained busy with a lot of clubs and social activities and enrolled into many courses.

X met her in the 3rd week of his stay in the lift. It was a big complex with 4 inter connected buildings. Marieta explained that the lift in her building was not working and so she was using this to go up to the right level and then cross over using the foot bridge, when X greeted her, asked which floor and commented not having seen her till then. She was wearing a tiny cut out denim shorts and a loose bright t-shirt that left a shoulder bare revealing a sexy orange bra strap. She was carrying grocery bags and X offered to help her out and carried the bags over to her door. She thanked him, invited him in for coffee, and the conversation picked up and actually lasted almost a couple of hours. There was an instant chemistry. The conversation started with asking about who the kids were in the pictures and x expressing his genuine surprise at knowing they were her kids, for she actually looked 21. She felt flattered by his compliments and she complimented him on his looks and height. She told him about how she tries to remain fit, but that she still has become a bit soft, but x told her that it just made her look more feminine and desirable. He threw in his comments in an off-hand casual manner as though it was not intended to convey anything. He tactfully commented on how she did not look compatible with her husband and got her complaining about his over eating, and gradually about a lot of his bad habits and temper. He skillfully asked if he would be getting jealous if he knew she was conversing with him for so long, and she joked that he would surely, but that as he was not in town, that it did not matter. She said her kids were at their friends house and would return after dinner. They talked about movies, music, work, travel and X cleverly asked her about if she loved swimming and said that he could guess she would look a bomb shell in a bathing suit. She giggled like a sweet girl. She candidly said that her boobs are too big and its hard to fit into a bikini top, so she wears big one pieces most of the time, and that's what her husband prefers too. X whined that it should not be the case. She should not feel bad to show off her curves and be appreciated for hem and encouraged her heartily to wear her bikinis which she said she had a nice collection of. It was actually a nice conversation that was laced with a sweet sexual undertone. It was nice. They both enjoyed it. Then it was almost 7 PM and he rose to leave as she had mentioned she would need to make dinner, but she asked him to stay back for dinner. He proposed that he take her out for dinner to a nearby restaurant. She agreed and just went inside and came out dressed in a sexy short fitted blue dress with a plunging neck line exposing a very big portion of her breasts. X repeatedly told her how beautiful she was and she loved the attention. X had a car provided to him by his bank, and so he drove down to the restaurant. He kept looking at her gorgeous legs and she knew he was looking at them. It was exciting. There was electricity in the air. They had a nice dinner and music was playing and they danced. X lightly rested his hands on her amazing round butt and felt her body through the dance. He breathed into her neck and whispered into her ears. It was warm, cozy and fun. He wished he could take her that very night. But he did not make any hasty move. As he walked her to her apartment's door, she kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for a lovely time. They exchanged numbers and took a picture of themselves on his phone , a selfie, with cheeks together.

Over the next few days, they exchanged texts and messages on fb and sms, and they became quite close. She said her husband was back and she was busy. A week or 2 passed by and X decided to take things ahead a step. He went into a bikini store and called her casually that he was buying swimsuits for his sister to send to her by post and found a few he thinks would suit her perfectly and wanted her permission to buy them for her. She was a bit flustered and after a little prodding agreed and he sent her pictures on MMS and she picked the ones she liked. He urged her towards the sexier styles with lesser coverage and they joked about the effect she is going to have on guys who see her in them. He invited her to meet him for coffee at a place a little distance away from where they lived. And there he handed her the bikinis and wondered if he could be lucky enough to see her wear them at the apartments pool. She smiled and agreed, but said it would be best on a work day morning when the pool is usually deserted. She said it was sad that he would not be able to leave work and be there. But he said he could work from home on some days. So they decided to meet at the pool the following morning. There was already a sexual excitement building up and they both enjoyed it. It was fun and pleasant. And did not feel like a transgression at all. She did bring it up once, that maybe its getting a little naughty, but x was great in appeasing and allaying such worries. Said that there is nothing wrong for 2 adults to be friends and go for a swim and eat out sometimes. And she agreed.

The next morning, at about 11, they were both down at the pool. He was already swimming laps when she came up in a mini skirt and a tank top and she shedded both standing on the edge while X looked on from the water, experiencing a superb erection. He could not wait to get his mouth all over that delectable body. He complimented her on just how amazingly sexy she was and how every guy would want to get their hands on her. She laughed and enjoyed the attention. He clicked a few pictures of her with his phone, climbing on to the edge and grabbing his phone from inside his pants on one of the lounger. He told her how she was better than so many models. She jokingly put her lips and struck a few poses. He clicked away and asked her to pose near the trees and soon she was giving him sexy poses... crawling on all 4s with her stunning boobs hanging down and almost falling out of the bra type top. Her nipples were pointing out through the fabric and x got a few zoom ins of those too. This was terrific. He said that the pictures would come even nicer if she was all oiled up. And he offered to do that for her. And so, tactfully he had her lay down on her tummy and he massaged her with sun tan lotion and oil, even between the legs and all over her buttocks, lifting the edge of her bikini bottoms. As he oiled her back, he kept pushing into the bra hook till she laughingly told him to unhook it and have his way. He oiled the sides of her body and tactfully rubbed the sides of her breasts as well. They both knew what was going on, but they appeared to ignore it and let it advance on its own. She turned over and held her bra with one hand as he oiled her abdomen and just under her boobs with long caressing strokes... it was lucky that the pool area was secluded and hidden from view from the rest of the apartments by trees and walls... she asked him suddenly on an impulse... if he liked her. And he truthfully answered that he did and that she had captured his fantasies and he confessed being wildly attracted to her. She said she knew he was telling the truth by the enormous bulge in his trunks. And they both laughed.

Nothing much happened after that. He helped fasten the hook of the bra from behind and they both swam in the temperature controlled water. They swam close to each other allowing the bodies to touch. He came up behind her at the deep end and held her from behind for few seconds where she felt his dick press against her back. He told her that he would like to photograph her in all her various bras and thongs. She agreed and asked him to come upstairs in a bit.

The photography session went brilliantly well. He stripped down to his underwear while he photographed her Said it was only fair. And he did not even attempt to hide the massive cucumber that seemed to extend his underwear out in front. It was a very frank and candid relationship they had. She spotted that he was oozing pre-cum for the maroon fabric was now wet in front. She said she was sorry for giving him such a hard time. He said she should then take care of the situation for him.

There was a moment of heavy silence and then she unhooked her own bra and tossed it away and asked him to take care of her tits first. X took them into his cupped hands gently and went at them with his mouth. He ate away with a frenzied hunger that drove her wild. She moaned, and purred as he carried on, using his hands to pleasure her elsewhere. She reached down and took his manhood into her hands and stroked away. And then she deepthroated him. He stood against the wall as she worked her way along the shaft and relished the huge meal. It was a dream come true for X. He disengaged himself after half hour of extreme pleasure and went to the kitchen and got a bowl of whipped cream and chocolate syrup and what followed was an hour of absolute feasting. They both ejaculated multiple times, but she preferred to not have full coitus just as yet. It was a beautiful blissful moment. They both showered together and then she kissed him as he dressed. They took lunch together. They were both a bit quiet. They had reached a whole new level in their relationship. She broke the silence and said that it was fine. They both wanted what had happened. And that it was nice. X felt cheerful seeing her take it in good sport.

Their messages were now laced with more feeling and emotion rather than flirtation. It was something deep that was developing. They continued to meet out for dinner and coffee in the evenings, and she continued to complain about how her husbands misbehavior was increasing. How he called her derogatory names. X said it was truly sad as she was still holding out against all out sex and did not deserve the things she was called by him, because he discovered her new bikinis. That day as she was about to step out of the lift, X pulled her back in and began to kiss her. And they both began to kiss frantically. X took the lift to his floor and took her to his apartment and there, he tore her clothes off, ripped off her bra and bottoms and made fierce love. She orgasmed multiple times and he bathed her with his juices. It was an intense explosion of passion. Starting from there, they met up and had all out sex many a times for the next few months that he worked in Singapore. He even took her on a boat ride made love to her in the cabin below. He took her to the top of his office building and had passionate sex on the roof in the cool night wind. He liberated her and made her wildest fantasies come true. They had sex in his car, in the lift, in her kitchen, and even at the poolside one night in the Jacuzzi.

It was truly a beautiful affair.

She was very sad when he left but they continued to keep in touch. She got herself a divorce the following year, and got into work and fell in love with her boss and got married a year later. But X continued to visit Singapore and a few times a year, they would still meet up and have wild passionate sex. It has been 5 years now since she got married and she is now in her early 40s, and sexier than ever, and X continues to have unbridled sex with her. They have agreed that this is something they will always do, no matter what else happens in their lives.

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