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Surprise from My Samantha

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 26-Jul-14
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I kissed licked and drank from her pussy and then it was time to make love and push my cock into her wet wet pussy and then later have her ass one last time.

* * * * * * *

If you read my story about my darling lady friend that I flew to Africa to spend a week with and to have a wonderful sexy time as her Boyfriend dose not like her to touch herself when they are having sex or anytime really he things it is wrong for a woman to please herself, I say if it feel good do it and I do not have any hang-ups about woman playing with themselves during sex or by themselves I love to watch while a woman brings herself to a mind blowing orgasm, so after spending a week with Samantha and fucking her good and hard I never expected to ever see her again as my trip out there was a once in a life time thing.

So we had chatted over e-mail and one day I got a e-mail from her and said that her and her boyfriend were coming over to the UK for two weeks holiday and could we meet up and have some great sex again, well you did not have to ask me twice this woman as smoking hot, wonderful big breasts, great body and the most sexiest smile you have ever seen in your life one smile and your cock is instantly hard, and her ass is to die for it's round and so so firm and she has such smooth smooth skin, I e-mailed her back and said that my cock was hard as I wrote the e-mail just thinking about her but asked how she would get away from her boyfriend so we could meet, she said that she had thought of that and she had looked at thing to see while here and she had picked a few things that she knew he would not want to see so they had agreed that the middle weekend they would go off and do there own thing leaving us the whole weekend to enjoy, My cock was at bursting point just thinking of the fun we would have together, I had a month to wait before she would be here and that now seamed a long long time.

The time dragged as I waited for the time when my darling Samantha would be here beside me in my bed she has arrived last weekend but I could not see her until this Friday and she would be staying with me until Monday morning as she said she told her boyfriend that she was off out of London to see places that would not interest him and he was going for to do his thing, she had told me what she had said she was going to look at so I had sent of for some leaflets and stuff so she could take back with her so it looked as if she had been to them, I picked her up and lucky it was dark, as Samantha got in the car we kissed and I drove off home which would take about 30 minutes but after 5 minute we were out of the city and heading out into the county then next thing I knew was Samantha's hand was undoing the zip on my jeans and she had my cock out just like that and started to run her smooth hand up and down my shaft pulling the foreskin back over the big swollen head my cock was soon as hard as a rock and I knew where it really wanted to be and that was buried within her warm fanny and I did not know if I could wait the 20 minutes we had left to get Home, as I passed a gate into a field I notice that it was open so I stopped and reversed up and into the field and ask Samantha to get out of the car.

Samantha was on the same wave length as me and was soon out of the car and we started to kiss and cuddle standing in front of the car I pulled up her dress and slid my hand up her thigh and round over her ass and then did the same with the other hand and started to fondle her smooth firm butt and she was going Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I moved my hands on her then bringing my hands round to the sides I took hold of her panties and as I dropped to my knees I pulled them down and as my head was now under her dress I had a great view of her well trimmed pussy and oh how I had missed that sight since I was with her last, she had the most wonderful pussy I had ever seen her pussy mound was perfect and the way her hair was trimmed down each side of her slit so her slit was clearly visible, I moved her legs open a bit more and slipped my face between them and my tongue touched her pussy slit and she shook as a shiver went thou her entire body, soon her pussy had started to drip her sweet sweet juice and I was not going to waste a drop of it as I never thought I would ever taste this sweet nectar again, as I told you before dear readers her sex juice was like nothing on earth it was a sweet, beautiful, and gorgeous as she was and in my humble opinion if you licked every women in the world you would never find a better tasting sex juice.

Anyway she now had her hands on the back of my head and it was not long before she was on her way to her first climax of this sexy weekend and I slipped two fingers into her and she shuddered again and then she nearly collapsed on top of me as her legs gave way under the strength of her orgasm, I grabbed her and lent her back onto the car bonnet / hood (for you in the US ) and I pulled her dress up and she spread her legs as wide as she could and as my cock was still out from where Samantha had taken it out in the car I slipped it fully into her and as I pushed fully home she screamed out OH OH DAVE YES YES FUCK ME and as we were out in the country what she screamed out echoed round and round and from a long way off someone shouted back go on Dave fuck her, and that is what I did I was soon thrusting into her hard and fast and I knew I would soon be cumming I was so excited at having Samantha back in my arms it was not going to be that long and she was still screaming out OH YES OH YES YES and the voice came back again go on my son fuck her hard you lucky son of a bitch and then I filled her insides and she just shouted out OH OH YESSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss as my cock spat out it's big load of cum warm and sticky filling her up.

We rested a while panting for breath then she said Oh god I hope I have not dented the Bonnet / hood I don't give a shit after that wonderful fuck Samantha not only that I will have a good reminder of what a wonderful ass you have and I laughed as we got off the car she went to pick up her panties and I said leave them my love you are not going to need them this weekend that for sure, the fridge and freezer is full there is loads of wine and a big king sized bed with your name on it and if I have my way you sexy beast you will not be leaving it until Monday morning, Oh goody goody she said smiling, she then turned picked up her panties and wiped her pussy with them as my cum was running from her, she then threw them on the ground then she turned and shouted Hey Mr Voice there are some Cum covered panties here if you want them, to our surprise the answer was thanks will pick them up soon, we laughed got in the car and drove home but that was not the end of it all the way home Samantha was sucking on my soft cock and she was starting to get a response before we got to my home, this sexy minx made me get from the car and walk across the lawn and into my home with my cock hanging out of my trousers, she said that it would save her getting it out once we were inside, I could tell this was going to be one hell of a wild weekend.

I shut the door behind me and as I turned Samantha was undressing there in the hall way and soon her most gorgeous body was on full view and I know I keep saying it by the god's it is such a wonderful body and it was to be mine for the whole weekend within seconds I was naked to and I pulled her to me and we kissed hard and I pushed her back against the wall raising a hand to grab one of her big wonderful tit and she shivered under my touch and when I squeezed her nipple which was now rock hard she moaned into my ear OH OH Dave you are so wonderful and I pushed my cock up and entered her once more with every thrust I was pushing her hard back onto the wall and her butt was thumping the wall in time with my fucking her wet cum soaked pussy, I did not want to cum yet so I slowed down and then removed my cock and dropped to my knees and ran my tongue the full length of her dripping slit and as I did she lifted one leg up onto my shoulder then the other one and I could get my tongue fully into her cunt hole like this and as I lick her when was squirming round and round and starting to get louder with her moaning but I could not give a shit if next door could hear us we were going to be like this most the weekend so they had better get used to it.

Samantha came into my mouth she pumped her cum from her rippling pussy right into my waiting mouth I just kept on licking and licking her,her clit was tender and each time my tongue flicked the end she trembled on my shoulders and with the way she was sitting on my shoulders I could not get to her pussy to push a finger or two into her wet cunt so I pushed one into her ass instead and she just screamed OH YOU FUCKER YES YES and then I pushed in another and finger fucked her ass while still licking her fanny and she was running with sex juice non stop now god this woman was so worked up I raised my arms up around her legs and took hold of her swinging boobs and teased her nipples twisting them pulling them and twisting them some more, Samantha trembled again and again as orgasm after orgasm ran thou her, finally she lowered her legs once I let her tits go and I stood up and ask her to get on all fours near the bottom of the stairs so she knelt on the carpet and lent her elbows on the second step I got down behind her and ran my tongue all the way up her ass crack and continued up her wonderful black silky smooth skin of her back and as I got higher up her back I reach under me took hold of my cock and re-entered her pussy with such force it pushed her forward and it took her breath way as it filled her pussy in such a rush, I lifted myself up and took hold of her hips and then started to thrust into her hard and with each and every thrust she screamed YES YES she came again and I followed her ramming into her hard holding myself into her filling her insides with my warm cum, as I did she gripped my cock with her strong pussy mussels and held my cock inside her until every last drop came from it.

We got up both grinning and we held each other and kissed tenderly her big breasts squashing between us her hard nipples digging into me chest and I slowly ran my hands up and down her back just lightly touching her skin and each time she shivered and pulled me close to her, when we let each other go we headed to the kitchen where I started to cook us a meal and she walked off and cleaned up our clothes that were still strewn all over the hall floor, when she came back thou the living room she threw the clothes onto the sofa and said well I no were to find them on Monday morning, I said well while you up my dear if you put the leaflets and stuff I got for the places you so wanted to visit with your clothes you won't forget them, good idea she said brainy as well as bloody sexy she laughed, I finished cooking the steak and we sat and ate and drank some wine, I had gotten in some strawberries and fresh cream so I got those from the fridge and as we sat at the table I had a idea, tell you what Samantha lets clear this lot away before we start on the strawberries and that is what we did. But when we had finished putting the plates in soak I turned round and scooped Samantha up into my arms kissed her sweet plump lips and then lay her on the kitchen table.

Samantha was laying there legs hanging over the edge of the table and her pussy mound sticking up as her legs hung down and that wonderful trimmed hair that ran down the sides of her pussy lips, I walked over to the worktop and picked up the cream scooped some in my hands and Samantha licked it from my fingers I then covered her pussy mound in the fresh whipping cream and then her boobs I got the strawberries place one on the top of each nipple and a line of them down her pussy slit running them from the top of her slit all the way down between her legs, I put the blow of cream down and looked at her for some time her sweet smiling face looking up at me and I lent over her and kissed her I continued to kiss down her neck and slowly reached her cream covered boob, I slowly worked round and round licking the cream up as I went getting nearer and nearer to the strawberry on the top which had a prise of a hard nipple beneath, I sucked the strawberry into my mouth and I then when to kiss Samantha and she took the strawberry from my mouth and ate it I returned to her breast and sucked the cream from her nipple and the nipple popped into my mouth and I licked it clean of cream and then bit down on it making Samantha gasp for breath, I moved over to the other nipple and did the same with that by now Samantha was breathing really heavy and she was saying OH OH DAVE lick that pussy you sod don't tease me so please please lick it I need it really really need it please, now how could a man every refuse a woman who is laying on a kitchen table her pussy filled with whipping cream and a line of strawberries down her pussy slit, well not me that's for bloody sure so I move round so I was now standing between her legs and her breasts were heaving up and down with each breath.

I took my time and kissed up the inside of her legs kissing one the the other as I rose nearer to he creamy cunt, then I started with the top strawberry biting that from the cream then licking that part of her pussy lips clean I carried on doing this to each strawberry and by the time I had got to the very last one she exploded in a mass of cum it was just running from her as her whole body shook like she fitting her body was moving all over the table as her orgasm ripped thou her again and again she thrashed about moaning Christ Christ Oh Christ and she finally relax still saying Yes yes oh Christ then added this is only the first night My god I won't be able to walk by Monday, good I said with a big grim you will have to stay longer then.

I helped her from the table and we went up stairs I showed her the bedroom and she could not get over the size of the king-sized bed and then took her to the big walking shower room and I pulled her into it and turned on the water we just stood there for a few minutes under the running water letting it run over or naked bodies then I took some gel and started to wash her rubbing bubbles all over her body covering her breasts and pussy she closed her eyes and lent back against the wall as I carried on washing her all over and ever time my hand ran over her pussy mound she let out a soft mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I pushed my finger into her slit and made sure I washed her clit and this really did get her moaning out loud once more, I worked back up her body and her legs opened as wide as she could get them while leaning back like this and my cock entered her pushed into her soap covered cunt and I pushed my hard cock fully home and our bodies meet and we held each other close as I started to pump into her slowly so she was having another orgasm and nipple rock hard and pushing into my chest as she came and I could feel her pussy rippling round my cock as her climax hit her, then I pulled from her and spun her round I took hold of her arm and placed them on the wall above her head and she was leaning forward and her back body shimmered under the running water it ran down her back and between her ass cheeks and as I held her arm up I got close to her and pushed my cock forward it slipped between her ass cheeks and as I had placed a lot of gel between her cheeks it slipped into her anal tunnel and just kept on going until her ass cheeks hit my body and I was fully inside her ass, as I got fully inside her ass I kissed her neck and ear lobes and she said OH OH DAVE JUST PLEASE DONT STOP, and with that I started to fuck her ass nice and slow pulling fully out so my cock head was just trapped between her cheeks and then slowly pushed back into her and as the head popped into her she gave out a OH OH YES each time and I let go of her hands and placed my arms around her and cupped her big wonderful black breasts in my hands and squeezed them hard and she pushed her ass back against me making sure she was receiving every inch of my cock deep within her and she was, I fucked her ass like this for some time and she orgasmed again and I was not far behind and when I did cum I held myself fully into her ass and filled her anal tunnel with my cum and she moaned YES YES fill me fill me up Oooooooooooooooooo I can feel ever pump of your cock Dave it's so so warm inside me Oooooooooooooooooooooo yes, when I went soft and my cock slipped out of her I turned her round once more and pulled her tight to me and we kissed for sometime, before we parted turned of the water and I dried every inch of her off and as I dried of her sexy, soft, smooth black skin I kissed each and every inch and I mean every inch, we headed to the bedroom and I said get comfortable my darling I will go and get us some more wine, ok she said smiling and she climbed onto the bed as I went out to fetch the wine.

When I got back to the bedroom Samantha was laying there stretched out in a start shape her pussy glistening with moisture as she had been playing with herself something she was not allowed to do with her boyfriend about, Samantha said Dave put the wine down and come and fuck me I am so fucking horny for your cock right now just get on this bed and fuck me, I am not going to do that I did not say I put the glasses and the bottle down and in a bluer I was on top of her and I was laying between her wide spread legs and my cock was hard once more and I entered her wet pussy with one hard forceful push and she lifted herself up by arching her back and my cock was as deep as it could possibly go and she dug her long sharp nail into my back and all I could do was say OH the fuck yea and gave a hard nudge forward with my cock , I raised myself up on my arms and as I looked down into her sweet dark eyes I started to give this woman this most sexy this most gorgeous woman what she had asked for a damn hard fucking every so often I lowered my head and kissed her red soft plump lips and then raised myself to look down at her eyes once more, her head was thrashing for side to side as I rammed into her her tits being forced to bobble up and down with the force of my fucking her hard every so often she closed her eyes and gave out a OH OH GOD YES YES and she came a couple of times I said play with yourself honey please play with yourself you know I love it when you do, and Samantha slipped a hand down her stomach and down between our bodies and she started to play with her clit and then placed her other hand on her tit and started to play with that pulling and twisting her nipple really hard she was having more and more small climaxes and she was getting near to the big one as she was now going for gold on her clit, her hand a blur as it move back and forth and round and round as she got closer and closer at one point she screamed and pulled on her nipple so hard I thought she was going to pull it off, she was now bucking her back up with each thrust I gave into her and then that was it her cunt mussels gripped my cock making sure it had now were to go and her mussels rippled up and down my cock as she exploed shouting OH FUCK YESSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as her body let go of her sex juice it flooded from her and with her body shaking under me and round my cock this took me over the edge and I filled her wet dripping cunt with a load more cum, filling her fully until it started to run from her cunt seeping from around my cock as her pussy had to let it out or she might have burst,I lowered myself onto her and as we kissed we rolled over onto our sides and just lay there like that for ages just kissing and cuddling running our hands up and down each others back and gently moan as we did.

We both fell asleep like this my cock still inside her and it still was when I woke up at 3 am to find my dear Samantha sitting on my cock hands on my chest humping up and down my shaft she looked down at me and said well I wanted the loo and when I got back you were laying there on your back and your cock was hard and it seamed a bloody shame to waste it my dear, I smiled and said well while you are here you take it when ever you want it, it is all yours you sexy beast and with that I raised my hands and took her bouncing tits in my hands and played with then while she continued to ride my stiff cock, I don't know how long she had been doing it but Samantha was getting ready to cum by the sounds she was making and the look of shear joy of her face, she was raising herself up so the tip of my cock was only just touching her pussy before slamming hard down on it forcing the whole 9" inside her I could feel her love tunnel open as the head of my cock forced it's way inside her, Samantha's juice was running fast once again and with the YES YES OH FUCK YES and her cunt mussels tightening around my cock I knew she was about to explode so I let go of her tits and grabbed her hips and pushed her down harder onto my cock and then her head flew back her eyes close as she let out a deafening scream of OH OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as her body convulsed on top of me as a powerful orgasm ripped thou her, Samantha's cum was pouring out of her down over my balls and the down my ass crack and onto the sheets, when she finished shaking and cumming she flopped down on top of me and we rolled over onto our sides and I fucked her like that bucking my hips and as her legs were together her cunt was really tight around my shaft on and on I rode her like this on our sides and then my juice started to rise up my cock and finally burst out of it filling the most beautiful woman I have ever had the chance to fuck in my life with my hot sticky cum and when my cock finished twitching inside her once more we drifted of asleep with my cock fully inside that pussy that had just given me so so much pleasure.

I woke up to a empty bed but I could hear Samantha moving around down stairs I went of to the loo then went down stairs and the table was laid for breakfast the coffee was being made and my sexy Samantha was washing the things up from the night I said good morning my darling and walked over to her and stood behind her and as in Africa I placed my hands up under her arms and grabbed her breasts, Oh Christ she said every time I get my hands in water you get my tits and laughed. Well I will stop if you want me to I said you had better not she replied as she pushed her butt out towards me, I had got a hard on just seeing her over the sink as it was and now I had her tits in my hands I had to have her here and now so I pushed the head of my cock into her ass crack and it found the hole it was searching for and with a firm pushed popped into her ass making Samantha take a real deep breath as I pushed it into her fully and started to fuck her ass and play with her nipples, Samantha was soon panting for breath as I started to ram into her hard and with each thrust she was pushed against the sink on and on I fucked Samantha's ass hard and fast I pulled her nipples and twisted them as she had a small climax, then I pulled out of her and turned her around I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the sink and she opened her legs allowing me to see her pussy open and ready to take my cock and I was not going to let it wait any longer I move forward and thrust it into her and as our bodies meet she clasped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and we kissed as I continued to fuck her, she was starting to moan out loud once again and then she came and her pussy squeezed my cock as she clung onto me very tight and kissed me hard as she griped me I lifter her from the sink and walk thought to the lounge and lowed her to the sofa and I knelt on the floor in front of her and carried on fucking her hard she slipped her hand down between us and I felt her play with her clit and she started to come once more covering me in her juice as it seeped from her cunt, by now I was on my way to cumming and the feeling that my seed had started it's journey from my balls grew and then as it was pushed up my cock racing to escape and fill this magic pussy that it was buried so deep in and then it felt like the head of my cock had exploded as my cum shot from the end filling her full with my seed, she held me tight as she felt my cock twitching and throbbing deep inside her and once more she came her cunt sucking my cock into her as far as it could get it.

Either of us wanted to move so we stayed as we were for some time not saying a word just touching and kissing each other, them my stomach made a noise so I said breakfast time I think my love so I let her wonderful body go and helped her up and we walked thou and had breakfast, we cleaned up the kitchen and headed of back to the bedroom as there was no way we were going out anywhere this weekend, we got back into bed and cuddled again and just tenderly played with each others bodies, we ended up in the 69 with Samantha above me and her wonderful wonderful pussy being pushed down onto my face and my tongue buried as far as I could get it into her soaking wet hole, Samantha was shaking as small climax's went thou her body and she had sucked my cock back to it's rock hard state and Samantha was taking the whole length and she was loving it and as my tongue touched her clit from time to time she pushed her cunt harder down onto my mouth and shook again, her sex juice was running down my throat and still tasted just as sweet as it had done the first time I had ever tasted it and I still wanted to bottle it, Samantha could not moan that much with her mouth full of my hard cock but managing a mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm from the back of her throat from time to time then she really pushed down hard onto my face as she had another earth scattering climax but Samantha kept on sucking my dick as she came and for the second time today I pushed up with my hips as I shot my cum down her throat and she made sure she had every little drop from me licking and sucking every inch of it as it twitched she got off me turned round and lay down beside me again and once more we started to kiss.

After a while I got up and went over to the bedside table and took out a few toys and Samantha looked at me as if to say what the hell are you going to do with them things, I just smiled at her and got back onto the bed and I knelt beside her and said do you trust me, What do you trust me not to hurt you I said to her Yes yes she replied of course I do but why ask that well I want to see if you like some of my little toys that I have in this bag but I am going to blindfold you so you can not see what I am going to do or use so that's why I asked if you trust me.

Oh Dave you can do to me what ever you want I know you would never hurt me and only give me pleasure go ahead just do what ever you feel I would like, so I took the blindfold from the bag and placed it over her eyes, then I took out a butt plug it was 6 inches thick about the same as my cock so I knew she could take it ok, so I took hold of her legs and lifted them up and spread them wide and eased the plug into her OH OH said Samantha as I pushed it in and the thickest part popped into her and then I switched it on OH CHRIST she moaned out OH OH CHRIST as I lowered her legs back onto the bed, I watched as her nipples grew bigger than I had ever seen them get as my toy rumbled away inside her anal tunnel, then I took out some nipple clamps and gently placed them on her nipples and slowly tightened them and with each twist of the screw she took a real deep breath, I told her to make sure she told me to stop if at anytime it was to much, but she replied OH CHRIST NO this is bloody fantastic my love, so I then got a vibrator out and this was the same size as my dick and pushed this into her, once more she moaned OH OH YES as I stitched it on to high and told her to close her legs to hold it in place which she did, I told her I was just going down stairs to get something and apart from shaking with climaxes I did not want her to move , I won't my love I promise and I left her there getting more and more worked up with each minute the pasted. When I returned she was just having a orgasm and I said My My that looked a good one my love, Oh you better believe it said Samantha, ok you can open our legs now I told her as I got back onto the bed and as she did I removed the vibrator and her juice came running out I picked up the plastic bag I had brought up from the kitchen and without warning her I pushed a ice cube into her hot fanny and as the cold hit her pussy lips she arched her back and scream out loud by the time I had finished she had five ice cubes inside her and I pushed the vibrator back into her now clod cunt and as soon as I stitched it on she climaxed again and again, I reached up and undone the nipple clamps and as I took them off the blood flowed back into then making it feel like pins & needles but then I placed a ice cube on each one as the blood push them hard again and I knew this would not only be painful but very very pleasurable to and it was as she arched her back screaming again and again as she orgasmed.

After doing this for a while I replaced her clamps and removed the vibrator and started to lick her pussy running my tongue up her slit and onto her now cold tender clit making her shake each time, she moaned out YES YES OH YES and I started to kiss up her body and I entered my cock in with what was left of the ice cubes and they were bloody cold round the head of my cock but that is what I wanted as that meant I would last a lot longer while fucking this woman that had graced my bed with her beauty and as my cock reached it deepest point Samantha took a deep breath as I pulled and and then forced it back into her very hard and fast or bodies slamming hard together I could feel the ice cubes moving around inside her as my cock rammed into her, Samantha was cumming again and again she was swearing and moaning as she climax over and over her tits bouncing up and down and I thrust my stiff cock deep within her wonderful cold pussy and I knew it would be a while yet before she had my seed deep within her, but finally I could hold back no longer and her cunt had warmed up with all or hot fucking and poor old Samantha saw shattered with the amount of orgasm's she had had, then I had to explode inside her it shot from my cock like a rocket on the 4th July I swear I saw fireworks as my cock let loose it's load deep inside Samantha I felt light headed as my balls emptied out and she pulled me down on top of her and squashed her nipples still in the clamps between us, after a while I removed the clamps and butt plug and we rested and drank wine we were some worn out that we both fell asleep.

We fucked like this for the rest of the day and that night we both fell asleep around 10 pm as we were both worn out, about 4 in the morning it was my turn to get up and go to the loo so I decided for some pay back from last night so I gently turned Samantha onto her back and slowly opened her legs and there staring at me was heaven with the gleam of moisture in it's eye, and I got the vibrator and put it on the very slow setting and opened her pussy lips and gently and slowly I eased the tip onto her gleaming clit I don't know what Samantha was dreaming about but it was making her wet what ever it was, ad it touched her clit she moaned out in her sleep oh Dave so at least she was thinking of me that was good I did not want to wake her yet if I could help it so slowly I moved the vibrator round in small circles over and around her clit and Samantha was starting to breath heaver now and I was sure she would wake but no she stayed asleep as she got more and more worked up, then I slowly inserted the tip inside her now wet pussy hole and eased it in so slowly and she now had over half inside her and I started to fuck her with it, Samantha was really starting to moan and grown as I moved this in and out of her, I could not take anymore and withdrew the vibrator and slowly ease myself up above her holding my body off hers by stretching my arm's out and holding my weight and then easing my cock into her Samantha pushed her body up to meet mine but as I looked down it seamed like she was still sleeping and another soft moan came from those lush plumb lips OOOOOOOooooooo Dave Dave oh yes Dave as she pushed up again against me I could not make out if she was awake or really still sleeping but I started to ease in and out of her Samantha was getting wetter and wetter, her moaning getting louder and louder but still she had not opened her eyes, I was by now pumping into her with long strokes at a medium pace and by the sounds Samantha was making she was really enjoying it asleep or not, but apart from her moaning and the odd push up with her body she was not really moving that much not like she would have normally been doing by now, then I felt my cum starting it journey on it's way to fill my lovely Samantha up inside , then with joy a I felt her pussy tighten and she was on her way to a climax too on and on I pushed my dick into her my cum now racing up the stem of my cock and as it burst from the top to fill her inside she screamed as her climax hit her and she snapped open her eyes and shouted OH OH CHRIST YESssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as she orgasmed her body shook as it expanded throughout her whole body Christ Christ oh Christ she was saying as it sank in that she was having a big exploding climax Samantha was gasping for air and my cock still twitching deep with in her, after a while she looked at me and said my god Dave I thought I was having a dream but as you came I knew it wasn't and that's when I woke and my god what a orgasm I smiled down at her saying well you took advantage of my cock last night while I slept I felt it only right that did the same and I lowered my head and kissed then lowered my body gently down onto the top of hers still kissing we rolled over once my cock slipped from her she got round into a 69 and we licked each other clean and as we lay on our sides her between my legs and my between her we fell back to sleep.

We fucked in the shower that Sunday morning before going down for breakfast and then fuck again on the living room floor well not quite on the floor doggy style over the coffee table, at around noon I said fancy a change of plan my dear what's that how about I take you out to lunch at the local pub they do a great Sunday roast and not only that I want to show you off to all my friends, I want them to see this most gorgeous woman I have all to myself, to see your most beautiful face these with the lips that every one wants to kiss, the smile that would melt the hardest of hearts, the figure that would and dose stop men in there tracts they will be undressing you with there eyes and only guess at the beauty beneath your clothes , and to know you would be sitting there with me and and knowing that I would be bringing you back here to strip you naked and have you again, so that's what we did Samantha and I got dressed and went out I was walking on air with this lady beside me and when we walked into the pub the noise just stopped and there was not one man in the bar that did not turn their heads and look at this stunning beauty be my side, yes I thought you can look but only I get to touch this smoke hot woman.

We had our meal and I kept running my leg up between hers and after a while Samantha slowly open her legs then a bit more and in the end I had my foot up between them and I was running my toe up and down her slit and of course she had no knickers on as she left them in the field on the way down here, my big toe was pushing it's way inside her slit and when it touched her clit Samantha nearly dropped her knife and fork, Oh was that my fault I said with a big grin on my face, Samantha was squirming around in her chair as I continued to run my toe up and down her slit touching her clit from time to time then she had a small climax and moaned out OH GOD and some people looked over but we just smiled at them and they turned and carried on with there meals, when we had finished and as we were leaving a mate of mine whispered in my ear God mate your a lucky son of a bitch, yes I am I replied and we left I felt like a million dollars as we walked out of that pub and it was all down to my sweet darling Samantha.

As it was a hot afternoon we walked back though the park and as we walked hand in hand I still had my hard-on from what we were doing in the pub and I could not wait to get home and get her naked once more, we came to the loo's that are in the middle of the park and I said just got to pop in here my darling as I had had a wicked thought and with luck the place was empty so I went outside grabbed her arm and pulled her in What the hell are you doing she cried out, getting my cock inside you I said it's hard and wants your warm pussy around it and I pulled her into a cubical and bolted the door then pushed her back up against it, I placed my hands under her dress and lifted it up after getting my cock out, she opened her legs as wide as she could and I entered her as she was still dripping wet from her climax in the pub, I started to ram into her hard and even thou the door was bolted it still shook with every push into her and I was echoing round as we fucked, Samantha came again she shouted OH OH fuck YESssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and then we heard a noise someone had come in and we heard them going to the loo but is was to far going to care and so I continued to ram into my darling Samantha hard the door still banging with each thrust and then I came filling her up and I moaned out oh oh yes , Samantha was saying yes yes as she came again and I just held her tight to me as we got our breaths back, god that was fucking good I said she agreed and we did not know if the person was still out there or not but what was the point in waiting we had to go out sometime so we straighten yourselves up and un-bolted the door and walked out, there was no-one there but as we walked out of the toilet block there was a man sitting on the bench and he smiled at us as we walked away.

When we got back home Samantha said I can not believe we just done that but fuck that was exciting, and she just jumped on me pushing me back onto the sofa and we were soon both naked and she was sitting across my lap with her knees either side of men and she just buried my cock deep within her and started to hump up and down on it her big tits bouncing up and down in my face we were going at it like rabbits you would not know we had been at it all week you would think this was the first time we had ever had sex the way we were going, I cupped her tits and held them pulling them and I pulled one to my mouth and licked the nipple sending Samantha into orgasm and she rode my cock though it still shouting out fuck me fuck me hard oh Christ yes, but it was her doing the fucking I was just supplying the hard cock at this point but who the hell care either, on and on Samantha slammed down onto my cock both of us getting so close to cumming and I was trying to hold back so we could climax together, my cock ached as I held back from letting it do what it wanted to do but then Samantha slammed down and stayed there and her cunt gripped my cock at the base and squeezed it and that sent my cum rushing upward and outward spilling out into her dark insides shot after shot slammed inside her she screamed with each throb of my cock until she collapsed down on top of me worn out completely. I lifted her of my lap and carried her up to bed were we lay and rested drifting of to sleep for a while.

When we woke Samantha ask if before I returned her to London tomorrow if I would fuck her ass one last time as her boyfriend never would this might be the last time it every gets fucked and she carried on and said that she really love butt sex and wanted to remember me fucking her like that for the last time, Baby I said you don't have to worry I was going to give your ass one last length of my shaft before you go anyway Samantha turned and hugged me tight saying I wish I never had to return home I would dearly love to stay here with you , Oh I wish you could my darling I really wish you could.

We had to set off early the next morning and unless we woke up early they would not be enough time for a good by fuck so as we lay there we kissed and cuddled I just did not want this sexy woman to leave my side but knew she must so I wanted to make love to her slowly and gently and as sweetly as possible so she would remember it forever. I started by slowly running my hands over her body just so lightly touching her skin making her skin go all goose bumps and she closed her eyes just lay back and relaxed as I ran my hands down over her breasts touching her nipples which grew so so hard to my gently touch and Samantha gasped a deep breath as I kissed the very tip of that hard nipple her breasts now rising and falling heavily with each breath she was taking, I kissed across one breast down the her cleavage and up to the other one and gently repeated the same to that one then back again, sometimes kissing up her neck and ear lobes as she really turns her on and makes her so so wet, as I was kissing her I still ran my hand gently over her stomach and then finally I touched the top of her slit as my finger slipped do it but not into it she held her breath waiting for me to push my finger in, but I just kept it on the top of her slit running up and down the length of it Samantha was panting for breath as I moved my finger up and down her slit and then I curled my finger inward and she shook as it touched her rock had clit sending her into a fit of twitching and shaking as pulse after pulse of pleasure ran up and down her body, her black skin shining with the moisture of her sweat as she climax, her head was being shaken from side to side as it ripped though her and then I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and bit down on it and quite hard and she really did let out a ear bursting scream and even though her last climax had not completely finished she went straight into another one Samantha's juice was just running from her and the bed was getting soaked but hell that could be sorted no problem once she was gone from my life for good this time.

I eased Samantha's leg open further and slipped between then slowly lowering my face closer and closer to her most beautiful pussy, her outer lips were open and I could see her sex juice seeping from it I stuck out my tongue and as I touch her black smooth skin with my tongue a spark jumped from her pussy and snapped the end of my tongue and she screamed in delight as it did this she raised herself up of the bed pushed her cunt up to my descending mouth and then they touched and once more that sweet sweet sex juice touch my tongue and that was it I could hold back no more I did not want to see anymore of this nectar from the gods to go to waste and I clamped my mouth over her pussy sealing it so the only place for her honey sweet juice to go was down my throat and I took the lot my tongue was working over time what with licking her juice up and also licking her clit as this made her make even more of her sweet juice, Samantha was now thrashing about on the bed going wild as she had orgasm after orgasm she was screaming over and over FUCK YES FUCK YES and a flash went thou my mind is someone going to call the cops in a minute as they may thing she is being murdered, but I was not going to stop and I sure as hell was not going to stop her I loved the fact that she was so vocal, I kissed licked and drank from her pussy and then it was time to make love and push my cock into her wet wet pussy and then later have her ass one last time but for now it was pussy time and I slowly kissed up her stomach playing round her belly button for a while and while I worked my way up this most fantastic body she lowered her hand and started to rub her clit and as I reached her breasts my cock slipped into her sending her over the top again and when Samantha came her pussy went so so tight it gripped my cock so tight sending shivers up and down my spine.

I raised myself up on my arms and started to move the full length in and out of her and she kept her hand between us fingering her clit as I brought her nearer and nearer to her orgasm she was pushing her body up towards me with each thrust into her on and on we went both of us dripping in sweat, both of us lost in this moment, both of us wishing it would go on and on forever our bodies slamming together now harder and faster the thought of a slow long fuck gone from my mind as I pounded into this most gorgeous woman was I want to fill her cunt with my sperm, I want to fill her up so bloody full, on and on we both thrust at each other, both moaning out load and then without warming she gripped my cock with her pussy mussels and she exploded her cunt juice splashing out from her cunt like a river dam had broken, her screams got even louder as her whole body convulsed and fitted as she thrashed about under me and then I shot my cum deep with in her pussy walls and this made her cum yet again, if I had sex every day until the day I die I do not thing no I know I will never have sex like this again .

We where both covered in sweat and panting for breath as we slowly came down from the high of our climaxes I rolled over next to her and Samantha lay on my arm and I held her close and we both lay there without talking for a while just holding each other both thinking the same think that we did not want this to end, it was hard for me to leave Samantha when I flew back from Africa but now for the second time I was going to loose her bloody life was just not fare that was for sure, then we kissed and cuddled again for a good hour and in that time my cock had come back to it's fully size and was standing proud and wanting more.

I said to Samantha lets shower and then I can give you your final anal fuck that you wanted Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes please she said and was off the bed and dragging me off to the shower, I just could not make out where the hell she got all her energy from after that last fuck I thought she would be worn out but she was up and ready like she had just slept for hours we got to the shower and we got into the water and I started to wash her over getting rid of the sweat we worked up on the bed, then I got down on my knees and turned Samantha round and faced her against the wall and kissed all over her cheeks before pulling them apart and licking her anal hole pushing my tongue into it and then my finger, Samantha pushed her butt back against my finger so more of it went inside her and she put her head back and moaned and then after I started to work my finger in and out of her she lowed her hand and played with her clit while I kept on pushing my finger in and out of her Samantha climaxed but just kept on playing with herself and I removed my finger and stood up behind her I out my arms round her taking her big sexy breasts into my hands and as I did I entered my cock into her tight anal tunnel and I did not take it slow either I rammed home and she took it all even thou it did take her breath away, we were soon going at it hard and fast my cock was a blur as it pushed in and out of her ass, she was moaning ,climaxing, rubbing her clit faster and faster on and on we went because I had cum so much over the weekend I was going on for ages before I felt my cum rising up and then explode inside her ass for the very last time we both fell to the floor gasping for air both worn out and we sat there on the shower floor letting the water run over our aching bodies.

We went to bed and woke up the following morning bright and early we had a good kiss and cuddle before it was breakfast and then set off back to London, poor Samantha had to go without her knickers, and as we drove back I stopped at the gate we pulled in at on the way down and just had a look but her knickers were gone so the person that had been shouting at us had come and picked them up and we had a good laugh about it on the way back, I dropped Samantha off and we both had tears in our eyes as we kissed and had to say good bye forever but we had thought that the last time so who's knows.

If you like this story about my dear sexy Samantha then please let me know and I will pass on your comments to her as I am sure she would like to know, why not send me a photo of how or what you did to yourself while reading this story, all photo sent will be kept for my eyes only, deepprobsix@gmail.com

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