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My Name Is Lucy - Back Home - Chapter 2

Author: Lucy Contact: Not Supplied
Publish Date : Aug 15, 2014
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He put his tongue inside me and then probed with his finger which he ran around my clit and lips.

* * * * * * *

I just could not wait to meet up with Raphael again. Our intimate love making had been sensational and I craved his cock inside me again.

I rang him on his mobile and he was very apologetic about not ringing me as he had been very busy. "No problem" I said. "How about we meet up on Friday or Saturday". "Let's meet in the same pub on Friday at around 7pm". "Great ", I said and instantly felt excited and moist between my legs in anticipation of our next encounter.

During my lunch break on the Friday I decided to visit my local lingerie shop and purchased the sexiest thong with a matching bra. I tried them on and felt horny as hell as I looked at myself in the mirror hoping that the outfit would turn Raphael on. I paid for the goods and trotted back to work. In anticipation of my date I had taken a very sexy short dress to work and I must say it had a most revealing top to show off my ample breasts.

I finished at my desk at around 6pm and went to the toilets to change. Luckily as most people finish work early on a Friday I had the place to myself and got changed and did my makeup. I felt really good in my sexy outfit. I set off for the pub.

As I entered I attracted a lot of looks but strode straight to the bar where I found Raphael. "You look great", he said. "Thank you and so do you", I said.

We collected our drinks and sat and chatted and Raphael could not keep his eyes off my legs and breasts. "I think you look very sexy tonight", he said. I love men who compliment me on my appearance, it makes a woman feel so good.

"So what's the plan for tonight", I said. Raphael looked at me and smiled. "It depends if you want food first", he said. "Very cheeky Raphael", I said and then we both burst out laughing. We both decided that as the night was young a nice meal would be in order with some good wine.

I placed my hand on Raphael's thigh and ran my hand up his leg to feel an erection of his massive cock. "Are you sure you can wait" I said and he replied that although he would love to fuck me hard now it would wait till later. I agreed.

We had a lovely meal and we were constantly touching each other in anticipation of later. I loved his black skin and stroked his cheeks and head. It felt so good and every woman should try it. Believe me!!

We headed back to my apartment and it was now quite late and I felt a little weary. Raphael asked if I was ok and I just said that it had been a long day. He picked me up and took me to the bedroom where he lay me on the bed and started to undress me. "Just allow me to take off all your clothes," he said with a smile. I could not resist and he very gently undid my top and took off my sexy skirt. When he saw the bra and knickers I had bought especially for the evening his jaw just dropped as he took them off. "Now just relax", he said and with that placed his mouth over my pussy and started to lick it all over. This was heaven. A beautiful black lover who was so considerate as to want to pleasure me in such an arousing way. That tongue knew what to do and when he concentrated on my clit I was shaking.

Raphael licked and licked all around my newly shaved pussy. He told me that I tasted so good and he licked all my juices. He ran his hands over my breasts as he licked and squeezed my nipples very gently. This guy knew how to treat me and please me. Wow!!

He put his tongue inside me and then probed with his finger which he ran around my clit and lips. Oh this is the way to make love.

Then I said "I want your cock, please fuck me I need it". Raphael slid on top of me and his tongue went deep in my mouth and we kissed passionately whilst I grabbed his cock and placed it inside me. This cock is so big I thought. I love it and I took the full length into me.

Raphael pumped me slowly at first and then the speed grew. His vast cock slid inside me so easily as I was so wet and also stretched by previous encounters. It was wonderful to watch Raphael sliding in and out of my pussy so easily and I was looking into his face as he fucked me. "I love your big black cock", I said. "It is the best cock in the world for my white pussy". Little white cocks do not compete.

I took the opportunity to be fucked hard and good by a man that knows what he is doing with a slightly tired woman. I placed my hand on my clit and rubbed as Raphael fucked me. I looked him in the eyes and said I am going to cum AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Wow what an orgasm.

I felt tired but awake. I wanted to please Raphael so I placed his cock between my tits and licked his head at the same time. This cock was so hard and I felt his balls so full. God there was a load of cum in there. I had to release it. I stroked his cock and rubbed it all over my breasts then I moved him onto his back so that I could lick and suck this wonderful dick.

I worked slowly at first and then quickened. He moaned that he had never had sex so good. "It's all for you" ,I whispered. I continued working on him and feeling all his beautiful body. His balls felt so good and I licked them all over. He moaned and said this was great. I agreed and suddenly a vast amount of sperm shot all up in the air and landed on his body. I feverishly licked it all up and swallowed showing him that I loved his big cock by licking all the excess juices off it and swallowing again. I just love this and feel great.

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