My Name Is Lucy - Back Home - Chapter 3

Author: Lucy Contact: Not Supplied
Published: Aug 25, 2014
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I lay on top of him and wrapped my breasts around his cock which was still very hard.

Raphael laid there and said that I was the sexiest woman he had ever been with. What a compliment. "You certainly know how to make a guy cum", he said and I replied that I took great pleasure in seeing a man in ecstasy and squirting loads of cum all over the place. It was role reversal of a woman being in control of the moment when a guy is in heaven and squirting a load from his cock. I just love to please a man in the same way that he pleases me.

We lay there and kissed and embraced until I was getting turned on again as Raphael ran his hand between my legs and fingered my lovely pussy. I moaned as he put his fingers inside me and rubbed gently in and out. I was getting very wet as he his finger ran up and down over my clitoris. I lay there and let him run his lovely hands all over my body whilst kissing passionately. His tongue probing my mouth and then licking and sucking my breasts before going down to my pussy where he licked and licked. It was fantastic and my whole body was in heaven and I moaned with pleasure.

Raphael rose above me and his cock was so hard. I took it in my hand and felt the whole length of it before guiding it into my pussy. I said "Fuck me slow, I want to feel the whole of you right inside me". He duly obliged and said that he would fuck me any way I wanted.

My hands ran up and down his back and I just loved feeling his buttocks as he worked inside me. The strength of his muscles whilst pumping slowly was a joy to feel. Raphael looked into my eyes and told me that I felt so good and with that he started to fuck me a little faster. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his back. I could feel that lovely cock deep inside me.

I was being seriously fucked when Raphael withdrew and turned me on my front to screw me doggy style. I was on my knees and his big cock drove relentlessly into me while he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "You like this Lucy", he said and I screamed "fuck me, fuck me with your big black cock, I love it, oh shit, fuck me".

Raphael was full of energy now and having rammed that dick into me lay on his back and ordered me to sit on his cock facing away from him. I duly obliged and I was able to ride up and down feeling his massive length. I just rode and rode. Oh boy this is great. "Please fuck me good", I cried and Raphael duly obliged with me riding up and down and him pumping.

We continued like this for what seemed an eternity and I started to rub my clit as well. Raphael held my buttocks and pushed me up and down until I finally needed to cum. "Give it to me babe", I said and he pushed that lovely cock right inside me as I came. My whole body shook with pleasure and delight. I loved having his big black cock inside me and I turned and collapsed beside him. "You ok babe", he said. "Sure, I feel so good, I love your cock in me and now I want you to cum. "So how are you going to do that", Raphael asked."That is my surprise", I said.

I lay on top of him and wrapped my breasts around his cock which was still very hard. I stroked and stroked and then licked the tip with my tongue. I ran my tongue the whole way down his cock and then up spitting on the way to make it more lubricant. My hand rubbed slowly up and down and I spat on the top of his cock again. Raphael gave a big sigh and gripped the side of the bed. I could tell he was near to a climax and I wanted to see this lovely cum. I stroked his cock gently with my hand and played with his balls with the other.

My technique was working. I worked slowly and just loved the look that Raphael had on his face. It was one of total satisfaction. He had given it to me and now I wanted to do the same for him.

This monster black cock in my hand was ready to cum and oh boy what a load suddenly shot out. I captured most in my mouth and showed it to Raphael. He smiled and said "Lick it all up and swallow". I did as ordered. It tasted great.

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