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Captain Garth Clint on the Island of Lust


Author: Adelbert
Published: 25-Aug-14 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-17

He stood up and with the woman still impaled on his penis he stumbled out of the shallow pool and lay her down on the floor of the cave...

* * * * * * *

Captain Clint heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the island appear on the horizon. He knew he was going to make it without having to ditch in the ocean. The light on his control panel had warned that the engine was overheating. As he had flown over the island countless times he knew the mountains and thick jungle would not provide landing space for a fixed wing aircraft, but the beach was wide enough to allow him to land his helicopter.

As the island slid in under the aircraft Garth spotted a suitable clearing in which to land. He gave the control yoke a final nudge and the craft settled onto the beach in a flurry of sand. As the engines whispered to a halt he shifted his seat and unbuckled his shoulder harness. Opening the main cabin door he jumped down onto the soft sand. 'Shit! Happy 28th birthday Garth old chap', he said to himself. 'If you don't find the problem you will not be having beers and cake at the pub tonight. Here you are all alone on a deserted island. Not even a co-pilot to keep you company'.

Opening the engine he saw he needed to replace the oil before he could take off again. There was enough oil in the cargo hold, but he decided to relax for a while. All of a sudden he became aware of the tranquillity that surrounded him. The waves whispered onto the sand and a soft wind murmured through the thick jungle behind him. He walked towards the nearest thicket of trees and sat down on the cool grass. Relax for a while before flying off again, he thought to himself. 'Let me enjoy the isolation of this place'.

The heat was becoming unbearable and he decided to go for a swim. He stripped naked and ran into the surf. He was unaware of the eyes that followed every move he made.

Two old women watched the man from the sanctuary of the undergrowth. They had seen the plane come in for the landing. To their amazement no other people followed him out of the helicopter. Their eyes followed every move he made when he took off his clothes. They were speechless when they were confronted with his nudity. They took note of his tall muscular physique. The midday sun highlighted his thick blonde hair and reflected off the perspiration on the huge muscles of his arms and chest. His massive penis made them gasp in delight. He was everything they needed.

'Oh yes!! The girls are going to be very pleased', they agreed. 'I am sure when they arouse him his penis will become a mighty mast that protrudes from the front'. This remark made the women giggle in amusement. 'His balls are very big. I think there is enough juices in there to make many babies', they agreed with more soft giggles.

Garth decided to create a camping space under the trees. In the late afternoon he lit a fire. While coffee brewed on the hot coals he strode into the ocean to cool off again. He was unaware of the two women as they sneaked into his camp and slipped a white powder into the brewing coffee.

Returning to his campsite Captain Clint lit his pipe and waited for the coffee to brew. The old women watching took note of his blue eyes and the strong white teeth that clamped down on the thick curved stem of the pipe. The bowl of the pipe rested in a thick matte of hair on his chest. Captain Clint sipped his coffee. To his surprise he felt his eyelids grow heavy and within seconds the mug slipped from his fingers and he fell into a dreamless sleep.

Captain Garth Clint Illustration
Captain Garth Clint Illustration

Garth slowly stirred from his sleep. For a brief moment he thought he was back in his house in Sydney, and then he remembered the unplanned landing. He sat up. 'What the....' He saw he was in a cave. In amazement he surveyed his surroundings. He was lying on a soft mattress. The other furniture in the cave consisted of a table and four chairs. In the back corner of the cave a small waterfall tumbled into a pool. From the steam coming off the water he realised the water must originate in a hot spring. Stalactites hung from the ceiling. Behind him the cave stretched into darkness.

He got up. As he stepped forward he become conscious that his movements were restrained, and to his amazement he found a heavy lock fastened around his balls and penis. A thick chain ran from the lock to a wooden pillar in the centre of the cave. The chain allowed him to move freely inside the cave, but it was too short to allow him to leave the cave. He was a prisoner. But of whom The island was supposed to be uninhabited.

On one of the chairs he saw his clothes. His pipes and tobacco were on the table. He realised he could not put on his pants as the chain prevented that. He tugged on the chain, but escaping the lock was going to be impossible without a key. It fit tight around the base of his cock.

Then he heard approaching footsteps.....

Six people entered the cave. Six very old women. They wore short loincloths. The old women's breasts were bare. All had fair skin, and one of the women had a rope around her neck from which hung a key. Garth knew it was the key for the lock that imprisoned his manhood.

The six women studied the man that stood in front of them. They seemed to be mostly interested in his huge penis. The old women pointed at it and giggled. For the first time Captain Garth found his nudity embarrassing and he tried to cover his masculinity with his hands. This elicited laughter from the group.

Releasing the chain from the pillar they said, 'come!'. Garth pointed to his clothes. They shook their heads but handed him one of his pipes. They all left the cave with the women pulling on the chain and the captive Garth Clint following. He knew it was impossible to resist.

The little group continued up the track to a clearing in the jungle. On either side Garth counted four caves set in the mountain. Without stopping the women pulled him into a bigger cave. Inside the cave there was another pool of warm water fed by a waterfall trickling out of the wall. The humidity in the cave was hot and steamy. Burning torches lit the interior. In the centre a tree trunk served as a table. Fruit of every description lay waiting to be eaten. The women indicated that he should sit down on one of many comfortable silk cushions. This touch of comfort in the cave surprised him.

He was still dumbfounded at what he was being subjected to when the opening to the cave darkened. Seven young girls entered. Garth stared in amazement at these naked figures of splendour as they approached him. He saw they were all in their very early twenties. The light skinned blonde haired women giggled musically when they saw Garth. Without hesitation they positioned themselves around the surprised man. Touching his huge muscles and stroking the hair on his broad chest they started feeding him grapes and whispering words of welcome into his ears. Their hands wandered over his body. He was not even aware that he had an erection 'til they pointed at it with laughter. The old women smilingly watched as the girls enveloped Captain Clint with their naked bodies. The girls giggled as some of them slipped their nipples into Garth's mouth and laughingly suckled him. Garth resigned himself to their attention as they covered his body with kisses and stroked his beard while some cupped his balls and licked his swollen penis.

Suddenly they all stood up and encircled him. One of the old women brought a clay jar. The young women dipped their hands into an oily mixture which they rubbed over their breasts. In front of his amazed eyes Garth saw their breasts swell to three times the size they were when they entered the cave. Their nipples glowed in the light of the burning torches and Garth was suddenly aware of their tight firm cunts rearing above him. He felt strong enough at that moment to fuck all of them.

One of the women kneeled next to him and rubbed some of the oily mixture on his cock and balls. A pleasing warmth spread through his loins and to his amazement his cock and balls started to swell and grow bigger. He watched in fascination as his penis grew to the size of his muscular forearm. By the time the warm feeling subsided his balls were the size of ostrich eggs.

Laughingly the women pulled him to his feet and steered him towards the pool of warm water in the rear of the cave. Although he towered over them Garth knew he was at their mercy because the chain was still attached to the lock, and his huge swaying cock and massive balls bouncing on his knees made him stumble as he walked, but for some reason he did not care.

The water was warm and knee deep. The young women forced him onto his knees. As six of the women held his arms captive the seventh slowly approached him. She stood spread-eagled above him and slowly slid her vagina down the shaft of his massive erect penis. The sudden warmth and tightness of her vagina made Garth roar like a lion and she started riding him in a frenzy. The laughter of the women were lost to him as she punished his dick with deep thrusts. His body reared in rapture and his massive strong arms broke free from the women holding him captive and encircled her waist while his mouth searched the nipples of her massive swollen breasts. As his tongue teased her nipples the woman moaned in pleasure and sunk her hands into his thick mane of hair, pulling his head down and smothering him with her big breasts.

He stood up and with the woman still impaled on his penis he stumbled out of the shallow pool and lay her down on the floor of the cave. Again and again he thrust deep into her while his big balls smacked against her buttocks. The other women laughed and proffered Garth their breasts which he eagerly received into his mouth. The woman beneath him gasped and bucked against his deep thrusts.

The old women masturbated as they watched the young women enjoy the sex machine that was Captain Garth Clint

Again and again he plunged into her exquisite warmth. Gentle hands squeezed his balls making him cry out in pure pleasure. The woman under him started bucking frenziedly. She slammed her legs tight around Garth's waist and shrieked in pure animal lust. With the woman hanging from his chest Garth reared his buttocks into the air and crab crawled towards the silk cushions while still shoving his cock over and over into her depth. As they reached the silk cushions the woman shrieked and pummelled his buttocks as she climaxed. At the same time Garth reared upright and howled in ecstasy while beating his chest as he ejaculated stream upon stream of cum into her compliant vagina.

Garth fell forward pillowing his head on the woman's breasts and gasped from exertion. Immediately the other women lifted him back onto his knees and pulled his penis from the woman's vagina. She moved away with a smile on her face and before he could protest another woman straddled him and thrust his still erect penis into her vagina. As she started riding him like a wild bronco and slapping his buttocks it occurred to Garth that he was in for a long long night.

Sometime during the night one of the old women stuck her sagging tit into his mouth and to his surprise he felt liquid slide down his throat as he sucked on it. Again and again he was set upon by the laughing women. His buttocks was smacked and his penis was stroked and milked and sucked with a regularity that made loose count of the amount of time he shot his seed into a warm slippery vagina.

Towards dawn they were all asleep. The women softly snored draped over the silk cushions. As he was about to fall asleep one of the old women sat down on a chair in front of him and offered him his pipe. She watched as he lit the pipe and started smoking. To his surprise she pushed out her leg and indicated that he had to fuck her leg the way a dog does. He shook his head, but she yanked the chain that imprisoned him. Garth yelped and jumped to his feet. Again she yanked on the chain. In defeat he knelt in front of her. She placed his penis between her legs and without warning slammed her knees together. Garth bellowed in shock. He understood! She was in control!! Quickly he started sliding his cock up and down her leg. She smiled. As his movements intensified she took the pipe out of his mouth and pressed the massive bowl of the pipe with its red-hot embers against his scrotum.

The heat that shot through his balls and cock made him bellow in shock. At the same time he ejaculated in a stream that shot through the air into the old woman's face. She laughed in glee and massaged his semen into her skin.

With his powerful body worn-out Garth collapsed onto the floor and fell asleep cupping his throbbing sensitive manhood in his hands. The old women smiled as they watched the strong man sleep. They knew he was as weak as a baby now, but they had gotten all that they wanted out of him.

Garth woke slowly. He was lying with his head on a pillow. He knew immediately where he was. He shuddered. He did not want to see another cunt for at least a week. It was very quiet. The cave was empty. The chain that had imprisoned his manhood was gone. So were the women from the wild orgy. Outside the sun hung high in a noonday sky. He found his possessions in the mouth of the cave. He was gratified to see that his privates had deflated to their regular huge size.

He dressed and stumbled to the beach without encountering anyone from the night before. Within minutes he had the helicopter airborne. As he flew away from the island he knew he would be back.

They watched the aircraft disappear towards the horizon. 'He will be back', one of the young women said with a smile on her face. 'They all come back again. It was good to have a new one. He was strong'.

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