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Captain Garth Clint: Sex Slave in the Outback! - Part 1

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Author: Adelbert
Published: 03-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-17
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In this erotic story Captain Garth Clint returns in his sexual adventures, this time he is in the Outback...

* * * * * * *

'Do you have a big cock? I think you have a big cock. I think you have huge balls, too. Men who have a lot of hair on their chests have big cocks'.

The question came out of the blue and surprised Garth as he struggled to light his pipe. It had all started so innocently...

He felt he needed a break, and so Captain Garth Clint loaded his canoe onto his SUV and headed into the outback. No more airports or helicopters for at least two weeks. For the last five days he had followed the contours of the river. An ever changing river bank made his journey interesting. At times thick forest growth reduced to nothing the river's banks, and then this would be replaced by semi-desert areas.

This morning he had started early to avoid the intense heat of the desert. The river flowed through a deep gorge and emerged into a cool forest. He decided to break camp on the river's bank and rowed his canoe ashore. By now his muscles were aching for relief after the punishment they had endured the last couple of days when he rowed against the current.

He noticed the roof of a large house peeking through the trees when he pulled his canoe onto the sand and decided to ask permission from the owner before he pitched his tent.

The heat was already intense. He removed his shirt, and taking only his pipe with him he set off through the trees in the direction of the house. The forest was cool and peaceful. Suddenly he emerged into a clearing that led up to the homestead.

As he approached the veranda he noticed an old woman get up from her chair to watch his approach. Grandma Lilly liked what she saw. The man approaching her was tall and extremely muscular. She could see his thick muscles had developed through an active lifestyle and not by wasting time in a gym. His mass of blonde hair had been bleached by the sun, and the hair on his chest was glistening with perspiration. The huge pipe clenched in his teeth would have looked ridiculous on any other man but on him it complimented his good looks. He approached the big rambling house. A large dilapidated warehouse was situated amongst the trees at the rear of the house. The cool grass felt good under his bare feet.

'Girls. We have a visitor!' the old woman shouted into the house

Garth noted the woman as he approached the house. She was wearing a see-through man's shirt. To his amazement he could see her breasts and her pubic hair through the material. Two girls came out of the house. He was immediately taken by their good looks. It was obvious they were twins. Their long sturdy legs and firm stomachs were tanned a deep golden brown. Chestnut coloured hair hung loose over their shoulders. Full red lips smiled at him as he came within greeting distance.

Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe
Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe

'Good morning', he said. They returned his greeting, and he asked permission to pitch his tent on the riverbank. 'That won't be necessary', the old woman said. 'There are only the three of us living in this old house. We have lots of room if you want to spend the night'. 'That is kind of you, but I do not want to impose', he said. 'Nonsense', one of the girls replied. 'We have lots of space, and it is a long time since we have had a man in this house. Come and have a beer'

'You have come just at the right time. We have our yearly summer party tonight. It lasts all night' the old woman said. 'Around here I am known as Granny Lilly. That is Odette, and her sister is Odile. What is your name, young man?'

'My name is Garth. Garth Clint, ma'am.' She took him by the arm and steered him into the spacious lounge. Odette brought him his beer. During the conversation that followed Garth was aware of the way in which the girls watched him. He felt naked without his shirt.

By midday the old woman suggested that Garth should go to his canoe to retrieve his backpack and belongings. 'We will go along granny', Odile suggested.

The three of them left the house. As they entered the thick forest Odile said 'I am so hot.' 'So am I', answered Odette. Without a word they stripped off their clothes and dropped it into the bushes. Garth could not believe his eyes. He fumbled with his pipe and tobacco pouch. As their magnificent breasts tumbled free from their shirts it took all of Garth's willpower not to stare. The girls giggled as they were acutely aware of his discomfort.

Odette nudged her sister. 'Watch this', she whispered. 'Do you have a big cock? I think you have a big cock. I think you have huge balls, too. Men who have a lot of hair on their chests have big cocks'.

The question came out of the blue and surprised Garth as he struggled to light his pipe. He became aware of their closeness. He knew they were doing it on purpose to watch him squirm in embarrassment. Odlile stepped closer and started to run her fingers through the mass of hair on his chest. Odette joined her sister and softly pulled on his beard.

'Oooh! You are a pretty boy. I love these big muscles. Are all your muscles so big?' Garth knew what they were referring to.

'How old are you?' one of them asked.

'Twenty eight', he stammered and immediately hated himself for sounding like a virgin schoolboy. 'We are only twenty', they chorused.

Captain Garth Clint gets aroused
Captain Garth Clint gets aroused

Suddenly Odette yanked down his short pants. He felt a cool breeze on his manhood as his cock and balls tumbled free.

The look of amazement on the women's' faces would have been funny if it was not for the fact that Garth was used to this kind of response whenever he bedded a woman for the firsts time. The girls looked on in awe at the mass of meat and muscle that protruded from his thick clump of pubic hair. Gently Odette cradled his thick penis in her hand. She could feel the heat radiating out of the huge limb.

'Holy shit, dear sister. What have we here?'

To her delight she felt the penis get a life of its own as it started to get stiff. Garth stood motionless. He knew it was useless to fight what his body was wanting to do now. Let nature take its course.

Slowly his penis reared its head until it was ready to howl at the blue sky. By now the two girls had recovered from their shock. They were suddenly aware of the possibilities for non-stop pleasure that lay within their grasp.

As Garth moved to take the pipe out of his mouth Odette pushed his hand away. She stood on tiptoe and gently started to lick the massive bowl with the tip of her tongue. Slowly her tongue moved down the thick stem towards his lips. She felt the movement of his massive chest as his breathing grew deeper. Her tongue stopped its journey when it reached his lips. Then she started licking his neck and slowly moved down his torso as she gently pulled the hair on his chest with her teeth.

'You have woken a sleeping stallion,' her sister said softly. 'I think you will have to ride him now till he drops'.

'Yes', she agreed. Suddenly Odette flung her legs over his stiff cock and with her back against his chest she straddled him. Even for a man of his strength the weight of the girl on his cock was too much. In a reflex movement his strong arm encircled her waist and he lifted her against his stomach. Odette flung her legs back and locked them around his hips. Odile saw the tip of his penis protrude from beneath Odette's cunt. Grabbing his penis she pulled his penis and testicles clear of Odette's legs.

Odile laughed. 'It looks like you have a penis', she said to Odette.' It is nice', Odette murmured as she became aware of the man's heat between her legs. She felt fantastic strength emanating from every muscle in his body. The veins in his arms bulged as he strained to prevent the full weight of her body on his penis. The thick matte of hair on his chest tickled her back like a lover's tongue licking sweat off her spine. She knew she wanted this behemoth riding her. What had started as a game now became pure lust.

Garth stood his man. He was suddenly very conscious of the woman's cunt resting on his swollen cock and balls. Odile laughingly removed the pipe from his mouth. Grasping it by the stem she lightly thumped it against the shaft of his penis. Garth jumped in surprise as glowing tobacco spilt onto his scrotum scorching his pubic hair.

'To the river, Mister Horse', she said. Both girls laughed. Garth stumbled down the track towards the river.

'Oh look!' Odette shouted from her perch on his dick. 'His cock is beginning to drool!' Both girls roared with laughter. Garth felt completely helpless. Again Odile used his pipe and walloped him on his arse. 'Hurry it up', she shouted. 'We are horny. We want cock'. Garth increased his speed and practically sprinted to the river.

Perspiration made his body shine in the heat of the sun. He felt his cock begin to pulse. 'Don't even think of shooting your shot, big boy', the women shouted. 'You will get a spanking'. They laughed as they noticed him increasing his speed.

Captain Garth Clint is horny
Captain Garth Clint is horny

The river came into view. Garth stumbled onto the soft sand and went down on his knees. The woman dismounted with a laugh and Garth crawled into the cooling water. The girls watched as the massive man scooped the water over his sweating body. He stood on his hands and knees in the shallows and tried to cool his pulsating cock by plunging it into the water.

'Do you want some of this?' the girls shouted. Garth saw them using their fingers to open their cunts. The deep red muscles that beckoned his manhood resembled the inside of ripe figs. The women teased their clits and licked their lips to entice him. He knew they were beginning to go moist as their fingers frolicked where his manhood should be. With a roar he rose out of the water and grabbed the first girl. He held her close as his massive organ was sandwiched between them. Her body had a delicious warmth that felt good even in the stifling heat that spilled out of the sky. Odile felt the man's lips close around her nipples. He sucked on her breasts and tried to thrust into her cunt. She grabbed his hot shaft and twisted it away from her vagina. Garth flinched.

'Not so fast, pretty boy,' she cautioned him. 'You are now our slave. Beg for pussy'.

Garth wanted it bad. 'Please', he panted. 'Please!'

'Do you want it bad?' they asked.


'Let us first see if you are a strong boy. Punish your cock. Slap it'.

Garth could not believe his ears, but he was desperate. He slapped his stiff cock. It swayed from the force of the smack. He hardly felt it. Neither did he hear the girls' laughter. All he wanted was the soft dripping pussies of the women in front of him.

'Again!' they screamed. He slapped his cock again. And then again. The girls laughed and pointed at his oozing cock as it rocked like a ship's mast. Complete exhaustion overwhelmed him as he sank onto his knees. He knew he was embarrassing himself, but at this moment he did not care. For all his massive strength he was as weak as a baby now.

'You two are naughty', a voice said behind them. 'Are you tormenting our gentleman caller? Just for this I am going to punish you. I will give him what he is begging for. Stand aside.' It was Grandma Lilly. 'Grandma.,' the girls cried.' We are warming him up for our pleasure'

'You are going to have him all night', the old woman said. 'Let me sample the merchandise now' She stripped off her clothing and approached the kneeling man. He saw her perspiring breasts tower over him and her oozing vagina was near his face. The smell of raw sweat radiated from her body

Without a word she slipped her cunt down his thick shaft. Garth roared. The pleasure of her tight vagina made him rear in ecstasy. He shoved deep penetrating thrusts into her moist Eden. The old woman felt his cock grow bigger inside her. He arched his back in order to try and get deeper into her body. The sisters laughed and bent down to watch Garth's balls smack against Grandma Lilly's hairy bush.

Grabbing the huge breasts that was offered to him he started sucking her nipples. Grandma Lilly slipped her hands between his legs and gently started to massage his bulging balls. Suddenly his cum shot out of his swollen member with a force that knocked him onto his back. His cock slithered out of her cunt while he was still shooting his seed.

All three women yelped with laughter as his cum shot into the air. With a groan he collapsed onto his back. Immediately the two girls were on him and started to lick the juices from his penis. Odile spread her legs and kneeled down to sit on his lap. She proceeded to prod his drooping dick into her cunt. He was amazed as he felt himself go hard again. He realised why. Odette had her finger up his arse and was massaging his prostate.

Captain Garth Clint
Captain Garth Clint

When he was fully erect again Odette spread her legs in front of him. 'Eat this pussy, pretty boy'. She pressed his head into her cunt. While he was furiously thrusting his now bloated cock into Odile, his tongue teased Odette's clitoris. He tasted the salty juices flowing from her vagina. It coated his beard and she groaned as the prickly stubble on his chin made the nerve ends in her inner leg come to life.

He smiled to himself as the two women groaned under his relentless onslaught. HE WAS NOW IN CHARGE!!! Both women were screaming 'NOW! NOW! PLEASENOW!!!!

As Odile climaxed beneath him her thrusting pelvis lifted him into the air and flung him off. At the same time Odette collapsed onto him in rapture, her breasts smothering his face. They lay in a heap gasping for breath. Slowly Garth lifted himself off the sand and said, 'Shall we go back, ladies? I need a beer and a hot shower'. He was smiling.

After what they had gone through the girls could not understand how the man could be so cool and in control.

The girls followed. They were still shaking from the frenzy his massive cock had provoked. Odette smiled at her sister 'He is in for a surprise tonight when the girls come to our picnic. By midnight he will be begging for mercy...'

They laughed. Captain Garth Clint led the way up the path to the house. He lit his pipe and puffed contentedly. He was unaware of the night of uncontrolled fun the women were planning. He was going to be the major attraction. The girls watched his broad muscular back and his tight arse.

Tonight they are going to use him until he begs for mercy.!!!!!

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