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Captain Garth Clint: Sex Slave in the Outback! - Part 2

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Author: Adelbert
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Published: 07-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-17
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The second installment of the erotic tale involving Captain Garth Clint in the Outback.

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Captain Garth Clint with axe
Captain Garth Clint with axe

It was late afternoon when the women woke to the sound of an axe striking wood. They looked out of their windows to see a magnificent sight. Garth Clint was wielding a massive axe in the process of chopping a log into firewood. They watched the ebb and flow of his muscles as he lifted and struck the axe into the wood while the sun's rays performed a symphony of light on his torso.

When he woke from his slumber Garth discovered that his clothes were still wet. Granny Lilly had insisted that they wanted to clean his clothes but the humidity defeated the sunshine in its efforts to dry the washing. Garth removed a soft chamois leather cloth from his camera case and tied it around his waist with rope in a crude effort to fashion a loin cloth. The axe and log gave him an excuse to be a gentleman, and he decided to chop firewood for his hosts.

Odette an Odile watched in awe as the massive man continued his toil. Suddenly they were annoyed that they had guests arriving soon. They would have relished the company of the man to themselves for the night. Their experience at the river was just an overture of what they wanted now. Odette stroked her cunt which was still moist with the man's seed. She wanted more, and she was not prepared to share the bounty.

They were not worried about having Roxy coming to visit. The woman had the physique of a Japanese Sumo wrestler. Although they joked about her weight behind her back they were well aware that she had the strength to wrestle a bull to the ground. No man could find her attractive. No... It was Brandi they were worried about. She had eyes as blue as the Aegean sea at midday and her long muscular legs seemed never-ending. The wind always seemed to make love to her dark blonde hair. Even when there was not even a breeze to stir a butterfly's wings.

Granny Lilly tempted Garth into the house with a beer just as the guests arrived. When he was introduced to them it was definitely Brandi that caught his eye. He was courteous to them when introduced. Odette noticed how both women acted coy when they spoke to him. "Bitches", she said softly.

Garth volunteered to carry the backpack with their food when they left for the picnic site. The four women led the way along the small trail while Garth followed. He heard their laughter. From the way they glanced back at him he realised Odile was giving a graphic description of their morning at the river. The guests roared in amusement when she demonstrated how they had forced Garth to punish his own genitals.

Captain Garth Clint Illustration
Captain Garth Clint Illustration

The heavy backpack was no match for Garth's strength but the relentless heat made his body slick with sweat. The girls saw this and laughed. "Maybe he is like Popye the Sailor. He needs his pipe for strength", Brandi joked. She reached into the backpack and retrieved his pipe. As she stuck it into his mouth she brushed against him and the loincloth shifted. To their delight his balls popped out on either side. They screamed with laughter. Brandi cradled one of his balls in her hand. "Girls. It feels like a small hairy puppy", she shouted. Garth gasped as her cool fingers curled around that part of his hot manhood.

The fact that all the women were naked gave Garth reason to feel self-conscious, and it showed. The women saw this as an opportunity to have some fun. They surrounded him and ran their hands over his body. Odette ripped away his loin cloth. Garth grabbed at his cock. Now it was Roxy and Brandi's turn to display amazement.

"Oh mama", said Roxy. "Now that is a bull this cow wants for supper and breakfast". The girls screamed with laughter. Garth tried to cup his penis but they slapped his hands away. The rest of the hike to the waterfall was spent making graphic comments about sex and male genitalia. Throughout all the laughter Garth was the target of all the jokes when they laughingly poked at his dangling manhood. He wished he could stop blushing like a choirboy.

The waterfall cascaded into a small lake. A wooden hut was located in the surrounding forest. A natural sand pit at the lake's edge had bales of straw that served as a table and seats. Roxy pointed to the clearing in the centre of the sand and said to Garth "That is where we will have our fun tonight". Then she licked her lips lasciviously while looking at Garth. He felt himself red-faced again.

Captain Garth Clint Fighting
Captain Garth Clint Fighting

"Into the water everybody", someone shouted. They all rushed past Garth. Suddenly he squealed like a dog whose paw is caught in the door as Brandi grabbed hold of his penis and forced him to scurry awkwardly behind her as she pulled him into the water. Garth crashed into the water hoping to hide the erection he felt building between his legs. The four girls roared with laughter. The water was a welcome relief after the heat and humidity of the surrounding forest.

The food consisted of wine and fruit and cheese. Garth sipped wine as the girls fed him small morsels of cheese and fruit. The fun started when they demanded a strong- man show. "Parade your muscles to us", they taunted as they pushed him into the clearing in the centre. Garth was not a professional body builder and had no idea how to show muscles but he stood facing them and started to flex his biceps. They cheered and mocked. Suddenly he was more aware of his nudity and to his embarrassment he was getting a full erection. Within seconds his cock was at its full magnificence making the girls point and laugh. It was the massive body of Roxy that sprinted into the clearing. All of a sudden her enormous arms had him in a bone crunching grip as she lifted him into the air screeching, "Screw all this playing around. Ladies. I want a cock between my legs! Now!"

The girls loved this. The night was starting to become very entertaining.

Garth gasped. His stiff cock was sandwiched between his stomach and Roxy's big breasts. The heat of their bodies was extremely erotic and he tried not to think that it was a huge muscular woman who was carrying him to the bales of straw that was going to be their bed of lust. He would have preferred one of the other girls.

Captain Garth Clint
Captain Garth Clint

Roxy carried the man across the clearing as if he was as light as a feather. She flung him down on a bed of straw and grabbed hold of his cock and tried to shove it into her dripping cunt. The strong woman's grip on his shaft was too much for Garth and to his dismay he climaxed with a groan as he shot his cum onto Roxy's bulging stomach. He collapsed onto his knees. The watching girls were hysterical with laughter. Garth hardly heard them. The hefty woman loomed over him. "What a naughty boy you are", she shouted. "Around here we do not like it when our men finish before we do! We decide when you may shoot your shot! Girls. I think he needs to be punished"!!!!

Before Garth could fully understand what was happening she pulled him to his feet and in one fluid move she pulled him over her knee. Trapping his still hard cock behind her knee in the crook of her leg she spanked him on his buttocks. Three hard slaps made him yelp in shock. When she pushed him off her knee she ordered him to lick his cum off her stomach. The sticky fluid tasted salty on his tongue. The women could not stop laughing.

"You will come to me when I call. Meanwhile you will crawl on hands and feet in the sand", she admonished. The three other women pushed Garth onto his knees. As he started to crawl they ordered him to crawl on his hands and feet. With his butt in the air and his manhood dangling like bells between his legs he scuttled around the sand clearing. Whenever he paused they threatened him with another spanking. Odile fetched an object from the wooden hut. To his shock he felt the girls tie a cow bell to his penis .Brandi grabbed his balls and pulled them back through his legs stretching the skin on his penis so tight that his piss hole opened and he felt cum oozing onto the sand. Roxy beckoned to him and he awkwardly crawled towards her with the clanging of the bell eliciting laughter all round.

Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe
Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe

To his amazement he saw an object protruding from her cunt. As he got closer he realised it was the stem of his pipe. She had the pipe's bowl deep inside her vagina. Playfully she ordered him to remove it. In his embarrassed position he gripped the stem with his strong teeth and pulled the bowl free. With a flick of his head he flung the pipe aside. Tugging him by his beard Roxy pulled him between her legs and onto her massive body. "Put it in", she ordered. The girls removed the cow bell from his shaft and he slid his cock deep into her moist cunt. It felt good.

As he started thrusting she stopped him. "Let me show you how to please your man, ladies" she called to the other women. "Those Bangkok girls taught me a lot of good things". Slowly she started to move her pelvis. The muscles inside her vagina flexed and relaxed and flexed again. To the man inside her it felt as if small fingers were massaging his cock while at the same time pulling him deeper. Garth heard a sucking sound from his groin area and to his amazement he realised she had manoeuvred his cock and both his balls into her vaginal passage. The sensual feeling this provoked made him feel giddy. With an almighty howl he started shoving inwards. As his scrotum titillated her clitoris Roxy began to thrash in a passion that threatened to dislodge the man sprawled comically over her massive body.

The women watched this naked display of raw lust in amazement and hot anticipation for their turn under this big man. Every time one of his balls slipped out of Roxy's vagina they would push it back causing Garth to roar afresh as their cool fingers manhandled his hot throbbing organ.

Roxy felt a feeling deep inside her body that was new to her. She forced her massive breasts into his mouth. An electric jolt ran through her body as his mouth closed over her nipples. In his hot lust he was trying to suck on both breasts at the same time while his pelvis slammed into her cunt with a satisfying regularity. For the first time in her life Roxy heard herself screaming obscenities and begging for more from a man. She suddenly understood that she felt completely enslaved by this man's physique and his huge proud manhood. The smell of sweat and pipe tobacco on his body drove her to a renewed frenzied attack. Alarmingly she knew she was about to climax. She wanted this to go on and on, but her body released a flood of juices that mingled with the semen that shot out of his cock as both performers crumpled in a hot sweaty heap.

Garth slipped off this mountain of a woman and lay on his back. The night was suddenly quiet as their screams and howls of ecstasy subsided. The three watching women stared down at the prostate man. His sticky penis glistened in the rays of the setting sun. They started sponging his sweaty heaving chest

"I am next, lover..." Brandi whispered into his ear...

The night is not over for Captain Garth Clint.

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