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Captain Garth Clint: Sex Slave in the Outback! - Part 3

Author: Adelbert Contact: -
Publish Date : Sep 14, 2014
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This is the third chapter of the erotic story involving Captain Garth Clint in the Outback.

* * * * * * *

Only one person had ever called Garth "Donkey Dick". That person ended up sucking his meals through a straw for two months. His friends only discussed his massive cock behind his back, but never in an offensive manner. Because of his huge genitals Garth had always been a gentle and thoughtful lover as he never wanted to hurt the women who came to his bed. He still could not believe that the big woman had managed to stuff all of his manhood into her vagina.

Garth felt himself pressed up against a tree trunk. Brandi was rubbing her breasts against his chest while stroking his testicles. Earlier she had forced her nipples into his mouth. Her baby son now preferred a bottle and she wanted her full breasts emptied. He drank the liquid that flowed into his mouth. As Brandi stroked his balls she pushed up against him and she could feel life returning to his drooping cock. She was not surprised. Although Roxy had drained his strength, the man could perform when it was expected of him. For all his boyish embarrassment he remained a full- blooded man.

Captain Garth Clint
Captain Garth Clint

Garth felt Brandi's body slide down his sweaty torso. Her tongue teased his nipples and the thick sticky matte of hair on his chest. Her lips roamed down past his navel and into the dark hair round the base of his shaft. She squeezed his cock between her huge breasts. He gripped the tree trunk hard in anticipation of what was to come. She licked his shaft and tried to take the crown of his huge penis into her mouth. She failed. His cock really was huge! She stroked his penis. She squeezed his hairy testicles. Garth groaned. The sound made her hot. She wanted him to take her brutally while he begged for more. Brandi wanted him to be her slave and her master.

The woman turned around and pressed her back against him. She wanted him to shag her from behind. Doggy style! He shoved his hot cock between her legs. She grabbed his shaft and pulled it through between her legs. Stroking the head of his penis she pressed a finger into his piss hole. Garth yelled in exquisite agony! He grabbed her breasts and started milking them. His fingers teased her stiff nipples. Brandi gasped and shoved his stiff cock away from her cunt. She wanted this feeling of anticipation to last forever. She did not want him inside her just yet. Garth begged. He shoved his pelvis forward trying to get his cock inside her Eden, but every time she would stop him. He begged her to accept his throbbing dick into her soft velvety warmth. Again he tried to enter her cunt. She slapped his cock. The sudden sting made the huge man bellow in surprise. She slapped his cock again.

With his arm around her waist he lifted her off the ground hoping this position would allow him access into her vagina. Again she foiled his attempt. He gave dry heaving sobs. 'Tell me what a naughty boy you are', she panted. 'Yes. I am very naughty', he groaned. 'Tell me more!' she said in a quivering voice. 'I want you to punish me. I want you to tie me up like a bull for the entertainment of your friends! Tie me to a cart and I will be your donkey', he begged. 'Please'. !!! He knew he was humbling himself, but now he would do anything to get the rapture his body craved. For the first time in his life he was not in control of his cravings!!!! He was actually begging for relief from the euphoric feeling in his throbbing manhood.

Captain Garth Clint gets it on
Captain Garth Clint gets it on

Brandi felt this Greek God's breath in her neck. She heard him begging. If only he knew!! She wanted to shout the same words to him just to satisfy the heat between her legs. She grabbed his cock firmly in her hand and as a final torture she rubbed his dickhead over her shaven vagina. The stubble scratching his inflamed penis almost drove the man insane. Then she shoved his dick deep into her vagina. The exquisite agony and relief of the moment made both of them howl like rabid wolfs .Garth paused for a second. Then he began slow deep thrusts into her interior space. Over and over he rewarded them both with slow firm lunges. Her hands cupped his balls and she tried to push him deeper into her body. As the speed of his pelvic movements increased they both knew they were working up to a massive climax.

For a few seconds they stopped all movement. They stopped breathing.....and then they reached a climax that made both of them see stars that were not part of the night sky. Over and over his cock spat out a thick stream of his cum, filling her cavity, and sliding down the shaft of his rod to continue its journey down her legs. With his cock still inside the woman Garth fell backwards onto the cool grass. Brandi closed her legs trapping his warm member in the still pulsating heat of her womanhood. They stayed in that position long after their breathing had returned to normal... Around them the night resumed its nocturnal lifecycle. The man and woman lay in quiet repose. Brandi positioned his head in the crook of her arm and slipped her full breast into his mouth. He sucked on the tit.

The two sisters stood in awe at the spectacle of animal desire they had observed but Odette and Odile were envious of the look of tired euphoria on Brandi's face. Behind them Roxy snored on a bed of straw. Deep marks scarred the bark of the tree where Garth's nails had clawed in primitive craving. Both girls felt the moisture between their legs as an overture to what they desired now. The sight of the muscular man being suckled by a woman made their breasts ache for his touch.

With both Roxy and Brandi asleep on bales of straw the three people still awake basked in the peace of the moment. They sat in a tight group round a small fire, their arms and legs entwined. The two girls were conscious of the man's warmth as they huddled into his massive chest. His limp penis lay across Odette's thigh. She traced its blue veins with the tip of her finger. Garth's eyes followed the path her finger traced. They ate fruit and cheese. Odile drizzled red wine onto the shaft of his penis and watched as her sister slurped it with relish. She stroked wine onto her nipples and shuddered in pleasure as Garth's tongue licked it dry. With delight they watched his penis come to life again. Garth could only stare as his cock reared its head to lie stiff upon his belly. He cupped his balls in his hands and silently offered himself to the two women. They claimed his body as their own until a faint dawn proclaimed the sun's victory over a retreating night.

Garth watched the approaching dawn. Odette snuggled into his chest. 'Please stay another day,' she requested and smiled as he agreed. 'This is a gift for you', she said as she proffered a small parcel. He opened the wrapping. The beautiful giant Meerschaum pipe surprised him. 'It belonged to my grandfather, 'she said. 'We want you to have it'. Garth had his giant pipes specially made for him by a Portuguese pipe maker in the back streets of Lisbon. This pipe fulfilled all the criteria he demanded of a pipe. The golden yellow of the clay had already been burnished by the oil of a hundred hands to a dark copper sheen. It shone in the light of the retreating moon. He slipped it into his mouth. 'It is a perfect fit,' he smiled. He pressed the woman's body against his and they watched the sun take dominion over the sky. She loved the feel of his warm limp cock pressing against her arse.


Granny Lilly's guests arrived in the early evening. Her friend Mabel was introduced, as well as Mabel's two children Kitty and Duke. Duke had his arm around his fiance Missy. The women, including Duke's fiance, were obviously entranced with Granny Lilly's guest. They gazed at Garth with solid affection, like cows inspecting a horny bull. Duke was uncomfortable with the erotic atmosphere he could feel radiating from the three plump, comfortable women. Although he had a firm muscular body, he still felt inferior in the presence of the other man.

Night progressed towards the midnight hour. Next to Garth on the bench around the embers of a fire, Duke and his fiance were entwined in a passionate embrace. As Garth got up to go for a leak it was Odile who pulled down his short pants. 'Hey, girls. Look at this', she shouted as she pointed to Garth's dangling cock.

Captain Garth Clint with a pipe up his ass
Captain Garth Clint with a pipe up his ass

Garth was caught by surprise. With his pants around his ankles he stumbled backwards and sat down hard on the bench. Immediately he shot upright with a bellow. A strange sensation came from his arse. To his disgust he saw he had sat down on his pipe and the stem had gone up his arse. There was hysterical laughter all around. Before he could remove it Duke shoved the pipe even deeper up Garth's rectum. The women found the sight of the big man jumping in surprise hilarious, but it was Garth's big cock swinging around like an elephant's trunk that gave Duke an idea. 'Ladies', he said. 'Let us have some fun. There is another man here. The two of us are going to have a cock pulling competition. For your amusement'. He had a sly smile as he said it. 'Come on, Tarzan", he said to Garth. 'Follow me'.

As the excited women accompanied the two men to the stable Odette explained the object of the competition to Garth. His jaw dropped as he heard it. In the stable the women fitted a crude form of a harness round each man's cock. Duke had a stiff erection. Odette had to massage Garth's penis to attention before she could slide the leather thongs round his shaft. The harnesses were then attached to each other by a short leather strap from which dangled a heavy weight. The men were now coupled together. At the same time their arms were tied behind their backs. The object of the game was for each man to try and pull the other one out of the sandpit in which they were standing.....using their cocks!

It was Granny Lilly who shouted...'GO'!

As Granny Lilly gave the command Garth felt the harness pull tight when the younger man threw himself backwards to try and tug his opponent out of the pit. Caught unawares, Garth staggered a few steps forward. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. Duke gasped! For the first time since he had devised this sport" to impress his fiance he faced an opponent that could beat him. Again he threw his body backward. Garth remained fixed to the spot. Duke saw the man's big cock swell as the harness bit into the shaft. The penis' piss hole glared at him like an angry eye. The weight hanging from the strap swung like a pendulum. Both men were perspiring freely. Their bodies glistened in the feeble light. The women's cheers echoed around the derelict building.

Missy watched her husband-to-be struggle against the powerful man opposing him. His penis, although big enough to her liking, could not compare with the other man's meat. Duke pulled backwards. Garth flinched, but did not move. The massive muscles in his legs bulged as he anchored himself firmly in place. He saw the younger man's penis begin to drool. It was obvious that Duke found it a turn-on when portraying his masculinity to his beloved Missy, and Garth contemplated allowing the younger man to win the contest. Then Missy changed it all...

Missy admired the stranger's physique and would have liked to get

Captain Garth Clint in a cock tug-a-war
Captain Garth Clint in a cock tug-a-war

closer to him, but her loyalty still remained with Duke. She did not want him to hurt his manhood so soon before their wedding. Rushing into the sandpit she threw her arms around Duke in order to bring an end to this stupid contest. At the same time she grabbed hold of Duke's cock to release the harness. The sensation of his fiance's cool fingers grabbing his warm swollen balls was too much for him. He felt his knees go weak as his groin started convulsing in the throes of an ejaculation. Garth was caught off guard when Duke suddenly stopped pulling and the strap relaxed causing Garth to topple backwards. At the same time Duke, ejaculating fiercely and still attached to the strap, fell forward onto Garth while shooting his thick man-juices onto Garth's chest. The women were convulsed with laughter when they saw the spectacle of the two men lying in a heap. They rushed to disentangle them from the harnesses.

Garth was declared the winner. He spent the night in Granny Lilly's four-poster bed. In the early hours of the morning Odette and Odile joined them. Granny Lilly watched as the three young people copulated noisily. Her cunt was still wet with the young man's juices. The women fell asleep. As dawn welcomed a new day Garth slipped out of the bed and, collecting his clothes, returned to the river's embankment. The canoe was where he had left it. He pushed the craft into the water and watched as the homestead disappeared into the past. Sleep overcame him while the current carried his craft to the coast.

Duke returned to the mine that was his home. He did not like losing. He did not like being laughed at when he spilled his seed on Garth's chest. He knew the man and his canoe would pass by the mine if they followed the river's passage. As the river snaked its way through desert and forest before reaching the mine he had about two hours to prepare a reception for Tarzan". He and his two buddies will be waiting. Missy also awaited the big man's arrival. She had other plans for him. Plans that did not include Duke....

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