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Captain Garth Clint: Sex Slave in the Outback! - Part 4

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Author: Adelbert
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Published: 21-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-17
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His penis was scarcely released from its confinement when one of the blonde women impaled herself on Garth's majestic bloated cock.

* * * * * * *

The opal mine of torture and debauchery.

It happened very quickly. Duke grabbed Garth's genitals. Before he could recover from the shock the other two men twisted his arms behind his back and slipped a leather noose over his wrists pulling it tight.

Garth was about to row past the jetty when he heard a familiar voice call to him. Duke and his two friends stood at the river's edge. Although he would have wanted to continue on his travels towards the coast he accepted their invitation to stay for lunch. He had departed Granny Lilly's farm at daybreak and he welcomed a rest. He followed the three men up a steep track to a grotto that turned out to be the entrance to an opal mine. They explained the mine was supposed to be quarried out, but they decided to dig hoping to prove the old miners wrong. Three tents were pitched under the overhang to the mine's entrance. A fire in the centre of the encampment served for cooking purposes. The women had gone to town and was only expected back at dusk.

Although they appeared to be very friendly, Garth did not trust the situation. He was aware that Duke was not very pleased at having lost the cock pulling contest. When they entered the mine the temperature was cooler than the outside sweltering sun

Illustration of Captain Garth Clint without a shirt smoking a pipe
Illustration of Captain Garth Clint without a shirt smoking a pipe


It happened very quickly. Duke grabbed Garth's genitals. Before he could recover from the shock the other two men twisted his arms behind his back and slipped a leather noose over his wrists pulling it tight. He could not free his arms. Duke stood in front of Garth. 'So Mr "Tarzan", are you still so strong? We'll put that to the test. You are going to be our fun for a day or two'

Duke pulled down Garth's short pants and, grabbing his limp cock by the shaft, he led him deeper into the mine. In the first chamber they arrived at Garth was pushed up against one of the wooden pillars that supported the rock ceiling. A leather harness was fastened above his balls and tied round the wooden post. Garth could not move. He was still reeling in shock at the speed in which everything seemed to happen when a strange apparatus was positioned in front of him. It consisted of a clear bottle- shaped object connected to a long tube that ended in a metal box attached to an electric outlet. Suddenly Garth knew what he was looking at!

'Let me introduce you to our own invention', Duke said. 'Here in the outback we have to devise our own amusement when there aren't any ladies about. We call our little toy Lolita. She is going to give you a blowjob that will make your ears pop. It is a milking machine that we have altered to give pleasure to a man's pee-pee'. His companions roared with laughter. 'We call it...the male milking machine!'

Duke grabbed hold of Garth's limp cock and pushed it into the solitary teat-cup attached to the claw of the machine. The soft, silky liner of the cup caressed Garth's penis as it lay snug inside the object. 'Watch this, boys,' Duke called out to his mates. 'See how quickly Mr "Tarzan's" cock jumps to attention'.

Illustration of Captain Garth Clint naked with a milking machine attached to his penis
Illustration of Captain Garth Clint naked with a milking machine attached to his penis

With these words he switched on the milking machine.................

The machine came alive around Garth's cock with a slurping noise. Pulsing mechanisms in the inner liner massaged his penis for about ten seconds before it stopped and a warm moist vacuum sucked out any liquid in his shaft. The unnatural feeling came as a shock and a surprise to the ensnared man. Before he could respond to the alien experience the machine repeated its movement. Again the pulsing movements would massage his cock in a vacuum that sucked more liquid from his penis in a sucking noise. Massage-vacuum-massage-vacuum. By now he had a full blown erection much to the delight of his captors. He tried to pull his cock out of the machine, but the strap round his balls was secured tight around the pillar making any groin movement impossible. To his bewilderment he realised that his body was beginning to respond to the provocations it was experiencing, and his erection was getting more intense. His balls swelled as it filled with his seed. Pre-cum drool and piss was being forced out of his penis in a comfortable, yet erotic, sensation. Sweat covered his body in a shining lustre. He began to groan in a mixture of pleasure and bewilderment. It shocked him that his body would so readily respond to this invasion of his manhood by a machine. The erotic feelings he was experiencing could only have happened if the Goddess of Love herself was raping him, and sucking his cock, using the soft velvet strength of her vagina and her mouth at the same time.

Coarse laughter accompanied his sexual torment as the three younger men watched Garth's massive chest heaving and the huge muscles in his arms flexed against the ropes imprisoning them. He thrust his penis deeper into the sensual feeling coming from the machine. Now he wanted the machine to punish all of his manhood with its intense torture.

Duke grabbed Garth's testis and squeezed them as if they were soft balls of dough. Garth's cries of pain and ecstasy were drowned out by the men's laughter. 'You still want to show your manhood now, Mr "Tarzan?"' Duke shouted. 'Now is your chance. Go, big man, go. Shoot it now, "Tarzan", shoot your shot now', the men called out. One of the men smacked his buttocks, but Garth hardly felt it as his attention was entirely on the excruciating erotic feeling beginning to conquer all other sensations in his groin.

Perspiration slid down his body and his muscles gleamed like a fatigued race horse. He gritted his teeth to prevent himself from begging his abductors to give him the breasts of a woman on which to suck while he was being punished by a machine. His manhood demanded a release of this pleasure, now, and with an almighty howl he shot his cum into the malleable tube. It exited his piss-hole and slid down the tube into the receptacle at Garth's feet. He exhaled with a sob of relief, but the liberation he felt lasted only for a few seconds before he realised that the machine was still performing its depraved dance around his cock, preventing his genitals from deflating. 'Not yet, "Tarzan", we still have a long way to go', the guys called out. The machine kept up its relentless sucking like a tireless whore. Watched by his friends, Duke thrust a gloved finger up Garth's rectum, titillating his prostate. The captive man yelled. His captors laughed in delight and fascination.

The afternoon progressed as the captive man experienced intense pleasure mixed with humiliation when he begged his captors for release from this Eden of craving. As he was about to shoot his shot for the fourth time Duke suddenly stopped the machine. His captive's cock slid out of the device as the man collapsed onto his knees. Again Duke thrust a gloved finger up the giant's rectum jolting his prostate and causing the man's dick to shoot his seed across the clay floor. Nonstop laughter ensued as Garth collapsed in exhaustion, perspiration coursing off his body. As he lay on his stomach, his still swollen balls bulged from between his legs. Duke pressed on it with the toe of his boot making the conquered man yelp like a puppy dog. The men's laughter echoed throughout the mine.

Garth slipped into an exhausted sleep.

Illustration of Captain Garth Clint in chains and leather straps with a naked girl on each side of him
Illustration of Captain Garth Clint in chains and leather straps with a naked girl on each side of him

It was late afternoon when Missy and her friends returned to the mine and Duke and his companions decided to travel the thirty miles to the nearest pub, leaving Garth for the amusement of the women. Before they left Duke decided to "dress" Garth for the evening's entertainment. Garth watched them having a whispered conversation. They approached his tethered figure. To his dismay he saw Duke had an old fashioned cut-throat razor in his hand.

The women heard the laughter echoing in the cave. Suddenly their male companions ran out of the cave laughing. "He is all yours, girls!' they yelled. 'He has just had a shave and is now enjoying a smoke' they called out as they sprinted to the truck at the foot of the mountain. The puzzled girls entered the mine. They stood dumbfounded at the spectacle that met their eyes.

Instead of turning him into a figure of derision as the men had planned, the women were met by a sight that could only have been a brave soldier from the Trojan wars. The captors had encased his body and penis in as many leather straps as they could fit onto him. The leather harnesses would have been the soldier's uniform. The pipes stuck into the belt tied around his thigh would have been the knives he used to protect his loved ones. His swollen penis, chained to a trapdoor on the small loading dock, would have been the brave soldier's mighty muscle with which he would impregnate his wife to replace the sons who had crossed the river Styx into the spiritual world due to war, famine and disease. The pipe in his mouth could have been the soldier's talisman to protect against death at the hands of the enemy. They had also shaved off the hair on his balls. A thin stream of cum still dribbled out of his penis and hung like a thin silken thread in the air.

'That is fucking beautiful', one of the blonde girls whispered to herself. This was way too much for all three the women. They were already naked, as they had shed their clothes on arriving back at the camp. Walking around in the nude was second nature to the six friends, as the heat and humidity dictated their every decision here in this savage land. The man in the leather straps was sustenance to their animal hunger. They paused for only a second..... Garth was stunned to see Missy and two blonde girls rush his bound body. He was......proud..... to see that his cock was up to the game again so soon after his afternoon of forced depravity.

Advancing on the man their hands were all over his body as they tugged on the straps. His penis was scarcely released from its confinement when one of the blonde women impaled herself on Garth's majestic bloated cock. "Fuck me', she screamed as she grabbed a fistful of his hair and forced his face onto her breasts. With his arms now free he lifted her body, still skewered on his cock, and stumbled to the air generator unit. Placing her buttocks on the vibrating cover of the machine, he thrust deep into her wet warmth and locked his mouth round her cherry coloured nipples. The tremors coming off the machine travelled up through her arse and into her cunt pulsing her clitoris. Garth knew what he was doing. (He had satisfied many a woman leaning against the pulsation of his washing machine back home.) He pushed deeper and deeper into her ripe interior. To the woman under him this erotic feeling was the ultimate that she had ever experienced and she tried to heighten the feeling even more by stretching out to her full length on the warm cover of the vibrating engine and locking her legs around the man's hips. At the same time her conqueror could feel the throbs quivering through his scrotum into his stabbing penis. It intensified the feeling in his cock, making him howl like an animal while rewarding his manhood with this sudden taste of cloud nine.

The erotic display on the cover of the machine was too much to just observe and the other woman mounted the casing of the machine and straddled her friend's prostate body to face Garth. She pressed his face onto her breasts and forced him to pleasure her nipples. While Garth was fucking the woman speared on his cock and sucking the nipples of her friend facing him, Missy was on her knees behind Garth. She pressed her face between his legs and started to lick the juices and cum off his newly shaven balls. Feeling Missy licking and nipping at his balls he reached behind him and pulled her to her feet placing her next to him. He pressed her mouth to his hairy nipples and at the same time shoved his fingers deep into her cunt. Feeling her moist warmth engulf his hand he made a fist inside her womanhood and started to arouse her clitoris. 'Jeeezus'!!!!.

Missy howled like a werewolf baying at the full moon.

The woman on the end of Garth's cock suddenly started keening in a high pitched voice. Warm juices flowed over his still thrusting manhood, and he shot his cum as they both climaxed with a fierce intensity. Garth's cock slithered out of her cunt, but before he could extricate himself from the three women her friend thrust his wet dripping penis into her vagina and started to ride him like a bronco... He flinched as she slapped his buttocks. The sting of her hands striking his flesh and the shaking from the machine surging through his genitals kept his cock stiff and he started plunging into the woman without a pause. 'Who needs Viagra' he thought to himself before the savagery of the moment obliterated all other thoughts in his head. At his side Missy was still sobbing in pleasure at the wonderful magic the man was invoking with his fingers inside her pulsing Achilles' heel. The first woman, now gorged with pleasure, stood on her knees next to Garth and licked the juices off his shaft every time he exited her friend's hairy bush before pushing back in again. The big hairy-chested man lost count of the amount of times their vaginas cloaked his cock that night. At times it was with a wild savagery. Then there were the quiet intense fucking that left both partners satisfied and content.

As the midnight moon crowned herself queen of the dark the four people fell asleep in a splendid warm mound of sticky wet flesh. Missy cupped his balls in her hands and imprisoned his cock between her breasts.

Missy's dreams were interrupted by Duke's panicked calls for help coming from outside the mine. She noticed the sun had already reached its zenith. She also realised the beautiful leviathan was gone, leaving behind only his hyper masculine smell of pipe tobacco and perspiration.

At the foot of the hill Missy found Duke and his friends in a panic. In the aftermath of a drunken spree they awoke to find that somebody had tied them to the bumper of the truck by lashing a rope round their genitals and tying the end of the rope to the steering wheel. Missy's laughter alerted them to the fact that the same someone had used a permanent marker to write the words 'Pee-Pee' on their foreheads.

Downstream, a solitary man was rowing his canoe towards another adventure. He had a satisfied smile on his face...


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