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Captain Garth Clint: Sex Slave in the Outback! - Part 5

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Author: Adelbert
Published: 29-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-17
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The sudden sting of the small wicker cane on his buttocks had made him ejaculate across the stable floor.

* * * * * * *


Garth had beached his canoe and went up to the house that stood on the river's bank. He needed to recharge his cell phone battery. When he saw the two beautiful muscular women who opened the door he knew he was going to stay for more than a day. He stayed for three days. The days and nights were saturated with an erotic aura which remained with him when he eventually rowed his canoe back to civilisation.

When regular sex bored them the three young people had amused themselves with sexual role playing, which in turn led to more sex. Their muscular bodies became a canvas on which their sexual partners could spill their wildest fancies. Garth's digital camera provided lots of amusement when they took pictures during their sexual foreplay, and afterwards viewed the results with lots of laughter. Various props were found in the house which was used as "costumes" by the three "actors". The house and the dilapidated stables and the surrounding forests were their "stage".

Captain Garth Clint arrived back at his boathouse moored on the Swan River outside Perth. The sun was setting as he finished unpacking his camera equipment. Before retreating with a beer to the upper deck of his houseboat he downloaded the pictures he took from his camera and opened a file on his laptop. He e-mailed the file to various friends and his father. They would appreciate the pictures of salt water crocodiles, koala bears, dingoes and the wild untamed scenery both hellish and beautiful that was the outback. He relaxed on the upper deck with a cold beer and watched the city's lights come to life in the reflection off the water.

As he appreciated the quiet enveloping him he thought back in delight to the three days he had spent with the two beautiful women. Their sex had ranged from quiet intense copulating to cruel and sadistic animal lust. With fondness he recalled them snuggling up in the afterglow of hectic sex and viewing the photos. It had been good fun. Some of the photos were of such an erotic nature that it w...... PHOTOS?????

OH SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Garth Clint gets a handjob from two women
Captain Garth Clint gets a handjob from two women

Captain Garth Clint shot out of his deck chair and bolted for his office on the lower deck with such force it made the houseboat rock at its moorings. With trembling hands he opened the file marked OUTBACK HOLIDAY on his computer. He had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he started to scroll through the file. He tried to remember who had all received the e-mail.

The file opened. Images of wild life. Crocodiles? Yes.-koala bears?-Yes .desert landscape?-Yes. Cowboy Bob and horny school mistress?-Yes......WRONG !!!!!!

The pictures filled the screen in lurid colours.....

"Cowboy Bob saves horny school mistress from wrecked stagecoach. " This had been their first sexual role-play. It had been a lot of fun...., but here it was for all to see on the internet. The aftermath of this little sexual piece of theatre had been an afternoon of wild sex which, at one point, had included a rope lasso.

Frantically Garth scrolled further. He was trying to remember some of the mischiefs the heat and humidity had made them do. The next photo made him blush. Naughty husband gets punished.

Garth remembered this all too well. The sudden sting of the small wicker cane on his buttocks had made him ejaculate across the stable floor. This was highly amusing to his two companions. They had spent the next hour coupling like wild animals, until further role-playing was called for.

Male teacher teaches sex-education at an all-girl school.

"Please sir, what is a penis?" This game had the three participants roaring with laughter, but now Garth had a weak feeling in the pit of his stomach as he realised that his pictures were being viewed by a collection of friends.

YOU HAVE MAIL. The message on his laptop screen was like a summons to the headmaster's office.

"Garth, you sly fox. No wonder you wanted to go on holiday all alone".

"Garth. I think your cock is going to need a re-tread. Thanx for sharing, old buddy."

So far, so good. It sounded as if his friends were enjoying this as a joke...

The next picture lit the screen.

Jane makes Tarzan beg for sex.

Oh fuck, he thought to himself. He could not even remember where they had obtained the tiger patterned loin cloth, but the girls had liked it. They were turned on at the sight of the muscular man begging for sex. At first it started out as a joke, but eventually they became serious and the man was forced to beg until one of them slid her cunt down his drooling shaft.

"Garth. I hate you. I never want to see you again". Shit. This came from Jennie, his latest date. She was a good cook, but boring in and out of the bed. Oh, well cest la vie, he thought to himself.

"Garth. Why send us these pictures if you won't let us know where this paradise of earthly delights can be found? What happened to sharing with your friends? LOL". "Do you by Viagra by the truckload?"

The e-mails kept coming in. Shit. How many friends are on his e-mail address list? He tried to remember who had received the picture file. He could just imagine the conversation down at the pub.

He awaited the next picture with trepidation.

Horny bridesmaids seduce bridegroom on wedding night

They had used the camera's automatic shutter release to take this picture as their hands had roamed all over his body.

This foreplay had led to unadulterated fucking, which had ended with all three the young bodies drenched in sweat and body juices. For a moment their laughter ceased as they revelled in the eroticism of their lust. The man's cock dripped with cum and body juices and the women felt his seed coursing down their legs. They were satiated for the time being.

And still the e-mails kept arriving. Garth decided to ignore them. What is done, is done, he convinced himself. What else could there be?

Shit. He remembered this. The girls had dared him to prove his strength by pulling the mechanism of an ancient corn grinder. The fly-wheel, normally pulled by a horse, refused to budge. Mustering all his strength he slowly forced the wheel to start turning. The women stood in awe as they watched every muscle in Garth's body wield the strength that was needed to move the wheel. The magnificent sight made them crow in delight before awarding him the prize of their wet cunts.

The final group photo was taken before he left on his journey back to civilisation. He gazed at it fondly. Meanwhile his computer and cell phone hummed with incoming messages. He ignored them.

It was cool outside on the deck as the river banished the day's heat into oblivion. His phone came alive again. The screen lit up, and he saw MOM/DAD declared in bright letters. He smiled. He knew his father was going to find this amusing. Thank heavens. But mom? She still believed her sons should only marry women who are virgins and cordon bleu chefs. He ignored the call. Till tomorrow. .......

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