Captain Garth Clint and the Hefty Ladies of COWS' WALK - Part 1

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Published: Oct 6, 2014
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From his position on the sand all he could see were three hairy cunts and massive rolls of fat trickling with seawater and perspiration...

The three fat ladies tried to ignore the heat that perpetuated the rumours of global warming.

'We need rain', said number one.

'We need a man', said number two.

'We need chocolate cake and steaks. In that order', said number three.

'Ladies, we have isolated ourselves on this godforsaken beach house in the jungle to lose weight', said number one. 'It may be a coincidence, but looking at us I can understand why this house is called COWS' WALK'.

'We need a man,' said number two again.

They remembered why they were there. Beyond the trees the sound of the waves beckoned. By mid-morning the three hefty women decided to venture to the beach into the cool welcoming arms of the whispering ocean. They followed the path through the trees. The house was miles from the nearest neighbours and, as was their custom, they went to the beach stark naked. No prying eyes to observe their hefty frames swaying like hot air balloons. The water was a welcome relief. They lay on their backs in the sand and allowed the waves to rush over their bodies.

Captain Garth Clint was enjoying his walkabout holiday. For the last four days he had walked the deserted coast line. It was amazing to think that there were still vast swatches of land and coastline where you could walk for days without seeing another human being. The heat would have been unbearable, but the big muscular man was used to physical exertion. He stripped off his clothes and walked naked along the soft white sand, with only his rucksack draped over his back, as he was certain there would not be another human being within at least ten miles.

The three ladies of robust circumference lay spread-eagled in the surf, unaware of the man approaching through the misty haze. The man walking along the water's edge was not aware of the three women in the surf until he was upon them. Suddenly, both parties were aware of the other.

Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe with an erect penis
Captain Garth Clint smoking a pipe with an erect penis

Garth cupped his massive naked manhood as best he could. The three ladies jumped to their feet and cupped their massive breasts as best they could. Only the breeze through the palm trees broke the silence. Garth saw in front of him three women of massive proportions. Their huge breasts, wet with seawater, glistened in the sunlight. Droplets of sweat and water hung like diamonds off the hair covering their cunts.

The startled women stood in awe of the man in front of them. His thick mop of blonde hair danced to the tune of the wind. A thick tangle of hair covered his muscular chest. Strong muscles rippled in the sun and his powerful hands tried in vain to cover a massive cock, allowing his balls to dangle free.

Overcome by her shock one of the women stumbled forward. To stop herself from falling her reflexes made her reach out to the man. At the same time Garth saw the woman stumble. His hands reached out to steady her. As she fell the woman's hands slid down his chest until she grabbed hold of the only substantial thing her fingers could find. Grasping the object she pulled on it to stop herself from tumbling even further. Garth bellowed in shock as the woman grabbed hold of his thick penis and then hung from it like a monkey on a rope. Suddenly the woman realised the mass of meat and muscle in her hands were the man's cock. She let go and tumbled to the sand.

At the same time Garth collapsed onto his knees and his penis ended up hanging in the woman's face. The shaken woman looked up straight into a massive cock and balls. In shock, and with a quick reflex movement, she gave it two massive slaps to get it out of her face. Too late she realised her mistake. This sudden attack on his genitals made Garth fall forward with a yell and he lay on his stomach in the sand. All of this happened in a matter of a few seconds.

The women looked down in amazement at the man prostate on the sand cupping his manhood. After a while he looked up in shock. From his position on the sand all he could see were three hairy cunts and massive rolls of fat trickling with seawater and perspiration. He stood up and fumbled in his rucksack for his swimming trunks while everyone offered apologies. He slipped on his swimming trunks, struggling to position his big cock in the piece of clothing. The two stunned groups were about to go their separate ways when the woman on the sand said 'I have hurt my ankle. I don't think I can walk'.

With the big woman cradled in his massive arms Garth followed the footpath that led to the house. The rest of the women followed. They watched the strong man's muscular back as he effortlessly carried their fat friend along the forest track, each one lost in their own thoughts. Not many men could carry her weight with such easy grace. As he ambled along the track through the trees Garth became acutely aware of the woman's nakedness. Her massive breasts swayed with the movement as he walked. To his horror he felt his cock beginning to get a life of its own. He walked faster. The crown of his penis worked itself free of the elastic of his trunks and his stiff penis positioned itself under the fat woman's arse. He clenched his buttocks to prevent his trunks from slipping lower.

Cradled in the man's strong arms the woman felt a bony protrusion push against her fat derriere. She slipped her hand under her arse and pulled on the unfamiliar limb. As she grabbed hold of it Garth let out a soft gasp. Suddenly she knew what it was. It was impossible to resist this free gift within her reach as the hair on his sweaty chest rubbing against her tits wakened hot erotic thoughts that she tried hard to erase from her mind. It took her only a second to decide. She started stroking the warm solid muscle. Garth felt perspiration coursing down his face and chest as the woman started milking his huge penis. Walking faster to prevent the other women of seeing his hard-on, he felt his body beginning to respond to the movements of the woman's hand.

He thrust his pelvis forward as he tried to intensify the erotic feeling her hand was eliciting. Behind him the two women noticed his buttocks clench and unclench as his pelvis performed a thrusting movement that was comical to watch. The woman in his arms suddenly realised what a waste this magnificent penis was going to be if he was to ejaculate now. She wanted this warm throbbing male muscle in her cunt, not in her hand. Suddenly the other women were startled when their friend in Garth's arms shouted, 'Put me down! Put me down! Fuck me! Fuck me.' !!!!

He was only too glad to comply. He hurriedly placed the woman on the grass knoll next to the footpath, and without worrying about the other women he pulled down his trunks. His big penis swung free and his balls swayed as he spread his legs wide to accommodate the fat woman under his pelvic area. His cock and balls were wet from pre-cum. The two women watched amazed as this gigantic man positioned himself between their friend's massive thighs while his rear- end gave them a breath-taking view of a pair of balls that resembled large overripe pomegranates.

He was draped over the woman's bulging stomach with his face inches from her gigantic breasts. Her nipples were like overripe cherries waiting to be plucked and he took them in his mouth. He started thrusting his stiff cock into her vagina, but to his dismay his cock collided with solid flesh. He tried again. His cock was blocked by a massive chunk of matter. With his head trapped between her breasts he could not see his pelvic area, and both his arms were anchored on either side of her to stop himself from sliding off her body. The two women watching realised that the man could not find their friend's cunt hidden in the folds of her fat rolls of skin.

Without hesitation the two of them jumped to assist the man. As one of them pushed his massive balls out of the way the other grabbed hold of his shaft and guided his drooling cock into the hairy cunt of the woman lying on her back. Garth felt his dick being manhandled and thrust into place. Her pubic hair tickled the crown of his bloated penis and he lunged deep into her velvety softness. The woman groaned in ecstasy and slammed her legs around the man's middle while lifting her pelvic area into the air to accommodate as much of him inside her aching pussy as possible. The action lifted the man into the air and he felt himself floating above the woman with his cock still deep in her vagina. The man's penis pleasured her clitoris and she screamed and laughed all at the same time while grabbing him by the hair and slamming his face into her massive breasts.

Captain Garth Clint being jerked off by a naked fat woman
Captain Garth Clint being jerked off by a naked fat woman

Their wild gymnastics caused his cock to slip free from her wet cunt, and one of the spectators pushed down on his buttocks to prevent it from happening again. With his penis inside her vagina Garth started to gyrate his cock in a circular motion while still thrusting into her velvet pleasure zone. She screamed obscenities that reverberated through the forest. Her watching friends gave themselves over to lewd thoughts as they watched the man's big tool pleasure the woman on the ground.

Garth was stunned at the woman's strength as she held him aloft with her legs while the muscles in her cunt trapped his penis deep in her oozing pubic muscles. He kept on thrusting his cock into her womanhood while anchoring himself with his arms and hands in the dirt next to her shoulders. Over and over he pushed into her while his balls thumped her arse and got entangled in the hair on her pussy. As she started groaning Garth felt a rush of warmth coat his penis and the woman climaxed with a fierce howl that stunned the onlookers. At the same time Garth's cock squirted out a stream of cum with a force that could have knocked a seagull out of the sky. Both of them collapsed in a heap. He slithered down her stomach and over her cunt, covering his beard and face with cum and juices seeping out of her cloistered region.

LATER. Garth stepped out of the shower. It was midday and the heat was at its fiercest. He was glad he had accepted their invitation to sleep in the house for a night. The sexual escapade was not mentioned when they wended their way home. Nor was it mentioned during lunch. It was accepted. It was a first for him. His sexual partners were lissom fashion model types, but it was his grandfather who used to say, 'My boy, there is no such thing as a fat woman. You get thin women, regular women, and Botticelli angels'. These women were definitely Botticelli angels. Very large Botticelli angels. Apart from their massive weight, they were women who seemed to enjoy what life offered them whether it was food, or a man sent from heaven.

He stepped into the bedroom. He was packing tobacco into his pipe when he noticed the naked woman standing in the door leading to the veranda. She had her back to him, but as she heard him enter the room she turned to face him, and without a word she used her fingers to open her cunt and showed him the fruity redness of her interior fig. Her fingers, wet with her body juices, was titillating her clitoris. Neither of them spoke. He approached and she turned her back on him. He could see her arms moving as she massaged her pubic area. The man knew that her body was preparing itself to welcome a thick throbbing penis into its red wet chamber. The woman reached behind her and grabbed hold of his still limp penis. It lay in her hand for a few seconds like a hibernating Anaconda, then it stirred from its slumber to scavenge for pleasure.

Without a word Garth pressed up behind her and encircled her waist, pushing himself against her figure. As his erection started to gain momentum the woman felt the warmth of the muscle and meat slide up from behind her arse. The crown of the man's penis left a cool trail of dribble on her body as it moved up from behind her buttocks to settle comfortably against the small of her back.

Garth massaged the woman's breasts. She shuddered when he pinched her nipples. Leaning over her shoulder he managed to lift one of her massive breasts and suck on the red nipple. His hands moved down her body and gently kneaded the area from her navel to her pubic hair. She moaned in desire. As he pressed harder she leant back and pushed into his body trapping his drooling cock in a firm hold between her back and his stomach.

As their groping became more intense Garth bent his knees and slipped his drooling manhood through her legs from behind. Because of her gigantic buttocks he had to practically lie horizontal to get his meat to thrust out between her legs. He encircled her waist and pulled her backwards towards the bed. He lay down flat while the woman straddled his privates with her buttocks towards his face. She saw the beautiful crown of the penis slide out from between her thighs, and she thrilled at the prospect that she was now in control of this erotic heap of muscle and throbbing flesh. She moved her arse backwards until she could cup his balls in her hands. She squeezed them. The man howled in rapture.

Grabbing his shaft in both hands she twisted it to get a good look at this magnificent forbidden fruit. His pisshole was oozing pre-cum as it stared at her like a wicked eye. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pushed the cock into her waiting cunt. Paradise opened its doors to her. Garth felt his wood slide into a familiar soft warm enclave. He started thrusting his arse into the air to enter her cunt even deeper. The woman sitting on his stomach slid her vagina forward to include as much of the man as possible. The two people harmonised their movements. The slurping noise his cock made as it plunged into her vagina was the most erotic music the woman had ever heard. Cupping his balls in her hands she massaged them eliciting a growl of pleasure that came from deep inside his hairy chest. She wanted more from him, and without realising it she started smacking his furry balls. The combination of agony and rapture was almost too much to bear and Garth roared like an African lion as his pelvic movements increased, rocking the bed and banging the headboard against the wall.

Elsewhere in the house the other women paused in what they were doing. Erotic thoughts permeated their existence. The noise coming from the room would have drowned out the sound of a 747 taking off with all engines on full thrust. The woman knew she was approaching a climax which was going to rock her world although she wished she could hold it off for at least another five minutes, but her control was weak. With a gush of warm juices engulfing Garth's trapped cock she peaked her lust. Her body rocked with a wild strength causing both of them to slide off the bed and end up on the floor in a sitting position. With his cock still in her cunt his balls were imprisoned under her big butt on the floor, and with a bellow of shock he shot his seed into her already overflowing interior. As soon as his penis shot its last cum he jumped up from the floor and untangled himself from the woman's massive body while cradling his tender manhood in his hands. The woman saw the naked man shining with perspiration, his penis still drooling a thin stream of male juice, collapse onto the bed. She followed him onto the bed and started to lick his wet balls and shaft, her tongue probing his pisshole, until both of them fell asleep.

Her friends entered the room softly. The man was fast asleep with his head resting on the woman's breasts, and her hands wrapped around his limp cock. The two women left the room. 'Time for tea,' one of them said. 'Then we must prepare dinner. Our guest will be hungry'. They agreed. 'I do think a slice of chocolate cake will be in the order of the day'.

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