Captain Garth Clint and the Hefty Ladies of COWS' WALK - Part 2

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Published: Oct 15, 2014
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Lifting the rolls of fat covering her erotic zone she pressed his face into her vagina.

Captain Garth Clint wrapped a towel round his waist and stepped out onto the veranda. A cool breeze invaded the heavy heat of the night and caressed his sweaty body. Further along the veranda he could see the French doors to the other bedrooms were also open and he surmised the rooms' occupants were asleep. He lit his pipe and relaxed to the sound of the surf coming from the ocean beyond the grove of trees.

The woman stood in the moon's shade of the roof's overhang and studied the man as he leaned over the railing, his muscular physique glinting in the moonlight. The perfume of his pipe tobacco was more erotic than any men's aftershave could ever be, and she envied her two friends who had already had his throbbing cock between their thick thighs. She approached him.

Garth felt the woman's presence behind him and he spun around. She was wearing a flowing caftan made from a sheer material. Her breasts and pubic hair clearly visible. Without saying a word she beckoned him to follow her. She led him down the flowing staircase and out of the house. Their destination was a two sided tractor shed a short distance from the house. As they walked under the roof the woman flipped a switch and strings of Christmas lights illuminated, lighting a scene reminiscent of Tales from the Arabian Nights.

Captain Garth Clint holding his pipe
Captain Garth Clint holding his pipe

Thick satin- covered cushions were spread about the floor, and silk draperies covered the wooden walls. The woman's companions were draped across the pillows, their huge breasts and bellies glowing with perspiration in the feeble illumination cast by the festive lights. The women giggled when he entered.

'This is where we sleep in summer. It is cooler. Join us'. This was more a command than a request.

The woman behind Garth suddenly released him of the towel wrapped around his waist and the freedom his genitals experienced elicited a slow erection. This time he did not even try to cover his manhood, but, he needed to pee. He indicated this to his hostesses. As he tried to go and get some privacy behind a nearby tree the woman behind him lost all control of her sexual longings. The sight of the man's muscular back and tight arse was just too much to resist and she rushed him.

Garth suddenly felt his left arm pinned behind him. His right arm was trapped next to his side as the woman's arm encircled his waist to grab hold of the thick shaft of his erect penis. Although he was much stronger than the huge woman, the suddenness in which it all happened surprised him. The woman had only wanted this to be a part of some erotic foreplay, but the speed in which she rushed the man caught both of them by surprise.

Without being able to stop in time they both stumbled forward. With Garth's cock held in her hand like a lance they crashed into a wooden post. Garth bellowed in surprise as his penis connected with the wood like a medieval battering ram trying to knock down a fortress gate. The shock and surprise made him forget about his urge to control his piss and he lost control of his bladder, while at the same time they both fell backwards onto the floorboards. The two spectators looked on in amazement as their fat friend ended up on her back on the floor with the huge man draped over her stomach while his dick sprayed a stream of urine into the air like a magnificent Versailles fountain.

Immediately Garth jumped up, afraid that he might have hurt the woman, but she demanded attention. Grabbing hold of his shaft she pulled him down between her legs. He fell with his head between her thighs. She slammed her legs together trapping his head on her cunt. Lifting the rolls of fat covering her erotic zone she pressed his face into her vagina. His prickly beard pleasured the insides of her thighs and she screamed in pleasure as his tongue started to work the clitoris emerging from inside her moist cunt. In the past her sex partners had all been men of sagging and soft appearance. This god, trapped in her nether region, had muscles as firm as the limbs of a young sapling, and his big penis throbbed and shone with a life of its own. She massaged her breasts but suddenly reached down and pulled him onto her stomach by grabbing hold of his beard. Garth felt his mouth fill with her breast as she thrust the nipple of one huge mammary between his lips. He knew what the lady wanted and his tongue darted and licked and teased the nipple in-between sucking on her breast. She groaned in pleasure and offered him her other breast.

Captain Garth Clint gets a handjob
Captain Garth Clint gets a handjob

The woman's two companions positioned themselves on either side of the fucking couple and, once again, grabbed hold of Garth's hot member to aim it in the right direction of their friend's vagina hidden under the fat folds of her stomach. 'Not yet. Not yet !!!!' she screamed as Garth tried to thrust into her moist interior and he groaned in frustration as one of the women pulled back on his balls to stop the thrusting motion his cock craved. He clenched his buttocks to try and release his manhood from the woman's hold but to no avail. Her grip on his testicles was pleasingly firm. Feeling his balls in her hands aroused the woman's yearning, and remembrance of their afternoon tryst opened the floodgates of emotion sandwiched between her legs. She let go of his balls and thrust his throbbing spear into her friend's craving interior.

Garth gasped in relief as his begging cock was at last enveloped by her strong interior muscles, and the woman under him bellowed in delight when his cock thrust its way into her decadent zone. His lips, once again, imprisoned her nipples in his mouth, and the two of them started rocking and gyrating in unison in a symphony of animal lust. Every time his dick slammed into her vagina with a sucking sound his sexual companion screamed 'Yesyesyesyes' !!!!!!!. Perspiration covered their skins allowing their bodies to slip and slide in delicious unison. The woman sucked the salty moisture from his hairy chest and beard.

To the watching women the debauched way in which Garth was now humping away at their friend's cunt resembled a movie in fast forward. His testicals whacked her vagina with a satisfactory slapping sound. The woman felt her juices flood her tubes and the man's cock as her body readied itself for a massive climax and she started keening at the top of her voice causing the night creatures in the forest to flee in panic. At the same time Garth felt his balls tense and his pelvic movements become more ferocious. Suddenly he ejaculated in a massive shot of sticky fluid that filled his partner's cunt to overflowing. The woman beneath him reared and bounded in a magnificent sexual peak that caused the big giant to slide off her slippery sweaty body and tumble to the floor while still shooting the last of his cum. Both collapsed in total exhaustion, and the woman shuddered in pleasure as Garth's face came to rest on her wet pussy. She entrapped his head in her big thighs, and they lay in that position while waiting for their heartbeats to return to normal. Around them the night returned to peace.

It was long past the midnight hour when the women straggled back to the empty house. Garth remained behind to enjoy the peace of the cool night. One of the women returned to the shed. She was fully aware that Garth had remained behind. She saw him sitting on a ledge. He was smoking a huge Sherlock Holmes style Calabash pipe. She sat down on the ledge with her back towards him and, without a word, she placed his hands on her breasts. He knew what the lady desired. His hands cupped her breasts and he started to massage them while his fingers darted around her swollen nipples, teasing and pinching them. The woman groaned. Her hands slid between her legs and her fingers found her waiting clitoris. Her cunt was already moist and glistening in the moonlight. She leant back into the man's body. The hair on his chest felt like soft feathers running down her spine.

Captain Garth Clint butt fucking a fat naked woman
Captain Garth Clint butt fucking a fat naked woman

With the warmth of the woman's big butt pressed against his groin Garth was not surprised that he was getting an erection again. He rubbed his stiff cock against her warm sweaty derriere. It felt good. He increased the speed of the movement. The woman was now fully aware of the man's shaft of delight pleasuring itself against her arse. She wanted more. She wanted every inch of this magnificent man to fulfil her craving. She wanted his tongue down her throat and his hot breath in her neck. She wanted to look into his eyes those magical seconds before he ejaculated when every man is as vulnerable as a new- born baby. She got up to position herself but stumbled backwards, and sat down hard on Garth's bloated penis. With his male member trapped between her huge sweaty slippery arse-cheeks, Garth's bloated penis could only go one way. It slid up her anus.

The woman yelled in shock. Garth bellowed in surprise. This was a new experience for both of them. She felt the unfamiliar feeling of a muscular object slipping up her arse. Garth, used to the recognizable soft warmth of a welcoming vagina, felt his cock enter an uncomfortable bony and small interior. In shock the woman clenched her fart muscles imprisoning the intruder. The muscular man felt his large member forced into a very tight tube. The pipe slipped from his mouth and fell onto his stomach, spilling red-hot embers on his groin. For a few seconds both participants remained in that position, completely bewildered.

The fat woman was the firsts to react. She grabbed hold of one of the silk draperies and tried to pull herself upright. Garth bellowed in distress. With his cock trapped by her clenching arse muscles it felt as if a giant hand was lifting him into the air using his penis as a handgrip. Once again the woman sat down, impaling the writhing muscle man ever deeper up her arse. They both yelled in distress.

'Don't clench your arse. Relax your muscles,'!!!! Garth yelled. To no avail. With the alien object still inside her shithole the woman tried, but every time Garth moved she would involuntary clench up again. Again she tried to lift herself off his penis. Again Garth felt himself lifted off the bench by his trapped manhood. He tried pushing her humongous rear-end off his groin, but with his swollen cock trapped in her arse he knew she was not going anywhere. If only he could get her to relax the muscles in her arse he could slip his cock out of her anus.

By now the other women had heard the commotion and had returned to the shed. They shoved their hands in between their friend's arse and Garth's groin to try and slide out his throbbing muscle, but their invading hands made the woman clench even tighter. 'Fuck her', one of the women shouted. Garth understood. He started to thrust into her rear end. Again and again he shoved his tortured male member into her anus. To her own amazement the woman started to enjoy this strange feeling. The man's smell and sweaty body pounding her from behind elicited a new erotic feeling for her and she bounced up and down on his thick spear. Garth roared as his cock was abused against his will inside her shit-hole. It was with relief he felt his seed gather in his shaft for a climax that could only bring liberation. With an almighty roar he shot his semen up her anus. The thick slippery liquid coated his manhood and it slipped out of its prison. The woman stumbled free as the man fell backwards. They were both completely exhausted. Garth jumped up and, spreading his legs wide, he gyrated his pelvis to swing his cock and testicles like church bells. The resulting breeze cooled his drooling male member. The two women who had assisted in releasing his penis from their friend's arse used towels to wipe the perspiration from his huge muscular body. They lingered longer than necessary when they cleaned his penis.

The sun was queen of the sky by the time the women woke from their sleep. The man was gone. The room he had occupied was neat and tidy. There remained only a slight aroma of expensive pipe tobacco and male hormones. All they had of him was their reminiscences. They were good memories.

The beach was quiet and deserted as a solitary man continued his hike up the coast with only the wind and the surf as his companions...

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