Sexy Time in Singapore - 4

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Published: Nov 13, 2014
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Her body gave in to the power of sexual bliss provided by 2 hot young men.

This is another story about X, the gentle but successful cougar hunter.

In a gist, he is a 6 foot 5 inch tall 200 pound reasonably muscular but very strong guy of 37, who since the age of 31 has had the tremendous great fortune of having had sex with over 250 women, and with more than half of them , the encounters grew into relationships and he has continued having sex with them multiple times at intervals. He respects the women and makes them feel liberated. He makes them feel that they are not even doing anything wrong or questionable by the way he makes them feel comfortable.And most o these women are between the age of 30 and 50 and fit slender big breasted married women with kids and a few even has grand kids but are still as sexy as fire. He had been a shy guy with very little sexual adventure across his teens and 20s and had married a girl who showed some interest in him but the flame died soon and she turned out to be a horrible tempered woman for which the relationship dwindled. X began to ventilate his frustrations by getting online and flirting with women from all over the world and found himself to be exceptioally skilled at seducing women with crafty words and he enjoyed the confidence his internet conquests gave him. His wife ended up having an affair, and he did get her back but her behaviour continued to be rude. At one point she asked him to get lost and he did. And from there onwrds, his life has been one fabulous sexual adventure.

So here is another one of his amazing encounters. It happened a few years ago when he was about 35. He was attending a party at a friends house where he met Dori, a fascinating blonde of 47 years age, wth a body that was hotter than lava. She was wearing a transparent lacey shirt through which her sexy black bra was quite clearly visible. She wore tight fitted black hot pants. She was 5 foot 6, wearing 5 inch heels, and had a lovely 36 inch bust with very nicely shaped boobs blaooning out and a flat stomach with a waist line not exceeding 28 or 29 and a wide hips of 37. She weighed about 130 pounds and had chiselled hollowed cheeks, and thick golden hair that was done up in messy waves and perms. Bright make up made her look even more electrifying. She was nice and flirty and talkitive and was talking to everyone and taking pictures. Her eyes met that of X severa times and they both exchnaged smiles. Then X went up and introduced himself in his charachteristic debonair style. Before long they were having an interesting conversation where he came to know she was the mother of 2 sons and a daughter. The sons were in university and the daughter was in school. Her husband worked in some multinational which required him to travel constantly and so she did not hold herself back from attending all social events on her own. A few glasses of wine later she was admitting to him, responding to his crafty questions, that she would use a dildo on herself most of the time and that she and her husband dont really get along too well. They were joined in the conversation by another guy, who was a friend of X's called Johnn, who was a swinger and with whom X had partaken in quite a few sexual episodes, including 3 soms with Johnn's wife quite often.

They nodded at each other and they knew what game was on. Johnn talked about how marriages can get boring and how adventurous sex can put the spark back in. X said how he felt it was unfair to expect a sex loving woman to be chained to one guy for all her life. And John talked about how great swinging is. And X began to talk about how sexy she was. And John about how so many men must be making passes at her all the time. And then X talked about how he himself was feeling so drawn to her. And then John tells about how she would make a perfect partner for him and his wife. Dori was loving the hot conversation. She loved eroticism but was not someone who did anything for real. But these 2 men had successfully awakened her desires and kindled up the fire in her. Making her feel starved. The 5 or 6 glasses of wine she drank made tings easier. At about midnight, she said she needed to go home and needed to ask someone for a ride home as her car was not working and she had come with a friend who had left. X and John offered to give her a ride home. After a few minutes in the car, X offered to take her to his place to see his collection of old classic 80s music in Long Play records. She loved the idea as her daughter was at her mom's house. So she agreed to go for an hour.

Soon, they were at X's villa. She loved the house with the nice infinity pool at the back. X hurriedly showed her several boxes of records and asked her to choose a few. And then they began to dance. Soon, it was softer music and X started dancing closely with her, with his hands on her waist, inches away from each other. John came up from behind and began to breath down her neck and placed his hands along the sides of her thighs. X lifted his hands and started running his fingers down her spine tingling her. Johns hands came forward and began to fondle her abs. She began to lean back on JOhn and tilted her head back and moan. X lowered his head and began to breath into her neck and collar line. John softly kssed her neck and then her ears. X kissed her throat and licked her the under side of her chin. John tenderly started to caress her breasts. X started to reach inisde her shirt and play with her bra... and with another hand he inserted it down into her pants and started feeling her thong. This was wonderful.

Soon she was gorging on X's mouth. Their tongues and lips were locked in a fierce kiss. Johns hands reached into her pants and started masaing her pussy. X. undit her shirt and tossed it away..and puller her bra down and began to savour her breasts in his mouth. It was utter ecstasy... she kept on saying she should not be doing this.. but it was a feeble protest as her body gave in to the power of sexual bliss provided by 2 hot young men. It did not take too long for them to be having fabuous sex. There were times when she was on all 4s...sucking hungrily on X's cock while John pounded her from behind holding her butt, while X reached down and fondled her breasts. Then they switched positions... and then there were times when she was laying on the sofa and feeding on Johns cosk as he stood above her from near her head while X slid his dick in between her brests which he pressed together...and then one of the guys lay down while she rode him like a cow girl while the oter guy sucker her bouncing breasts...there was a time when she was seated holding both cocks and alternatingly sucking on them...and then both guys were pressing their knobs into her nipples... and then X being ths stroing one.. carried her up side down while she feasted on his dick and he savoured her pussy and then he held her that way for Jon while John enjoyed it too... and they continued to pound her in various creative ways for almost an hour before they both showered her with their semen. It was amazing. They lay naked beside the pool, laughing at just how wild their experience just was and she admitted how awesome she felt and how naughty it was. They all got into the pool, swam... and in the pool followed some exceptional fucking as well... and finally they showered in the open shower beside the pool. They got dressed. She dried her hair and kissed both guys for a great time and then XX drove her home. As she was about to get off.... she lowered her face to his crotch.. and right there in the car gave him a fabulous blow job for 10 minutes... and then got off to get inside her house.

Needless to say...Dori continued to meet X and sometimes John as well for sexy adventures. She still has a dildo with Xs name on it .

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