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Christmas 2014

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jan 9, 2015
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I continued to fuck her with her legs around me then asked her to put her legs down and I pulled from her and spun her round so she now faced the wall easing her legs wide with my foot I pushed my cock first up into her pussy, holding onto her shoulders I rammed hard into her making her cry out in pleasure with each thrust.

* * * * * * *

I have a friend that runs a bed and breakfast in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk in England and he and his family have not had a break/holiday for over 5 years so I offered to look after the place for him if he and his family wanted to get away over Christmas 2014, he had 6 people booked in and he said that it would be great to get away so he booked 2 weeks away and my wife and I took over the running of the place as I have been down there many times helping my mate with re-building, and decorating I knew how the place worked and my wife and I could manage cooking the breakfasts.

On Christmas Eve I opened the bar and after about a hour Jim and Jane came down I had met them before and we watched the TV, Chatted and had a few drinks and I noticed that Jim kept looking at my wife, Now Pat is not a tall lady and has a few extra pounds but we have been together for over 30 years and marred 25, she has only ever been with one other man I her life and has always said she has never wanted anyone but me,but as I say each time she moved Jim followed her with his eyes, Now Jane was the total opposite to Pat she was Tall with raven black hair a figure most woman would die for, so why Jim kept looking at my wife when he had this most gorgeous woman by his side I could not work out, they seamed to be about the same age as us.

Later I went out to get some food to snack on and Pat came to give me a hand I said to her you do know Jim would like to get into your knickers don't you dear she turned and looked at me shocked DON'T be so silly she said I am telling you my dear if you let him he would be on you so fast you would not know what had hit you, his eyes have been following you round all Evening yea she said he's thinking my god how can Dave be married to that fat thing, Now stop that I said I love you and you know that but I am telling you what I can see in his eyes, Yea Yea she said as she took the food into the other room.

We snacked on the food and had a few more drinks and Jim said well Dave what do you want Santa to bring you tonight Oh me I am more into Giving than getting I love to see the pleasure on the faces of the person I have given the gift too, what about you I said to him well he said as he picked up his beer and took a big gulp of it then as he placed the glass back on the table he said a night in bed with a woman like your wife, Sorry he said I should not have said that sorry Dave, That's no problem I said I asked as I looked over at Pat she had a shocked look on her face and I smiled at her.

A while later the ladies took themselves of to the toilet and I said to Jim tell me Jim why would you want to go to bed with my wife when you have a wife that would look bloody fantastic on the front of any glamour Magazine and men would kill to get her between the sheets, Well he said I have been with Jane since we left school and I have never made love with a woman built like Pat, well I could say the same about Jane I replied and then the ladies came back into the room.

We had one more drink and Jim and Jane said they were off to bed and Jim said sorry again to Pat and I for what he had said and left, Pat and I cleared up the left over food and took it into the Kitchen I washed the glasses and Pat said she was off to get ready for bed as she left I said watch out Jim is not waiting for you and I laughed and what would you do if he was she replied as she turned back to face me, well get the Bloody Video camera out and film it as Pat looked over at me so you would let him would you only if you wanted him to my god it would be fucking fantastic to watch someone fuck you I said, she saw that I had a big hard on as the front of my jeans had this big bulge and she came over and dropped to her knees and undone my zip and pulled out my 10" cock and pulled the foreskin back over the swollen head to reveal the big purple blood filled head Pat ran her tongue up over the slit making me shudder as she pushed the very tip of her tongue into the slit spreading the top of my cock as much as she could then swallowed the whole head into her mouth and ran her rough tongue round and round the head before taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, she had had my long thick cock inside her mouth so many times she could now take the whole 10" without gagging and she was soon down to my balls her nose flat against my body as she took every inch she could get into her mouth before gripping the shaft with her lips and pulling her head back up and as she did slow she pulled the foreskin back over the head and then done the same on the way down making sure she pushed it back over my pre-cummed covered cock head.

I placed my wet hands down onto her head and gripped it lightly and worked her head back and forth on my cock taking long slow strokes and each time I felt her throat open up to allow my cock to ease down into her I was by now moaning out with pleasure saying yes yes Oh fucking God Pat yes yes when the door to the Kitchen opened and Jim walked in and the look of shear surprise on his face was a picture he turned on his heels and left without saying a word, Being found with my cock fully down my wife's throat was so exciting that I shot my load there and then forcing load after load down into Pat as she continued to bob her head up and down on my shaft making sure she had every single drop, the best thing was that as Pat had got her back to the door she did not even know that Jim had come in and saw us, but once she was sure she had every drop she stood up and kissed me on the lips and as she pulled away I told her about Jim and she turned Bright red OH MY GOD what must he think she said Oh that's fucking easy he wishes it was his cock you were sucking and not mine, maybe if you see him up there in a minute maybe you should do it to him and show him how fucking wonderful you can suck cock, she smiled at me and said you never never know I might just do that, and she left me to finish off clearing up.

I finished cleaning up and went up to our room and said I was going to shower Ok said Pat see you in a minute as she got into bed, as I stood under the warm water Pat poked her head round the door and said she was popping down to get a glass of water and she me relaxing, about 10 to 15 minutes later I came out of the bathroom and found the bedroom empty wondering where Pat had got to I slipped on my jeans and t shirt and went down stairs and as I got near the Kitchen door I heard Pat's voice said Oh Oh Jim we should not be doing this what about Jane and Dave, lets not worry about them and just enjoy ourselves.

I pushed open the door just a bit and what I saw I could not believe my eyes, it was not the fact of what I saw it was that Pat was doing it, she was still in her night dress but laying on her back across the big stainless steel kitchen table her legs hanging of the end and her arse was just on the edge of the table and Jim had tied her ankles to each table leg and as this was a big table it had spread her legs so wide I could see up under her short night dress and her knickers were on show, Jim was just tying her last free hand to one of the other table legs then he stood up and looked down at her spread across the table, My god he said you are so fucking beautiful Pat I can not wait to fuck you and he lent over and Kissed her fully on the lips which I was open as his mouth touched them and I knew his tongue was pushing it's way into her mouth.

He continued to kiss her hard and when he finally lifted his head Pat was gasping for breath and her lips were moist with his surlier and she licked her lips and moaned low in the back of her throat, Jim started to look in the Kitchen cupboards and draws and then pulled out this big knife and walked over so he was standing between her wide open legs she was breathing heavy as he ran the back of the knife up under her nightdress so the cold steel touched her flesh and then as it ran up between her heaving breasts he ran it back down cut the nightdress down the front and then peeled it back from her body and the just cut down the sleeves and pulled it from under her leaving her in just her bra and knickers as Jim looked at her he took a deep breath and lent forward and kissed her stomach making Pat shiver and he kissed her again and again, Pat moaned louder and louder with each kiss the Jim stood up and this time ran the back of the knife up her skin and under her bra between her big breasts.

Jim pulled the knife up and it cut through the bra and the bra snapped back and exposed her big tits and long hard nipples, Oh my fucking god cried Jim what wonderful fucking tits and he placed the knife on the table and cupped her breasts into his trembling hands and squeezed them and he squeezed them so hard that her nipples grew even longer under the pressure and Jim sucked one then the other he moved back and forth sucking them playing with them with his tongue getting Pat nearer and nearer to a climax, Pat was moaning over and over OH Jim Jim Yes Yes Oh Christ Yes and her body trembled at his touch, as he stood back up he let his hands run down over her body lightly touching her skin as he stood upright and now the only thing between him and having my naked wife in front of him was her knickers, picking up the knife he ran it up the side of her thigh and under one side of the knickers and with a sharp pull up cut through one side then he did the other and he lent forward and took the top of her knickers between his teeth and pulled them off, Pat lifted her arse to help him and then he saw her cunt for the first time.

Oh My Fucking Christ moaned Jim out loud a wonderful hairy cunt my god I have never had a hairy cunt in all my life Jane always keeps her smooth Oh Pat you are going to get fucked so fucking hard and with that he dropped the knife onto the floor placed his fingers into my wife's hairy pussy pulling it apart to show her pink cunt lips beneath and he shoved his mouth fully over it and pushed his tongue up into her making her shake as his touch took her over the top and she climaxed into his eager mouth.

On and on Jim sucked and licked at her shaking body she was now screaming out and this must have made Jane wonder what was going on as her hand rested on my shoulder and she peeked through the open door to see her husband eating out my wife she did not say a word as she watched with me and we could hear Jim slurping and gulping down Pat's juice, Jim was still fully dressed so I had no idea what he had to give Pat but I was soon to find out, Jim stood up my wife's cum dripping from his chin and he licked it up with his tongue he started to undress and removed his t-shirt and them started on his jeans Pat's eyes did not leave him as she watched as he lowered his zip and then pushed his jeans to the floor, then his pants followed and I saw Pat's eyes light up as his cock came into view and when he turned I saw it to, it was about 7" in length but the thing was it was just as thick and he moved so his cock was now by my wife's mouth Jim placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her head to him and she could hardly open her mouth wide enough to get it in it was not long before she had the whole thing ramming in and out of her mouth and Jim took hold of one nipple and pinched it really hard making Pat squeal even with her mouth rammed full of his cock, then he pushed his hand down her body and his fingers parted her thigh pussy hair and we heard it squelch as his fingers entered her opening her cunt up so his fingers could ease there way fully into her, on and on he pumped his cock into her wide open mouth as Pat found it hard to breath as she had to breath through her nose .

Jim finally pulled from her mouth and Pat took some big deep gasps of air but before she could say a word he thrust his cum covered fingers into her mouth making her lick them dry then she said Wow Jim that is one mother of a thick cock you got why thank you honey he said as he went to look round the Kitchen once more, he came back with a plastic food slice, some clothes pegs, and a rolling pin first he slapped Pat over her hard nipple with the slice making her cry out with each and every slap, then he would kiss them before slapping them again, fuckfuckfuck you bastard she moaned fuck me fuck me, when I am ready you hairy cunted woman he replied when I am ready and not before.

Jim did this over and over then picked up the clothes pegs and clipped them onto her tender but rock hard nipples Pat raised her back from the table as Jim let them snap onto her nipples You Fucker you fucker she screamed I want you now please fuck me now but in reply Jim picked up two more pegs and clamped them over the top of the other to making her nipples bulge out over the top of the pegs and then whack whack with the plastic slice right across the tip of her now very tender nipple tops.

Jim now moved round in-between her wide open legs taking his cock in his hand he ran the head up and down my wife's dripping cunt and she was cumming so much that a puddle of cum was forming on the table under her arse, Jim pushed two then three and finally four fingers into Pat before he started to thrust them into her so hard OH OH YES YES she was screaming oh fuck oh fuck yes yes then he pulled from her and took hold of his cock once more, FUCK ME WITH IT FUCK ME YOU BARSTEAD she screamed and with that in one hard push his cock entered her and their bodies slammed together, OH FUCK JIM OH FUCK JIM that's good yes yes harder harder she moaned as she threw her head from side to side, Jim picked up the slice again and with each thrust into my wife he was slapping one of her nipples over and over we could see her nipples glowing red as they were so tender.

FUCKFUCKFUCK I AM CUMMINGGGGGG Pat screamed as her body shook on the table she shook so badly that the whole table was banging up and down on the floor but Jim did not stop on and on he thrust into her Oh yes oh yes she moaned and then Jim thrust forward and held his thick hard cock deep inside my wife's cunt and by the way he was grunting he was filling her with his warm cum which took Pat over the top again as she orgasmed once more, Jim pulled from her after a while and walked round and shoved his cock into her mouth so she could lick him clean and dry.

Pat lay there limp on the table totally worn out Jane whispered in my ear he has not finished yet you know your wife will not be able to stand by the time he has finished with her and as Jane said this Jim un tied Pat he flipped her over and tied her back up again so now her arse was sticking up in the air and her feet were just on the floor her tits squashed under her still with the pegs gripping her now very tender nipples and as he lay her forward and pulled her arm up above her head she screamed as the pegs dug into her even harder, Jim slapped her back and down to her arse with the plastic food slice Oh fuck yes yes Jim she moaned with each slap on her arse then Jim picked up the rolling pin and it was not as thick as his cock but he got behind Pat and eased it up into her cunt being so fucking wet it just slipped in but when Jim let go it just slipped back out so in the end Jim tied some string round the end and then up round her heaving waist to make sure it stayed in side her, Kneeling behind her he opened her arse crack and pushed his tongue deep into her hole Pat's body shook once more as she orgasmed at the touch of his tongue inside her sensitive arse hole Jim darted his tongue in and out of her working her up more and more into a frenzy as he did so, it was now time to fuck her mouth once more and he stood as before at the side of the table and fucked her face but this time he pushed three fingers into her arse and moved them back and forth.

When Pat orgasmed once more he pulled from her mouth and went round and took hold of her waist, running the tip of his cock up and down her arse crack Pat screamed NO NO not the arse Jim I have never had a cock in there Please Jim Noooooo as he thrust forward he ripped her arse open and his cock slipped into her FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT FUCKING HURTS YOU MOTHER FUCKER she swore at him but Jim held her waist tight and started to ram his cock the full length into her on and on he pounded slap slap slap went there bodies as they hit together, but slowly Pats no no no's were turning into yes yes yes more more more and then harder harder Jim please Harder she still had the rolling pin deep inside her cunt which we could see moving about as he rammed her arse once more Pat screamed she was cumming and this time we watched as her cum ran down the rolling pin and started to drip onto the floor, Jim pounded hard into her and with each thrust it pushed Pat forward and this squashed her pegged nipples harder into the table, then he pulled from her pulled un tied the rolling pin and pulled that from her and shoved it hard into her arse and tied it in placed he took the string from her arms and legs lay her back against the table so her arse was not quite on it and pushed her legs open as wide as he could get them stood in front of her and rammed into her wet dripping cunt once more.

As he thrust into her she raised her legs even with the rolling pin deep in her arse and he thrust into her as hard as he could saying between breathes Oh fuck your pussy hair feels wonderful against my cock oh oh yes Pat and then he rammed into her and filled her once more.

When he remove his cock from her Pat's juices flooded from her and dripped onto the floor and Jim dropped to his knees and licked her cunt and he slowly pulled the rolling pin from her arse as he did so, Pat told him to lay back on the table which he did without asking why and she lent over him and started to suck and lick his now limp cock, Jim may have come twice but he was soon getting hard again and I was not surprised as I knew how fucking good she could suck cock but I think Jane was as she whispered my god hard again so soon, Once Pat had him nearly rock hard she climbed up onto the table and knelt over him before pushing herself down onto his cock and she started to ride him for all she was worth she rested her hands on his chest to help her ride him hard and he took hold of two pegs that were still pinching her nipples and twisted them making Pat scream at the top of her voice I was waiting for the other four guests to come down and see what all the noise was about, Jim pulled on then as he twisted and they snapped off her big swollen nipples and as the pain of them twisting off her she climaxed hard grinding her cunt hard down onto him.

Pat took the other two pegs from her sore nipples and she placed them on Jim's and she started to twist and pull on them sending pain running throughout his body making him shudder and moan, Pat came once more as Jim lifted his head and kissed her tits that were swinging back and forth near his face and the softness of his lips against her tender sore nipples sent the biggest orgasm ripping through her, a while later he shouted get off me get of me and lay on the floor, Pat did what he asked and I thought he wanted to just get between her legs and give her a good old fashioned fucking but no as she lay on the floor he knelt on the table and started to wank himself off , then he moaned and grunted as the first of many spurts of his warm cum left the slit of his cock it fell from his cock dropping 4 or 5 feet before splashing it's self over my wife's body covering her with this warm sticky liquid he said I don't want you to remove any of that cum from your body do you hear Pat, Yes she replied I want you to go to your room and get in bed with Dave still covered in my cum and when he asks what you have all over you, you will tell him everything and show him your swollen and very sore nipples to prove it.

Jane and I turned to go back to our rooms as I turned to follow Jane I saw what she was wearing for the first time and it was a sexy mother Christmas outfit the top ended just above her butt and all she had on under or below it should I say was a red with white fur thong and as she walked up the stairs in front of me I had her wonderful round butt swaying back and forth as she moved up the steps, my cock was hard in an instance and how I wished I could put my hands on those round soft butt cheeks, she turned as she reached the top and saw me looking at her and she smiled bet you would like then in your Christmas stocking she said, Oh you fucking bet I replied as she kissed my cheek and left for her room, I got to our room and jumped into bed I was not going to say a word I wanted to see if she would tell me.

Pat came into the room and came over to the bed and got in and lay on her back all that was on was a small bed side wall light and as she lay back I slipped over beside her and kissed her neck, she moaned softly and as I placed my arm over her I felt her still hard nipples rub against my arm, MMMMMMmmmmmmm I said your horny and then I added how come your body feels all sticky dear, she turned on her side and looked me in the eye and she said I have something to tell you my darling you know you said Jim wanted to fuck me, Yea I said well she went on he just has on the Kitchen table please don't be mad I just could not say no to him, Dear Dear I butted in I know I know I was watching you WHAT she said her eyes popping wide open I was watching you get fucked by Jim I came down to see where you were and found him just tying you to the table so I held the door open just enough to see what he did to you, then about half way through Jane came down after hearing you moaning so loud so we watched until he came all over you and told you to come up to bed as you were which you did, so you don't mind that I have had sex with another man no not at all if I know about it, so Pat asked did you and Jane get it on no no we watched you and then came up here as Jim told you what to do, but my god you should have seen what she was wearing so I told her and she put her arm over me and we kissed and I gently ran my finger down her back and Pat shuddered at my touch.

I rolled her over onto her back and eased myself over between her legs and her nipples were so hard and she took a real deep breath as they rubbed against my body as they were still so very tender, I kissed down her neck and then started to kiss and lick Jim's cum off her body it tasted salty but nice and when I sucked a nipple into my mouth Pat placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed it down onto her tit and said Suck it suck it for god sake suck and bite it, and as I did what I was asked she pushed her back up into a arch and climaxed her body shuddering as it ran throughout her body, as she let me head go I continued kissing and licking down her body finding more and more of Jim's cum then as I reached her thick hair covered pussy I eased my tongue down parting it until I found her clit and I just clamped my mouth over it and sucked on it so hard she screamed out forcing her cunt upward pushing it harder into my mouth, as I eased lower and my tongue entered her wet cunt slit I could really taste her and Jim's cum mixed together Oh fuck I could not do this anymore I wanted my cock deep inside her filling her cunt with my long thick cock so I pulled my mouth from her pulled my self up above her and as the tip of my cock touch the opening to her cunt I thrust all 10" into her in one fast push.

Pat had her hands on my back as I pushed into her and with the whole of my cock ramming hard into her cunt she dug her nails so hard into my back sucking in a lung full of air and moaning OH MY FUCKING GOD DAVE as I started to thrust long and deep into her Pat was moaning yes yes oh fuck oh god oh Christ yes yes as I started to pound into her faster and faster I was pushing her down into the bed as our bodies met I do not think I had ever fuck Pat so hard before but she was loving it and I felt her cunt begin to tighten round my cock and knew she was near her climax, on and on I went deep and so very hard then her mussels contracted round my cock gripping it like it had been glued if it had not been for her slimy juice I do not think I would have been able to move my cock she was gripping it so hard but when she came it was like nothing I had ever felt before her cunt rippled up and down the full length of my cock if felt as if her mussels were trying to milk my cock of it's cum and it worked as a few strokes later I had to thrust hard once more and then I filled her deep inside with my warm cum she pulled me so tight to her and we kissed and as our lips parted she said I love you so much my Husband merry Christmas, Merry Christmas my darling wife I said and we rolled over onto our sides and fell asleep.

The following morning was Christmas day Pat and I cooked a special Christmas Breakfast for the six guests and we sat with them and had ours even thou this was a bed and breakfast we were laying on a Christmas dinner and snacks for the evening so we told everyone that the Christmas meal would be severed at 2.30 as they left to do what ever they wanted Jim and Jane stayed behind and Jim came to me and said I hope I did not over stepped the mark last night with Pat, god no I said in fact we had the best sex we had had in a long time when she came to bed, so Jim said can I fuck her again before we leave that's up to her I replied to him, so you liked fucking her then I asked him oh are you kidding she was bloody fantastic and that hairy cunt oh wow Dave Jane has never let her hair grow, I was in shear heaven my friend shear heaven.

Jim and Jane left as we cleaned up and got the place ready for the Christmas Dinner, so you must have pleased Jim last night then darling I said he wants to fuck you again before he goes you going to let him I asked her, I would not mind as long as you don't she said well I told you last night as long as I know about it it is fine with me and I kissed her on the cheek.

The Christmas dinner went well and they all went out for walks or to their rooms I told them the bar and snacks would be ready from around 6:30 all the guests came down that evening and we had some great fun between us and as the evening got close to 10:30pm two of the guests when to their room and soon after so did the other two leaving Jim Jane plus Pat & I we had another drink and Jim just finished his when he stood up and looked at me and said Dave would you mind if I borrowed your wife for the night not up to me I replied it's what Pat's wants and if Jane is happy with you spending the night with Pat, Jane said she was and Pat said she would love to so Jim took her hand bid Jane and me a good night took Pat to his room, I sat next to Jane and said just because they have gone off together dose not mean you have to sleep with me you know there are plenty of other rooms you can sleep in.

I cleaned up and Jane helped me before she said can I come to your room Dave, yes of course you can Jane I said as I stood in front of her and took both her hands in mine are you sure Jane No she said well lets just see how it goes can we she said I lent forward and kiss her cheek and said yes that is fine, we got to my room and I started to undress and she stood there watching me and as I dropped my shorts she gasps as she saw my 10" long cock and said Oh my god what a long cock Dave, and she went red in the face and said I must go to the toilet and rushed off, I got into bed and waited for her return and when she did she had on the same Santa outfit she had on the night before she must have had it on under her other clothes, Oh my Christ I said you are so bloody gorgeous you have the body of a angel and she turned red again, she came over and got into bed beside me as we lay they she said you know I have never been in bed with another man let alone have sex, I took her hand and felt her trembling and said look Jane if you just want to sleep that's fine with me I am not going to force you to do anything, your so sweet Dave she said and turned her head and kissed me.

I pulled her to me and my cock grew hard between us and we continued to kiss she pulled away from our kiss and said sorry Dave I just can not do it I know Jim is enjoying himself with your wife but I just can not let myself go, don't worry don't worry I said god just laying her with such a gorgeous woman like you is more than enough this is something I would never dreamed of ever happing to me, we lay on our backs and I held her hand as she breathed softly beside me, then we could hear Jim and Pat Pat screamed out OH FUCKFUCKFUCK JIM YES YES YES OH FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSS I thought Jane had fallen asleep as she had turned over facing away from me so I lay on my side and eased myself up against her and put my arm over her and my cock was still hard and now rested between her arse cheeks, I lay there hugging Jane to me our breath matching each others and I could still hear Jim and Pat going mad and I heard Pat say it won't fit it won't fit Jim then Oh Oh FUCK FUCK it's in it's in OH FUCK YEA YEA Fuck me Jim Fuck me Hard.

As I closed me eyes to drift of to sleep I felt Jane move under my arm and she reached back and slipped her hand between us and I had to take a real deep breath as her long slender fingers slowly curled round my rock hard shaft and she slowly started to move her hand up and down my shaft stroking it tenderly and I kissed the back of her neck as she curled her fingers tighter round it and I continued to kiss her neck and back making her moan softly as my lips touched her tender soft skin, we lay like this for some time and then Jane let go of my cock and moved onto her back and placed her hand back onto my throbbing cock and turned her head to me and I placed my moist lips against hers and we kissed long and tenderly and as we did I brought my hand up slowly and cupped one of her breasts which was heaving up and down at her deep breaths she was taking and I pushed my tongue out between my lips and pushed it between her and she responded by opening her mouth to allow my tongue to enter and entwine with hers, I pinched her nipple through her soft silky Santa top making her moan in the back of her throat.

When our lips parted I was just about to say she did not have to do this but she placed a finger on my lips and then turned onto her side facing me and kissed my chest and then sucked a nipple into her mouth and licked the tip lightly and gently while holding it firm between her teeth, the feelings made my skin go into goose bumps and I had a shiver run throughout my entire body she still had my cock in one hand and wanking it slowly Jane started to slowly kiss down my body running her free hand lightly over my chest hair as she went she got closer and closer to the head of my cock and I could feel her hot fast breath against it as she held my cock up and ran her tongue round the big swollen head making a MMMmmmm sound as she did.

She moved her body round so she could place her legs either side of my head and as she did she took the head of my cock into her mouth, looking up at her wide spread legs over my head I had the best view in the world it was this red silky fabric covering her pussy and I could see this damp thin line where her pussy was leaking her juice, the white fur lined either side of the fabric and ran as I string up between her arse cheeks and then up round her slender waist the fur was tied in bows at each side so I lifted my hands and undone one side and the fur fell away now the only thing holding this fury thong in place was one small bow and I took hold and pulled and her thong fell down onto my face as I removed it I looked up and there was her shaven smooth cunt and she had long pussy lips, Jane was taking about 8" of my cock into her mouth and trying to take it all her head moving up and down slowly not rushing it and she was taking deep breaths through her nose as she sucked my cock going Mmmmm MMMmmm each time she moved down my shaft, I reached up and ran my finger along the full length of her pussy making her remove my cock from her mouth and moan OH OH YES as I did it again, then I saw something I had never seen before in my life her pussy lips started to swell in from of my eyes as she got more and more excited as I played with them they were so long and swollen and by the way Jane reacted to my touch very very sensitive, I pushed a finger into her wonderful hole and as I did drops of her sex juice dropped down onto my cheeks and lips and as I licked it from my lips I had never tasted anything so so sweet.

Jane took my cock back into her mouth as I pulled her down and touched my lips against her pussy lips and ran my tongue along the length licking her juice up and sucking it down as I did so, then I sucked one of her long pussy lips into my mouth and nipped it between my teen and she had a violent shudder and pushed her cunt hard down onto my face as she had a small climax, as her cunt was so hard down on my face I pushed out my tongue and parted her lips and my tongue entered her hole which was by now running with juice, she shuddered once more and as she did she forced her head down and took the full 10" of my cock she started to gag but held it inside her throat until she got use to it then started to move up and down taking it fully each and every time, Jane was now shaking and shuddering as I licked and sucked her cunt, Pat and Jim had gone quirt now so many be they were asleep but hell I did not give a shit I had this sexy body kneeling over me a woman that would look out of this world on the front page of any magazine and here she was sucking my dick while I licked out her pussy hole.

Jane shuddered again as she climaxed into my mouth she then lifted her legs of from over my head and turned herself round and lay back down beside me kissing me fully on the lips as we parted she said make love to me Dave please make love to me, so I moved over and in between her wide spread legs and pushed myself up on my arm she still had her sexy Santa top on and my god looking down at her she was indeed an angel from heaven her figure was perfect, her long flowing jet black hair spread out over the pillow, her pale soft complexion making her full red lips looking good enough to eat and that sexy wonderful smile, I eased my cock up between her legs and she closed her eyes and took a beep breath as the head of my cock touched her long cunt lips easing them apart as it entered her I pushed forward slowly inch by inch it entered her, her wet cunt opening up to allow my big long cock to slide into her then my pubic hair touched her smooth pussy skin and she pushed herself up making sure she had it all inside her, she moaned softly Oh Christ it's so far up inside me Oh my God yes and then I withdrew and pushed forward again, oh Dave oh Dave she softly moaned again and again with each and every push into her I lowered myself down onto her just resting my weight on my elbows and I could feel her hard nipples pushing through her silky top and into my chest slowly we fucked like this not wanting it to end, I was pulling my cock from her until just the tip touch her outer long pussy lips and then fully back into her Oh fuck oh yes she moaned into my ear oh Christ Dave I am going to cum she said Oh Christ Oh Christ yes yes yessssssssss and she just orgasmed hard her juice flowed from her down my cock and down between her arse cheeks and onto the bed, on and on I slowly ease in and out of her her body shaking under me Oh Dave Dave Dave she whispered in my ear that was so intense oh Christ I am going to cum again soon oh fuck yes yes Dave as I pulled out of her and back in again on and on I went and I knew it would not be long before I came to filling this gorgeous woman with my seed deep inside her oh this was shear heaven, oh oh yes yes she moaned softly her body getting ridged and trembling under me as she got closer to another climax I raised up on my arms again so I could force my cock fully into her and then she came once more her body shook and trembled as her climax went through her her cunt just let go of it's juice and as it tightened round my cock I could not hold back any longer and with one last thrust I held my cock the full 10" deep inside her and it spurt pump after pump of cum deep inside her making her climax again as she felt it hitting her insides warm and stick, Oh Christ Oh Christ your so fucking deep inside me she whispered Oh fuck I can feel it so far up me and her cunt gripped my cock once more as if she was trying to milk ever last drop of cum from it, I lowered myself onto her again and as we kissed we rolled onto our sides and held each other until we fell asleep in each others arms and my cock going soft slowly deep inside her.

We woke side by side and I left her laying there asleep as I had breakfasts to cook half way Pat came into the Kitchen looking so very tired and worn out someone had a good night I said with a big smile, Yea it was bloody fantastic she said you yea great I went over took her in my arms and kissed her and as I pulled away I said I love you darling, she looked at me and said I love you so much to.

After Breakfast we had no more to do apart from clean room and make sure all was ok as there was no more food to make apart for us to, Jim came over and said Dave I want to tank you for letting me fuck Pat she is one sexy woman I know Jane is a stunner but Pat is the tops in bed, Well I said thank you for letting me make love to Jane and yes she is one hell of a stunner you are a lucky man, still I said you have one more night here so if Pat & Jane wants we could do the same tonight, Jim smiled and said Thanks Dave that would be great I am sure Jane will be up for it as she has not stopped talking about last night and how you filled her up so deeply. Well as long as Pat wants to then that is fine with me I said.

Jim and Jane were just going out for dinner and I said to Jim Pat had said she is up for tonight as long as Jane is ok with it Oh Yea she said after last night you try and stop me she smiled, tell you what Jim why don't we go for a meal tonight and make a whole evening out of it, sounds good to me he replied why don't we swap for the whole night you go with Jane and I will go out as if I am with Pat that sound a great idea I said I will let Pat know see you about say 7 yea good for us and they left, I told Pat about the evening and she was well up for it and said she was off for a bath and get herself sorted I went up to our room too and as I watched Pat getting undress my cock started to grow hard so once she had gone into the bathroom I undressed and followed her in she was just sitting in the bath as I walked in and I went over not saying a word and got in with her and she smiled at me as I sat down what you so bloody hard for your sex mad git she said looking at my cock sticking out above the water, well I just saw this fucking sexy woman undress to have a bath and I got this hard on and wondered if I could get this sexy fucking woman to help me with it, as I said that she brought her feet up between my legs and curled her toes round my shaft and started to wank it with her feet, I lay back in the warm water and closed my eyes as my dear wife worked on my cock, then as she was doing that I moved my foot and pushed my big toe into her pussy and found her clit and started to rub it making her moan out, Pat was a loud moaner while having sex where I had noticed Jane moaned softly soon I moved up onto my knees and pulled Pat to her knees and I soon pushed my cock into her as we knelt there in the bath, Pat climaxed which brought me to climax to and we sat back down into the water worn out and relaxed knowing that what we had done and were going to do to night would never make us feel any different towards each other.

Later on I asked Pat as we sat in the kitchen having a cup of tea what Jim was doing to her when she was screaming out last night what she said you heard me I think the whole fucking placed heard you and next door I should not wonder, well Pat turned bright red which I had never seen her do before my god that good was it I said with a grin from ear to ear, I did not know I was that loud she said but I could not help myself well well what was he doing I asked again you don't have to tell me but I would love to know what got you so bloody worked up, well she said Jim stripped me off and then I had to strip him of and we have sex in the shower, over the coffee table, and me bent over in front of him, my god his cock is fat but none of those are what made me scream out like that what he did last of all done that, she took a sip of tea and then carried on after we had rested from him fucking with me bent over Jim pulled me up from the bed and took some K Y Gel and rubbed it over my arse and finger fucked my arse making sure my arse hole was well greased up then he took me to the bottom of the bed and you know that on the footboard of the beds there is this wooden oval cone shape yes I said well he asked me to sit on it my god I said in surprise they must be about 9 or 10" round and about 7" high yea that's what made me scream but I did get it into me in the end after a lot more Gel and working up and down on it, My god dear you took it all yea as I slipped finally over the widest part my arse sucked the rest in as it slipped over the cone as it got small again, by the time I had finished I was pumping myself up and down on it hard and fast as I did that Jim dropped to his knees and licked my cunt until I climaxed into his mouth and my god dear with that huge thing inside my arse and my cunt contracting in a climax it sent me through the roof in pleasure, but that was not the end of it Jim told me to keep sitting on it as he got up of the floor and held me to him leaning me back slightly and pushed his fat cock fully into my cunt as both holes were filled with big fat things and he fucked me like that and as he did he pulled me up and pushed me down over the cone and we both had the biggest orgasms either of us had ever had I think, My god no wonder you were screaming I said, god I have a big hard on again after that I added, well we don't have time to do anything about that now Jane will sort that out for you later I dare say.

We when out for our meal Jane on my arm and Pat on Jim's and we had a very pleasant evening Jane and I sat next to each other and as we eat she would run her hand up and down the inside of my leg and rub my cock making it hard and so I had to keep moving in my chair, we went to a bar before going back Jane lent over to me and whispered in my ear thank you for last night I am so glad we made love in the end you were fantastic and she squeezed my leg again, I turned my head and kissed her fully on the lips right in front of Jim and Pat and that was the start of it they were soon kissing and touching each other Jim said I did not like to kiss Pat or touch her like that while I was there, well glad we broke the ice first then, as we left the pub Jim and Pat walked of saying that they would see us in the morning so I took hold of Jane's hand and we slowly walked back along the sea front stopping to kiss and hold each other close, Jane looked so ravishing she was wearing a black dress that ended just above her knee and a red coat with fur round the collar and what looked like black fishnet tights the dress was low cut so when she had her coat off she was showing a lot of cleavage and while we had dinner a lot of men were looking at her and it made me feel a million dollars to know she was with me even if only for tonight.

We got back to the house and went into the bar for a night cap and then went up to the bedroom I went off to the toilet and when I came back into the room you could have knock me over with a feather Jane stood there hands on hips legs spread wide and a big sexy smile on her face, all she was wearing was a black lacy bra which pushed her round tits up so they bulged over the top of them and she had on a matching thong and black fishnet stockings and not tights like I had thought my god how the fuck I did not shoot my load there and then I did not know, she saw the look of shock on my face and said I see you like what I have on then, my mouth was dry and I could hardly say a word but got out Oh Hell Yea licking my lips I added you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and I want you so bloody bad, and she came over to me and said into my ear well Dave I am all yours you opened my eyes last night when you made love to me how you did and I want more a lot more and I hope you will give it to me tonight, with that I swooped her up in my arms and lay her on the bed standing back I stripped and my long cock sprang out as my boxers hit the floor, Oh Dave I want it I want it so bad she said as she reached out and curled her fingers round my shaft and pulled me to the bed.

Soon we lay on the bed kissing and touching each other tenderly and sexual I was rubbing my fingers up and down her pussy slit through her thong and I was kissing her breasts and then it hit me last night I never did see her breasts bare as she was wearing her Santa outfit as we fucked, so I knelt up and took her hands in mine and she looked at me as if to say what are you doing, I want that bra off you I said to her I have just remembered I did not see your wonderful tits last night and I want to see them and tit fuck them now so I reached round and un-cliped her bra and pulled it forward and down over her arms and her firm silky smooth breasts came into view and they took my breath away her skin is pale which I like I hate woman that wear fact tan but I had never in all my life seen a woman with pale skin to have such dark nipples, my god I could not control myself I pushed her back onto the bed and pushed my mouth over one of her nipple and sucked this dark hard nipple into my mouth and bit onto it Jane pushed her breast up harder against my mouth while whispering yes yes bite it bite it hard Dave she was panting for breath as I flicked her nipple with my tongue oh oh Dave fuck me fuck me like you did last night Please she begged me, I moved from her tit and kissed down her slim wonderful shaped body reaching her thong and I just took hold of it and ripped it from her and as the bands snapped she moaned out Oh Yes yes and I pushed my face hard into her cunt pushing my tongue between her swelling pussy lips and as deep into her wet cunt hole as I could get it.

OH Oh Oh Dave YESssssssss she moaned softly as she got closer to her first climax of the evening her body trembled as my tongue shot in and out of her wet sexy cunt until she shook and climaxed filling my mouth with her sweet sweet juice, I moved back up her body and as I did she was saying I want your cock I want your cock in me but I carried on and I was soon sitting over her waist and I took hold of her tits and squashed them round my throbbing cock and started to tit fuck her and I asked her to open her mouth so with each thrust forward the head entered her and she flicked her tongue over the head each time, as I held her tits round my cock she brought her hands up and took her rock hard nipples in her fingers and twisted them and pulled them her head was being thrown from side to side as she worked on her nipples, I was now ready to fuck this beauty I had beneath me so I pulled my cock from between her tits and eased down between her legs< Oh Oh yes yes she begged Oh Oh Dave fuck me fuck me and I pushed the head into her once again her long swollen pussy lips parted to allow my cock to enter until our bodies came together, Jane was taking deep gasps of air as I started to move back and forth I wanted to fuck her hard and fast but I also wanted to work her to a massive climax slowly so I held myself back and slowly fucked her thinking I could fuck her hard soon.

On and on I slowly entered her before pulling out Jane was getting nearer and nearer to another climax and her body was covered in sweat as she got more and more worked up, oh Christ Oh Christ yes yes Oh Christ she was moaning as I gave her ever single inch of my cock slowly filling her before pulling back out only to fill her once more, on and on we went and she was going to cum very very soon and it was going to be a big one at that, she was running her finger nail up and down my spin as I fucked her then she came, there was no screaming out no loud moaning, just her nails dug deep into my back her cunt gripped my cock and I felt her pussy ripple up and down my shaft taking my over the edge and I filled her with her first load of the night, OH MY FUCKING GODDDDDDDDDDDdd she moaned into my ear OH DAVEEEEEEEEE and her legs came up and round me pulled in into her holding my cock deep inside her she kept that grip on me for sometime before relaxing and letting her legs fall back onto the bed, she was gasping for breath, as we both lay there getting over breath back we heard Pat shouting out Fuck Fuck Jim yes yes Jim it's in again OH Fuck fuck fuck me fuck me now, Oh there back then I said with a laugh sounds like it Jane said laughing to.

Jane moved and got over me and lowered her wonderful dripping cunt onto my face as she sucked my cock to get it hard again, with her long pussy lips, her suspenders and stockings rubbing against my skin it did not take long for my cock to start to respond to her moist, succulent lips moving up and down my shaft, when she thought it was hard enough she swung round and sat herself down on my shaft and started to ride it, now she was in control and she was started to rise and fall on my shaft harder and fast then we had fucked before, Jane placed her hands on my chest and gripped my nipples and she twisted them really hard making me thrust my back up off the bed pushing my cock deeper into her and as I did she closed her eyes and let out a long oh yesssssssssss as she rode my cock hard, I raised my hands and cupped her tits and squeezed them and played with then as she rode me she lent forward every so often to kiss me up and down harder and harder she was thrusting herself down onto me or bodies smashing together, what with this and we could still hear Pat screaming out, OH Christ Jim ram me down on it fuck me hard oh oh Jim harder Jim ram me down harder come on Jim fill my cunt with you cum yes yes yes she was screaming out over and over, sweat was pouring of us and we got closer and closer to another orgasm Jane was really smashing down onto me and then one last hard thrust down she held herself down fully onto me and her body shook like she had just been plugged into a power socket she pulled my nipples so fucking hard I thought she was going to rip them from my body as she orgasmed her juice poured from her and with the pain she was sending through me with my nipples I shot my cum into her filling her yet again, when she had finished her orgasm she pulled up of my cock spun round and once more rammed her cunt into my face where I could feel and taste not only her cum running into my mouth and over my face but mine as well.

We went and showered and ended up fucking again I had turned Jane to the wall placing her hands out in front of her holding herself off the wall and I spread her legs apart and eased my cock into her pouting pussy hole taking hold of her waist I started to pound myself hard against her as I pushed forward she pushed back oh oh fuck fuck fuck oh oh fuck fuck fuck she moaned even while working up to a big climax Jane moaned softly never shouting out like Pat and it was nice her big orgasms and reactions to them shown how much she enjoyed them she did not have to make loud moaning noises you just knew she was in heaven, on and on I rammed into her and when I felt she was about to come I pulled from her, What the Fuck she said please please but it back please Dave I was nearly there oh fucking please she begged me.

I said nothing but trust me Jane Trust me and I helped her from the shower and I dried her off with the towel and then myself before lifting her up and carrying her back to the bed and I asked her to get on all fours and I got behind her and was soon fucking her hard and fast once more in the time it had taken to dry her off her climax and gone off a bit so we fucked again for a while until I felt her cunt starting to tighten round my cock once more and I pulled from her again, Dave Dave not again Please please make me cum please please I have to cum but I took her hand and laid her back over the small table that was in each room her legs dangled off the edge pushing her pussy up and I lifted her legs and bent them back up so her knees where just touching her tits, fuck me fuck me please please Dave she begged, and I pushed my cock into her once more from the tip fully down into her pushed up cunt I looked down as I pounded back and forth and I watched as her swollen pussy lips moved in and out of her cunt as my cock moved back and forth I held her legs up over her with one hand and with the free one I started to rub her swollen clit,

Yes yes oh Christ yes yes please don't stop please don't stop this time she begged me but I knew I was going to and as she was ready to cum I pulled out OH you fucking Bastard you bastard I must come it hurt it hurts she said please Dave no more no more ok this time I promise so I laid her on the bed and dived down to licked her cunt and sucked her clit before working my way up her body over her tits please please I want you cock please please I must come I must please so I pushed my cock into her raising myself up on my arms so I could pound hard down into her and I started to fuck her harder than she had been fucked she was soon moaning out softly yes yes I am cumming please don't pull out I must cummmmmmm

pumping harder and harder into her ramming my cock into her has she climaxed and then she let herself go and her juice squirted from her covering the both of us her body shook and then for the first time she screamed as her orgasm ripped throughout her body, YESSSSSSSS OH YESSSSSS she screamed and then her orgasm was so intense she passed out for a few seconds, as I carried on fucking her just as hard I came inside her sending Jane into another climax as she felt my cock fire it's warm load of cum deep inside her, she lay there saying Oh Fuck Oh fuck over and over gasping for breath My god I have never never felt anything like that before she said once she had gotten her breath back, you knew by stopping and starting it would cause me to climax like that, had a good idea I said with a grin, that was the first time I have heard you moan out loud, It was I never make that much noise she said thank you thank you for showing me so much and giving me so much pleasure Dave it will be one Christmas I do not think any of us will forget, we fell asleep in each others arms and as before I left her sleeping while I made breakfast for the guests.

Every one had breakfast and two guests were there for one more night but the other four were going including Jim and Jane, when they were ready to go they said there goodbyes and Jane said Thank you again for our time together, when they had gone Pat and I looked in the guest book and Jim and Jane had written, (will be back next year as long as Dave and Pat are looking after the place.)

That day Pat and I got the rooms sorted and spent the afternoon lazying around resting after the last three nights, that evening the only two guests left John and Sue came into the bar for a drink and as we sat talking John said over the last three nights Sue and I have been hearing a lot of moaning of a sexual nature which of the guests was it do you know Dave, I looked over and Pat then back to John and said I am sorry John I hope this will not mean you leaving a bad report in the guest book, Oh no he said the only thing I would write is the fact that we did not get a invite, so which two was it he asked again, well if you must know it was Jim and Jane plus Pat and myself, John looked shocked and said WHAT you two, yea I said it was our first time with other partners as Pat has only slept with another man once and since being married we have never been with anyone else.

Well said John how did you like swinging them Oh we were not in the same room I took Jane with me and Pat went with Jim, Oh so you have never been in a foursome then Sue and I never have sex without the other one there in the same room , No never I replied, want to try it said John with a grin and his hand on Sue's leg, I looked over at Pat and she was nodding at me so I said yes I think we would love to try it, Now John and Sue were only in there mid twenties John was about 6' 3" tall sim build long brown hair, Sue was 5' 7" light blond hair it hung down to the middle of her back she was about the same size as Pat.

We finished our drinks and John said ok who's room are we going to the one on the top floor I said it has a very large king size bed and if all four of us want to spend time in a bed that is the best one to use, I went to get the key for the room and we all went up once in the room I turned to John and said ok you have done this before what's next well there are two ways either we have our own partners so we get use to each other or we dive in at the deep end and swap we don't mind either I looked at Pat and said which would you like without even taking time to think it over she said swap and moved over to John and took his hand and Sue came to me.

Before we start John said is there anything you won't do either of you, not that I know we both said together and with that Sue dropped to her knees in front of me and lowered my zip reached in with her hand and gasped as she took hold of my harding cock Oh my she said as she pulled it out of the opening in my jeans, John looked over and said Wow Sue your in for a treat tonight, Yea I sure am god your a lucky woman Pat Sue said, the next thing I know Sue was licking and sucking my cock into her mouth and she did not hesitate to take the full length and I could feel her throat rubbing against the head as it pushed it's way down into her.

Sue pushed her hand into my jeans again and cupped my balls in her long fingers and pulled them out and started to lick and suck them as well as my cock, looking over at John and Pat John was undoing Pats top and pulling it apart to show her nice big breasts he hooked them out of her bra and squeezed them in his hands making Pat moan softly John bent and kissed her harding nipples he was just putting his hands round her back to undo her bra when my jeans fell to the floor I stepped out of them and as Sue stood up she pulled my t-shirt up over my head leaving me naked I pulled her to me and with my cock wedged between us I held her tight and kissed her running my hands up under her t-shirt lightly touching her spine making her shiver and give a soft growl in the back of her throat, lifting her t-shirt up and off I unclipped her bra and pulled it down over her shoulders and she stepped back so I could take it off her and these very firm breasts came into view half the size of Pats and so firm but her nipples were at least a inch long so I took one between my finger and thumb and pinched it making her moan and shudder.

John was moaning on the other side of the room and when I had a quick look Pat had him naked and his cock was down her throat, his hands on the back of her head pushing her head back and forth as he fucked her mouth, I dropped to my knees now and undone the button on Sue's skirt and pulled down the zip and her skirt fell to the floor and Sue stood there naked she had no panties to remove and she was shaved apart from this small thin line of hair running down to the top of her wonderful puffy pussy lips, I pushed my hands between her legs and spread them and pushed my face into her cunt taking a deep breath smelling her aroma from her cunt and then pushing my tongue into the slit and tasting her not only did she shudder so did I and I was soon licking her and sucking at her, her clit was like a small dick it was about an inch and a half long and as I sucked this into my mouth her legs nearly gave way under her.

I stood back up and lifted her to the bed and lay her on it moving round to the bottom of the bed I took hold of her legs and pulled them apart and I could now see her cunt in all it's finest glory and I got on the bed and lowered my head into her and she pushed her back up to bring her cunt up to meet me and she moaned out as we touched and my tongue entered her wet pussy hole, her hands came down onto my head and pushed me hard against her she was grinding her cunt hard into my face harder and harder she pushed and then she moaned out OH FUCK YESSSSSSS and came into my mouth, working my way up her body kissing each and every inch as I went I kissed round and over each tit and took my time with her nipples and the as I kissed up her neck my cock touched her pussy and she just shouted out Fuck me fuck me now and with that I gave one big push upward and the whole 10" rammed into her from the very tip to the bottom of the shaft her cunt opened up to allow my cock to enter her juice covered my cock to help it slide into her and as our bodies met her legs came up and hooked together over my back and I started to fuck her hard and as I was ramming my cock into her from the corner of my eye I saw John laying down next to Sue and then felt Pat get on the bed and over him, it was not long before both of them were moaning but Pat was the loudest by far shouting yes yes yes oh my fuck yes John oh John yes as she forced herself up and down on his cock, turning back to Sue she was moaning herself harder harder Dave please Harder and she lowered her legs so I could ram harder into her.

I pulled from her and told her to get on all fours and she did what I asked and I got behind her and as I got ready to enter her I slapped her arse and then rammed my cock back into her as I fucked her I was holding onto her waist pulling her back onto my cock as I thrust forward, I looked over at Pat who was still pumping up and down on John her big tits bouncing up and down and he brought his hands up and took hold of them and squeezed them tight Pat threw her head back and screamed out she was cumming and John squeezed them even harder as I watched my wife for the first time have a massive Orgasm while fucking another man's cock and the sight and sound of it made me want to cum to and John placed his hand up between Sue's legs and played with her long clit and as Sue climaxed I filled her with my first lot of cum for the night but I was sure there were going to be a few more times yet.

Pat and Sue lay down beside each other on the bed panting for breath and John and I lay beside them, we lay on our sides so we could kiss there hard nipples and I slowly ran my hand down ever so lightly over Sue's skin down to her thin strip of pussy hair tracing my finger alone it until I touch the start of her slit and eased my finger into it and found her long rock hard clit as my finger touched it Sue took a deep breath and sighed out OH yes yes as I moved my finger round and round on the top of it, as I continued to kiss Sue's nipples I was John doing the same to Pat but them Sue brought her arm that was next to Pat up and lay her hand down onto her pussy and curled her finger into her slit and I heard a slurping sound as her finger entered Pat's wet cunt that was running with her and John's cum, both Sue and John had finger inside Pat and both were finger fucking her John bit on her nipple and pulled his head up pulling her nipple up between his teeth stretching it making Pat scream out with pain and pleasure, Sue was moaning also as I entered three fingers into her wet cunt and we fucked like this for a while then Sue pulled my hand from her and turned onto her side and pulled Pat over onto her side to face her and planted a kiss on her lips, I watched as Pat responded and stroked Sue's back and pulled her tight to her their breasts squashing together I lay down behind Sue and put my arm over then both and my cock was now hard again and I eased it up between Sue's legs and it popped into her wet slippery pussy and I started to fuck her hard from the rear and John took the hint and done the same to Pat and as we thrust forward we pushed the two woman together each had now placed a hand down between them and were rubbing each others clit's as we fucked them.

I came first filling Sue once more with my warm cum and she shuddered as she came and this was followed by John and Pat, we lay there for a while all panting and sweating my cock went soft and slipped from it's warm soft hide away and my cum and Sue's juice ran from her and down the back of her leg and onto the bed.

We lay there kiss and cuddling for a while when Pat said what next then I want more cock and sucking from Sue, she turned to John and said I know do you have any Gel you know K Y or something like it, we do said John who got of the bed and went and got it as he came back to the bed Pat stood up and bent over giving us all a wonderful view of her cunt and arse hole, John will you lube up my arse please put a lot on and in me please, John did what he was asked and by the time he had finished he had four fingers sliding in and out of her arse with ease Pat was moaning and enjoying every thrust of his fingers.

Pat stood up and walked over to the foot of the bed and to Sue's and John's shear shock Pat started to move her arse up and down over the big cone that was on the corner of the bed this one was longer and fatter than the one that had been in Jim's room as this one must have been at least 11 to 12" round but pat was going mad sliding up and down she was almost taking it all with just about a inch to go before her arse rick slipped over the widest part of it, John and Sue just sat there watching her and after a few more pumps up and down we all heard her arse ring pop over and her arse sucked the rest into her as the cone got smaller. OH OH FUCKFUCKFUCK she screamed as she sat fully down on it, Bloody hell said John I have never seen anything like that before wow that is so fucking hot added Sue, Pat was now pulling herself up and her arse stretched to allow it to slide up over the wide part and once she was sitting just on the top she pushed herself back down after doing this a few times slowly she started to speed up as her arse got use to the size of this thing, soon Pat was giving us such a bloody sex show as she rammed her arse up and down over the bed cone she cupped her tits into her hands and started to squeeze them pinching her nipples hard, making herself scream out fuck fuck fuck Oh fuck yes yes then she turned her head towards us and said John get that fucking cock over here and shove it up my cunt now I want you cock in me nowwwwww as a orgasm went through her.

John moved in front of Pat and bent his knees and got close to Pat and she lent back so John could enter his cock into her as she continued to pump up and down, John entered his cock into Pat and as it slipped into her she threw her arms round his neck and her head tilted back and she let out a large scream Oh JOHN FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD and John started to fuck her as she rammed up and down on the bed post, Pat was screaming harder harder oh yes yes oh fuck I am cumming again oh Fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss and she pulled John tight to her as her body shook and trembled but she still pounded herself on the bed post and then John let out a big OH FUCK YES rammed hard forward and held his cock into her and let his cum fill her, Sue jumped up and pulled John out of the way and dropped to her knees in front of Pat she lifted her hands and placed them on Pats cunt and pulled her pussy lips open and John's cum oozed out and Sue pushed her face hard against her and started to suck and lick Pat's dripping cunt soon Pat was screaming over and over as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her Sue entered three finger into Pat working them hard into her and licking her clit soon brought Pat once again to a earth shattering climax it was now my turn and Sue more aside and I got in front of my wife while Sue and John watch with excitement as I pushed my long cock fully into her and even before I moved to pull back Pat climaxed again her cunt gripping my cock hard as it rippled fast against it, I started to fuck her really hard now as I pushed my cock into her she raised up of the bedpost and as I pulled out she came down onto it she screamed again and again for me to give her long fast hard strokes of my cock and as we fucked like that, then John placed his hand down between us and started to work on Pat's swollen tender clit making her cum again and then Sue moved round the other side and was soon sucking and biting one of her nipples, Pat's arse was squelching back and forth over the cone her cunt doing the same on my cock and with John's hand rubbing her clit it was also rubbing against by skin and soon took me to the point of no return and I screamed out Pat I am CUMMING and with that Pat screamed back YES YES MY LOVE FILL ME FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM and with one last hard push I fill my wife with my cum and John rubbed her clit faster until she screamed once more as she exploded the force of her cumming pushed my cock from her and her juice poured out from her, when she was done we all helped Pat up of the bedpost and lay her on the bed John saying Oh my Fucking God that was so so fucking erotic.

Pat looked at us and said sorry guy's I am done for tonight I can not take anymore but you carry on I am sure Sue wants more cock, Sue said yes I do and with that she Pushed John back on the bed and got over him and started to fuck him riding his cock with her hands on his chest pushing herself up and down she turned to me and said come stand beside the bed I want to suck your big cock hard again Dave so I moved round and she took hold of my now limp cock and as she rode her husband she sucked my cock moving her head back and forth watching her ride her husbands cock I was surprised to feel life coming back to my cock already but glad it was, 10 minutes later Sue had it hard and said to me come fuck my arse will you I want that long cock inside my arse, as she said this she lent forward over John her firm breasts pushed into his chest her arse hole came up into view so I climbed on the bed behind her lent over her back and pushed my big headed cock into her arse hole slowly I pushed forward on and on until it was bedded deep inside her arse and as she moved on John's cock I started to pump into her, Pat lay beside us watching and I saw her move a hand in between John and Sue and knew she was either rubbing round the base of John's cock or Sue's clit which ever it was Sue and John screamed out that it felt wonderful and wanted more, Sue shouted out for me to ram harder up her arse, soon I felt John's cock throbbing deep inside his wife empting out his white seed I felt each and every throb of it and then as it soften I felt it slip from her, I pulled from her and pulled Sue up from John and told her to stand at the bottom of the bed lean forward and to place her hands on the foot board and I stood behind her and pushed my cock back into her arse from here I could really pound very hard into her and Sue grunted each time our bodies smashed together from here I could see Pat laying there legs wide Cum dripping from her cunt down onto the bed, her pussy lips swollen from all the pounding she had had tonight, John lay beside her watching me fuck his wife's arse and he could see her tits swinging back and forth as I rammed into her his hand slowly moved over to pat and rested onto her pussy and he eased a finger into her and moved it slowly in and out, Pat closed her eyes and let out a soft moan Oh John that's so so nice and she started to move her hips up to meet his inward push, Sue was screaming out that she was cumming and I continued to pump into her arse pulling fully out before pushing fully home so my body slapped hard into her, then I felt my balls tighten and the feeling of fire as as my cum started to rust on it's journey up my cock and into her arse, I am cumming Sue I shouted and I pushed it hard into her and my cock spat my warm cum deep into her waiting arse pump after pump filled her she screamed at each pump and throb of my cock and she climaxed again and her legs nearly gave way under her but I held onto her as my cock continued to empty out inside her, when it had stopped pumping I still held her to me as I wanted it inside her as long as I could it went limp after a while and slipped from her, I now looked up and saw Pat thrusting up onto John's fingers as he now had three fingers deep inside my wife and then she raised herself up of the bed and with one long shout of OH YESSSSSS she closed her legs tight round his hand and Sue and I watched as her body shook and came then going limp as she released his hand, Sue and I climbed onto the bed and we all fell asleep happy in one big heap.

I woke the next morning to the feeling of a pair of lips gripping tight round my cock shaft and they were slowly moving down it and someone's throat was rubbing against the head as it open it up, opening my eyes Sue was sucking on my cock and she was just taking in the last inch of it and then slowly drew her lips up and when she took her mouth from it she said Morning lover we thought we would have one last fuck before we left, I looked over and Pat's head was bobbing up and down on John's cock and by the way John was moaning Pat had been at it for a while, Sue ran her tongue down my shaft and over my balls she sucked one ball into her mouth and ran her tongue round on it and sucked it hard before running her tongue up and then putting her mouth over the top and slipping my cock back into her mouth, Sue was moving faster and faster on my cock and I peaked over at Pat, John now had his hands on her head holding it down on his cock and he bucked his hips up fucking her face, then I saw him thrust up and grunt as he let his cum rush from his cock and down my wife's throat, letting her head go when he had finished Pat started to lick his cock dry and clear of his cum, as I was looking over at them I had not felt Sue run her finger down between my legs until I felt her finger push up into my arse, I had never had anything in my arse before and the pleasure I was getting from it as Sue started to fuck me and suck me I was not going to last much longer, I did the same as John and pushed Sue's head down on my cock forcing every little bit into her as my cock exploded deep inside her throat, Sue licked me clean and kneeling up she said ok move over you to it's Pat and me to cum now.

Sue lay Pat on the bed and then knelt in the good old 69 and Pat was soon licking and fingering Sue's hole and Sue was doing the same to her both moaning and groaning working each other up more and more both their cunts slurping with their wetness as their fingers pushed in and out of each other, Pat came first ramming her pussy up into Sue's face she screamed as she covered her face with her cum, Pat fingered Sue hard and fast and then as she felt Sue begin her climax she pulled her fingers from her and sue pushed down hard forcing her pussy onto Pat's mouth filling it with her sweet cum.

Watching this John and I had started to get hard again and Sue said Oh well we had better get dressed and leave you to to rest, before you do I said now I know what you said yesterday that you to never fuck with anyone unless the other one is there, but John and I have gotten hard again and I would really love to fuck you one final time Sue and I am sure Pat would like to feel John's cock inside her once more, but the showers in here are not big enough for four of us so I wondered if you would let me take Sue down to our room and have her in our shower and you and Pat get do what you want in this one what do you say John.

He looked at Sue and said well I am happy to as long as you are John,Ok he said lets do it so I took hold of Sue's hand and led her out the bed room, what about my clothes she said Oh you can come back for them soon and we walked down to the second floor naked, we went into the shower and I pulled Sue to me and kissed her her nipples digging into my chest, I pushed her back against the walk and ran my hands down and cupped her butt cheeks and lifted her up and then let her slide down onto my throbbing cock and I started to fuck her pushing her hard onto the wall, she raised her legs and wrapped them round my waist as I continued to pump into her both of us moaning out loud as we fucked as if this would be the last fuck ever for the both of us.

I continued to fuck her with her legs around me then asked her to put her legs down and I pulled from her and spun her round so she now faced the wall easing her legs wide with my foot I pushed my cock first up into her pussy, holding onto her shoulders I rammed hard into her making her cry out in pleasure with each thrust, then pulling out I rammed my cock into her butt hole she swore as my big cock opened her arse and pushed it's way up inside her arse, but before long she was trusting back against me with each thrust I gave into her, then I changed back to her cunt and I kept on like this swapping from one to the other as the water gently ran down over our bodies, the water was dripping from her nipples as I fucked her hard, Sue came and she screamed out OH DAVE YES YES OH FUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK as her body shook, I moved from her arse and spun her round once more and rammed my cock back into her pussy after about three or four hard thrusts into her I held it inside her and filled her with my cum we kissed hard as my cock emptied it's self deep within her, she pulled away from our kiss and looked me in the eye and said that is the first time I have fucked without my husband here with me and I am so glad it was you Dave my god your cock is long and fills me completely thank you and she planted her lips on mine again and hugged me close.

I washed her wonderful body over with shower gel and made sure I washed between her pussy lips and up round her arse, drying her off we walked back up to the main room and Pat and John were still fucking hard in the shower then we heard Pat scream OH Yes fill me cum in me fill me John and there was a OH CHRIST YES YES YES as we knew Pat had just got the load she wanted about 15 minutes later John and Pat came from the bathroom and we left them to get dressed, we had said our good byes in the room so John and Sue just left when we went down later they had written in the guest book ( had a wonderful Christmas stay Pat and Dave did all they could to make our stay a great one and we sure did, Thanks for cumming for us we won't for get you John and Sue ).

when my mate return from holiday we said everything had been fine and we had really enjoyed our Christmas, he looked in the book and saw the two write ups and said what dose that mean thanks for cumming for us, Oh don't worry I said I will tell you one day and Pat and I laughed.

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