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It Started on the Underground

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jan 14, 2015
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If you fancy a good time call Patty on 8882128283

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I was not looking forward today it was hot already and it was only 07:30 and I had to be in London by 09:00 so catching the intercity into London and then had to jump on the underground which I really was not looking forward to in rush hour it meant squeezing into a carriage and getting pushed and shoved all over the place.

I had 8 stop's until I reached the station I wanted and already I was pushed up against a glass panel with someone standing right up behind me breathing down my neck I had no idea if it was a woman or man but I could feel how warm their breath was and then the train lurched to one side and the person standing behind me put their arm out to steady themselves and the arm went round my waist and gripped me tight and then a woman's low deep sexy voice said I am sorry my love, no problem I said over my shoulder and all I could see was long light blond hair, she left her arm around me and she said I hope you don't mind me holding you like this, I said in a joking manor you can hold me where ever you like so you feel safe and I gave a small laugh.

The train came to a Holt and everyone was sweating as it was so hot inside the carriage when it was not moving and when I was so full of people, I could not turn to talk to this woman that still had her arm round me, then as we stood there I felt her hand move and it ran down over my stomach down onto the top of my trousers and rubbed up and down the front of them feeling my cock and rubbing it, I felt her mouth come up close to my ear and she whispered Oh My what a big boy you are, now I am not what I would call hansoms by any means but I would hope not ugly but down in the cock department I was blessed with a just under 12" so this woman was running her hand up and down the full hard length and I must say I was getting more than a little uncomfortable as it grew hard as it had no-were to go.

Mmmmmmmm she whispers in me ear that is very very nice, and it was a good job I was holding a briefcase as the next thing I know she had slipped down the zip on my trousers and her hand shot into my pants and gripped my now rock hard cock, slowly she started to run her fingers up and down my shaft pulling my foreskin back over the head each time her fingers slipped down and this made me take a sharp breath as each time my very sensitive head rubbed against my pants, I could not believe I was standing in a crowded underground train in rush hour with a woman standing behind me and she had her hand in my pants wanking me off, her breath was getting hard and warmer in my ear as she kept saying oh my what a wonder cock, oh Christ it's big, come on big boy cum for Patty and she rubbed even harder and I was also taking big gulps of air as I got nearer and nearer to cumming, my cock started to swell and she knew I was nearly there, the train had started on it's way again and was swaying from side to side as we speed along the track, come on big boy fill Patty's hand with your juice she whispered in my ear that's it big boy and I let out a grunt and my cock erupted and my cum filled her cupped hand and covered the inside of my pants and she withdrew her cupped hand full with my warm cum.

I heard her licking it from her hand and she said my god big cock and Nice tasting cum Oh you are wonderful as the train pulled into the station, the door slid open behind us and before I could turn round and see her she was gone in the crowd, I lowered my other hand behind my case and done my zip up and got of at the next station and went to the nearest toilet to clean up before going of to my meeting.

I was on my way back to catch the underground back to the main station and I when I got there I had 45 minutes to kill so went for a coffee at the star bucks on the station, sitting there sipping at my hot coffee I was going to phone the wife and tell her what time I would be in but when I placed my hand inside my jacket pocket next to the card I felt a card pulling this out I turned it over and saw this.

If you fancy a good time call Patty on 8882128283

I sat there sipping my coffee reading this over and over and had my mobile on the table ready to phone my wife, now to this very day I still do not know why I picked up my mobile and dialled Patty's number instead of my wife but I did and when I heard the sexy voice of Patty answer I said hi there I have just found your card in my pocket I am the guy you wanked off on the underground this morning, Oh your the big boy that tasted so so sweet, well honey she said what can I do for you, taking a deep breath I said well Patty as you dropped your card in my pocket I take it you would like some fun so how about I take you out to dinner and we take it from there, Sounds good to me honey she said where do you want to meet well how about the OXO tower restaurant say 19:30 ok honey I will see you there, Patty before you go all I saw of you this morning was long light blond hair how will I know you, don't worry honey she said I know what you look like and I am sure you will know me when you see me.

I took my phone and said Google find Hotel near OXO tower and my phone told me there was one nearly next door so I phoned and booked a room which had a view overlooking the Thames, then I phoned my wife but no answer so I left a message saying I had been caught up with work and would be having a evening meeting so would be stopping over for the night and would see her tomorrow.

I caught the underground to the station and walked the short distance to the Hotel and booked myself in, as I had no clean clothes with me I nipped out and brought some new underwear and a new shirt went back to the hotel showered and changed and I still had a hour before meeting Patty for a meal so I lay on the bed and closed my eyes and dreamt of what she would look like and by what she had done in the train today I knew she would be coming back here for the night, My phone woke me saying it is 15 minutes to your meeting, from me dream and I took the lift down and walked just round the conner to the restaurant I was leaning against the wall with the river Thames lapping at it just behind me and there were people rushing back and forth going about their day, it was just after 7:30 when I saw this tall woman with long light blond hair walking towards me, she was still a way off but from the way her hips swayed she was looking very sexy, as she got closer I could see she was smiling and had plump red lips and really white teeth her skin was slightly tanned but not to much, her body curved in all the right places, she had firm tits as they did not bounce or move as she walked and I fantastic slim waist and then very curvy hips and Boy Oh Boy did she know how to sway them as she walked, she had on a mini skirt a very short mini skirt it looked like red leather and clung to her hips and legs like it had just been sprayed on, and she had a white blouse which you could just see through and she wore a red frilly bra and by what I could see it was pushing her tits up to over flowing the cups, she came right up to me and without saying a word kissed me fully on the mouth her lips tasted of cherry and they were so moist and soft as they pushed against mine, as she pulled away Hi I am Patty she said I hope your not disappointed it what you see she smiled, Oh Christ no I managed to get out you are gorgeous shall we go eat then I said as we turned to walk to the restaurant as we walked I placed my arm round her waist and she rubbed her body against me.

I told Patty to order what ever she wanted and we sat eat and talked she guest I was married but that did not seam to worry her one bit and when we had finished we took a stroll along the Thames embankment before going back to the hotel Patty I forgot to say had this small little red cloth hand bag with her which matched her skirt colour.

We got back to the hotel and took the lift up to me room and as soon as the door was shut Patty changed she pushed me back against the wall and pushed her mouth onto mine pushing her tongue into my mouth and running it round and round over and under my tongue it was like shutting the door had flicked a switch inside her she pulled my shirt off me and placed her hands between us and was soon lowering my zip and pushing my trousers to the floor and my boxers soon followed within in two minutes of getting in the door she had me naked and was down on her knees slipping my harding cock into her eager mouth, Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm she moaned out as she worked back and forth on it slurping and sucking on it gagging from time to time as she took a bit to much into her mouth, I placed my hands on her head and started to move her head back and forth fucking her face her red lip stick leaving a red make round my cock and it was getting further and further down the stem as Patty took more and more into her mouth and throat her head was bobbing back and forth fast as she took more and more then I felt her hands cup and rub my balls pulling at them twisting them and by now I was taking deep breaths as the feeling of pleasure rushed through my body my cock was now full hard and Patty took one hand from my balls and ran it under between my legs and up my arse crack and found my arse hole and pushed her finger into it forcing me to moan out as it slipped inside me, she soon had her finger fucking my arse hole as she continued to suck my cock.

My legs were shaking at the pleasure I was receiving as I got closer and closer to letting my cum go and she knew it as my balls tightened up in her hands her lips gripped my cock harder and she really sucked it hard as if she was trying to suck my juice all the way up from my balls, then I felt the fire in my balls start to move and rush up my cock as it wanted to explode from the end and it did but as I came I thrust forward and forced my cock fully down her throat Patty started to gag but I held her head fully on my cock until it finished pumping and when I let her go Patty pulled her head back gasping for air fuckfuckfuck she moaned that was so fucking good and with that she stood up and held me close as we kissed once more.

Patty was still fully dressed as I lead her over to the big wide bed in the room and standing her near to it I started to unbutton her blouse slowly one by one her breasts heaving up and down with each breath she took and then I eased it back over her shoulders and it slipped down her arms and fell gently to the floor and her red silk bra and soft frilly lace could just manage to hold her wonderful firm tanned breasts inside and I lent forward and kissed between them making her take a deep breath as I run my tongue up between her tits then up her neck and onto her ear where I sucked her lobe she sighed as I sucked on it and placed one hand on her breast and squeezing it gently feeling her nipple with the soft silk between my hand and it, I reached round and unclipped her bra and pulled it forward and as the straps slipped down her arms her wonderful firm tits came into view and my lord what a wonderful pair of tits they were, firm round tanned and nipple the size of mountains I could not stop myself I quickly lowered my head and suck one nipple into my mouth and bit onto it making Patty scream out with pleasure and as I bit it she pushed her chest forward pushing her breasts flat against my face moaning again and again suck it suck it hard you bastard suck it bite it oh oh fuck yes yes as I pinched the other one between my finger and thumb.

I then pushed her back and she fell onto the bed bouncing on her back and as she lay there I could see up her very short skirt like what you see she grinned at me, oh you fucking bet I replied, well don't just stand there bloody looking at it do something with it, I lent forward over her and undone her skirt and she pushed her arse up of the bed to allow me to pull her skirt down and as it slipped off her hips her small red frilly panties came into view and Oh my god what a wonderful sight this was she had a damp patch on the crotch from her juice and once I had her skirt of I knelt down on the floor lent over the bottom of the bed and pushed my head into her crotch and pushed my tongue up against her damp panties making Patty arch her back as I rubbed the silk fabric over her clit which was hard she moaned out as I continued to rub it working her up to her first climax of this very long night ahead, on and on I licked and flicked my tongue and her body began to shake she was swearing under her breath as she got nearer to exploding then she rammed her cunt up into my mouth and screamed OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss as I felt her cunt release it's juice and I sucked it through the fabric and into my mouth.

When Patty finished I took hold of her panties and ripped them from her, and her shaven cunt was now only a few inches from my face and I could smell her sexy aroma as it came into view and by now my cock was hard once more and ready for action so as I moved up the bed I pulled her long trimmed legs with me pulling them so her knees rested on her tits and I placed the big purple head of my cock up against her wet slimy pussy lips and she looked my in the eye and said Fuck me bastard fuck me now and I want it all no mater what I say I want every fucking inch of that fucking big cock inside me and just before she finished her last word I rammed the fully length into her until my body slammed into her squashing her clit between us, OH FUCK FUCK FUCK SHE SCREAMED OUT oh FUCK YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS fuck me fuck me hard ram that cock into me make me cum and cum she carried on screaming, so pulling back the full length and ramming it fully inside her again and again her finger nails digging into my back as she took every inch of it the I spun us over so she now sat on top of me and she placed her hands onto my chest and worked her cunt up and down my shaft slamming herself down onto me hard I could feel her cunt getting tighter and tighter round my cock and knew it would not be long before she came once more, Patty was sweating as I took hold of her tits and squeezed them hard pinching her nipples making her scream out again and again and then she rammed hard down and held her cunt fully down on my shaft and I felt her cunt ripple round it then her juice flowed from her running down between my legs down between my arse cheeks and dripped onto the sheet, once her climax past she started to move again still just as hard then I lifted her from me and told her to get on all fours and I pushed my long thick cock back into her holding onto her gorgeous hips and pulling her back onto me and I thrust forward opening her cunt walls with the head of my cock each time and as it rubbed against her wet slimy cunt walls I was getting ready to empty my second load deep inside her, I pushed her forward so she went down onto her elbows pushing her cunt up so I could force just that bit more inside her, Patty was loosing her voice she was moaning and screaming so much with the pleasure of my cock opening her cunt up each thrust, her arse looked wonderful and as I rammed into her I then done the same to her what she had done to me while she had me pinned against the wall I rammed my finger into her hole you fucking Bastard you fucking bastard she screamed Oh you fucking Bastard I love it I love it she moaned out now in a whisper her voice nearly gone, I was now giving her all my cock and all the length of my finger her body shaking and trembling and then I could not hold back any longer and I pulled my finger from her arse took hold of her hips once more and pulled her back so hard against me as I push my hips so hard into her and held her there as my cock let my cum fly filling her insides pump after pump erupted into her, Oh Oh Fuck yes yes she moaned and then collapsed flat onto the bed and I followed her down laying on top of her both of us panting for breath, once we had our breathes back we move round into the 69 and I was licking her juice and my cum and she was doing the same to me until she came into my mouth once more, after that we both needed a rest so I poured us some wine and we went and run a nice warm bath for us both.

Sitting in the bath relaxing I looked at Patty and said my god you are so beautiful those wonderful green eyes so sexy and that smile look my cock is getting stiff again already just looking at you, well she said I will have to do something about that and she pulled her self so she slid up over my legs her legs going down beside me, Patty placed her arms on each side of the bath and lifted herself up and forward and then just lowered herself down on my stiff cock and it just slipped into her and she sat fully down into my lap, placing her arms round my neck she pulled me forward and we kissed as she started to move with little strokes up and down my shaft her nipple rubbing against my chest her warm breath on my neck as she moaned softly into my ear with each stroke.

As she bounce on my cock the water was splashing over the side and the floor was soaked but who cared as it was a hotel we would not be cleaning it up that was for sure, on and on we rode like this her moaning as I traced my fingers up and down her spine Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes MMMMMMMmmm so nice she moaned oh Christ yes yes so nice, we took it slow as we wanted it to take a long time before either of us cum and the water was starting to get cold so I said lets finish this off in the shower so we got out of the bath and moved to the shower Patty lead me by my cock and we got under the warm running water, I sat on the floor and she once more lowered herself down into my lap sliding down my shaft but this time she faced away for me so I could but my arms up under hers and cup her breasts and squeeze them play with them and pull her nipples she flung her head back onto my shoulder as she had a small climax Oh Christ she moaned as her body trembled, she bent her legs under her so she was now kneeling over my legs and started to rise higher on my shaft and coming down faster and harder I still had her tits in my hand and she was going wild as I played with them on and on we went the water running down over her back and between her arse cheeks and then down over my balls, so warm and it felt so sexy as she rode my cock and we kept this up for at least 20 minutes both of us moving towards a big climax and then she came and like before her body shook and her cunt griped my shaft as her orgasm ripped throughout her body making her push herself back hard against me as it did, but Patty did not stop riding my shaft her cunt giving it long hard strokes as her orgasm still gripped her insides and then I felt my ball contract and it was about to send my cum rushing forward and then I shook as I felt it leave my balls I could feel it rushing up my shaft wanting to shoot out and fill this sexy woman's insides, I grunted as my cum flew from my cock I pushed up as far as I could from where I was sitting and I did indeed fill her insides once more, we both sat there letting the warm water wash down over us neither of us wanting to move we both felt worn out but in the end we rose and I dried her off and she did the same to me kissing my cock and balls as she did so, once more she took hold of my now limp dick and lead me back to the bed.

We lay there kissing and cuddling for a while sometimes stopping to have a drink of wine and she played with my balls and cock until it started to grow once more, I turned her over and lay her face down on the bed and spread her legs and lay between them my cock soon found her wet moist hole and eased open her pussy lips to fill her insides once more, I raised myself up on my out stretched arms so I could pump into her hard forcing myself into her as hard as I could, Oh fuck Oh yes Oh fuck she moaned as I rammed into her, her cunt was again running with her juices, then I pulled from her and as my cock ran up her arse crack it found her other hole and with a hard firm push and being so slimy from her cunt juice it popped inside her, Patty screamed out she had her voice back a bit by now OH YOU FUCKFUCKFUCKING Bastard you could have warned me you fucker, but on I pushed now half way in she started to moan slowly slowly please take it slowly but I remembered what she had said earlier not to take notice of what she said so on I pushed on now three quarters in and she was starting to plead with me stop stop it hurts stop stop, but she also let out a Mmmmmmmmm as I pulled back before pushing forward again so I now had a inch left so with one last thrust I fully entered my cock into her arse, I now started to pull from her so my head just slipped from her letting her arse hole close before pushing back into her OH OH FUCK she said as the head popped back in forcing her hole open wide OH FUCK FUCK as it slid fully down inside her filling her arse full opening it up as it went inside her, your so fucking big she said through gritted teeth OH so fucking big but I was now pulling out and ramming back into her arse and her hole was getting use to the size of my cock head as it was now popping inside her without me having to force it in, I was now pounding her arse as hard as I had done her cunt a few minutes ago then I pulled from her arse and plunged my cock back into her cunt giving it about 20 hard long strokes before returning to her arse and doing the same again and again I swapped back and forth, by now Patty was climaxing again and again her body was running with sweat as she got hotter and hotter as we fuck harder and harder, I was now getting ready to cum again and lent forward and said which hole do you want my load in you sexy bitch, my arse my arse she moaned as another orgasm ripped through her, I pulled from her cunt and rammed hard into her arse and after a few more strokes I filled her arse OH MY FUCKING GOD she moaned I can feel it so fucking deep in my arse so warm and oh so so nice Oh my god so fucking nice and I lay down over her taking my weight on my elbows but keeping my cock deep inside her arse, as it started to shrink she said Ooooooooooo I can feel it getting smaller and smaller and softer inside me and then it just plopped out of her arse and my cum oozed out of her arse hole I slid myself down and licked it from her sending shivers thought her body each time my tongue ran over her now puckered hole.

I move up beside her and we lay facing each other holding each other close as we kissed, her so sexy body pushed against mine as we hugged and kissed our tongues dancing in others mouths as we ran our hands up and down each others backs making each other shiver at our touch, I rolled over onto my back and Patty lay her head on my out stretch arm and ran the tip of a finger nail round my nipples and then ran it across the very tip of it sending a shiver through me and about 15 minutes of this and my cock once more started to stir.

Patty slipped down the bed and took my twitching cock into her mouth and started once more to lick the head sending wave after wave of pleasure and then she ran her tongue up and down the full length of the shaft and also around my balls, she had pulled my foreskin fully back over the head and was rubbing my cock head with her thumb driving me crazy a finger shot into my arse once more making me lift up from the bed as she pushed it fully inside me curling her finger forward she started to stroke my prostrate I nearly fainted as my head spun with the feelings I was getting black spots before my eyes as on and on she stroked my prostrate and sucked my cock, Patty's head was moving up and down the full length of my shaft now and then she pulled her finger from my arse and moved up and sat over me and eased my throbbing cock into her cunt that dripped her juices down onto me as she spread her legs over me, my cock slipped into her inch by inch until she was sitting hard down on me and I looked into her eyes as she started to move slowly up and down, OH those beautiful green eyes sparkled and that smile as she felt my cock moving inside her, I ease my hand down between us and found her clit and played with it as she moved her so sexy body up and down my cock, Patty was soon moaning out for me to rub her cilt faster and harder and then ramming down she exploded and her cum run from her and down over my body, then she started to move faster and faster our bodies smashing together as they met in this now frenzied sex Patty screaming again and again that she was cumming over and over me getting ready to fill her deep within her belly as my cum shot from my cock she slammed down hard and she fell forward onto my chest and I am sure she pasted out for a while as she was still and making no noise as my cock continued to pump into her then she sat up grinding her cunt hard down onto me rubbing her clit against my pubic hair and she climax once more before laying back onto me and we rolled over onto our sides with my cock deep inside her she looked at me with her sexy eyes and said Thanks for a wonderful evening and we kissed and fell asleep with my cock softening inside her.

We showered together in the morning and had sex one more time with her bent over leaning against the wall of the shower as I fucked her pussy from the rear, I dried her off and as she dressed I dried off and dressed also, I told her I would take her for breakfast and when we had done we went out by the river and I pulled her to me and kissed her fully on those soft lushest red lips, as we parted Patty turned to me and said, Well that was great sex my dear what time will you be home tonight, Oh I should think about 6 6:30 my dear sexy wife and I left her to travel home as I went of to work.

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