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My Wife and the Punk - Chapter 1

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Author: T.M.
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Published: 25-Feb-15 Revised/Updated 28-Feb-15
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Once she had assumed the position he greedily let his hands roam at will over her naked flesh...

* * * * * * *

My name is Tim Miller. I am sixty four years old and my wife JoAnn and I have been married for thirty two years. She is eleven years younger than I am. We have been living for the past couple of years in a senior citizen apartment type building which is rent controlled and owned by a group of churches. Although we have never been church goers,the people here don't push their beliefs on us or insist that we attend any of the many religious activities that go on in the building.

So all in all,we blend in pretty well with no problems.

Jo Ann and I have never had children because she was unable to conceive. She has always been quite slim with a milky complexion which I find very appealing. Her demeanor matches her appearance. She is a quiet person some might say mousy,but that's not right. She has a very pretty face and big green eyes. Her hair is somewhere between dark blonde and light brunette. Her figure is slim and soft,breasts medium size with pale pink aureoles and nipples. The hair between her legs is just a shade or two darker than that on her head. She has always been a very submissive person,not one to be confrontational at all. Even at the risk of having to do something she would rather not. The reason I'm being so descriptive of my wife will become apparent as this account goes on.

Financially,we are far from rich,subsisting mostly on social security and a meager savings account. But we don't want for anything. At least we didn't until I broke my leg and became unable to work. At the time, I was managing a small appliance and repair store. A nice little job but without benefits. The staff was small. Only a couple of girls barely out of their teens who handled the phone,reception type stuff and kept up with the inventory. Then there was Randy Bosman.

What a prick that young guy was. . . . and is. Randy is in his mid twenties and totally insufferable. How he got the job I'll never know. I certainly didn't hire him. He is a skinhead with an obnoxious soul patch under his lip,tattoos up both arms. . . a skinny dude with an attitude that no one could stand. He was hated by both the girls who work there. Belinda,a black girl with a few extra pounds but a sweet disposition,and Tina,a slim mousy little blonde with an unfortunate case of acne which made her shy and insecure. Randy never failed to verbally harass them both to the point of bullying. One day I had enough of his shit and jumped his case. I threatened to go to the owner and ask him to get rid of the little creep. I made him apologize to Belinda for referring to her as a fat ass troll. He also was forced to tell Tina he was sorry for laughing at her pimples.

Of course this did not sit well with Randy and he and I had a very strained relation. Uncomfortable in the workplace. This situation came to another head when he grabbed Belinda's butt one day while she had her hands full of merchandise,causing her to jump,shriek, and scatter electronic parts all over the floor. Once again I read him the riot act and said that one more incident would be his last at that store. He sulked away,muttering something under his breath. I didn't even want to know.

The next day was payday. Randy walked in without speaking,picked up his check and walked right out again. He didn't come back that day. When he wasn't at work the next day either I called his home and got his answering machine. I left a massage for him to please tell me if he was coming back to work at all,but two days later he had not called back or shown up so it was obvious that we were rid of him.

"Good thing too,Mr. Miller" Belinda said to me." I didn't want to say nothin with him still here and all,but he sure made some nasty remarks about your wife."

"What did he say,Belinda?" "Oh,I don't wanna get into it much. . . he just talkin about her in a nasty way."

I pressed her on."He's gone now,you can tell me. I'd really like to know what that little shit said about my wife."

"Well,he said she was a good lookin piece of. . . . well,you know. . . and how much he'd like to do things to her. He talk about her body parts in a disrespectful tone."

I didn't ask her more. She seemed embarrassed to have said that much. So I just thanked her for filling me in and let it slide.

Within a few days the owner of the store found a replacement and rotten Randy was soon forgotten. Things rocked on pretty much as usual until the Sunday softball game where I screwed up big time and ended up at the e. r. With what turned out to be a badly broken leg. Worse than the pain was the financial loss. The extra money I made at the store helped us scrape by. Now we were in trouble. JoAnn offered to find a job,but it was fruitless considering the way the market was at the time. The store owner did pay me two weeks out of kindness,but there was no insurance benefits and that was just a drop in the bucket. Still, each day JoAnn would scour the ads and try to think of some way to help. But we were getting further and further behind.

Then we thought that maybe we could use the computer to print some ads of our own and offer graphic art services. With this in mind JoAnn went to a drug store a few blocks away to buy some ink for the printer. Once she got there she saw that it was quite expensive,and in desperation,did something totally out of character. Heart racing,she surreptitiously looked around and slipped the ink into her big purse. Then she headed for the exit. Little did she know that her theft had been caught on video. . . and that video was being watched at the moment by the new assistant manager of the store. It was no coincidence that the manager was watching her. He was ogling her hungrily as she walked from aisle to aisle in a pretty little sundress. He had no way of knowing that his voyeurism was about to change his life. . . and that of the lovely mature brunette who was the object of his desire. The manager was . . . yep,you guessed it. Randy Bosman.

JoAnn's heart was racing wildly as she got in her car and started the engine. She was about to take a deep breath of relief when she heard tapping on the car window. Her heart jumped alarmingly and she felt a surge of adrenalin shoot through her body. She turned to the window to see the grinning face of Randy Bosman.

"Hi,Mrs. Miller. Remember me. . . . it's Randy."

With shaking fingers she opened the window.

"Yes,of course. . . how are you Randy?"

"Fine. . I guess you know I don't work with your hubby any more,huh?"

She knew alright. Tim had told her all about Randy. . . . what a prick he was. . . and even told her that Randy had made off color remarks about her.

"Yes,I heard that you had. . Er. . moved on" she said haltingly.

"Right. Me and your old man just couldn't hit it off. Anyway, I got a better job now. im working here as an assistant manager."

"Well good for you. Ummm. . nice to see you Randy but I've got to get home to Tim now."

"Yeah,I heard he broke his leg,right?"

She nodded.

Randy shook his head sympathetically."That's too bad. No money comin in huh?"

She nodded."But,we will be alright. The place where we live is very understanding and is helping us out for awhile. Until we get on our feet again."

"hey,that's great." Randy stopped smiling. "Bet they wouldn't be too helpful if they found out you are a shoplifter though."

Jo Ann fought back a sudden wave of panic but started shaking uncontrollably. Oh my god. . . he KNEW!

His grin reappeared,but now it was different. He stared at her as though he was enjoying her fear.

"I'll bet they would even evict you if they knew you got arrested,wouldn't they?"

Jo Ann gulped. He was right.

"Now,Jo Ann," he said,taking the liberty of using her first name." The question is,do I call the police and have them look in your purse,or not."

She was trembling and on the verge of tears as she stammered "Oh please don't do that. I. . . I . . I'll give it back. . . I'll pay for it. . . I'll do whatever you say. . just please don't have me arrested. I just couldn't stand it.

Randy smile triumphantly as he felt his cock beginning to stiffen.

"Well, I tell you what. Maybe there is a way for you to get out of this."

"oh,yes. . . please. Tell me how."

"Let's see,it's about two o'clock now. . . I'd say you could be home by five. . . just in time to cook good old Tim his dinner."

Jo Ann was terrified to know. She knew it wouldn't be good.

"I'll even let you keep that ink cartridge you stole. You mustawanted it pretty bad,so,hey,it's a gift from me."

Not really knowing what to say,she just nodded and murmured a thanks.

"So if you go along with my idea, I'll just forget I've got you on video committing a crime. What do you say?"

Her voice trembling,she asked "What idea is it that you want me to go along with?"

Randy smiled."Oh come on,honey,you're not dumb. Okay. . . I'll spell it out for you. You come over to my apartment right now and spend a couple of hours letting me enjoy that nice little body of yours,then you're home free."

There it was. There was no denying what the young man wanted.

"Randy,I. . I. . look ,that's just crazy. After all I'm old enough to be your mother. What on earth would you want from me?"

"Just so happens I've always wanted to fuck an older woman. . especially you. Hell, you ought a be flattered."

Jo Ann felt her face turning red as he blatantly told her that he wanted to "fuck" her. She caught her breath and started shaking her head.

" what are you talking about? I'm a married woman. . . I can't possibly do that."

"Yeah,I know you're married. And I don't like the asshole you're married to. Thats gonna make it all the sweeter when I'm riding your sweet married cunt. I'll make you cum like that old dude never has."

The whole idea was unthinkable. . . preposterous. She could never do anything like that,especially with such an arrogant and aggressive young punk.

"Randy,I'm going to drive home now. If you want the ink thing back you can have it. But you can just forget anything else. I don't believe you would really call the police over something like this. And if you did I would tell them the disgusting things you said. Then you would be in trouble."

She was in reality amazed at herself for standing her ground like that. Her nature was to be very submissive but she felt pushed to the wall. Her whole body was shaking violently with emotion . . and fear.

Randy just smiled that smug smile again.

"Alright Jo Ann . Go on home. I know where you live. . . . and make no mistake. . . I WILL call the police. And you'll be arrested right where you live. . . and right in front of your loving hubby. And by the way, I'll tell the cops that you offered to give me some pussy if I let you go. But,nice young guy that I am,I was shocked and,of course,turned you down."

"No one would ever believe that!"

"Maybe,maybe not. My word against yours. And I'm out here workin for a living. And you. . . well, you're a thief."

Jo Ann felt her resolve crumbling. He was right. He had all the cards.

Face flaming and eyes averted,she muttered ,"Only for two hours. . . and only once. . right?"

Randy felt his dick jumping up hard in his pantsShe was actually going to do it. Hot Damn!

"Sure,only one time and nobody ever knows about it. Then it's all over."

He knew He was lying. Once he had her,he damn sure wasn't gonna let it go with just one fuck. He intended to play with Jo Ann Miller for a long time. And rub her husband's face in it too.

As if reading his mind,she asked "And Tim will never,ever know anything about this?"

"Of course. I swear. No one will know."

She was defeated and she knew it. She felt her true nature taking over. She would submit.

"Alright," she said softly.

Randy was practically jumping for joy.

"Great," he said."Just wait here while I go in and tell em I'm leaving for the day. Then I'll come back out and you can follow me to my place."

Jo Ann nodded. He went inside and she had the overwhelming urge to drive quickly out of there. . to home. . to Tim. But she was trapped and she knew it. Why had she been stupid enough to steal that damn ink cartridge. Look at the mess she had gotten herself into. Randy returned and got in his car. Reluctantly,she began to follow him to his place. She shuddered as she thought of what awaited her there.

Randy's apartment was as messy as she thought it would. Obviously he wasn't a tidy person. As she sat nervously on his ratty couch,JoAnn was beside herself with trepidation. How was she going to be able to go through with this? Maybe it would be better just to be arrested. . . but no,that couldn't happen. Tim would not be able to survive with his leg and hip in a cast. Furthermore they would surely be given a ten day eviction notice. She knew she had no choice but to give this perverted little creep what he wanted. She would have to grin and bear it.

Randy handed a small glass.

" There you go,baby. That's a little bourbon. Wash these down with it."

He gave her two pills.

"What are these?"

"One is Valium,to relax you. . . and this one is to make you feel better all over."

He didn't tell her that hewas giving her MDMA,better known as Molly.

Jo Ann shook her head."Oh,no. I'm not taking that. And I don't drink."

Randy suddenly grabbed her by the hair.

"Yes you are,bitch. Youre gonna do as I say. Now take the goddam pills!"

Fearfully Jo Ann swallowed the pills and washed them down with the raw whiskey,choking and gagging as she did. Randy released her hair and stepped back."That's a good girl. Now just relax for awhile. I'm gonna get things ready in the bedroom." Within a few minutes Jo Ann felt the mixture taking effect. Strangely,she did feel more relaxed and less panicky,but still far from being happy to be in this mess. It wasn't as if she were a prude. She had other men in her life before Tim ,although she had only been to bed with about three others. . . and certainly none since her marriage.

Randy came back into the room,wearing a rather saggy pair of briefs which had seen better days. Jo Ann averted her gaze and felt her face flush.

"Don't worry,honey. I ain't the only one who's gonna be naked. Get up."

To her horror,Jo Ann saw that he was holding a digital camera.

"What you're gonna do now is stand right in front of the couch and slowly and sexily take off all your clothes. And when I say 'now' you're gonna look at the camera and smile. Got that?"

Feeling that she was about to faint,she felt tears coming to her eyes." Please. . . please don't make me do that. . . I. . I. . just can't. I can't have pictures like that. Randy,please for gods sake have a heart. Leave me a little dignity."

Randy smiled smugly."Get with it,bitch. Just start stripping and don't stop until you're butt naked. Dont make me slap you around. Although it might be fun to spank your fine little ass until you give in."

Totally defeated,Jo Ann began the humiliating task. She unzipped the sundress and reluctantly dropped it the floor,standing in a modest white bra and matching panties. Blushing furiously,she covered herself as best as she could with her hands.

"Now," said Randy. Obediently,she looked at the camera and forced a sick smile. An incongruous sight to be sure. Standing in obvious embarrassment,scantily clad,covering herself,but smiling as if she were somehow enjoying being caught unexpectedly on camera. "Hands on your head."

She obeyed. After a few minutes she knew she had to continue,so with shaking hands,she unhooked her bra and forced herself to drop it to the couch.

Randy murmured in lustful appreciation as her soft white breasts were revealed. The sound humiliated her even more."Hands on your head," he said once again.

Once she had assumed the demanded pose,Randy said "now."

Almost overcome with shame and mortification. Jo Ann obeyed and manufactured a semblance of a smile for Randy's camera.

He kept her standing that way while he took his time looking openly at the mature womanly body so provocatively displayed for him.

"Now,sugar,let's get those panties off."

Jo Ann was immensely grateful that he had given her the booze and pills now. Otherwise she would never been able to bring herself to slide her panties down and let them fall,fettering her ankles.

"Wow,oh yeah oh yeah. . . . just look at that nice little bush. So the carpet does match the drapes" he said lewdly,increasing her embarrassment.

When he said 'now' this time Jo Ann once more looked into the camera and smiled.

In that moment,Randy knew that this lovely mature,married woman was going to be his to do as wished with. . . for as long as he said. And he certainly had no idea of allowing her husband to go unpunished either. He almost came on the spot,but held back. Although his cock was straining mightily at his crotch. Right now he was about to fuck Jo Ann Miller. . . actually! He had wanted to bone this bitch for so long. And now she was completely exposed and. . . completely at his disposal.

Randy quickly checked the camera and,making sure all the shots were there,tossed it aside and approached the naked woman standing timidly before him. She offered no resistance as he took her in his arms and pulled her tightly against his throbbing cock. Aggressively he started French kissing her,sliding his tongue insistently between her lips, savoring the surrender as he explored her open mouth. He felt her tense as his fingers groped her bare buttocks ,squeezing her cheeks most intimately. At length ,he guided into his bedroom and laid her on her back,sitting beside her."Put your hands up over your head and leave them there. I'm gonna feel you up real good."

Once she had assumed the position he greedily let his hands roam at will over her naked flesh. And he didn't miss a spot. He ran his hands up the entire length of her soft white legs,nudging her thighs apart as he tickled their tender insides. She flinched involuntarily at the teasing touch but made no move to resist. His eyes scanned her bare body intensely as he continued dominating her,rubbing and fondling her soft white tits ,bringing the pale nipples to attention. She was moaning softly either from humiliation or unwanted rising passion but he didn't care which. He was in the zone. Jo Ann gasped as his fingers touched the lips of her vagina,tweaking the hair there. As he rubbed the super sensitive area possessively,she squirmed against his hand. " I like your pretty titties Jo Ann. Say 'thank you,Randy' " he ordered.

Again a small moan as she forced herself to respond." Thank you. . Ra. . randy."

" I want you to say,thank you Randy. I'm glad you like my pretty titties. You can play with them anytime you want to."

She made herself obey. Randy smiled as he thought of the recorder he had set up. More evidence to use against her.

"You like my fingers playing with your pussy,honey? Tell me you do and then ask me to fuck you." "Oh,yes,Randy . . . I like your fingers playing with my p. . pu. . . pussy. Please fuck me now."

He was only too happy to oblige. He pulled his shorts off and crawled between her thighs. Lingering,savoring the moment ,he slid his hard prick into the warm wet pussy so open for his pleasure. "Oh,yeah,baby. . . that's. gooood. That's right baby ,give me that sweet married pussy."

He fucked her thoroughly, forcing himself to slow down each time he felt close to a climax. He wanted to make this last. After thirty minutes of non stop screwing,he finally allowed himself to come,pumping herd against and filling her with his jism. He wasn't sure whether Jo Ann had an orgasm or not. And to be honest,she wasn't so sure either. Toward the end she had to admit she felt a hot rush of unwanted pleasure as the body overwhelmed the mind. Could it be? No. No. There's no way that could be.

As they both lay there,gasping for breath,they each wondered what was going to happen next.

Writer's note:

I hope you enjoyed this account. If you would like for it to continue, please let me know. If I get a little encouragement I will tell you how the next chapter,or chapters come out.

Please email me directly with your comments,good,bad or indifferent to : Martinthom13@yahoo. com

Incidentally Randy's pictures were inspired by some posted at imagefap . com If you would like to see them go to imagefap and specify From the archives. Mature mom Lotus.

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