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My Wife and the Punk - Chapter 2

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Author: T.M.
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Published: 28-Feb-15
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Randy allowed her to go to the bathroom where she rinsed her mouth repeatedly, trying to wash away the taste his cock had left there...

* * * * * * *

My wife Jo Ann had not come home yet. Nor had I heard from her. Since I was housebound with my broken leg,all I could do was sit and worry.She had gone to buy an ink cartridge hours ago and should have been back easily by now. Just as I was contemplating calling the hospitals,the phone rang. The caller ID listed it a private number. Frantically I answered.

"Don't worry about your wife. She's running a little late but she will be there. Just wait."

Then the phone went dead. Who the hell was that? It sounded like someone disguising their voice,but had a familiar sound to it.

Really worried now I considered calling the police,but what could I tell them?

I decided the only thing I could do was wait. If I had only known what was going on I would try to get up and walk.

Of course Tim had no way of knowing that at that very moment,Randy Bosman was looking contentedly at Jo Ann, who was standing across the room wearing only shoes.

To Randy the situation was delicious. Here he had the mature,prim and proper wife of a man he despised posing prettily for him,standing with her hands behind her back and her feet wide apart,clearly exposing the cunt lips so fetchingly trimmed with hair a shade or two darker than that on her head. Her soft tits were his to ogle at his pleasure,appreciating the pale pinkness of her nipples. Jo Ann stood,red faced and humiliated,face down and looking at the floor. Helpless to do anything except what the audacious young punk demanded. So far he had fucked her three times since he made her come home with him,and had taken many hot photos of her in degrading poses. The ones he liked most were the ones of her lying in his rumpled bed,thighs wide apart and holding the lips of her pussy open for inspection. He had taken several like that before she could muster up the demanded smile as she looked into the camera. Yes,those definitely sealed the deal.

He originally blackmailed her with threat of exposure as a shoplifter. Now however,he had lewd pictures of her. To keep him from posting them on the Internet,she had to do his bidding,whatever it was. Aside from the threat of posting the pictures,complete with her name,address and phone number, there was also the surety that the church group who owned the apartment building in which she and her husband lived, would evict them in outrage.

Randy smiled smugly in satisfaction,knowing that he now owned the fifty three year old married woman. Owned every inch of her. Even though she loathed him,Jo Ann would have no choice but to be his virtual sex slave. His cock hardened at the thought. Furthermore the pleasure he would take in humiliating her asshole of a husband. That thought was almost as exciting. How old Tim would be furious,but have no choice but to submit as Randy mocked him about fucking his wife as often as he liked. He thought of making Tim serve him drinks while he casually took outrageous liberties with the man's WIFE right in front of him. Shit,that serves the old fart right.

The hot thoughts had gotten him rock hard again.

"look at me baby," he ordered. Jo Ann lifted her gaze to him and saw him sitting nude and splay legged on the couch,stroking his long fat dick.

She dreaded what he was about to say.

" How long has it been since you sucked your old man's dick,Mrs Miller? And don't lie to me or you'll regret it."

Jo Ann thought that she couldn't more humiliated,but found she was wrong. With a moan of resignation she answered. "Honestly, I've only ever done it a few times in all the years we've been married. Tim knows I don't like it,so he doesn't make me do it."

" we'll that's the difference between him and me. I don't give a shit whether you like it or not. In fact I prefer that you don't like it. That'll make it all the sweeter when I make you suck mine.come over here and kneel down."

Jo Ann felt the tears welling up. This was too much. "Oh please Randy...please,please dont make me do that. I'd rather die. I...I..just CAN'T."

But of course He was adamant,relishing her horror. It turned him on even more.

"Okay then. Here's what we will do instead." He rose from the couch,disappeared into the bedroom and returned with a pair of handcuffs which he quickly snapped in place before she could resist. With her hands trapped behind her,he led her to the couch,sat down and pulled her face down,ass up across his lap. "Ohmigod," she thought. "He's going to SPANK me!"

And she was right. With no preamble he smacked her creamy white butt sharply. She squealed and writhed,trying to escape. But it was no use. With a delighted laugh,he slapped her naked bottom repeatedly,causing her more anguish with every smack. "Ow...oh..Oww! Please stop. That hurts...oh..ow..ahh..no more,please."

" I'll stop when you beg me to let you suck my cock. Come on bitch. I wanna hear that."

The thoroughly frightened and defeated woman at last could tolerate no more.

"Yes..yes..alright...I..I'll d o it. Just stop."

"Beg,bitch. Tell me you want my dick in your married mouth. Tell me you can't wait to wrap your sweet lips around that cock and suck it good." he emphasized his commands with harder spanking until Jo Ann's butt was red and throbbing.

"Yes..yes..Randy...I..I..I want your dick...in..in my married mouth. I..I.. Ca..ca..can't wait to wrap my..sw...sweet lips around....your..cock..and suck it real good! "

At that Randy released her and she knelt obediently ,hands cuffed behind her. Randy tweaked her nipples as she tried to wiggle her tits out of reach. Filled with shame and disgust,she opened her mouth and wrapped her sweet married lips around the punk's hard cock. He directed her just as he wanted it done."That's right,honey. Just lick the head of it. Yeah,that's good...kiss it..French kiss my prick.Get that tongue all over it. Lick it all over...ohhh,shit...that feels so good. Now baby,look up into my face." as she obeyed she was appalled to see the camera in his hand.

Oh,god! Now he had pictures of her with his dick in her mouth! What could be worse!

He continued clicking away,telling her to smile as she sucked. Beyond hope,she obeyed.

After a few more minutes of his slippery cock invading her mouth,she tasted the salty dribble from his dick. She felt it become thicker and warmer as he grunted and moaned in ecstasy, reaching his peak. She tried desperately to pull away as he began cumming,but he held her solidly in place,forcing her to let him come in her mouth,forcing her to swallow his load.

She was panic stricken and felt on the verge of throwing up,but somehow managed to gag it down.

Randy allowed her to go to the bathroom where she rinsed her mouth repeatedly, trying to wash away the taste his cock had left there. When she returned he handed her a glass.of bourbon and told her to drink it down. She was actually grateful and eagerly accepted. Then me made her have one more. By now it was almost midnight. He had kept Jo Ann almost nine hours,most of them naked for his pleasure. He couldn't think of anything he hadn't done,or had her do. He reeled it off in his head. Let's see...he had made her strip,pose,sit on his lap,kiss him,allow him to feel her up at his leisure,fucked her three times,handcuffed her,spanked her bare ass, and cum in her mouth. All in all,not a bad days work for someone he hadn't even thought about earlier in the day. Not until she made the fateful mistake of stealing on camera. Now the hold that had given him was mild compared to the photos and voice recordings he had,which would brand her as a wanton slut in anyone's eyes. He was well pleased.

At last he allowed her to get dressed. "I'm gonna take you home now honey. Can't have you driving after drinking." she was quite tipsy and knew she shouldn't try to drive.

"What about my car?" He said "You can pick it up tomorrow after your next visit here."

Oh,no. She was going to have to come back tomorrow? And what would she possibly say to Tim? How would she explain all this to him. As if reading her mind Randy said "Don't worry about your hubby. I'll take care of that." She couldn't imagine how,but she was exhausted and a little drunk so she didn't argue the point,but got in Randy's car.

When they arrived at the apartment all the neighbors were indoors and no one saw her being escorted to her door. Brazenly,Randy unlocked it and stepped boldly inside with her. "Hi,Mr. Miller."

He sat there in shocked amazement! There was that obnoxious little shit,Randy Bosman...with his wife!

" What the hell is going on here Bosman...what are you doing here?"

Randy smiled serenely."Don't get your panties in a wad,Timmy," he said.

"I'm just bringing your little wifey home. She's a little too wasted to drive."

Jo Ann was pretty plastered by then and unable to say or do much. Randy guided her to their bedroom door,opened it,and turned to Tim." I'm just gonna do you a favor and help her get undressed for bed." Then ,patting her ass,he took her inside. Tim ,unable to stand up shouted "You get the hell out of there!" Randy ignored him and slipped Jo Ann's dress off and laid her in her bed to sleep it off. Calmly he walked back into living room and said to Tim,"There now. Let's you and me have a chat." He went to the fridge,snagged two cold beers,opened them and handed one to the totally confused Tim.

" I'll start at the beginning. Seems that your pretty little Mrs. Decided to steal an ink cartridge at the store where I'm now employed,since you are too big an asshole to work with. Just so happened I caught her on video. Well we negotiated a little and came up with a plan. To avoid calling the cops she decided to give me a little pussy instead." Tim almost choked on his beer and made a vain attempt to rise,but failed. "Oh,don't worry. She's not hurt,just a tiny bit drunk. But I must say,your wife is a hot little fuck." Tim was flabbergasted. He stammered "You little shit...you..raped my wife. I'll kill you!"

Randy just smirked. "No you won't. As a matter of fact you won't do anything. See,the shoplifting was just to get things started. " With that he walked over to the tv and inserted the sd card from his camera. When the picture came on it was Jo Ann standing butt naked with her hands above her head,facing the camera...and smiling.

"See,Timmy? There's your wife with those pretty little titties hangin out and that darlin little hairy pussy on full frontal nudity. Imagine what would happen if that beaut got spread around. I expect you would be outta here and on your ass,broke leg and all. Oh and there's a lot more pictures. And you and me are gonna sit right here like drinking buddies and look at every one of em. While I tell you the story behind each and every one. So settle back partner and have another beer. The show is just about to start." Tim sat silently in stunned amazement. How the hell had this happened?

Randy showed him shot after shot,narrating in no uncertain terms just how hot it was to fuck her married pussy. He played him the recordings of Jo Ann begging him to fuck her,talking like a whore at his command. Tim almost had a heart attack when he saw the ones of his wife sucking this punk's dick.

But in a little while he knew when He knew when he was beat. So when Randy said,"So you see Tim,I now own your wife. Every inch of her. And like it or not,she's gonna come running when I want some pussy. And there's not a goddam thing you can do about it. Hell,I may even fuck her over here once in awhile so you can watch."

"You son of a bitch." Tim said.

"Ain't that the truth. By the way,I'll pick her up tomorrow and take her over. Then she can bring your car...after I'm through with her. By then I'll have a key made to your place here so I can just walk in any time."

Randy stood and headed for the door.

"Tell her to wear something real sexy tomorrow. I'll look forward to watching her take it off."

Grinning at Tim,he said "Good night,asshole. Sweet dreams. I know I'll have some."

As the door closed, Tim started crying.

He could sure as hell wait for tomorrow.

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