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The Apology

Author: Molly
Publish Date : Aug 13, 2015
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He has his tongue deep inside you and your clitoris aches for his direct caresses.

* * * * * * *

The three of us sit in the living room. You and I are on the couch. He’s in the chair. No one says much. There are tears drying on my cheeks, and yours, too. I can’t seem to look at anything but my feet. He occasionally makes a noise as though he is going to say something, but there’s really not much to say.

Finally he gets up and comes over to you, kneels in front of you, and holds your face in his hands. He caresses your checks gently with his fingers, then leans in and kisses is you full on the mouth. You do resist at first. There is a lot of pain there still. He presses further, using his tongue to push your lips apart. Your body is reminded of all the times he’s used that same tongue to push your other lips apart and your mouth slips open. He flicks his tongue against the tip of yours and your clitoris tingles in response. You moan and relax your mouth further, and he knows he’s got you. Still, he is going slow. He knows what he’s done and how fragile you are right now. Nonetheless, he pushes his tongue more deeply into your mouth. You feel the length of it besides yours. As your salivary glands kick in, you feel the moisture start to trickle against your labia. You shift your hips to ease the feeling a bit and he reaches his hands behind you, pulling you closer and kissing you even more deeply. You feel his need for you in his kiss, his need for connection, his need for your love. Your head drops back and his lips drop down to your neck, kissing your muscles, your tendons, your throat...

I’m watching and see how your body is starting to move. My own mouth opens slightly and I feel my juices start to flow in response to your pleasure. As his mouth continues down your body, I pick up his trail. I kiss your neck and taste his saliva. I trace my lips along your jaw, brush your lips, then move back across your cheek. I taste the salt that is left from your tears. I lick and kiss your skin until I can only taste you, smell you... I breathe gently in your ear, whispering how sorry I am, how beautiful you are, how I want your curves and how it turns me one to feel you writhe in response to his touch.

You are actually just short of writhing. He has unbuttoned your shirt and pulled your right breast free from your bra. He has one hand cupping it, the other massaging your bottom as he teases your nipple with his tongue. Again, you feel your clitoris flare as your have felt his tongue there so many times before. He presses his lips around your nipple, sucking, then biting gently. You moan and breathe in, moving your hips and breasts further towards him. He moves his left hand over your hip and down your thigh. You spread your legs, but he stops just short of where you want him to touch you. You press your hips further forward, but he just nibbles more on your nipple.

I’ve worked my hands around you back, under your shirt, and undone your bra. I sit back enough to push it and your top down your arms. You shiver slightly with the cool air and then shiver again as you feel my hand join his in massaging your breasts. I press my mouth fully to yours and, again, you open in response. My lips are so soft compared to his, my tongue so much more tentative. You push your tongue into my mouth to tell me its okay... Yes, I can kiss you. Yes, you like it... Your hand finds my waist under my top and again, you are reminded of just how much softer women are then men. You pull my body toward you as you run your hand up my ribs, continuing to explore my mouth with your tongue. You feel the vibrations of my moan almost as much as you hear it. You move your hand up along my ribs, then down across my belly.

You feel my breath quicken and then realize he’s undone your trousers and is trying to move them down your body. You pull back from me to lift your hips and I drop my mouth to your breast. I kiss around the edges of your nipple, then down along the fold where your breast meets your body. I am so turned on by you. I replace his hand with my own on your other breast so I can cup one and kiss the other. I rub my cheek against your fullness, my lips over your nipple... I moan and twist my hips, trying to relieve my own tension. You start to move your hand down to help me out there, but feel his lips move up your thighs and are distracted. His hands are around your bottom, one working its way toward your arse. I look down and our eyes meet for a moment. All I can see in them is his anticipation of enjoying your taste. He smiles through his kisses as you open your legs wider to invite him to your pussy. I smile with your nipple in my mouth, then close my eyes so I can concentrate more fully on the sensation there.

As his mouth moves closer to your labia, and his fingers move closer to your bottom, I pull my mouth away from your breast and return to kissing your neck. I move myself so my breast rubs against yours as I kiss you. I pull my shirt over my head and you are able to undo my bra so our flesh can touch. You are so soft and warm and beautiful. His mouth presses fully into your softness and I take your moan into my mouth with a deep kiss. You put your hand on my breast and feel my nipple harden as you run your thumb over it. You put your hand around my bottom and pull me onto you so you can hold both my breasts against your own. I run my hands down your sides, still playing with your tongue. He has his tongue deep inside you and your clitoris aches for his direct caresses.

As he slides his tongue up your valley to your clit, I slide my hands up your sides to your breasts. As his tongue finds its goal, you feel my hands brush you and my thumbs smooth over your nipples. The duel sensation is so novel and complex, your pussy muscles tighten as you pull back from my kiss to gasp a breath. Your eyes flick open and you see me smiling with your pleasure. Your hand again makes a tentative gesture towards my crotch, but his persistent tonguing and fingers working their way into you make any reciprocity impossible. Your body is hyper-aware and you feel every sensation amplified. A bit of a cool draft against your calves, the tingle of sweat on your forehead, my damp trouser crotch pressing against your belly, his fingers and tongue. Then your consciousness slips to only your erogenous zones. My hands, fingers and mouth on your breasts, his in your pussy and bottom. You feel the tension that was teasing around the edges become very focused. You grip my hips as you press your vulva against his mouth. I feel your belly tighten as your orgasm sweeps out from your vulva, through your toes and breast and even your head tingles with the sensation. You push against him as his motions slow and he slowly withdraws his fingers.

I slide off and lay next to you on the sofa. He slides up you and kisses your mouth. You taste your juices on his lips and tongue, flavored by his passion and continued longing. He pulls back and looks you in the eyes as he whispers how he loves you, how he loves the taste, feel, look of you. How he will never willingly give that up and that you would have to chase him off if that’s what you want. You know you don’t and you smile into his eyes the reassurance he is looking for.

He kisses you again and in the post-coital madness you feel a rush of affection even for me. You find my hand and take it into your own. You give it a brief squeeze and then just hold on as I place my other over them both. I move my body right next to yours, so I can feel your warm, soft skin and take comfort in it. You smile with the irony of our need of comfort from you when our sins have brought the pain. All is not forgiven, but, maybe, eventually, it will be okay again.

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