Fucking My Wife's Sister

Author: Anon
Published: Jan 1, 2016
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I do not remember how I penetrated that tight pussy but it was in one hard push and she roared with pain and pleasure.

I am Jack 42, my wife Tina 28 were living in Florida for 3 years now.

We both were working and never found time to spare a relaxing weekend since then.

My wife had told me that perhaps Susan (her sister 22) shall visit us next Friday.

Since she remained busy in office and was too tired, she told me that perhaps if she is able to find time, might take Susan to beach on Saturday and that we can spend a night and come back Sunday.

Susan was unmarried and I haven’t seen her since our marriage. I was excited to go to beach as well.

At last Susan came and to my surprise she was very attractive and had gorgeous figure.

Next day we started for the beach and reached there. It was hot and very crowded. We lay our stuff and bags on the beach and went to see the cottage where we would be staying the night. It was a twin room and very nice.

We came back to the beach and Tina pulled her jeans off from her legs and her shirt too. Susan seemed a little embarrassed to see her elder sister in a very threadlike bikini. she looked almost naked but very stunning. She asked Susan to wear something for the beach as Tina was desperate to reach water. Susan had not brought anything as this was a surprise. Tina gave a spare bikni and tops to her to wear. She looked at it and said it was even vulgar and decided to read a book. Tina and I went to the water and enjoyed the water.

After a while Susan changed her mind and decided to wear what was available. She found a cliff nearby and came wearing it. I looked at her coming from far and had an immediate erection and was trying to hide it from my wife. She came close and asked if this is ok to wear. It was too erotic and she was almost 90 % nude. My wife replied her “Honey this is a beach and it is quite normal. She was not bothered about her being in front of me.

I too pretended as if I was least interested in her. She went in the water for a while and came to sands after 20 minutes. I was waiting for this moment and was lying on the sand. Her hesitation was gone and was behaving casually.

She moved on the sands and went to the coffee. I saw her butter ass that was dropping with her each step. Her boobs bounced. She asked me if I want a drink and I said yes. As she was coming with my drink I noticed she has a fat pussy and Tina’s bikini was unable to cover her pussy area fully and her cuts were so noticeable. Her legs were lot of legs and her boobs were appetizing.

She decided to read finally and lay on her belly. I stood from the place to get something from the cottage so that on my way back I can have a long view of her luxurious ass.

Soon I was on my way back and had time to watch her. It was high cut bikini and was rarely covering her butt. I guess it would make no difference if she was not wearing them.

Tina was still in water when her cell phone rang and I asked Susan to go and tell her she has a call.

As she turned to the sea, I saw once again her fucking BUM bouncing all the way. As she and tina retuned to sand I pretended as I was very so keen to read my book. Tina listened to the call and told us that her best friend needed some money and she is going to go to help her anyway. She said it will take 4 hours to return and later they can enjoy in the cottage. She asked me to take care of Susan come to cottage before its dark.

She went in a rush. Now it was me and Susan on a crowded beach. Susan started talking to me about this and that. I said to her she was stunning lady.

Sus - you think I am sexy.

Me - yes indeed.

Sus - ok. You too Jack - you are handsome and tall.

Me - do ya have a B friend.

Sus - Not really. But I have friends in college. Lot of party - u know.

Me. Ok. Do ya mind if we go for a walk.

Sus - Fine lets go.

I had an erecting at once finding naked susan responding to my wish.

She somehow noticed the erection I was trying to hide.

Sus - so you seemed not satisfied with Tina.

Me. No she is perfect. - why asking.

Sus - just kidding and hit me gently on my face in a joke.

I knew she had noticed I am erect.

We had covered half a mile when she began more relaxed with me and we stand face to face.

She started touching my chest and praised my muscle. I don’t want to lose an opportunity and pulled her up by lap with my hands under her ass.

She was feeling me hands there and had a cunning smile and glitter in eyes.

Susan - what was that for.

Me - I can drop you down if you don’t like that.

Susan - No its not like that.

So I kept her up in lap and touched her legs and stretched my hand to her butt and played with them.

She laughed and looking deep in my eyes said

Keep going bad boy. I walked to the cottage and opening the door with her in lap.

I throw her on the bed and kissed her all over.

I pulled down her bikini and stretched her legs wide and kept her there.

She has a wonderful tight pussy. I licked for several minutes.

Pulled her top and sucked her boobs.

I don’t remember how I penetrated that tight pussy but it was in one hard push and she roared with pain and pleasure.

I was stroking her hard and she was creaming loud as I was tearing her pussy.

I pulled her legs around my belly and was stoking inside her as I had never fucked a girl.

Her boobs flung here and there and was a great pleasure looking at her running breasts.

I never could dream I would be fucking my wife sister this way.

I found my cock filling her mouth with my sperm and half was dripping from her chin.

To be continued.

About: The author of "Fucking My Wife's Sister" is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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