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Author: Emilio Faarkus
Published: 09-Mar-16

The honeymoon wasn't enough. When we were engaged I learned about how beautiful she was, her politics, where she liked to eat and how she felt in my arms. Then we were married and I really began to learn what the touch of her skin did to me and how I could prod her lust and make her want me. The learning was continuing now that we were home again.

* * * * * * *

All day at work on the first day back, if I wasn't talking to someone about business, I was thinking about lying between the legs of my new wife. My goal was to reach inside her naked body with my penis and treat her ribs like a marimba. I was already semi-solid as I walked through the door. I knew she was on the other side.

I pulled her against my small friend as hard as I could. While kissing her 'hello' I felt her hand grasping the growing hardness. The lust that was stirring in me all day was taking control. I felt a nipple through a silken blouse. She wore no bra. My excitement grew. I could feel the lust growing in my gut. For an instant I started to hump her hand.

The trail of clothes began at the door and led to the bed. "I have been thinking of this all day." I watched her undress as I scrambled out of my own clothes. It was as though I could feel the volume of semen growing inside me. "I don't know if I can be a lover until the third time." She laid on top of me with her lips on mine and my erect cock held between her legs, against her pussy.

"Then I'll be a lover now," she said as she moved down and knelt between my legs. Taking my cock in her hands, she let me know she was 'in control.' "Watch me." Her tongue made its way from under the chin of the 'one-eyed snake' across the slit opening. Her eyes never left mine. Both her hands gripped me as though they were allowing the blood to gather in the head, but not allowing it out

Her tongue danced on the underside of the head, then her lips took it all in. She stopped for a moment, "Make it last as long as you can. I want to feel the pressure building inside you with my hands." What does it mean to 'suck slowly?' I watched as she moved her tongue slowly around and then sort of 'dipped' it into her mouth.

"I want to cum inside you. I'm almost there." I could feel the lust almost bubbling as it grew inside me.

"Next time, Honey" and she took the head back into the care of her lips and tongue. She seemed to concentrate her power on the end of my cock. She only stroked gently with her hands while her mouth moved over the head. I brushed her hair away from her face.

There was no help for it. My back arched as I felt the semen gather near my anus. "Oh Babe, it's starting." Her hands moved between my testicles and anus just as the semen started pushing its way out of me. Her eyes closed as she swallowed spurt after spurt. No wonder I couldn't think of anything else all day. It was as though she was sucking a string of sensual pleasures right out of me. Each spurt exploded from deep inside, pushing its way out the end of my cock. God I had been waiting for it all day.

She sucked the last drop out of me and smiled, "That was fun! I could feel it starting right out of the root of your cock. Now I know why they call it 'coming'"

"I have decided I am going to quit my job and just stay here all day and make love. When I can't get it up any more I am going to run my tongue around that cute little button you have over your pussy and see how tight your buns can squeeze my finger when I push it up your ass."

She laughed. We started to snuggle spoon style. I reached around her and cupped her breasts. "Did I tell you how much I love feeling these through that silk blouse when you have no bra on? You make my erection jump up." I ran my fingers around her nipples and felt those little bumps surrounding her nipples harden. "I hope this makes your tits feel the same way my cock feels when you make it hard."

She twisted in my arms, put her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I held her head still and licked her lips moving my tongue around her mouth. "Now I am going to do you the same way you did me. Watch me."

I spread her legs wide and put a hand under the each cheek, lifting her pussy to my mouth. "Now, put a hand on each side and open it for me. Push my face where you want it to be, then pull my hair when it is really good." She had been holding my lust on the tip of here tongue, now I was going to give her a giant orgasm. "Come for me strong Babe."

As I moved my tongue around her loving lips she moved her hands to my hair. She groaned and pulled my face into her pussy. I covered her clit with my lips and sucked it. Her hips started to hump my face. My tongue went round and round her clit. I let go of one cheek and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her back arched and she pulled harder on my hair groaning, "yes, Yes YES." I felt her legs stiffen and start to shake. I rose to my knees and pushed the head of my cock in. "Oh Babe, you taste so good when you are cuming."

I rested my weight on my elbow and knees and my cock went to its full depth. Her legs were still shaking as I started to pump. It wasn't going to take long before I started to fill her with sperm. Then it was there. I pushed in as far as I could and held it there leaving my load as deep as I could get it.

She groaned, "I'm cuming again." She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. I held myself over her, feeling the muscles in her pussy emptying the sperm from my cock while her whole body shook from our love making. I let my body press against her as I kissed her neck. "Thank you Sweetheart, that was so good." I resolved I would not move until she did, keeping my cock inside her as long as possible.

She started to giggle, "How can I keep from bragging what a champion lover you are. I don't want anyone to find out.. but it must show on me like a giant advertisement!" She stirred and my cock slipped out.

I rolled to my side of the bed and grabbed a tee shirt and mopped between her legs with it. "You're kinda wet Honey."

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