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The Repairman's Treat


Author: Max Barraclough
Contact: MaxBarraclough@aol.com
Published: 13-Mar-16 Revised/Updated 05-Nov-17

I was eighteen years old and scheduled to graduate in six weeks. I had a driver's license, borrowed car, and my hormones were running in overdrive. My girlfriend would have been voted most likely to appear in Playboy if the senior class had such a category. She loved me and I said one day I'd marry her.

* * * * * * *

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I drove my father's old Chevy to the pre-war bungalow where Roni and her mother lived. I only had enough money for gasoline and our lunch that afternoon, so I couldn't afford condoms and would have to suffer through one of Roni's combination hand-job / blow-jobs and she'd have to settle for me sucking her nipples, licking her clit, and pushing my tongue into her cunt until she shuddered with one of her explosive orgasms.

I pulled up to the house, put the shifter into neutral, and set the hand brake. Just as Roni's mother stepped out of the side door, a panel truck from the gas company pulled to the curb behind me.

I walked up to my future mother-in-law, but the guy from the gas company had yet to leave his vehicle.

"I'm going to work," she said. "Take the repairman in and have Veronica show him what's wrong with the stove. The oven won't come on."

"Okey dokey," I said.

She jumped into her Ford and the repairman started walking toward me with a tool bag in hand.

I held the door and ushered him into the kitchen.

"All I know is the oven won't work," I said. "I'll get you one of the ladies of the house to explain more and answer questions."

"Okay, I'll start taking a look."

He looked like he was in his mid-forties; a clean-cut guy, probably married with 2.4 children—mister average American. The embroidered name tag on his uniform shirt said Ralph.

I took a step closer to Roni's room and yelled, "Hey, Roni, there's a man here to fix your oven. Come and tell him what's wrong."

A moment later I heard, "I'll be right there."

He had already taken the door off the oven and was looking around with a flashlight.

"There's no pilot light," he said, like I knew what that meant. "Might be a clogged gas line."

"Uh-huh," I said.

Then I received a 110 volt shock. My lovely girlfriend walked through the doorway from the dining room wearing nothing more than a peach-colored, almost see-through, baby doll pajama set.

"Hi, baby," she said to me.

My eyes popped open, but her voice drew the repair man's attention. He pulled his head out of the oven and turned in her direction, only to come eye level with Roni's skimpy nylon panties, thin enough to allow the dark triangle of her thick, curly pubic bush to show through.

He swallowed hard and asked, "Uh, you have oven problems?"

My first inclination was to push her out of the room and ask if she were out of her mind, but she answered first.

"It won't come on. The burners work, but the oven won't."

It was a cool morning and the room temperature was low enough to cause Roni's nipples to harden and show through her nightie top. I couldn't take my eyes off them and had no doubt the repairman had given them a good look, too.

"You probably got a clogged line," he said. "I've got it half apart now. I'll clean it and you should be good to go."

"Good." She smiled at him, and then at me.

My thoughts of hurrying her out of the room left me as I realized how excited I had gotten by this man looking at Roni in that flimsy nightie. My cock was as hard as a Louisville Slugger and I began to understand how much I enjoyed the idea of other men looking at my girl's sexy body. I thought of him seeing her totally nude and my cock throbbed.

It only took him a minute to disassemble the gas line.

"See this," he said, and held out a small brass tube for Roni to look at. "Clogged up."

She bent down and the wide scoop neck of the nightie top fell away from her body. Ralph, the repairman and I took a good look at her bare tits and hard, dark nipples.

My dick was so hard, I'm surprised it didn't rip through my jeans.

The repair man raised his eyes from her knockers and looked her in the eyes. "Uh, I'll just clean it out."

"Great," she said, apparently unaffected by being in front a stranger in such a skimpy outfit.

I was afraid I might shoot off in my shorts.

When he had the oven working again, Ralph said, "You're all set. Thanks, uh, for the call. They'll add the service charge to next month's bill."

"Thanks very much for coming," she said.

Did he cum in his pants? I almost did.

After Ralph left, Roni put her arms around my neck. "Hey, baby, we're alone now. You happy to see me? She rubbed my leg and let her hand wander over to my cock. "I guess you are. Mmm, you feel big and hard."

"It's your outfit. Very sexy."

"You like it?"

I nodded. "I think Ralph liked it, too."


I smiled. "The repairman's name. He's probably as hard as me by now."

Probably looking for the nearest men's room to hide in and beat his meat.

She wrinkled her nose. "Don't be silly. He's more than twice my age."

I brushed my hands over her tits. "You think a middle-aged guy wouldn't like to see your hard nipples?"

"I wear less than this on the beach."

"You don't get the point. Hiding a little is very exciting. For instance, I can just about see your beautiful brown bush through the panties. So could he. Makes a guy say to himself, ‘If only that wasn't there.'"

She made a face.

"And when you bent over and your top fell forward, he could see everything."

She was beginning to blush.

"He was busy with the oven," she said. "He didn't look."

I shook my head unable to comprehend her ingenuous ideas. "Of course he looked. I looked. When you bent over I almost came in my pants. Ralphie almost gasped." I raised my eyebrows twice. "We could see your bare tits."

She shook her head. "Well, he'll probably never see me again."

"Maybe not, but he'll remember you."

She frowned. "Are you mad at me?"

I placed her hand back on my cock. "Would my dick be this hard if I were mad?"

She kissed me. "Good. Are you ready to get naked with me?"

"I was ready when I walked in."

"I'll go and fill the tub."

"You're taking a bath?"

She gave me a sexy smile. "We are taking a bath. Since we can't have sex like a real couple today, I want to see how big and hard you get if I wash you very thoroughly. When you're squeaky clean, I'll put you in my mouth. Would you like that?"

"Only you would ask such a question."

"And when I'm nice and clean will you lick my kitten?"

"I will suck on your nipples and lick your kitty until you explode with ecstasy."

"Oooo, sounds good. Take off your clothes and meet me in the bathroom."


I found her standing next to the old claw-footed tub. Her nighties were neatly folded and lying on the hamper.

"You like me better with or without the baby dolls?"

"Both. But now I want to watch you take a bath."

"Hold my hand while I step into the tub."

Once she was in the water I said, "Kneel down. Here's the soap."

I knelt on the bathmat next to the tub and rested my arms on the rim. "Okay, make yourself nice and soapy and show me what you do."

"You like to watch?"

"My favorite spectator sport."

Roni worked up a lather and ran her hands over her tits, letting her fingers caress her hard nipples.

"I'll bet Ralph would like to watch you take a bath."

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Oh, yeah?"

"He'd appreciate how you pay so much attention to your nipples. Does it feel good when you touch them?"

She kept stroking the brick red points. "Mmmm."

"He'd like you to rub your flat tummy."

Her hands moved downward spreading the soap."

"Then he'd love to watch you wash your pussy."

With her right hand, she slipped the soap between her thighs and rubbed herself until her muff was covered with suds. She dropped the soap and let her fingers take over.

"Take lots of time," I said. "Make sure you get very clean."

Roni closed her eyes and continued to stroke her clitoris and move her fingers up and down her slot.

"Put your finger in now," I said. "Think about my tongue being there later."

"Oh, yeah," she said, sounding like ecstasy wasn't far away.

"You like touching yourself?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Good, but it's time for me to take over."

She nodded and removed her hand.

I began by rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples.

"Oh, God," she said, her eyes again closed.

While I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, her fingers found her clitoris again. After a long moment, I moved them away and took over massaging her button. She squeezed her thighs on my hand and I slid my middle finger into her cunt, finger fucking her while she pumped her hips.

"Oh, touch my clit again. Please, rub it faster."

I did as she asked.

"Oh, God, oh, God." She squeezed her thigh muscles tighter. "Oh, more, more. Don't stop."

Her entire body released. "Oh, yes. Oh, my God." And then she reached out for me. "Hold me."

I bent over the tub and embraced her. "Feel good?"

"Oh, yeah," she sighed. "Couldn't be better."

She rearranged her legs, sat, and slid beneath the water, rinsing off the soap suds. I touched her face.

She took my hand and sucked on a finger.

"Want company in the tub?" I asked.

"Of course. Stand up and I'll wash you."

I stepped in as she found the bar of soap.

"Cleanliness is good," I said.

Kneeling in front of me, she looked at my cock. "You're already hard."

"How could I watch you and not get hard?"

She soaped up my cock. "I love to look at your prick, you know."

"Mmmm." Her hand felt good.

"It's beautiful. But when I see it, I want to touch it. And when I touch it, I want to kiss it. And as soon as I kiss it once, I want to put you in my mouth and suck on it. Do you think I'm bad to think that?"

"I think it's wonderful to hear you say that. It sounds great. My cock is all for you. Use it anyway you want."

She took a big sponge and rinsed off all the soap from my dick and began stroking me.

"You were already big and hard, but the more I handle you, the thicker you get. I've never seen you get this big."

She put her mouth over my cock and moved her head back and forth, sucking on the head and taking the entire length into her mouth.

"I can't believe you, "she said. "It's like sucking on a big cucumber. Maybe it's good you don't have any condoms. You may be too big to fit into my tight little pussy."

I smiled. "I think we could find a way."

She dropped her gaze and then looked up through dark eyelashes with her big brown eyes. "I'm only a young girl - almost a virgin. And you were the first."

"I remember."

"My pussy is so tight and your cock is so thick today. Do you think it would fit?"

Only Roni could have pulled off a performance like that. Only she could look innocent and demure when only moments ago she had been sucking my cock.

I nodded. "I'd fit."

"Mmm. Maybe you could fuck me just a little. I want to feel that big thing inside me."

"I'd love to. And I'll be careful not to go off accidentally."

"Mmm. Good."

She ran her tongue along the length of my cock and covered the head with her lips and sucked. Not another word was spoken as she moved her head back and forth. I enjoyed the sight of her beautiful face and my cock disappearing between her lips while she gently squeezed my balls.

The feeling intensified so much I held onto the window sill and stretched. "Oh, yeah. Oh, that's good. Any minute now."

She pulled me from her mouth and began jerking my dick. Okay, baby," she whispered. "Just let it go. Let it go."

"Oh, damn!" I shot at least a half cup of spunk and watched it land on her tits.

"Oh, that's my boy." She spoke softly and wiped my cock with the sponge. "Feel good?"

"Did it ever."

"But look, you got cum all over my boobs." She took her hands and spread it over her tits. "I can't wipe it off. You'll have to wash me again."


We lay back facing each other, relaxing in the tub. I had closed my eyes, but opened them when I felt Roni's foot between my legs, rubbing my cock with her toes. I looked at her and smiled.

"Are you going to get hard again?"

"I will if you keep tickling my dick with your toes."

She smiled. "Do you want men to look at me?"

The question surprised me and I didn't quite know how to respond. So, I did a little tap dance.

"You're beautiful. You may not think so, but men do. And they stare at you. They wonder what you'd look like without your clothes on. You get them hot."

"I can't believe that. Men like blonde "Barbie Dolls" with huge boobs. I'm just another girl."

"I'm never sure if you're naive or fishing for compliments, but that's crazy. You're pretty and very sexy. And if a man wouldn't give a paycheck to be sitting in this tub with you, he doesn't like girls."

"Thank you. That was sweet. And you don't mind if they look at me?"

"Why would I mind? I guess it's like having the coolest bicycle on the block. I guy can't keep it in the garage."

She gave me a mischievous smile that lit up the room. "Did you get hard when people looked at your bike?"

"No. Where you're concerned, I've got what's called a sexual fetish."

"And you think the repairman really liked what he saw?"

"Count on it. And I loved watching another guy look at your tits."

"That's flattering, I guess."

"It was meant to be. You're hot stuff. Believe it."

"Is that man seeing me almost nude the reason you got so big."

"Must be. Today was a first. I could feel something special inside."


She closed her eyes and relaxed again.

I said, "We're going to look like prunes if we stay in the water any longer."

"Let's dry off and lay on the bed."

"Still want to fuck just a little?" I asked.

"That was my idea."


We spent a half hour rolling around on the bed. She held her tits for me to suck. She stroked and sucked my cock. She talked about other men seeing her nude. She asked if I had ever wanted to let someone watch us fuck. All her sexy talk made my cock thicken again. The head of my dick was swollen and dark red,

"I need you in my pussy, now." She sounded like she was ready to burst into orgasm and touched her slot. "Oh, God, I'm wet. Fuck me please."

I didn't want to get her pregnant any more than I wanted the Bubonic Plague, but a guy just can't refuse a request like that.

As soon as I pushed my cock into her creamy hole she said, "Oh, yeah, that's good. Fuck me hard. Please fuck me hard."

Never wanting to disappoint someone so lovely, I obliged—until I felt ready to cum again. I pulled out, held my cock, and stroked it several times. I shot a load that landed on Roni's thigh.

She sighed. "That was lovely." Then she pointed to the puddle of semen on her leg. "But you always make a mess." Her smile could have melted a glacier.

She took a tissue from a pup-up box on the nightstand and handed it to me. I took the hint.


I lay on my back and Roni rested her head on my shoulder. Her leg lay on my thigh while she traced little swirls on my dick.

"Maybe someday another man might see me without my clothes on."

I grinned. "Lucky him."

"And you'd like that?"

"If it makes me feel as hot as it did today, yeah."

"If you get big and hard like you did today, it would be in my best interest."

"You like sex, so it would."

"Would you like men to see me stark naked?"

My cock was growing and she didn't stop running her finger over the head.

I chuckled. "Stark naked?"

"Okay, nude."

"Like on a nude beach?"

"If you take me to France, I'll go to a nude beach with you."

That was a world-class offer.

"I think they have plenty of nude beaches in France, but if I couldn't afford a box of condoms, I guess plane tickets to Europe are out of the question right now."

"Well, maybe someday, when we're married and both working."

"I'd love to see you at a nude beach. And all the men there would have to hide their boners."

"If you want, I'd walk around so the men could get a good look."

"I'd watch you."

"Should I stop and talk with them?"

"Sure. Let them see every inch of you and see what they do."

She tickled my ribs. "A Frenchman might ask me for sex."

"I'll hope he's not as good-looking as me."

"You don't have to worry."

I smiled. "This idea of yours is getting me hot."

"I've noticed." She squeezed my hard cock. "There are a few nude beaches around here. We should find out about them and go there first."

She snuggled a little and kissed my chest. "Okay, let's do that someday soon. It's almost beach weather."

"Europe will have to wait, but we can try Fire Island or Riis Park."

"Good, I'd love to go with you." She stroked my dick.

"Great," I said. "And when I get paid next, I'll buy a dozen rubbers."

"And I'll let you fuck my pants off . . . again."

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