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4 Became 5

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Author: Horney Harley Joe
Contact: joe_nevada1@yahoo.com
Published: 13-Mar-16 Revised/Updated 18-Mar-16
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Caron's heritage was French and I soon found out she lived up to her French sexuality, desires, lustful/lusting needs. She was my Office Manager in her late 20's, a brunette, 115 lbs., 5'6, nice, well built body, sexy eyes, wore clothes that showed very nice places in her thighs, down her blouse, around her firm, tight ass, which she did not hesitate flashing me during and after work hours. Size and looks wise very much like my wife Christine with whom I had opened up our marriage to a select few at that time.

* * * * * * *

For Chris, she had the hots for my cousin Luke, built like a Greek God, from the day she first met him. It took a year of telling me her fantasy about fucking him, which I had o.k'd from her first time telling me, before she let herself take him her way. He had arrived on a Friday night on our invite to spend the weekend, lying around our pool buck naked as we were during the day. After an hour of smoking some excellent Mendocino weed, a few beers, in and out of the cold water, it was obvious Chris was horny and hot, spreading her legs in front of both of us while laying back in her retractable lounge chair. Her trimmed cunt bush glistened in the sunlight from the baby oil she had rubbed into her thighs, over her cunt lips, her legs, the rest of her body leaving her 34C tits and nipples for last. She pinched, tweaked, pulled on her nipples, till both were red, hard, swollen and pointed up/out at least an inch. She asked Luke how he liked what he was seeing, then he'd be welcome to give her a massage all over. Needless to say he a a good 7 inch, rock hard boner, as did I with my 8. She turned on her stomach, her fine, well oiled ass cheeks spread open exposing every bit of her cunt lips and ass hole. He slowly moved over beside her, then straddled her, while leaning forward, her left hand reached back, grabbed his cock and guided him straight into her cunt. Within moments she pushed herself back up onto his cock, then pumping back and forth on his beef steak, moaning, groaning, whimpering, short cry's when his cock hit the deepest part of her cunt.

While they fucked each other I slipped into the house, quickly called our neighbor Lonnie, a 22 year old fox, told her to check out what was going on in my backyard. By the time I was back outside beside my fucking wife and cousin, I could see Lonnie looking over the fence, gave her the finger which she returned. Neither could see Lonnie, I told Luke to fuck Chris, over and over, which got both of them going fast, then furious, soon they both exploded together, unleashing loads of cum that gushed out of her squeezing hard cunt lips. It dripped down into her thighs, all over her pussy and bush, Chris scooped 2 fingers thru it sucking the cum into her mouth. I heard a loud long. moan, Lonnie's grunts, cry's as she no doubt finger fucked herself to a climax.

Luke and I took turns fucking and eating Christine out, even in the pool under water the rest of the weekend. Luke left Monday morning saying he would be back the following Friday night.

Friday morning I took Caron aside, told her to come to our house that night, a surprise waited for her. I had told Chris that Caron would be coming over for dinner, then to go over some business together afterwards. Luke showed up in the late afternoon, we smoked more weed, Chris told him that Caron, my Office Manager, would be dining with us, then take care of some business matters. The look on Caron's face was priceless when she met Luke. Some drinks, weed, we ate dinner, Caron pulled me aside out of ear shot, then asked "Is Luke for me? Please, please" she licked her lips, then grabbed my crotch with her right hand. I just grinned for the longest moments, then whispered "you'll have to wait and see" as I thrust my right hand up her short dress and cupped her pussy, cunt lips thru her g-string panties. Frozen for a moment she unzipped my pants, reached in to grab my now swollen cock, then started to jack me off. I hooked 2 fingers into the bottom of her G-string, pulled it down to her ankles, instinctively she slipped them over her feet, I pushed her tasty g-string into my mouth. Suddenly Chris came around the corner into the 2nd bathroom, froze for a moment, then "I hope I'm not imposing" with a big smile at Caron.

Moving into the living room I told the 3 of them I had a surprise for each, that I would turn the lights real low, they had to promise to keep their eyes closed tightly. I put on a Rolling Stones tape (Chris had climaxed a number of times to the sensual, sexual saxophone in Jagger's "I'm Just Waiting On A Friend"). I moved behind Chris, drew both her arms behind her and handcuffed her wrists together. She started to say "What the fuck", I whispered in her right ear to shut up, quickly tied a gag thru her lips, then a blind fold over her eyes. With the music turned up, I was sure that neither Caron nor Luke had heard Chris. I moved behind Caron, reached around her, pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed her wrists together. As she muttered "oh my god, I turned her head, clamped my lips onto hers and started to tongue fuck her mouth and throat. My right hand opened her blouse, then cupped her swollen right tit, squeezing, massaging it, then good teasing and squeezing, pulling her nipples alternately....still tongue fucking her. She was tongue fucking me back, deep and fast, her tits swollen, heaving in and out. The zipper on the back of her dress undone, I moved around in front of her and pulled her dress completely off while she gasped for breath. She'd kept her eyes closed, so I grabbed a black cat faced shaped masked that covered her eyes. Straddling her legs, thighs, facing her, I pulled out my 8 inches then rubbed it's swollen head up and down her cunt lips....her juices stared flowing immediately.

By now Luke had opened his eyes, mentioned something like "I don't fucking believe this" which I answered with, "Hey Cuz, go over and strip Chris's pants off. Bet she's not wearing any panty's, and is dripping wet. Spread her legs wide, either go down on her or give her pussy lips, cunt and clit a good fuck rubbing with your cock head". I quickly stripped buck naked, Luke stripped down after turning her cunt lips he so wanted to fuck into a flowing juice river, I told him to stand in front of Chris and push her back against the couch cushions. As he did so, I pulled her gag back, grabbed his cock, pulled it forward, parting her lips and mouth open wide with his trimmed cock head, he got the idea and with a stiff move forward thrust it deep into her throat. She pulled her head back, cried "fuck me, fuck my mouth, gonna suck and fuck you dry" then gobbled his cock back into her mouth. I took out 4 more restraints, spread her legs as wide as I could then tied each ankle to the end of a spreader bar as quick as I could. Back to Caron, now rocking back and forth, both her hands had cupped her firm ass cheeks I tied her right ankle to Chris's left, her left ankle free. Slipping behind Caron, I lifted her up by her waist and firm tight ass, slid my 8 inch cock down between her ass cheeks, then pushing my cock up into her cunt lips that felt like a 360 degree vise, like a spike wedge. Forcing it harder and harder till she was fully, completely impaled and crushing my bulging nut sack. Locked deep inside Caron, I held her tight down onto her cock ride of mine, she couldn't pump up and down, so I begin thrusting my lower body up hard against her raising both of us off the couch a good 6 to 8 inches. My cock filled the bottom of her cunt as I pulled her all the way down, bent her forward from her waist, then rammed her as high as I could into the air, she fell backwards against me. Then sat strait up with the upward launch of my cock missile.

Luke was now behind and beneath Chris, as was I with Caron, slamming himself into Chris harder with each upward left. I reached over pulled the gag out of my wife's mouth, she immediately crying out out, "fuck me, screw my brains out, my ass, my craving cunt", then uncuff me. I kept the key tied to my wrist, undid the cuff's, reached over, grabbed her left wrist, pulling her hand and fingers into Caron's soaking, dripping, gushing crotch. Chris's index and middle finger found her protruding, throbbing clit, fingering, squeezing, pulling it out, up and down, her other fingers rubbing against my cock. I released my grip on Caron's waist, she started piston fucking me like no tomorrow, her arms, hands still cuffed behind her.

Being side by side both ladies were moaning, groaning, crying, swearing, getting off on each other. A good 20 minutes later, Luke and I switched ladies, then both went totally fucking crazy. We went at it fast and slow for another 20 or so minutes, I called out "stop", cuffed Chris again, then told Luke to take Chris again bent forward over the arm of the couch, fuck her from behind. I did the same with Caron, then two cunts swearing at each other, at me, my cousin, face to face trying to lock onto a tongue fuck with each other. I slapped Caron's ass harder and harder with each cock thrust in and out, she suddenly cried, "Oh my fucking cunt, I'mmmmm cuming, cumin, so hot and hard, fuck me Joe, fuck me like you've never fucked your bitch wife before". She humped up on my cock as far she could, then froze as she let go with one of the most volcanic cum loads so fucking hot, gushing white cum, with her sweet smelling juices all over me, her ass cheeks, down thru her thighs, all over the arm of the couch. She caught her breath, then growled at Luke to "fuck Chris down, deep, hard, harder, slap her ass, finger fuck her clit, faster, faster, pound her real good. Cause I'm gonna fuck her even more later, while she fuck's me just as good, better. Now it was Chris's turn to blow her biggest cum shot, load, she cried out, "fuck me Luke, god-damn, it, more, faster harder, Oh Christ' here it cums, fuck you Caron, fuck you bitch cunt". She exploded with a long, low scream, I could see it gushing up all over he ass and back. Luke and I exploded at the same time, telling Caron and Chris to take all of our cum, "every drop". Exhausted Chris and Luke collapsed on the couch, I lowered Caron to the floor and proceeded to suck, eat, lick her cunt till she came again. We all dozed off, waking up around 2 am, I played out a few lines, we all snorted,and started over again till the sun came up.

Mid-afternoon Lonnie came over, let herself in silently, saw us spread on the couch and floor, stripped down, and between turns sucking Luke and I off. Chris went into our bedroom, brought out a 14 inch long, 3 inch thick strap-on around her waist, went over and rolled Caron onto her back, then proceeded to fuck the hell out of my Office Manager. Luke and I took turns with Lonnie's cunt, mouth, then doggie style, while he stuffed her mouth and throat over and over. We had her cumin 4 or 5 times, then retained her while our ladies fucked Lonnie alternately for a couple of hours with the strap-on. Lonnie finally begging for us to stop.

For the next few weeks I fucked Caron and Chris together, every chance we had.

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