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My New Housekeeper

Woman showing boobs
Author: ilikemy7inch Contact: ilikemy7inch@gmail.com
Publish Date : Mar 17, 2016
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I am 35 and live alone in a big four bedroom home I run my own transport business so work long hours and only get to relax on a Sunday where I like nothing better than a long walk along the beach to un-wined I have a friend of a friend that comes in once or twice a week to clean the house for me and a gardener comes in once a week.

* * * * * * *

I was shocked when Isabel the cleaner told me she was moving away which meant I would have to look for someone else and I had the idea of trying to find a live in cleaner and cook which would help me out a great deal.

I had been talking to a 18 year old girl on line that I had got to know after she read my story on the web site Sextails and I happened to tell her what I was thinking she asked if I would ever consider giving her the job as she had always wanted to come to England.

Well to cut a long story short yes she got the job we sorted out all the paper work and she arrived two months ago, I picked her up from the airport and we drove home where I showed her her living quarters and she had a living room and a big bedroom with a full on-suite with bath and shower, we had agreed that she would eat her evening meal in the kitchen with me.

Ashley as I said 18 and I am not going to tell you she had a model figure as she did not but she was what I have always loved in a woman a fuller figure not fat by any means just that extra bit of padding and that is what I love I can not stand these woman that think they are gods gift to men with a model or very skinny figure Ashley was what I had dreamed of.

Well the first month went by and she settled in and we got on really well, and the weather was turning very cold with snow and very sharp frosts so one night after we had eaten I was just off to my office to finish of some work when Ashley said do you mind if I turn up the heating for a while , No go ahead and added as a joke if your that cold you could always let me warm you up and I left the kitchen, after about a hour of working I was ready for bed so I turned off all the lights and went up to me room and once at the top of the stairs I could see a light coming from under my bed room door I did not remember leaving a light on then thought Ashley must have when she tided my room but as I opened the door there was Ashley tucked up in my bed I must have looked shocked as she said you did mean what you said about warming me up I hope.

My god I could not believe my luck and I just shut the door walked over to the side of my bed and stripped off and when Ashley saw my nice long 12” and thick 6” cock she took a deep breath and said OH my God Dave I have never seen one that size before, well I replied you are not going to only see it you are going to have it inside you very soon and with that I pulled back the covers and jumped into bed with the woman of my dreams.

As I turned onto my side Ashley's naked body came into full view and how my cock did not shoot it's load there and then I shall never know, my god her body was heaven to look at and as I drank her beauty in with my eyes she reach down and took my cock into her hand, but at 12” her hand only covered about half of it but she slowly started to move her hand up and down the full length and I closed my eyes and gave a long soft moan as she gently rubbed my cock.

I opened my eyes after a while and lent towards her and our lips met for the very first time her lips were soft and moist, and she parted then as they touched and her tongue pushed into my mouth and as we kissed she squeezed my cock harder rubbing her thumb over the very tip where my pre-cum was forming.

I pulled away from our kiss and pushed her over onto her back raising her arms up above her head and I sat across her stomach holding her arms up with her wrists and I lent forward and kissed her again, I then moved my head down and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and bit hard onto it Ashley force her body up of the bed as the pain and pleasure ripped through her young tender body, she moaned and her head swayed from side to side as I continued to lick and bite her nipples and breasts.

I let her arms go and started to kiss lower down her body moving slowly and making sure I kissed each and every part as I went, Ashley opened her legs so I could kneels between them and as I reached the very top of her cunt slit I could smell her juice Oh god this was going to be good I thought as for the first time my lips touched her slit forcing her to push herself up forcing her cunt hard against my lips as I kissed her, I could feel the heat from her cunt rising up from her wet slit as I kissed down her slit her juice seeping droplets of cum as she got more and more worked up her breathing had become faster and heavier Ashley was gulping down lungfuls of air as she got nearer and nearer to a climax, I pushed my lips against her now hot pussy lips and her tender pussy lips started to ease apart letting more juice escape from within her deep dark tunnel , I pushed my tongue forward and it got it's very first taste of her sex juice and it was shear heaven even the nectar from the gods could not taste this wonderful, as my tongue pushed forward her lips slowly peeled away to let my tongue enter further inside her slit until it found what it was looking for her cit, as the very tip of my tongue touched it her body shook and she had a small but good orgasm pushing herself up hard against me her juice running over my now probing tongue.

Soon my tongue was darting in and out of her wet dripping cunt, Ashley was thrashing around on the bed as the pleasure I was giving her ripped up and down her body, her hands her on her tits and she was squeezing them hard pulling at her nipples as she got more and more excited another climax was not far away I could tell and this one was going to be a good one, on and on I ran my tongue up and down the slit sucking her cit into my mouth from time to time and biting down on it making her scream out, as the nearest house is over a quarter of a mile away she could scream as much as she wanted then as I pushed my tongue deep into her dripping pussy hole Ashley screamed at the top of her voice, she pushed my head hard against her forcing my mouth hard down over her cunt hole as she shot her cum right into my mouth as she had one massive orgasm, when it was over she lay limb not moving and panting for breath but I was not finished by a long way so I entered my middle finger into her now drenched cunt and it just slipped into her as it pushed her lips open and found her deep wet hole Ashley took in a deep breath.

My finger tip found what it was searching for her round rough spot of skin her G-spot and as my finger touched it her body shook once more and her legs clamped together as much as they could as she climaxed once more Oh Oh Christ she moaned between her deep breaths and my finger continued to rub her spot sending shiver after shiver throughout her Ashley was trembling as I pushed two more fingers into her wet dripping cunt and when they were fully inside her I lowered my head and sucked her clit and drank her juice that was flowing from her like a raging river, she place her hands on the back of my head and pushed it hard against her quivering cunt as she climaxed again and again as I rammed my fingers back and forth making sure they pushed and rubbed her G-Spot with each and every stroke all the while licking and sucking on her clit hard.

When her cunt gripped my fingers so tight that it was hard to move them I knew it was time to move up and push my big thick cock into this wet juicy open cunt and really fill it up, I pulled my fingers from within her and she grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled my hand up to her mouth and licked my fingers clean of all her sticky cum juice.

I kissed up her body and stop at her wonderful large tits and sucked on the nipples that were so hard Oh Oh Dave she screamed out Fuck me for Fuck sake Push that Fucking big cock in me Please please Fuck me now. I was now raised up on my arms over her and I felt her finger wrap round my cock and eased the head into her wet wet cunt slit and pushed as she was begging me,she screamed as my cock opened her hole and pushed into her YES YES YES OH FUCK YES she was screaming out as inch by inch it entered into her depths her juice helping it to slip in without any trouble and finally she had the whole 12 inches deep inside her most magnificent sexy body and I just held it inside her deep for a while not moving.

As I pulled back Ashley sucked in her breath and as I plunged back hard into her she cried out OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS my love harder harder give it to me as hard as you can, I was soon pounding the full 12 inches inside her as she raised her hands and started to twist my nipples as I pounded into her her pussy was slurping and squelching with each push of my cock her cunt was making so much juice I lent forward and kissed her on the mouth then pulled for her, and ordered her to get on her hands and knees and now I had her most wonderful arse sticking up at me and her pussy poking out just below it.

I eased up behind her took hold of my cock and aimed it at her dripping pussy as I looked down droplets of her cum dripped from it onto the bed and I eased my cock into her and as it slipped in she pushed back onto me sending it fully into her she lowered her self down onto her elbows making her cunt push out more, taking hold of her hips I started to pull her back onto my cock as I thrust forward, MORE MORE MORE she screamed HARDER HARDER FUCK ME HARD our body slamed with a smacking sound each time they met, I grabbed her hair pulling her head up as I thrust deep into her and as I pulled her head up I smacked her arse hard leaving a red mark there in the shape of my out stretched hand.

Ashley Screamed as I smacked her but her body was telling me she was loving it as she climaxed as I smacked her the second time and I pulled her head back even more with her hair, I could tell this wonderful sexy woman like to be treated rough while having sex and I loved it to, after a few more smacks her arse cheeks were now bright red and she moaned out with each slap, I was getting ready to cum by now so I let her hair go and took hold of her hips once more, smash after smash our body's slammed into each other her face buried deep into the pillow as my 12 inch cock hit home at the end of ever stroke, then my balls tightened and I felt the rise of my own cum up my long cock it flowed until it reached the tip and shot out deep inside my lover housekeeper.

It was erupting like never before spurt after spurt of my warm cum was filling her deep inside until there was so much there it started to Ooze out beside my cock as I continued to thrust into her, finally the last drop eased out of my cock and I held it deep inside her making sure as much of my cum was being kept in, but after 10 minutes I was going limp and it slipped out of her and I watched as a river of my cum ran from between her now red cunt lips and flowed down the inside on her legs, I lay down on my back trying to get my breath back and the next thing I knew was Ashley had turned round and her legs where being placed either side of my head and her sexy cunt that was so so red from the pounding I have just given it lowered down over my face soon it was resting my my lips as my tongue entered her cunt and as it opened her hole a flood of my cum oozed out and down my tongue and back of my throat.

As I licked and sucked her cunt that was being moved round and round on my face covering it in her juice she took hold of my limp cock and started to lick and suck it clean it was not long before Ashley ground her cunt hard down against my mouth as she came once more as she did this I lifted one hand to her arse cheek and ran my finger up and down the length of her arse crack and pushed it further into her and found her arse hole all puckered up and without warming rammed my finger hard inside and she nearly bit my cock of as it slipped into her, she raised her head and cried out FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YES YES as I started to ease my finger back and forth and with all this going on my cock was growing hard once more and it would not be long before it was back fully hard.

When it was Ashley moved herself round and sat across me and soon had my cock deep inside her again, she was now pounding her body up and down on my fully erect cock and fucking it like it was the last cock she was ever going to have but believe me I knew that was not the case as I was going to fuck this very sexy woman as much as I could, I raised my hands and took hold of her big round tits as they bounced up and down and squeezed them so hard she threw her head back and as she screamed out she orgasmed covering my cock and balls in her cum it ran down between my legs and down my arse crack and onto the bed sheets.

On and on she pounded and I took her rock hard nipples between finger and thumb and pinched them so hard I though they might burst but she loved it shouting out MORE MORE SQUEEZE THEM HARDER OH FUCK YES YES HARDER DAVE HARDER as I did she came once again, on and on she pounded my cock then without getting of my cock she turned round to face away from me so I now had her arse moving up and down in front of me I slapped her again and again sending her to heaven and then as she pushed down on my cock I placed my finger at her hole and my finger entered her arse so now as she moved she not only fucked my cock but my finger in her arse.

I just managed to get my other arm round this most sexy body and found her clit and rubbed it as she continued to fuck me and I think she was getting to the stage where she might pass out with the shear pleasure she was getting as she said she was getting light headed but she did not stop until I had filled her once more with my second load of cum and she had had one more massive climax.

As she was facing away from me she just lifted of my cock and slid back up the bed so her cunt was over my face once more and my cock was was going into her mouth to lick it clean once more, I cleaned her inside out with my tongue and she came once more then moved round next to me and lay her head on my out stretched arm and cuddled me holding her sexy well formed body against me and we fell asleep like this.

I was woken by Ashley gently kissing my lips and saying that was the best night of her life, I smiled at her and said yes it was for me to and I hoped that it would not be the last oh my god I hope not she smiled, getting of the bed and saying I will have a quick shower and go cook your breakfast and I watched as she walked out of my bedroom her sexy arse swaying as she walked away.

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