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The Tennis Player's Injury

Author: Steve-In-Spain Contact: sf.higgins@outlook.com
Publish Date : Jul 24, 2016
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I had to be bold if I wanted to see this cock, to touch it and maybe even suck it and I did want to do that...

* * * * * * *

Being a fully trained and qualified physiotherapist, I deal with many sporting injuries during the day especially from those in the physical sports arena but also a few others like runners, golfers and tennis players. Many have the same sort of problem and therefore it is so easy for me to treat them. I do enjoy my job and it makes life so much easier after we converted one of the two garages into a work place, therefore allowing me to work from home. We spent quite a lot of money in making sure that I had everything I needed and the treatment room's ambience was perfect, which it was.

Toby, my husband of 16 years plays a lot of tennis and naturally, a lot of his circle of friends are tennis players and although he no longer plays in competitions of a serious nature, he is coaching an up and coming potential future County player and maybe even higher than that called Simon. However, he pulled a muscle two nights ago and Toby asked if I would attend to him, but it would be without a Doctor's note as there wasn't time for him to get an appointment to see the Doctor and then wait for the treatment. Naturally, I agreed and I had seen Simon play and he was good, very good. Height has an advantage on Tennis and he was well over 6 feet tall and barely 18 with a couple of more years to grow.

Toby arranged to get Simon to visit me at 2pm the following day as I only had 2 appointments in the morning and asked me to get him as fit as possible for the up and coming tournament the following weekend. I told him I would do all that I can and he smiled at that. I slapped his arm "Not in that way you pervert" I said laughing. He stuck his tongue out and unzipped his trousers. Damn him, he damn well knows that I cannot resist sucking his cock (or a cock when it comes down to the nitty gritty) and although he was flaccid, he still measured a very nice 6 inches that grew to a nice 8 when hard. Yes, I like big cocks, especially hard ones and even more so when they were in my mouth, just like Toby's was now.

After his explosion and him going down on my seemingly constantly wet pussy, we chatted about various things and it always ended up on how he would enjoy watching me suck another cock. This got him hard again, but maybe it was my hand stroking him, but non-the-less, he grew hard and as I told him that we should arrange for that to happen one day, he exploded again, cumming all over my hand.

Did I want to try that? Suck another cock while Toby watches? Hell yeah, I sure did! I began sucking cock when I was only 15 and fell in love with it and yes, have had a couple in my mouth during my time with Toby, but never full sex. I will never forget the young Doctor that I gave many a blow job to during my training time as a nurse, 12 years ago. Big rugby player with a big cock to match his stature and a cock that was so ready to pump over and over again. He loved his balls being massaged as I sucked his cock and pleaded with me many times to let him fuck me, but no, the nearest or furthest I went was to let him finger fuck me, but that was only once.

Anyway, back to Simon. He turned up just before 2pm (and I do like punctuality in a person) and although I had met him once or twice and seen him play, I really had forgotten just what a nice looking young man he is. He was also very polite and accepted the offer of a Pepsi as we discussed the injury and how heavy was the pain and how easy could he move his right leg. A groin injury (which I didn't know that's what it was before he arrived) can be very painful and at the same time, a fairly easy fix especially as I put this at the Level 1 strain. Luckily, Simon had the sense to stop playing and training when he felt the twinge a couple of days ago and he hoped, as did Toby that the old adage of RICE would be sufficient, sadly, this wasn't the case.

At my request, he removed his tracksuit and (I couldn't fail to notice the nice bulge in his tight shorts, shorts that I advised Toby to tell Simon what to wear) hop onto the treatment table. I told him what I was going to do and that he was to let me know when there was pain and went on to explain to him that I would want to try and find some so I could assess the real level. He nodded and said ‘Okay'. We chatted as I moved his legs around and I watched his face for any tell-tale signs and saw him wince. I held the leg in that position and he confirmed he felt a twinge. I looked down and nearly felt one myself as I glanced at the bulge through the even now tighter shorts. I did a few more leg stretches and then decided he needed to have some pressure applied to the affected area. "This might hurt a wee bit" I said to him as I opened his legs and applied the ice pack to the area noticing that some of the pack was on his balls. "Oops, sorry" I said as I moved the corner of the pack away from that area of his and held the pack down. Now, with me having to hold it on the area, it meant (and yes, I HAD to do it) that a finger of mine would have to rest on his balls, well, one of them, his right one. The sight of my red nail on his white shorts was quite nice.

7 minutes passed and I took off the ice pack and then told him I was going to do some work on that area and it might hurt a little but the ice will dull the pain. He nodded and lay back down as I parted his legs wider. I moved the shorts to one side and noticed a distinct lack of body hair. Curiosity was getting to me and it was now I wish I'd worn something a little more "entertaining".

After Simon had left and an appointment made for the following day, I briefed Toby on what I'd done and made a sly comment of the "size" he appeared to be. "Yeah, seen him in the shower room" Toby responded and said that he was indeed a "big lad" for barely 18. When asked how long it would take, I told Toby it would be at least tomorrow and one more session, maybe 2, but hopefully just the one after tomorrow.

Following dinner and a full bottle of wine, the subject got to cock sizes, no idea how, but hey oh. I reached over and unzipped Toby's jeans tugged them down and knelt inside his thighs and proceeded to give him another blow job. "Is he bigger than you?" I asked Toby as I sucked on the head of his cock. Toby looked at me and smiled, "Oh yes love, he is bigger than me, well he is when soft anyway". I swallowed Toby's cock deep into my throat, loved the feeling of being gagged by a big cock, and loved the feeling of it hitting the back of my throat. I stopped sucking and began to stroke my man's big cock, another thing I enjoyed doing and now I was very wet and needed it inside me. I stood up, raised my skirt (never wore panties and rarely wore a bra even though I was quite well stacked in the tit department) and slipped him inside me. I took off my top and sighed as I felt his teeth biting my nipples. He knows that really gets me horny, I do enjoy a modicum of pain now and then. Toby filled me so nicely and as I bounced up and down, his teeth bit my nipples again. "Want to see his cock do you?" he asked just before he bit my nipples again, his eyes on mine. I closed my eyes at the delightful pain and the cock deep inside me. I did, I admitted that to myself, but not to Toby until he asked me again, this time shoving his finger deep into my ass. "Tell me Caz, you want to see his cock hard don't you?" I still had my eyes closed, bit my lip and nodded. That was when I felt the almighty explosion from Toby's cock deep inside my pussy. "Fuckkkkk" he said as he came and came. I followed him not many seconds later, the feeling of his cum inside me and the thought of Simon's big cock was too much for me to hold back and the orgasm shook my body.

After getting off and cleaning his cock, tasting the sweet mixture of our juices, I licked my lips and looked at him, he smiled, I smiled and we kissed. "Tell me if he is big when hard" Toby said to me with a glint in his eye and a tweak to my still solid nipples. I stroked Toby's cock, trying to get him back to a full erection and whispered "Want me to touch it?" That seemed to have done the trick as I felt his cock stiffen in my hand. "Want me to stroke it?" I whispered again, licking his earlobe. He was now still, poker stiff. "Want me to do this?" I whispered as I lowered my mouth over the tip, flicking it with my tongue, tasting the last of his cum. I sat astride Toby's body and lowered myself onto his cock. I bounced up and down and then felt him slip two fingers into my ass. I wanted his cock there and told him so. "Fuck me in the ass baby" was all I said to him. I moaned as he slid his thick cock into my tight ass and began to fuck me. I really did enjoy being fucked in the ass and even more so when he reaches round to grab my tits.

The next morning, Toby had left for work and I meandered around the house until 11.30 when Simon was due to come for his next treatment session; however, unlike yesterday where I wore my white robe, today I dispensed with the clinical garb and instead chose to wear a rather low cut and loose dress that stopped mid-way upon my thighs; not to mention, the material was very light and although my nipples weren't hard, they were slightly visible through the top. Naturally, I knew via experience that the top falls open when I lean over and I intended to do that often!

He was on time; I like that in a man, in a client. His opening words were "I think I might be okay" to which I told him that I would be the judge of that and that he was to sit on the table with his legs dangling. He was wearing the same tight shorts and as I took his ankles, raised them to my hips and parted his legs, the tightness was increased and most certainly, there was that bulge again. I was staring down at it as I told him to tell me when he felt the slightest bit of pain. His legs were nigh on as wide as they would go before he let out a little yelp. "Good" I said and followed with "Yes, you aren't too far off being fully fit and I think after today and one day's total rest, you will be about right."

I told him I was going to work on the affected area and he would need to put his right leg over my shoulder; which he did and fuck, I nearly reached out and grabbed that bulge there and then! The shorts went so damn tight and accentuated the visibility of his cock. That cock began to twitch as I bent forward to reach the area in need of my attention and I knew for sure that my bending forward allowed the top of the dress to open and Simon would, I imagine, have a full view of the girls.

I began to work on the inside of his groin and although not through choice I did have to get quite close to his balls and my little finger often ran over them. I had to be bold if I wanted to see this cock, to touch it and maybe even suck it and I did want to do that. "Simon, do you have any other shorts that are a little looser with you?" He replied that he didn't and that is when I said "Well, I need to get inside where the edge of your shorts are so use this towel to cover up and take those ones off please". I went into the kitchen, needing a glass of water as my hands were trembling a bit, trembling at the thought of getting closer to his cock, his young 18 year old cock!

He answered "okay" to my question of "okay now?" and I went back into the treatment room. I gave him a smile and looked at the towel covering him. I had to move one edge of the towel to get to his area in need and asked him to lie on the table. I gave him another pillow to rest his head on and also so he would be able to see down the top of my dress as I was going to give him a full show. Moving the towel to one side, I did expose one of his very smooth balls and wondered there and then if he actually shaved himself or was naturally devoid of pubic hair. I worked on the area and at times was quite brutal, it needed to hurt, no pain, no gain as they say and a few times the towel slipped a little and I only replaced it the once. The last time it moved, I "helped" it back into place but left both balls uncovered. They looked so nice and smooth and oh so inviting. I looked up at him to say something and noticed his eyes firmly on my exposed boobs as the top of the dress had opened. That is when a plan came to me. I stood up and reached for my cup of coffee and so clumsy of me I spilt it on my dress. "Oh shit" Back in a sec, need to get this thing off" I said as I left the room. My mind raced in what to wear and then I smiled. "Perfect" I said to myself as I sipped on a button up white robe. It was a robe that Toby and I used for our "fun role play" in the infancy of me opening the home based treatment room. It was short and tight and also not far from being see through. I left the top two buttons undone and also the lower two too. In reality, there was only 4 more buttons holding it all together.

I re-entered the treatment room and made light of the situation as I got back to the job in hand, so to speak. This was when it got a little more interesting as although the robe was tight, the top did open sufficiently to reveal my rather nice deep cleavage and that is when I saw the towel moving. My fingers dug into the tender area and I knew it would make Simon jump; which it did and that is when I took advantage to move the towel a little bit more. I now had a vision of soft balls and the lower half of his thick cock.

"Okay Simon, now it is time to soothe the area as I think the problem has been resolved. All it needs now is total relaxation for the next day or two and then you can start light training again, but any signs you come straight back" I told him as I moved to the right hand side of the table and filled my hands with the soothing balm. I spread the balm over his inner thigh and heard the very light moan as my fingers ran alongside his balls. This was the sign for me to push open his legs as wide as possible and press my lower body against his right knee. I applied soft pressure to the inner thigh and at the same time pulled my palm back onto his balls and this produced another moan as I turned to face him running my hands up and down the inner thigh. "Feel okay?" I asked as he looked at me. He nodded and I saw his lower lip trembling. I smiled as my left hand rested on the large bulge as my fingers continued massaging his groin. Another slight moan as I rested my left palm on the bulge and then decided it was time. I slipped another button to the top part and spoke to him, hoping he would look up and he did. He moaned again as he saw that my tits were damn near hanging out of the top. My left hand moved up slightly and came to rest on the thick shaft. Another moan and I smiled as I looked at him. "I can see where we need to do some work next" I said to him as I undid yet another button to totally bare my boobs and then remove the towel.

It was my turn to moan and gasp as I saw the size of him. "Oh my" was all I was able to say as I put both hands on this 18 year old cock. That was when I felt his hands slip under the robe and when I moaned again as I felt his fingers touch my wetness. I moved away slightly as I only really "agreed" as such, to see how big he was and stroke him. However, I knew I would have to have this big fat cock in my mouth, but not in my pussy. I worked my hand up and down the thick shaft as his fingers slipped so easily into my so very wet pussy. I lowered my mouth to the tip of his cock and he moaned as I took him all the way into my throat. I just loved to deep throat and this big bad cock was perfect for that.

Sadly, he didn't last long and it only took a few strokes with my hand for him to send a long stream of his cum all over his stomach. Her left me with a promise that he wouldn't say a word to anyone and that if he felt the slightest "twinge" he was to come back for further treatment. I gave his bulge a quick squeeze and waited until Toby came home where I relayed the events and he gave me such a hard pounding and slammed deep into my ass to finish himself off.

Two days later, Toby Simon said he needed a further bit of treatment!!

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