Fantasies of My Wife and I

Author: T.S.
Published: Sep 7, 2016
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My wife and I have shared many fantasies. A recurring one is my wife being a slut wife.

We've talked about many ways; nothing very original. It always got our motors running, but it remained a fantasy for many years.

Sometimes it takes the obvious. I've had a regular poker game in the winter with four of my friends . A good poker game takes at least five players . And, during the football season I usually have two or three neighbors over to watch the game. We were in bed talking about our fantasies again, when the light bulb went off.

We decided to start with a smaller group of the neighborhood football fans. We are in our early fifties. Our neighborhood men's ages range from about thirty to about sixty.

The weather was still hot when we had our first game to watch. My wife wore tight shorts, a tight fitting top with no bra, and high heels.

As she normally did, she watched the game with us. Also, normally she jumped up, refreshed our beers, and made sure the food was replaced as needed. She posed more than normal and bent low showing her tits off. I noticed the guys ogling her ass and tits as she walked in and out of the room.

At halftime she sat next to me and started rubbing my dick through my pants. Obviously I got hard as a brick. Really for three reasons. First, I was in on the plan. Secondly, she was turning me on. And lastly, she was beginning to turn my buddies on too.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom. This was part of our plan. My wife asked if anyone needed anything. She said she was sorry if anyone saw her playing with my dick, but she was so horny. Does anyone else want me to rub their dick. She went on saying it made her happy to make a man feel good. So speak up, who's first.

She went from one to the other, kinda dry humping their dicks through their pants. I had come out of the bathroom and watched my wife go from neighbor to neighbor rubbing their cocks.

I said, well boys, I see my wife is super horny today. Hope she hasn't embarrassed anyone. Sometimes she just can't get enough cock. What do you say, we'll leave the TV on, but let's see what she's going to do next. Who knows.

No sooner I said that she pulled her top off. She stood in the middle of the room playing with her nipples.She really put on a show. I found out later she was getting turned on by doing this in front of our friends. She pulled, tugged, rubbed her tits .

She said come on guys. I've shown mine you show yours. Pull your cocks out and let me look at them. If you do that, I'll take my shorts off. Have we got a deal. It took about two nanoseconds for everyone to pull their dicks out of their pants. She kept her part of the bargain and dropped pants.

But the show was just beginning. She stood in the middle of the room and stuck one finger in her ass and the other up her pussy. Do you like what you see boys. As soon as I get off masturbating, I want each of you to fuck the same holes, leaving your cum inside of my ass and cunt. Who's first.

My buddies, my wife and me too were so spent we barely said goodbye to one another. But, we are all looking forward to next weekend.

We learned a lot from the football games and decided to get ready for the winter poker games. We were going all in this year. Gang bang or nothing. I thought my wife would go crazy in anticipation.

The game was scheduled for the first Saturday of each month, starting in January.

The night of the game my wife dressed in a short, short skirt, no panties, a starched blouse unbuttoned to her waist. Wow. Not bad for a fifty something.

The guys showed up one by one until they were all there. We went to the basement, I fixed them a drink from the wet bar and sat down for the game. My friends had no idea what game was about to begin.

My wife called from the top of the stairs and asked if anyone needed anything. As she came down the stairs , my friends jaws dropped as they saw how she was dressed. Nobody noticed she wasn't wearing any panties nor that she wasn't wearing a bra. Instead they noticed her short skirt and long legs and high heels.

Wow. You look exquisite one of my friends said.

She said you haven't seen anything yet.

So who needs their drink refreshed. I'll get it for you . Anybody else need anything.

As she walked away to mix the drinks, she flaunted her hips more than usual. When she came back with the drinks, she bent over so everyone could see her tits. She laughed and asked if they liked what they saw. One guy knocked over his chips in embarrassment.

No problem, let me get those for you. Picking them up everyone could see her bare ass. Do you men like my ass too.

You go ahead and play your game. I'll just be sitting over here with my legs spread wide open for you to look at. If you have any suggestions, don't be shy.

The game was a waste. Everyone was looking at my wife.

They all asked me if I was okay with this. After all we've known each other for years and your wife has never done this before . I said honey why don't you tell our friends here about our football day. Don't leave any details out. Okay.

She said to me honey, I bought down some of my sex toys to demonstrate . I hope you don't mind.

She got up and got her toy's out. Okay men, here is what they did, and I loved it. Watch closely because after making myself cum I want you to do the same thing to me. She inserted one in her ass and one up her pussy. She was serious about cumming and put on a hell of a show. I personally loved it.

Their wasn't any of us who didn't have a raging hard on. All of us had our dicks out and stroking to the rhythm of her masturbation.

We all came at some point in time.

But my lovely wife wanted what she came for.

Line up and let me suck your dicks. If you have to cum go ahead.

Next I want a cock in my ass hole and one in my cunt. If you have to wait put your pecker in my mouth. You can cum as many times as you can . I want to be filled with your cum everywhere .

My wife was worn-out and sore, but as happy as I have ever seen her...

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