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My Juicy Lucy

Author: Dave M.
Publish Date : Sep 19, 2016
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I still could not believe that a few minutes ago she had my cock between them and then kissed me with them, things like this never happen to people like me but it just had.

* * * * * * *

I was running late this Wednesday morning and by the time I reached train station my train to Manchester was getting ready to pull out and I jumped on just in time.

The train was jammed packed and as I had just caught the train I was in the last carriage and started to walk thought to find a seat, I had just got to the six carriage and I saw one empty seat so I asked if anyone was sitting there and a man said that it was not taken so I took my seat and that is when I looked at the other three people sitting and the man who had said the seat was empty I would sat about 70ish sat next to me across from him was another man early 20's and right across from me was this vision of heaven a women in her early 20's I would.

She smiled when she saw me looking and I smiled back she had shoulder length blonde hair and such wonderful blue eyes that sparkled in the light coming through the windows she was sitting there in a white blouse which was tight across her well formed breasts, I could see the silky shape of her bra and that her amble breasts flowing over it, she also had some very tight jeans which showed of the wonderful shape of her legs and just looking at her sitting across from me was making my cock stiffen and was getting very uncomfortable to say the least and trying to re adjust myself without anyone seeing was very hard indeed.

I could not get up as it would have shown even more so I tried to move it slow so it did not hurt so much, when I looked up and right into this sexy woman she had been watching me and had a big grin crossed her face I must have turned red as she smiled a knowing smile that did nothing from stopping my dick getting even harder.

Now I have not told you about me I am 60 married but due to my wife having cancer twice we do not have sex anymore at it has been 7 years since I last had sexy and I have to say I might be 60 but miss it a great deal, I have a 7” long cock and it has a 4” girth and still gets really hard without the need for Tablets to help and even at 60 I still pump a lot of cum when I have a wank now and then.

Right back to the story after about half hour into trip I had not seen her talk to the young men sitting next to her so I took it as they were not together so I got up as my hard cock had gone down now and went to get a coffee as I stood up a said to this sexy woman can I get you anything from the coffee shop, no thank you she said but thanks for asking and gave me another sexy smile.

As we sat there her foot kept touching my leg not that I minded being touched be a sexy 20ish blonde woman, each time she touch my leg she would look up at me and smile we were now a hour into my 2 hour+ journey when she stood up and I thought that meant she was about to get of the train at the next stop, but as she moved out of her seat she nodded at me toward the toilets as if to say follow me, was I reading her right I wondered I a 60 year old and her in her early 20's and she wanted me to follow her to the toilets well there was one way to find out so I got up behind her and followed her down to the toilets she opened the door and as she did she took my hand and pulled me in with her.

She locked the door and pushed me back against it and without a word dropped to her knees in front of me and started to un-zip my fly's and reached in and pulled out my Harding cock Mmmmmm she said as she looked at it and eased my foreskin back over the swelling head, the head now covered in pre-cum and she ran her tongue over and round the head licking it before swallowing it down then replaced her mouth over the head and took most of it into her mouth and started to bob back and forth sucking hard as she did so, my god I had not had this sort of feeling in 7 years and had no idea how long I was going to last as she pushed forward again this time taking it all so her face pushed against my body again and again she thrust my rock hard cock into her, she brought up her hands and cupped my balls and squeezed then and played with then moving them round and round in her hands.

I placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed her head forward harder and thrusting my hips towards her her face now hitting me hard but she did not try to pull back her tongue now entering the slit in the top of my cock and moving in and out as she sucked, I was not going to last much longer and I was now moaning more and more as she seamed to sence that I would soon be filling her mouth with my warm cum.

I started to thrust forward harder and faster as I felt my balls tighten and the wonderful feeling that I had not felt in 7 years as my cum started it's way into the back of her mouth, up my cock I felt my cum rush on and on until I pushed this young woman's head hard against me and filled her waiting mouth with my seed, I cried out as it left my cock slit she gulped down my cock again and again as each pump filled her mouth, finally after the last pump she sucked every last drop from inside my cock before letting my cock drop from her mouth and rose and stood in front of my leaning forward and putting her sweet red lips to mine she pushed her tongue into my mouth and let the mouth full of my cum run into mine and we kissed what seamed to be ages and then she pulled away licked her lips and send another sexy smile and un-locked the door and left, I put my cock back into my jeans and then went back to my seat.

As I sat down she looked up and smiled and ran the tip of her tongue over her parted lips that looked wet and moist as she licked them and I still could not believe that a few minutes ago she had my cock between them and then kissed me with them, things like this never happen to people like me but it just had.

The train was just pulling into Manchester as she got up we were standing close together and she ran her hand up the front of my jeans as she turned and walked up the isle, following her up to the exit door, she had two big suit cases and was struggling to get them on the train so I took one from her and helped her with it, keeping hold of it I followed her up the platform and to the taxi rank, she turned to me and said thank you, I said it was I that should be thanking her and she gave that very sexy smile once more, by the way I said I am Dave I am Lucy she said and lent forward to kiss my cheek, a Taxi pulled up and I helped load the cases into it and she said tell you what have you get anywhere to be, No I have just got to find somewhere to stay for a few days that's all why.

Come she said join me so I got into the back of the taxi with her and told the driver where to go.

Half an hour later we pulled up outside a what looked like a two or three bed home I paid for the taxi and got her and my bags and we went up and inside, just place the bags down there for now Lucy told me and come through to the lounge, the room was very clean a large Tv on the wall over a Electric fire a long corner sofa and a nice size coffee table, take a seat Lucy said I will get us a drink Beer or wine, Oh i'll have a beer please when Lucy returned she placed the drinks on the table and sat on the sofa and patted the seat beside her, after chatting for a while I told her I was just in Manchester for a few days break as I had never been there before, Lucy said she was just back from Holiday and still had a few days off so she could show me round if I like, that would be great I said as long as you don't mind being seen out with someone my age.

We had a couple of more drinks when Lucy put the TV on then placed a DVD into the player she said she was just going to get out her dress cloths and get more comfortable when she returned she came and sat back next to me put her feet on the she was now wearing just a bright pink silk dressing gown and I followed the shape of her very sexy body and her nipples pushed at the silk to be free, Lucy picked up the remote and pushed play after a second or two a porn movie started to play, turning to me Lucy said you don't mind watching something like this do you, No No I said and she slipped up even closer to me.

By fifteen minutes into the film my cock was once again straining to burst out of my jeans and I kept moving around trying to get it comfortable, by now Lucy had her head laying on my shoulder she whispered in my ear do you want me to get it out for you and let it breath and before I could answer she had her hand on my zip and lowered it down popping the clasp at the top of my jeans and pulled out my cock, as she pulled it from my pants I sprang out fully hard this time it was so hard the foreskin had gone over the head already and the pre-cum gleamed in the little light coming thought the window, MMMmmmmm looks harder than it did on the train said Lucy licking her lips again.

She rested her head back on my shoulder but kept one hand curled round my twitching shaft, every so often she would rub her hand up and down it's length once or twice as we watched the film. I like it like that she whispered as we watched a couple her on her knees resting on her elbows and him behind her ramming his cock into her hard .

Yea I like that to I said and she bent forward and once again took my cock into her mouth while still watching the TV she started to suck it hard her head rising and falling taking every single inch into her mouth and I could feel my cock head stroke the back of her throat each time and as it did it was sending shivers throughout my body I had to close my eyes and just moan out I do not think in the 60 years of my life had I ever felt a blow job like this, as she continued I eased my hand round over her back and under the are she had down between my legs as she now had pulled my balls out of my jeans as was playing with them once more.

As my hand slipped under her arm I hand touched her firm breast and she took a deep breath as I cup it in my hand and squeezed it gently as I ran my middle finger round her hard erect nipple, as I played with her tit her breathing became harder and harder, Lucy moved faster and faster on my cock pulling up to the very tip before plunging back down so the head slammed against the back of her throat, for the second time today I had the feeling on my seed getting ready to make it's journey up my cock and out into this big wide would before shooting down the throat of this sexy 20 year old woman that was still sucking like it was the last cock on earth, then as my cum rushed up my cock I pushed her head down and thrust my hips up making sure my cock was buried as deep as it could be, I crying out AAAARRRRrrrrr as it shot from me filling her mouth to over flowing and my cum was seeping out round her lips as she swallowed and sucked as much of it as she could before rising up and as she looked at me my cum was dripping from her mouth and down her chin, I took hold of her gorgeous face in between both hand and pulled her to me and licked her face clean before placing my lips to hers and kissing her ever so tenderly and eased my tongue into her mouth and she opened hers to allow my tongue to enter, as we kissed I raised my hand and took her tit back into my hand making her breath deeply once again and as I nipped her hard nipple in my finger and thumb she gave a moan in the back of her throat and her body shivered.

Lucy told me to stand up and face her which I did she then told me to take on my t-shirt and as I did this she started to undo my belt and slowly pulled my jeans down which I stepped out of and I took of my socks and stood back up facing her completely naked, wow she said not a bad body at all for someone that is 60 and with that she lent forward and took hold of my now spent limp cock and started to play with it pulling the foreskin back and forth and cupping my balls in her other hand my god here I was naked with a beautiful 20 year old woman who had one hand on my cock and another cupping my balls, I would never never have dreamt that anything like this could ever happen to someone like me.

Lucy stood up and looked up at me as she was that bit shorter about 5'2” tall were I am 5'10” she pulled me round and moved a few steps back looking at me with her wonderful sparkling blue eyes she undone the belt round her waist and then pushed the gown back over her shoulders it slowly slipped down her arms and gently fell onto the floor, My mouth must have fallen open as Lucy smiled as I looked up and down this picture of pure heaven, Lucy now naked in front of me her long blonde hair shimmered as she moved her head her blue eyes glimmered as she looked at me lowering my gaze her wonderful breasts which were firm and perfect in every way I would say around a 36 in size and her dark brown nipple rock hard stuck out against her paler skin tone, her stomach was flat and them came what I thought I would never see again at my age (not in real life anyway ) a very smooth shaven pussy, her inner lips hung just outside of the outer ones and then her very shapely legs, I was thinking that I must have died and got to heaven when Lucy snapped me out of my stupor and said well Dave you like what you see, Dose a monkey like bananas I said Wow you are Gorgeous just stunning I said moving the few paces that were between us.

Her warm firm tits and her rock hard nipples pushed into my chest as the gap between us closed around my hardening cock wedged between my stomach and hers, our lips no more than a cats whisker apart I place my arms round her, Lucy's skin felt so soft to the touch I pulled her tight to me and our lips met, a tiny spark jump from me to her as our lips touch and I felt the tenderness of those sweet lips on my and as we kissed I eased my tongue between her lips parting then and my tongue entered her mouth and both of us moaned as the sensual feeling ran though us both pulled her as close as I could holding her like I would never let her go.

We stood like this kissing for how long I do not know lost in our embrace my hands slowly working up and down her spine taking her firm round butt cheeks into my hands and squeezing them making her moan even more before slowly and lightly bringing my hands up her spine once more, Lucy finally pulled away and asked me to sit back onto the sofa which I did and just sat there looking at her wonderful body, she sat on the front edge of the coffee table her legs together and she placed her hand on the back corners so she was now leaning back my eyes drinking in her beauty as she rested there, slowly Lucy started to open her legs and her pink shaven pussy started to come into view and my cock was standing loud and proud and twitching at the sight which met my eyes as inch by inch she opened her legs until I had a full view of her most private parts, her cunt looked so soft and tender as I watch it come into view her outer lips parted showing me more and more of the inner lips that had been poking out when Lucy had dropped her gown to the floor.

I moved forward and dropped to my knees in front of her now kneeling between her legs I could see the folds of skin that made up her inner lips they looked moist from her juices and I so wanted to taste her, I placed my hands each side of her legs and lent forward and moved slowly kissing up the inside of one leg then moving back to the other on and on like this until I was half a inch from her pussy, the sweet smell of her juice met my nose and I breathed in deeply, my god she smelt so good how I did not shoot my load there and then I have no idea.

I moved forward and my lips met her outer pussy lips as as they touched her Lucy raised herself up of the table pushing her cunt up and into my face and moaned out loud as she did so. I started to kiss up and down her outer lips stopping to suck her clit from time to time Lucy's juices were now flowing from deep within her and I licked them all up, I felt her inner lips swell as she got more and more worked up as I sucked her clit and nibbled on it before flicking the very tip of it with my tongue, then moving down again I this time opened my mouth to cover most of her slit pushed my tongue out as far as I could and pushed it deep inside her pussy finding the hole where I hoped my cock would be entering very soon.

Lucy was now screaming out YES YES O FUCK YES YES as she push her cunt back and forth on my tongue and then I felt her pussy lips start to tremble and she was getting ready to cum forcing my tongue round and round and into her hole as hard and fast as I could she raise her butt up of the table pushing as hard as she could against my face when she just orgasmed so hard Christ Christ Christ Yes Yes Yes Oh fuck Yes yes she screamed as her sweet tasting cum ran from deep within her over my tongue and trickled down the back of my throat, it tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before, if there was such a thing a nectar from heaven then this was it, just the sweet taste of it made my head spin on and on I licked as Lucy lowered herself back down onto the coffee table.

After licking her dry I pulled back and looked up into her so blue eyes Wow she whispered I have not cum like that in a bloody long time, I took hold of her legs and moved her round so she was now sitting on one of the side edges and I lowered her back so she lay along the coffee table and her legs hanging off the table and her feet were on the floor, I moved round between her spread legs and lightly ran my hands up and down the inside of her legs just stopping before they touched her pussy, each time I reach near to her pussy she closed her eyes and gave a soft low moan and I could see she was starting to get wet once more.

My fingers touched her pussy every so lightly and she squirmed around on the table trying to get my fingers to enter her but I was not ready for that yet, I ran the very tips of my fingers up and down her slit sometimes pushing into her to touch her swollen clit making her moan out again, as I did this I lent forward over her body and took a nipple into my mouth and bit it between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue, Lucy was crying out for me to shove my fingers deep into her screaming that she wanted to cum again, but she was going to have to wait until I was ready, moving from one tit to the other licking and sucking her rock hard nipples was driving her crazy, and I now had taken her inner lips between my finger and thumb and was playing with them, Luck was dripping her juice down over her bum and down onto the table, without any warning I let go of her inner lips and pushed two fingers deep inside her, her body arched up and she cried out OH FUCK YES YES YES as I pumped my fingers into her again I felt her climax as her cunt walls gripped my fingers but I did not slow down and fucked her with my fingers as she just had orgasm after orgasm. As she continued to cum I curled my fingers up and found her G-spot and as my fingers touched it she climaxed again her whole body shaking hard as it ripped throughout her body it was so massive that her cunt mussels trapped my finger deep inside her and I could not pull them out until she relaxed.

Pulling my fingers from her I placed my on her lips and she opened her mouth and licked and sucked all her cum from them, kneeling up between her legs I placed my arms under her legs and lifted them up and placed them onto my shoulders and pulled her down the table, reaching down I took hold of my cock which had droplets of pre-cum dripping into the floor and aimed it at her cunt she spread her legs hold them up so I could get my cock into place, placing the head up against her swollen lips I eased forward and her pussy opened to allow my cock to enter, Oh fuck Oh Christ she cried as inch by inch it entered her, once fully in she rested her legs back on my shoulders and I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled them tight against my chest, holding myself still for a while before pulling back and as I did so she sucked in a deep breath.

Holding it just inside her for a while before plunging the whole length back into her Lucy was thrashing her head back and forth breathing deeply taking in big gulps of air each time I thrust into her, yes was now moan out non stop as I fucked her harder and harder ramming into her then I pushed her legs off my shoulders and raised myself up with my hands either side of her on the table now her legs were hanging of the table it made her shaven cunt push up even more and I could feel her hard swollen clit push against me each time our bodies met.

Oh Fuck I am Cumming I am Cumming she cried out as I felt her cunt grip my cock tight as she exploded once more her cum running over my balls and our bodies slapping ans squelching each time they met but I forced her cunt to take my cock as I fuck on through her climax, I felt her place a hand between us and she started to rub her clit and each time of bodies met I forced her fingers hard against her clit and again she exploded but this time with the feeling of her hand moving between us I followed her and with one last thrust which was so forceful it pushed her up the table I emptied my load of cum deep within her cunt which now seamed to suck my cock deep into it as it could get it to go, Oh Yes yes Fill me fill my cunt oh Yes Yes as pump after pump of my cum shot from my thumping cock.

Once we relaxed and had our breath back I got up and then helped Lucy up

and I could see my cum and hers running down the inside of her legs so I asked her to lay on the floor and I knely over her head and lent forward placing my hand beside her legs and started to lick her legs and cunt clean of our cum, she took hold of my now limp cock and placed it into her mouth and started to lick it clean and pushed her tongue under the foreskin to make sure she got every last drop.

When we were both finished I got up and helped up Lucy, Wow that was wonderful we said together laughing, I slumped down on the sofa feeling a bit worn out cumming three time in one day takes it out of a 60 year old, Lucy sat down next to me and I placed my arm round her and she rested her head on my shoulder her soft skin touching mine I turned my head and kiss her forehead as we cuddled, fancy another beer she asked standing up no thanks but if the wine is still on offer, yea sure and she wandered off to the kitchen as she went I watch as her round firm butt cheek swayed as she walked away, she had one of the most perfect arses I have ever seen and I hope against all hope that I was going to get the chance to kiss every inch of it before we had done.

Lucy came back with the wine and now as I watched her I had full view of the pussy my cock had entered and fill up my god it looked wonderful as she walked towards me, her tits so firm and stood of from that perfect body nipples still rock hard by the looks of them, Wow Lucy you are the most gorgeous woman I have seen I said to her as she came and sat next to me again, she placed the glasses on the table and leaned in and kissed me so soft and tenderly, one hand rising to trace her nail round and round my Harding nipple taking my breath away as she did so, as we kissed and cuddled she pulled her head back and looked at me so do you have a place to stay she asked, no not yet I will phone a travel lodge soon I replied don't she said why don't you stop here for the few days your here that way we can go out when we are ready and we will not have to worry about meeting up.

Wow that's kind of you I would love to but I must warn you Lucy if I stay here with you we may not make it out of the bedroom I said with a big smile, Promises Promises she said and kissed me again,we sat and talked and drank our wine before Lucy stood taking my hand and leading me out of the hallway and she started up the stairs in front of me, as she climbed from one stair to the next her pussy came into view and by the time we were half way up my cock had grown hard again, I wanted her here and now so I stopped walking and told her to place her knees on the step she was standing on and her elbows on the stair and as she did her firm butt pushed it's way out towards me and her pussy mound poked out from between her now spread legs, I stood on the step behind her and placed my hands on her soft cheeks and entered my cock just enough to open her inner lips.

Tell me Lucy how much do you want my cock deep inside you, OH Dave I do I do, really Lucy you really want it Oh Oh Yes Dave please please fuck me now she cried out, Oh maybe I will just stay here for now just holding my cock just at the entrance to your pussy how about that would that be ok Lucy, NO NO Dave I want it I need it put it deep in me pleaseeeeeeee she cried again keeping my cock where it was I lent over her back and placed my hands round her and took her tits into my hands and squeezed them making her take a deep breath and she tried to push herself back so my cock would enter her.

Again and again she tried to force herself back onto my cock as she got more and more worked up as I played with her tits pinching her nipples and pulling them, squeezing them so hard, OH Fuck Sake Fuck me Dave Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she screamed out at the top of her voice and as I raised myself up and placed my hands on her hips I pushed forward and my cock opened up her inner lips and dove fully into her, Lucy Screamed and Scream OH FUCK OH CHRIST YES FUCK ME HARDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr again and again, taking hold of her hip I pulled her back as I forced forward our bodies slamming hard together as again and again I rammed into her I could feel her juice running down over my swinging balls and then falling drip by drip onto the stair carpet, such a waste but there was nothing I could do about that, I had to slow down for a while so I lent over her again and played with her tits while pushing my fully 7 inches in and out of her dripping wet cunt she had not stopped moaning and screaming since I had pushed into her and even now I was fucking her a lot slower she still kept on moaning with each and ever stroke.

Lucy started to shake as she got ready to come, Oh Dave fuck me hard take me over the edge she cried out so once again I started to pump into her my hard cock forcing her pussy open hard and fast then her cunt mussels gripped my thrusting cock as she climaxed and as she did her cum was not now just dripping from my balls it was running of them, but even though she was climaxing I did not stop ramming into her riding through one climax and onto the next but due to her cunt mussels gripping my cock harder and harder each time she orgasmed I was not getting very close to shooting my next load into her.

She was now cumming for the 5th time when I let my juice flow from me, as it spurted out deep inside her she moaned again and again about how she could feel it coming out of my cock and splashing her insides, Oh my god she cried I have never felt that before oh god oh god yes yes and her cunt gripped my cock again and it seamed as if it was trying to ripple against my cock to get every last drop out and make sure it was deep inside her and not wasted.

When we got our breaths back we stood and she took my hand again and lead me to her bed room where we went to shower washing each other all over I took the towel and dried her off before drying myself and she lead me to the bed where I stretched out my arm and she lay down next to me and kissed me saying that she had never in her times of having sex had she ever felt cum juice splashing on her inside and that the feeling was so incredible she hugged me tight kissed me and we fell asleep.

I woke with Lucy's hand working it's way up and down my stiffening cock and she was under the cover between my legs sucking my balls and licking them the hand that was not no my cock was stretched up and she was pinching one of my nipples really hard and my god the pain I was getting from it felt good and my cock was soon hard once more, Luck moved her mouth from my balls and started to lick up and down my full length licking round and round the head which was now exposed due to Lucy pulling my foreskin back as far as she get it to go.

I lay there eyes closed moaning softly until she pushed her tongue into my slit hard and as far as she could get it to go and as she did this she twisted my nipple and pulling it at the same time, this made my eyes shoot open and I cried out with shear pain and pleasure which ran over every inch of my shaking body, my god Lucy I just managed to get out between me gulping for air and moaning with shear pleasure.

Slowly she kissed round my cock and slowly moved up kissing and licking each and every part of my stomach as she worked her way up my body licking my chest stopping at my nipples to bite and suck them, my god the feeling I was receiving my head was beginning to spin I had little black dots floating before my eyes I was so light headed with what she was doing to me I thought I may pass out, slowly moving on Lucy kissed up my neck and round to my ears nibbling at my ear lobes and then as she kissed round to my mouth she swung her leg over me trapping my cock between us, my cock now resting flat on my stomach and her cunt lips I could feel the warmth of her cunt against my cock and her juices flowing down and around it she pushed her tongue into my mouth parting my lips and her tongue explored my mouth and I felt her left herself up and place a hand between us, Lucy took hold of my cock and placed the head against her pussy and just slid down my shaft until she sat fully down on it and stayed there not moving .

Sitting up straight on my cock she took hold of both my erect nipples and twisted and pulled them so hard I screamed out just as she started to ride my dick Lucy pulled up so just the tip was inside her now soaking wet inner lips and plunged down as hard as she could making our body's smash together hard both of us now moaning out as she pulled and twisted my nipples I raised my hands and started to do the same to her as she rode my cock for all she was worth, letting go of my nipples she lent forward resting her hands on my chest and this gave Lucy a means of forcing herself even harder down onto me, all of a sudden she stopped lent forward kissed me then sat back up but inside of moving on my cock again she managed to turn round facing away from me and she done this without getting of my hard dick.

Once she had turned round she lent forward and placed her hands on my knees I propped my head up with a pillow so I could look down my body and see her wonderful round firm arse cheeks and as she was leaning forward I watch as her soft pink cunt rose and fell over my hard cock, each time I could see my cock force open her pussy lips and each time she pulled up her sex juice ran down my cock and balls, I took hold of her bobbing arse and ran my hands over her cheeks , My god her skin was so so soft and I pulled her arse cheeks apart and watched as her puckered hole twitched as she rode my cock and she rode it even harder this way round, the smell of her sweet sex juice filled the air as more and more seeped from within her.

Her body shook and trembled as she climaxed again and again as she continued to fuck me then without warning I pushed my finger into her puckered hole as she forced herself down on my cock which forced my finger fully into her at the same speed and force as she fuck me, as my knuckle slipped into her very tight puckered hole as as her hole expanded she screamed out and rammed down and held herself there as she orgasmed hard and her Arse gripped my finger and I do not thick I would have been able to take it out if I had wanted to her arse was so tight round my finger.

Once Lucy started to move again I started to fuck her arse hole as she fuck my cock and bending my finger forward I could feel my cock going in and out of her as the only thing between my finger and cock was this small thin piece of skin, wow if felt so good as on and on she continued, but I would not be able to hold back much longer and she knew it, as I rammed up towards her coming down we grunted and moaned with pleasure, then I felt my cum racing up my cock and then rammed up holding my back arched as she pushed down and my cock filled her insides and she screamed again, shouting that she could feel my cum again.

When she had finished cumming she raised herself of me and turned round and took my dick into her mouth and sucked my cock dry, laying back next to me we once again fell asleep, when we woke a few hours later we saw it was breakfast time and without dressing we when down for breakfast, as we sat there with or coffee and toast Lucy said well Dave what part of the city do you want to see today, well let me think I replied, I know what I want to see, well what she asked as I just sat there taking a sip from my coffee, well it has 4 walls and a ceiling, the walls are a soft pink and there is a bed 2 doors, a wardrobe and a walking shower, Ha Ha she said you have been in that room all night I thought you wanted to see the city , yes I did then I met you and now the only thing I want to see of this fine city is my cock slipping in and out of your wet wet cunt.

Well I am sure that can be arranged Dave she said with the sexiest smile I have ever seen, come on lets finish up and go look at that part of the city you are so keen on seeing, well I don't know if I will make it that far I said and she looked at me as if to say what are you talking about, well lets clean up and then I want no lets say this right I am going to fuck you over this kitchen table, MMMMmmmmm sounds like a plan she said and the table was cleared within seconds.

I picked Lucy up and sat her on the table and she just laid back but for what I wanted she was on the table to far so I took hold of her legs and pulled her forward so her arse cheek were right on the edge and as her legs dangled over the edge this pushed her pussy mound up even further, I spread her legs why and pulled a kitchen chair up and sat down on it my face was just above her now pushed up mount and as I looked down at her not only did her pink inner lips show but her hard clit was poking out from the depths of her outer lips, I lent down and flicked my tongue just over the tip of her clit making Lucy Shiver, placing my fingers up to her pussy Lucy started to breath harder as I touched then and slowly eased them apart I saw her juice ooze out from deep within her as I held them open I sucked and licked her soft tender inner skin and Lucy cried and pleasure ran throughout her body I quickly looked up from licking her wet cunt to see her cup her own tits and squeeze them and pull at her nipples, returning to her cunt I pulled her cunt apart as I pushed my face into her and pushed my tongue as far as I could get it inside her hot sexy wet cunt, lick after lick I ran my tongue in and out, up and down her pussy until she screamed she was cumming so I pulled my face away and pushed two fingers inside her as she exploded and I watched as her wonderful pink pussy throbbed and twitched as it pushed her cum out and over my hand, her white and creamy cum oozed from her and when she finished I pushed another finger inside her.

Finger fucking her hard I lent forward and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and bit down sending her into another spasm as her orgasm ripped up her body, Lucy was pulling her nipples and twisting them so hard I wondered if she was going to pull them off, I pulled my fingers out and stood up as I did so the chair I have been sitting on fell back out of the way, wiping my cum covered fingers over my cock, as I stood there my cock was directly at the same hight as her seeping cunt taking hold of my cock I aimed it at her wide open hole and touched the swollen clit with the head and she cried out for me to fuck her, but I just ran it lightly up and down her slit that was now puffy from all the fucking it had had but it was going to get a lot more yet of that I had no doubt, as I ran it up and down I pushed it hard against her clit Lucy was now begging me to fuck her and fuck her hard, taking hold of her legs I moved my body so my cock slipped down her slit and as it reached her pussy hole I pushed forward and and rammed it home fully inside her making her cum and scream out, it was a good job the people next door were away.

I was fucking her so hard by now the table moved slowly across the floor with each thrust and saw soon pushed up against the wall now the table could not move any further I could really hit home hard and standing up like this I was able to really force myself into her she had cum now around five times and each one harder than the one before, I knew I was going to cum soon so I brought one hand from her leg and started to rum her rock hard clit, Lucy was crying over and over that she was cumming and I was just about to unload my seed deep inside her once more, one last thrust bending backwards so my cock entered into her as far and deep as it would go my cum flooded her insides, she was screaming and crying at the same time as flood after flood of emotion ripped her in two, sending her body shaking like she was fitting, OH Fuck Oh fuck she panted OH my fucking god she cried out again and again, fucking helll she said when her feels had calmed down a bit I have never in all the time been having sex have I ever felt anything like that before I thought my fucking head was going to explode, fucking hell that was fantastic she said between taking big gulps of air trying to get her breath back, fuck I feel so fucking weak I don't know if I can get up she said looking at me, with that I moved round to the side of the table and scooped her up in my arms and carried her up to the bed room gently laying her on the bed and I went to fine the loo and bath tub.

Once I have used the loo I ran a bath filling it with loaded of bath foam and then going back to the bedroom when I got there Lucy was still laying on the bed worn out so I gently picked her up and as I did she placed one arm around my neck and kissed my cheek saying she had not had such wonderful sex in her life then kissed me again, I slowly lowered Lucy into the bath and she let out a relaxing sigh as the warm water covered her body, I got in the other end and started to rub her body with the soft sponge, starting with her feet and gently and slowly working my way up over her body, Lucy lay back her eyes close just taking in the relaxing feeling she was getting, her legs were down beside each side of me so her legs were as wide as they could go so as I washed up her inner legs I touch her now very sensitive pussy lips and she moan and shivered as the sponge ran over them.

Up over her soft flat stomach and then round her still hard nipples and over her breasts up under her chin and neck before starting my way slowly back down, over and over I did this and each time Lucy shivered and moaned as I washed her pussy and nipples, as I washed her tits and nipples I eased two fingers inside her and her eyes popped open Oh Fuck Dave yes yes she cried as I moved my fingers in and out of her with my fingers work on her and the sponge rubbing her tender nipples it was not long before she climaxed, she sat up and I pulled her down the back so she was sitting in my lap with her legs warped around my waist, as Lucy slid up my legs she pushed my upright cock flat and it slipped right into her cunt taking her breath away it was not long before we both rocked back and forth as we fucked as hard as we could, Lucy had her arms round my neck pulling herself tight against me as she bobbed up and down on my shaft, with all this going on the water was splashing over the side of the bath but neither of us cared we were far to busy fucking hard to even give a thought to it.

20 minutes or so later I filled her once again with my cum, and after had cum we just sat there like that both panting and kissing hard our tongues going wild in each others mouths, by the time we got out the water had gotten cold so instead of drying off we went into the bedroom and got into the shower and stood under the warm water, now I have know idea why but when ever I step into a shower I get a raging hard on even like now when I had just cum, Lucy looked down and saw how hard I was and dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth and I lent back against the wall as the warm water ran down over us, Lucy cupped my balls and squeezed them rolled them round in her hands and all the while taking my cock fully into her mouth, she was taking it all and as my cock entered the foreskin pulled back over the head and I could feel the roughness of her throat rubbing it as it slipped down and back up again.

I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed it forward each time forcing it into her, then when she stood up she kissed me I placed my hands round her and took her arse cheeks into my hands and lifted her up above my cock and then as I gently lowered her down my cock slipped into her and her legs wrapped round my back and I turned round so she was now against the wall and I fucked her hard pushing her hard against the wall, a while later I got her to turn round stand back from the wall and lent her forward placing her hand about shoulder hight and this made her arse and cunt easy to get at and so I got behind her and pushed my cock back into this smoking hot woman taking hold of her slim waist and ramming into her hard the water that ran down us was splashing out from between us as our bodies slammed together with a very loud smacking sound, as I had come not 20 minutes or so ago it was going to take me a while before I was ready to cum again so I pulled from her turned of the water and took a towel and dried her off then myself before we walked to the bed where I asked her to stand up right and bend over the bed placing her hands on it or go down onto her elbows which she did, once again I got behind her and entered my cock into her.

It was not long before she was cumming and pushed back onto my cock as her cunt throbbed and gushed cum, looked down I could see her puckered hole twitching as she came and rode my cock, I was now softly running my finger up and down her arse slit and each time I got to the hole she took a deep breath, I could feel but the way her cunt was starting to grip my cock that Lucy was about to cum so as she exploded for the god knows not many times I rammed my finger into her arse, she screamed and screamed as her cunt gripped my cock so much harder than at anytime since we had started fucking, it seamed to go on and on her cunt sucking my cock into her again and again, I started to move my finger in time with my cock slipping them in and out at exactly the same time, Oh Dave Oh Dave Fuck Dave she cried out OF Fuck Fuck Fuck she cried out as yet another massive orgasm hit hit and she time she was so weak she fell forward onto the bed, I fell withher not wanting my cock to come out.

As she lay over the edge of the bed my cock still buried deep I raised myself up on my arms and start to fuck her again, she was screaming at me to cum and fill her up, ramming into her again and again as she screamed to be filled and then that was it my cock erupted filling her once more, when my cock had emptied out and I had taken my cock from her we both eased our way up the bed and fell asleep spooning, when we woke it was 20.30 and both of us agreed we wanted something to eat so we showered Lucy first as I knew if I was in the shower and I got my hard on we would not get anything to eat and so we dressed and went out of a meal, over our meal we talked and I found out that Lucy had never taken a cock in her arse and that she had wanted to try it but never found the right man to let them do it, and she asked me if I have even fucked a arse before and if I had would I be her first, Wow Lucy I would love to I said I nearly did when you were bent over the bed but I did not know if you wanted a cock in there I know you liked my finger by the way you orgasmed I said, Oh please Dave take my arse for me but just promise you will stop if I ask you to. Oh Lucy of course I would stop I could never hurt you unless you wanted me to, No No I am not into rough sex tried it don't like it she said with a big wide grin.

Where we ate was not far to we walked back in the late evening air she took my hand as we walked slowly back, once inside she gapped my hand and dragged me up the stairs and we were un-dress before you knew it, Lucy got some K Y Gell out of the bed side draw and started to cover my cock in it then she bent over on the bed and eased so into her arse lubing it up, come on Dave come on I want it in my arse and I want it now she cried out so she was on her hands and knees and begging me to fill her arse with my rampant hard cock, I eased round between her legs and her arse was waiting for me to fill it, taking y cock in my hand I placed the head onto her hole and said relax as much as you can and with that I put pressure on it and her hole started to give, my cock eased it open a bit so I drew back and then pushed again doing this over and over and every time it entered just that bit more.

Lucy kept saying push it in push it in fully but I told her I would not do that and hurt her, a few times later the head popped into her and she screamed but not with pain but pleasure, oh oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk oh oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk she screamed that is fuckinggggggggggggggggggg wonderful as I push on filling her arse with my cock oh Dave fuck that arse fuck it and fuck it hard she screamed so taking her hips I pulled back and rammed home again, fuck fuck fuck yes yes yes , oh that's it yes yes yes Dave oh Christ yes as I rammed into her my balls swinging back and foth as I pounded into this beautiful woman, again and again our bodies slammed together over and over she screamed out for me to fuck her harder, about half hour later I said between taking deep breathes that she was going to feel her arse being filled for the first time very soon, Oh Oh Please yes yes Lucy cried, and with one last ram into her my cock let go and filled her arse with come, shot after shot filled her and she was now really crying with shear pleasure, oh oh Dave I can feel it I can feel it inside me oh Dave fuck that feel so so good, Oh Dave you cum feels so good inside my arse thank you Dave thank you she said between her sobs of pleasure, when I pulled out her arse started to drip my cum oozing out of her not so tight hole and she brought her fingers up between her legs ran them into the cum and then licked them clean do this again and again, once again we cuddled and kissed until we fell asleep in each others arms.

This is how we spend the next two days until I had to leave back to London, Lucy said good by at the train station saying that if I was ever back in Manchester give her a call and she would get time off work so we could have so more fun, I kissed her tenderly and left her standing there waving good by.

Well I have to say that was the best five days of my life I had never cum and fucked so much in all my 60 years, I went home feeling like a teenager that had just had sex for the first time, wonderful.

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