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Bikes and Sex Story

Publish Date : Dec 22, 2005
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She moved her head down to my crotch. I knew what was coming, but she waited till my dick was a bit harder before placing her mouth around it. A warm, wet tightness moved over the head, then slowly moved inch by inch downwards. Down, down, down, she took more and more cock into her mouth. She stopped two inches short of the end, then sucked so hard her frame shook from the effort. It felt like I had to urinate, but much more pleasurable. All the time, she gently kneaded my balls and pubic hair in the other hand.

* * * * * * *

If you're a car owner like myself, you'll have long discovered how useful they are. You stay comfortable and dry no matter what the weather, and don't have to dress accordingly. You can splash pedestrians when it's wet by deliberately going at speed through puddles. You can drink in them, eat in them, sleep in them if you have to, write soppy love letters in them at a romantic spot, and most importantly -- have sex in them.

The problem is that the handbrake and gearlever keep getting in the way. It's often hard for the person on top to get comfortable. Also, the temperature within quickly drops once the engine stops. The windows fog up literally in seconds, so there's always the worry that some pervert is standing unobserved next to the car listening to the passionate moment with your lady. Also, a carload of goons or a police patrol car might interrupt at a vital moment. When I was younger, I used to park every now and then with some beer and a few mates in a place where you could see the goings on inside cars at a popular park-up spot. A row of street lights in the distance behind them silhouettes the occupants. No, I'm not going to tell you where this spot is.

Rebecca showed me a whole new concept in daring sex to me. I work as a panelbeater, and had just finished my apprenticeship a few months before we met.

It was Friday. I had just left the motorway on the way home to my Papakura flat, and was waiting for the traffic lights. Suddenly there was a squealing noise, then a too-loud CRUNCH of impact and a jerk as something hit my car from behind.

"Ah, shit, how the HELL could anyone hit me from behind unless they were up my ass coming off the motorway" I said to myself.

I got out of the car, half expecting to see a heap of a car with a scruffy driver and no insurance piled into me. Instead, there was a gleaming, well maintained black Yamaha 750cc motorbike standing there, the rider recovering from the shock. The bike's front forks were slightly bent but easily serviceable, but my poor car had a massive dent right in the middle.I pointed to the far side of the motorway turnoff, then got back in the car, after mentally noting the rego number in case he did a runner. There wasn't any glass to clean up, thank goodness.

A few seconds later the lights changed. We went through then pulled over. The motorbike stopped behind me and the rider dismounted. She removed her helmet and gloves and came over to examine the damage.

She There aren't many female bikers around. She had short, nearly jet-black hair and brown eyes, German features, and no rings on her fingers. At a guess she was 19-24 years old. She had looked after her appearance, that was obvious. There were traces of makeup on her distraught face.

"Oh bugger it, this is just what I needed. I'm sorry about this. You want my name and address for insurance, I guess"

I looked more carefully at the damage. Hmm, not too bad, I could fix this myself tomorrow in a few hours if I visited the workshop. It definitely wasn't worth the hassle of insurance.

"Maybe not, but how did you manage to run into the back of my car"

"Dunno, must have lost concentration for a moment, I'm tired from this week ... My parents will be pissed off for this. At least I'm glad I'm not a guy; my nuts would have been jammed into the petrol tank when I pranged your car."

I grinned at that. No mention of a boyfriend. She was actually quite pretty. Short hair on a lady quite appeals to me, plus I liked her outspokenness and sense of humour. I like fire in a woman, and she seemed the independent, crazy, fun sort. I hadn't had a date for several months and this lady frankly appealed to me.

"Tell you what. I'm a panelbeater. I can fix the damage myself tomorrow, and I can fix your bike at the same time if you like. All you'll have to pay for is parts. And I won't even report this to the Ministry of Transport, on one condition."

"What do you mean" She looked pleased and perplexed.

"On condition that you have dinner with me tonight at Cobb&Co, Manukau"

"WHAT" She nearly yelled. Was it to be yes or no I had her where I wanted her, but what if I'd misjudged her

The look of sheer astonishment faded from her face. "Oh ... why not I've got nothing to lose" She giggled. "Cheeky bugger! You're paying, of course"

"It'd be ungentlemanly not to, wouldn't it My name's Stephen, by the way. What's yours"

She was relieved not to be paying big money, and opened up. "I'm Rebecca. I'm temping as a receptionist at a construction site at Papatoetoe. I've been doing secretarial work for two years. It's not a bad job -- I've done worse."

"Hi, Rebecca. I finished my apprenticeship in panelbeating a few months ago. It's great fun. There's always plenty of work and it's great restoring cars."

"How did you know I don't have a boyfriend Do you know me from somewhere"

"I didn't! You don't have a ring and you don't look like you've settled down so I figured I'd take the chance. I like your hairstyle, and no, I'm not being sarcastic."

"Dunno whether or not to take that as a compliment! I did it to make myself look ugly for the people at work."

"Why did you do that, Rebecca Not that I mind; I think short hair looks nice on women with black hair. No, tell me about it tonight. How about 7:30 tonight to pick you up You live locally, I take it The car isn't bad enough to get a copper's attention."

"Sure, That's fine. I'll just tell my family I'm going out to tea. Yeah, I'm just a few streets away, actually. See you at 7:30."

She wrote her name, number and address on the piece of paper I proferred from the glovebox, then drove off slowly. She was still sore from the crash, and the bike was handling differently so she was being careful.

Five minutes later I got home and started preparing for tonight, after telling my flatmate, John, not to make tea for me as I had a date. Tonight was his turn to make dinner, and he was the better of the two of us at cooking. He's quite a nice guy, and he's been going out with a slim blonde since before he moved in with me a year ago, and was glad I'd finally gotten a date. He suggested throwing (yet) another party in our flat to celebrate, so he could meet her.

How should I dress tonight, I wondered I figured she'd turn up 'tidy-casual,' so I decided likewise.

Cobb&Co is a nice place; you could dress in just about any way you liked so long as you were tidy. A phone call confirmed a free table at eight pm, which I booked.

After a shave, deodorant and aftershave lotion, I settled on my new stonewashed jeans, tidy shirt, and my nice shoes.

Seven-fifteen took forever to arrive. John commented because I kept looking at my watch every few minutes because I wanted to be the traditional few minutes early.

I arrived five minutes early, and worried for a few seconds that the address might be wrong, then I noticed her bike parked at the side of the house and walked nervously to the front door.

Her parents answered my timid knocking. They were a middle-aged couple, and seemed nice people. Rebecca introduced me as "Stephen, the guy I met today." We exchanged pleasantries before leaving. She was wearing a dress leather jacket, jeans and leather boots, and looked stunning. She had quite a nicely-filled figure, a little shorter than I, and small breasts. Occasionally I caught a whiff of the perfume she was wearing, some brand I didn't recognise, but I hadn't spent much time with ladies in the last year so that wasn't surprising.

"You didn't tell your parents about the accident"

"Umm, no, you said you could fix the damage tomorrow so I figured I could hide it till then."

"The workshop's open tomorrow morning so I reckon I can fix it in a half hour. The car'll take longer, though. Could you take the Great South Road tomorrow and turn up, say, nine tomorrow morning"

"Yeah, that'd be great. Any idea how much it'll cost yet"

"Ummm, I'd be surprised if it's a hundred dollars. Have to see when we get there."

Dinner was pleasant. I ate beef while she ate chicken. She was drinking rum and Coke, a bit expensive at that place, while I settled for my favourite, Lion Red beer.

"You promised to tell me why you cut your hair" I asked.

"Umm, yes... the boss and his mates were treating me like a little girl who couldn't do anything without help, and I'd had enough, so I did something to get the word across. My parents weren't impressed, but never mind."

I giggled at that. She was proving to be just my type, totally likeable, strong-willed and witty. We had a long, pleasant evening together, ending up at the Coliseum nightclub. She kissed me good night when we went home, and agreed we'd have to go out again. Neato!

The next day at the workshop was uneventful. Rebecca turned up with her bike, and we straightened the fork in a few minutes. The car took much longer, and she left to do her chores before I'd finished.

A few weeks later, Rebecca and I had become firm friends, chatting for an hour each night on the phone when we didn't go out. She really was a hard case lady, and endless fun. We decided to go out on her bike every alternate date so I could experience bike riding, which appealed to me. She proved to be a totally wanton woman.

Then, one Friday night in my car on the way home from the city, I glanced at her, and caught her looking at my pants. Our looks met, and something snapped in her. "Oh, bugger it, I haven't seen a cock for nearly two years. I want to have yours now!"

"Now Not while I'm driving!"

"Yes! Now! And don't you dare stop!"

"Are you crazy, Rebecca Not while I'm driving! Stop!"

She didn't stop or answer. She yanked my jeans down to just above my knees. My underwear followed a moment later.

Instantly one hand was pumping at my soft dick while the other fondled my balls. God, this felt good. I hadn't been touched down there since I broke up with Jeanine.

"I love this," she murmured, as my cock hardened in her hand. It felt so nice, Rebecca touching my cock. Oh man, what a lady! She wanted me NOW.

She moved her head down to my crotch. I knew what was coming, but she waited till my dick was a bit harder before placing her mouth around it. A warm, wet tightness moved over the head, then slowly moved inch by inch downwards. Down, down, down, she took more and more cock into her mouth. She stopped two inches short of the end, then sucked so hard her frame shook from the effort. It felt like I had to urinate, but much more pleasurable. All the time, she gently kneaded my balls and pubic hair in the other hand.

Driving was becoming difficult. With so much pleasure going on it was hard to concentrate on the road. The car began waving around within the lane. Please don't let a traffic copper see my driving!

Now Rebecca was moving up and down on my cock, fucking me with her mouth. Faster and faster she bobbed her head up and down in my lap. She stopped and slowly withdrew till my dick was almost out of her mouth, then resumed her up-and-down motion, this time playing only with the sensitive head. She swirled her tongue around the tip and head, then went for the underside. I jumped from the overstimulation. She got the message, and kept going without a pause, up and down.

Pleasure started building in my groin as she worked without a pause, one hand cupping my balls as she sucked and fucked with her mouth. An odd sound penetrated my conscience, a hooting sound, which went unnoticed for several seconds. I looked to my left. In the inside lane of the motorway there was a car alongside matching us for speed. The three guys within were staring, howling, mouths agape at the action inside. I slowed slightly, hoping the chilluns would keep going. They did.

Oblivious to anything else, Rebecca kept working on my privates, a cat playing with her prey. Her smooth beautiful face looked so wanton impaled on my cock, her lips held out to make as much contact as possible. She looked up and winked back at me. I ran my hand down through her short black hair, encouraging her. I sensed orgasm wasn't too far away and was tempted to stop the car, but she'd said not to and I didn't want her to stop for an instant. I may have been driving, but she was in control.

She started stroking again on the head of my cock. Orgasm was fast approaching now, and I warned her in case the taste of sperm revolted her. She didn't alter her stroke, far from it, she sped up and started tonguing my shaft at the same time while working my balls with her hand again. Shortly I went over the top, and spurts of come shot into her mouth. I'd noticed long ago that orgasms were bigger sitting in an upright position and far more sperm is produced. Spurt spurt spurt while I tightened my muscles and moaned and held the wheel tightly. She kept bobbing her head up and down on the head until my orgasm subsided. Whiteness appeared on her red lips as the last drops of come were pounded out of my cock.

After a few last licks, she slowly withdrew from my cock, savouring the moment. She bent up, licking away the come on her lips and swallowing before kissing me.

"GOD, that was good, Rebecca. You can do that anytime you like."

"I just love cock. You can't imagine what it does to me, doing that. I just love watching a guy's face when he comes, and tasting his spunk."

"That was evil! Doing that when I'm driving. What if someone had seen us" I didn't let on that someone had, in case she was upset.

"Who gives a shit!" Rebecca answered. "We won't know them and they won't know us. If they wanna perve, that's their problem." And that was that. Now do you believe me when I say she's a wanton woman "You haven't seen anything yet, Stephen! I'm gonna take you for a ride someday."

"Is it the kind of ride I think it'll be" I smiled.

"Sort of, but you're going to have to find out." She smiled sweetly.

I wasn't sure what she meant, but I took it to mean she was going to ride my cock sometime. She grinned.

Rebecca held me lovingly as I recovered from the force of the orgasm. We were approaching her house when the idea occured to me. I spun the wheel and headed for a popular park-up spot.

"Where are we going" Rebecca asked. "We can't screw now, we haven't any condoms and I'm not on the pill."

"Dessert. We haven't had dessert yet."

She gave me a strange look, and I didn't say anything more till we arrived. Luckily there weren't many cars there tonight so we could have a bit of distance for what I had in mind. I parked where a streetlight would give enough light for me to see what I was going to do.

The moment the handbrake was on, I reached for the zipper of her jeans and began pulling them down.

"Just relax and enjoy yourself. It's your turn to come, Rebecca. Ever been eaten out"

"N-No... Nobody's ever done that to me before," she stammered.

"Then tilt your seat back, move back a bit and leave the rest to me. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel." She looked uncertain as she did what I asked.

I got her jeans undone and pulled them down as she'd done to me. Right down to her shoes, which I removed before taking off her jeans. Her long slim legs and white cotton schoolgirl underwear greeted me as moved back up. I kissed her thighs, then worked slowly up towards her sex, teasing. On arrival at her underwear, I spread her legs wide, without removing them first.

I kissed her on the underwear between her legs, then put my hand at the top of her thigh just below her gusset and started playing around. I moved onto the hot crotch of her undies, over her slit, and began very gently rubbing there and around her thighs, on all the sensitive areas. She seemed to like what I was doing, and spread her legs a little further to allow better access. I started rubbing her hot crotch through the underwear faster and harder, getting her wet, foreplay before foreplay, then stopped and inserted a finger under her crotch.

It was an amazingly tight fit under the band of her undies, and it wasn't easy to insert. I felt a few pubic hairs, then the finger reached the incredible warmth and wetness of her sex. Oh God, this was too much. I had to see what I was doing to her.

Without withdrawing my finger, I used it to pull down her undies. She closed her legs to let me ease them past her knees then off completely. I spread her legs again and resumed my position between her legs.

She was a beautiful sight. The small, trimmed triangle of black hair, the dark skin and sparse hair around the well-formed slit that jutted out from the skin around it. The odor of her sex reached me, a slightly musty odor that turned me on more. I had a massive hard-on again, but I wasn't going to unleash it without protection. Pregnancy, uh uh. No way was I going to be responsible for that, not yet anyway. Besides, I wanted to do to her what she'd done for me more than anything else.

I didn't try to remove her top in case she got too cold when the car chilled -- we were going to be here for a while. Besides, I'm turned on by a woman leaving on some item of clothing during sex. A bra or T-shirt, but not lingerie.

I placed both hands on her thighs and started rubbing in a circle, working my way higher and higher. She looked so beautiful, naked from the waist down, legs wide, her sex exposed to me, wanting to be pleasured. I reached the darkened skin around her slit and felt the first hairs pass under my fingers. She moaned as they passed briefly over her slit, then moved back and covered her sex completely without moving for a few seconds before moving again. I kneaded the skin about her lips before parting them and gazing within the inner lips that parted with them. Her vagina was almost concealed by their lips. I opened them to gaze inside her hole. I could see a few centimeters inside her tightness before it curved out of sight. A little transparent-looking knob of flesh poked out just before the top of her otherwise smooth slit. I took that to be her clitoris, and decided I was going to savour this experience, really taking my time so that when she finally came, she'd likely howl down the parking lot. Her musky odor filled my nostrils as I homed on her slit.

The windows had fogged up by this time so I wasn't overly concerned about someone watching.

My tongue made contact with the open lips of her vagina, pushing them aside and pushing as far into her as I could. I could plainly taste the salty lubricant within. I withdrew, then ever so slowly, without moving my tongue, licked the entire length of her slit. Millimeter by millimeter I crept upwards through the inner lips until the little clitoris was under my tongue. She moaned almost imperceptibly when I touched it.

Using two fingers to hold open her slit, I started working on bringing her off. My tongue licked round and round her clitoris while the other hand felt and kneaded her public hair, her thighs, the darkened skin around her slit, everything I knew from experience to be sensitive, as she'd done to me. The position I was in wasn't comfortable, kneeling on the floor of the car. The discomfort slowly grew, but I was determined to ignore it and keep at what I was doing.

All of a sudden she changed position slightly, then I felt her legs wrap around my neck, the ankles resting on my back, holding me prisoner there. She was getting into this as much as I was.

My tongue left her clitoris alone for a minute and licked around her slit, leaving nothing untouched. Her vagina was saltier and wetter than before. I placed my middle finger at the entrance to her hole and eased it inside the covering lips, pushing it gingerly in up to the knuckle. Just over two inches of finger inside her; how much more could she fit, I wondered I moved it around inside, exploring her most private part. I found the hardness I took to be the pubic bone when I pressed upwards.

"I like that, don't stop -- whatever you're doing, just don't stop it," Rebecca finally spoke. I nodded without saying anything, working her clitoris. From this position, looking straight up her, her little breasts poked out like twin peaks. Touching them would have to wait till another time; both hands were busy down here.

I moved forward a little further, then nibbled and sucked on her clitoris for a few seconds before resuming work with the tongue. She moaned again, louder this time. The finger in her hole was working in and out faster and faster, slick with natural lubricant from within. A second finger eased inside, filling Rebecca further. The musky odor of her sex had vanished. I guess I'd licked her clean.

Then almost imperceptibly at first, she began moving her hips, up and down, as if masturbating using my tongue and fingers. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. I used her motion to lash her entire slit while holding my tongue still, clitoris to vagina then back. She started trembling from the approach of her orgasm. Her hips began bucking furiously.

My fingers within her sped up, reaming her as fast and deep as they could, matched her motion with my upper body to concentrate on her clitoris. A sound began deep within her throat, a deep moan, growing louder. Her whole body began trembling slightly. Abruptly she froze, holding her body as high as possible above the seat, and let free a loud groan, almost a scream, grabbed my head with one hand and pressed it hard into her crotch while I did my best to keep up the mad licking of her clitoris as her orgasm spilled over. Her back arched, her mouth opened wide, and she tilted her head back as orgasm rolled over her.

"Oh, oh, FUUUCCKK..... Oh FFUUUUUUCCKK... Stephen, oh fuck, that's SSOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD."

She pushed me away suddenly when the pleasure turned to over- stimulation as her orgasm passed. Then she pulled me up towards her face and kissed me as she calmed down.

I held her tightly and said sweet things to her as she kissed me all over my neck.

We stayed there for another hour before I took her home. We kissed, hugged, talked about past loves, sex experiences we'd had, what we liked, where we liked doing it. She told me this story from her school-days while we drove home.

"I went to a park-up with a guy from my school I quite fancied, but he started getting forceful. I thought, what a bastard. I tried to get out of the car but he wouldn't let me. I quite liked the guy, but he wanted more than I was prepared to do, so I decided to make him regret it."

"What did you do Couldn't you have hit him where it hurts"

"He was much stronger than me, and I used to like him, so I decided to do something worse."

Oooops ... this ought to be interesting, I thought.

"I pretended to calm down, and gave him a blowjob. After he came, I leaned up as if to kiss him, then spat his come into his mouth, hit him in the nuts a few times when he went for his throat, then gave him a black eye while he was wriggling around. Then I got out and walked home. He stayed away from me after that. He looked so ridiculous, a big guy like him with a black eye."

After hearing that, I couldn't stop laughing all the way home, even when Rebecca told me I was silly and poked me in the ribs.

She wanted to go out on going out on her motorbike tomorrow night, rather than in my car. I had gotten used to riding on her bike. It felt good, not to mention hugging her all the way, so I agreed.

The next night, Saturday, I drove to Rebecca's house before suiting up for the motorbike ride into the city. We had pizza in Auckland before it got busy, then watched a thriller featuring Cher as the lawyer defending a mute war veteran accused of murder.

Not long after the start of the movie she put a hand on my leg as well as one around me. A few minutes later I noticed it was slowly creeping upwards. No, she wouldn't dare. Oh. NO! She wasn't going to tease me now, was she She did. On arrival, she started rubbing my cock through the material. I couldn't do anything back. Bloody hell, what a tease Rebecca was! I heard her giggle. During the interval, I grabbed a packet of salt&vinegar crisps, a chocolate-coated ice cream and a drink. Looking at the packet of crisps, an idea for revenge for what she'd done earlier occurred to me. I handed the ice cream and drink to Rebecca after drinking some myself, then attacked the crisps.

Five minutes into the second half and halfway through the packet of crisps, I figured it was time to put my plan into action. Unnoticed by Rebecca, who was busy with her ice cream, I carefully ripped a small hole in the bottom of the packet, unzipped my trousers and inserted something into it.

"Want some chips" I whispered in her ear.

She reached into the packet and grabbed a handful. She also grabbed something else, something warm and hard. An amazing look of astonishment appeared in her face as she looked at the packet. "You bastard! I'll get you back for this!" she said with a evil look.

"Not tonight you won't. No car."

"We'll see!" Rebecca answered.

Rebecca held on to me tightly in parts of the remainder of the movie -- which was why I chose this movie. Good thrillers tended to have that sort of effect on women.

Afterwards, we dropped into the Queen's Head for a few drinks before walking around the city and seeing what was new. I tried to tempt her into the Sunset Strip club in Fort Street. She giggled hysterically but said it wasn't her scene. Rats. I was hoping to get picked by one of the girls and stripped on stage just to make her jealous.

We arrived back at Rebecca's parents' home at about one in the morning after the half-hour ride back from Auckland. The moment we were both off the bike, she put her helmet on my car bonnet, then turned towards me.

"I'm going to pay you back for that stunt you pulled in the theatre! That was the GROSSEST thing anyone's ever done to me!"

She reached for my fly, and pretty soon had me naked from the waist down. She had me sit on her bike, legs apart, while she sucked and kneaded my cock and balls like last night. Right outside her parents' kitchen window too!

"This is the nicest revenge ever," I whispered through the pleasure she was giving me.

She withdrew and removed her own leather trousers and underwear, then pulled a condom from her right pocket.

"What Now It'll be bloody uncomfortable and cold on the ground."

"Not the ground! The bike. Could you stand up for a minute, Stephen"

"The bike Are you crazy That's impossible! There's no room!" I said in astonishment.

I stood up, and she put the bike up on its high stand.

"Yes it is, I've always wanted to try this. You can lie down on the seat. Get on backwards, Stephen, and lie down on your back with your head between the handlebars. Hold on underneath the petrol tank."

Intrigued, I did so, and to my astonishment found it was quite comfortable and stable, though there was no way you could sleep like this. I rocked back and forth a bit experimentally. The bike didn't move. The majority of my weight was above the centre of balance as was the bike's, so it was stable. Rebecca pulled my legs apart, then moved my feet down until they met the rear footrests. Hey, this wasn't too bad. Maybe she knew what she was doing. I had never felt so completely vulnerable and exposed as I was in this position. I felt like I was going to be sacrificed to some heathen god. It was a hell of a turn-on though, with Rebecca doing this to me.

Without a word, she ripped open the condom packet, extracted it, then put it on me. Her hands on my totally exposed genitals felt wonderful. She lingered over my privates as if preparing me for the slaughter, then put one leg over to mount me.

This was amazing, I could see everything dimly in the moonlight, which was coming in at a low angle across the back of her parents section, having risen only an hour or two before.

She climbed aboard, standing on the front footrests, then slowly lowered herself onto me. In the moonlight, I could see her vagina lips touch my cock, then slowly spread around the head, assisted by Rebecca's spreading fingers. She relaxed, letting her weight force my cock into her. Tightness and warmth enclosed it as it buried itself deeper and deeper into her. She moved up and down a little, assisting the penetration. Finally the only thing visible was the bottom half of her pubic hair, partly hidden my her leather jacket. Her pubic hair touched my stomach. My cock was buried to the hilt in her.

Without moving, she started flexing her vagina muscles. I could plainly feel her muscles contract then relax around my cock. Then she slowly raised herself and came down again equally slowly. Then again, again and again, faster and faster she began to hump me.

I moved a hand to her clitoris to help bring her off as she pounded me into her. She took the cue to relax for a minute and let her muscles do the work, squeezing my cock towards orgasm before resuming her motion. The only sounds were our breathing, her motion, the slapping of my hand into my stomach as we fucked and the creaking of the bike stand as it took the force of two unified bodies in heat. Warm air was rising from the engine past my head, which felt nice.

She took hold of the handlebars to improve her balance and pound my cock harder into her.

She stopped her motion, then looked at me as if I'd done something wrong. "Close your eyes, Stephen," she smiled. I was too close to orgasm to ask why, and did so. "Keep them closed," she said. I felt her lean over, then heard a scraping sound. She touched my head as she reached behind it, then I heard a a click.

"I said I'd get revenge for what you did in the cinema, Stephen. Open your eyes."

She was wearing her helmet, which she'd picked up from my car a few feet away. She was holding onto the handlebars of the bike.

"Remember me saying last night I'd take you for a ride" she asked. I twigged. "Oh my GOD, NO, YOU WOULDN'T - NOT THAT. YOU WOULDN'T DARE!! YOU CAN'T!!"

She pressed the starter, and the bike roared back into life. She revved it a few times to make sure it was properly started. I was trapped under her in a position I'd thought impossible a few minutes before. She kicked the stand and the bike, with me lying on it and her sitting on my cock, clunked down. My head hit the speedo and ignition key as the bike came down.

"Hold on under the tank, Stephen. Enjoy the ride. We're not stopping until I've come," she said, then put the bike into first and eased the clutch out. Escape was impossible! Any attempt to do so would ensure a crash."Oh no, Oh no, Oh no..." was all I could say as this crazy woman, naked from the waist down, left the driveway and moved slowly up the street. As soon as we had some speed up she began pumping again. She wouldn't move above second gear but kept adjusting the throttle.

Oh shit, I realised, Rebecca didn't care who saw this impossible going-on. She was revving the engine to find the most satisfactory vibration speed. "AHHHHHH ..." I screamed. I fancy she grinned back through the helmet as she heard me and glanced down.

If we crashed, I'd go flying forwards, head first into whatever we hit. She wasn't going too fast, and I realised tonight's air wasn't too cold. Our leather jackets were keeping us warm. Her pert little bottom would have been clearly visible to anyone behind us, with my hard-on reaching upwards, violating her vagina. It was like being in a public sex show, with everything exposed to the audience.

The vibrations felt quite good for me too, and I started to relax a bit, I might as well enjoy this since there wasn't any way out. I started to feel it was a pity I couldn't reach around to caress her gloriously visible bottom and help her fuck me. Streetlights and dimly visible houses went past my field of vision as we rode and fucked on her big, black motorbike.

Her anonymity in this public sex act was completed by her helmet, and the odds were that anybody who witnessed this midnight show would be too deep in shock to note her rego number.

She was supporting herself on the front footrests as she pounded my cock into her. Looking down from Rebecca's helmet, I could see her lips clinging obscenely to my cock as she worked it in and out of herself. Despite the rushing air, my privates still felt warm as they penetrated Rebecca. The bike wavered a bit. She was clearly approaching orgasm, and having trouble concentrating on the road. So was I. The tightness of her pussy and the sheer turn-on of doing something so bizarre and obscene was having its toll.

That was when I noticed the lights behind us. The car was clearly speeding and rapidly approaching, but it slowed for the sight ahead of it. A face poked out of one of the back windows. Its lights flicked to high-beam, clearly revealing our union.

The thought of what they were seeing, her gorgeous little bottom impaled on my hard-on, overwhelmed my fear and sent me over the edge. My mouth opened as orgasm overwhelmed me and my balls began emptying their contents into Rebecca.

I saw the light from her rear-vision mirror reflected in her helmet. She saw it too, and slowed. So did the car, its occupants not wanting to lose sight of us. She spun the wheel when we were nearly stopped and roared past the car in the opposite direction. They could only follow after a time-consuming three-point turn in the narrow street, so we easily escaped.

They howled at us as we shot past. Rebecca gave them the fingers, then accelerated back up the road, heading towards her house. As soon as we were past them, she began furiously pounding on my cock, bringing herself off before it went soft.

She began throwing her head back and forwards then with one final massive plunge on my cock, froze, bent her head back, and screamed her heart out as she came.

A few minutes later we were kissing and hugging behind her house before tidying ourselves up. She smiled and kissed me good night before running inside to warm up before going to bed.

On the way home in the car, still trembling from the incomprehensible experience I'd just been through, I decided there was no way I'd ever match this woman's flair, but I also knew I couldn't do without her in my life.

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