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Late Work Night

Author: V.L.
Publish Date : Oct 18, 2016
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She rolled her left nipple between her fingers; her sweeping eyes begged him to touch her, to pull her on top of him and devour every inch of her as she whimpered and squirmed over his mouth--the anticipation merely fueled her animalistic need for him.

* * * * * * *

Loosening his tie and kicking off his shoes, Austin couldn't believe he had clocked another seventeen hour work day. His limp legs quivered as they exasperatedly carried him through the house. Renee had left the hall lights on for him to assure he wouldn't hurt himself on the trek; his tired fingers barely grazed the switches to flick them off. Coming to the bedroom door, Austin began shedding his clothes from his exhausted physique, not minding where they fell. He then slid underneath the covers to find her warmth radiating toward his chilled body. He wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands below her bust and let out a deep sigh.

"I missed you." His low voice murmured, embracing her even closer.

After sitting through dull meetings, conversing with competitors, and dealing with technological outages, her smooth skin soothed his tension. His breath caressed her bare shoulder, rising and falling with her chest. Renee slipped his hand over hers then graced it with a soft kiss. "Why didn't you call saying you'd be late?" He honestly replied. "It just slipped my mind."

"That's a shame..." Her vixen lips insinuated, deliberately gliding his rough hand to her bare chest. "You have been working a lot of overtime. I haven't had time to treat you."

Taking his time, Austin slowly stroked her right breast. He couldn't remember the last time he'd played with her. The demanding work schedule coupled with the burden of becoming CEO of the company put a hold on their intimacy. Perfectly sized, he nearly clutched her whole breast before needed to adjust his grasp for another slow squeeze. Renee fell deeper into his grasp; he could hear her lips parting slightly as she began to moan. Austin's strong grip rung her delicate breasts. He knew she liked it when he grabbed her; taking his pointer and thumb, Austin pinned her nipples between his fingers and slowly pulled them away from her body. Instinctively, her body arched against the tantalizing pain just as he placed a light kiss on her neck and pulled away, letting go of her beautiful body.

Renee turned toward him as the sheets fell from her bosom. The pale yellow light from the street lamp outside illuminated her hard, dark nipples. She rolled her left nipple between her fingers; her sweeping eyes begged him to touch her, to pull her on top of him and devour every inch of her as she whimpered and squirmed over his mouth--the anticipation merely fueled her animalistic need for him. Swinging her voluptuous physique to straddle his body, he could feel her damp panties over his growing erection. A sinful smile painted her lips as she began to grind her sex against his bulge. Watching her seductively dance on top of him--he wanted more. He ran his hands up her lengthy legs, using one to move her hips to rhythm of her breasts as they bounced along to the invisible beat of the music. Austin slipped his other hand along the side of her lace, tracing the outside of her swelling lips; they were already painted in her sweet juices. Taking his index and ring fingers, he slowly slid them inside her dripping sex. Renee gasped and lowered her body onto his glorious touch, biting her lip as she continued to give him a show--kneading both of her breasts before him, teasing him with her scrumptious body, gripping her tit flesh so hard her fingertips turned white and her nipples bulged out.

A hunger flares in Austin's eyes. He grabbed her hips and pulled her body hard against his, thrusting her till her ample breasts swung inches above his lips. Renee grabbed the headboard with both hands as his mouth clamped on to her left tit. He rapidly sucked her nipple deep into his mouth while kneading her right breast with his other hand. Releasing her tit with a pop, his tongue swirled around her again then continued to devour her. Her sex was becoming anxious, grinding against his leg and leaving a trail of juices down his thigh. Switching to the other breast, he also let a hand trail down her chest....to her stomach...to her slit...and began to thumb her clit. As his teeth mashed her nipples, Renee pulled back and passionately pressed her lips to his. Tumbling onto her back, he overcame her and slipped his fingers inside her once again; this time, he rammed his wiggled fingers hard against her convulsing walls, finding her g-spot. He felt her mouth go dry and her moans became slight hoarse. Throbbing, Austin's manhood needed to be inside of her, to feel her moistness on his shaft and burst his seed inside of her

"Please," She murmured, begging. "Release me."

Her hips began gyrated harder against him, pounding him into her as he stalled. Pulling his lower lip from her teeth, he latched onto her right breast. Her body quivered beneath him as he placed her hard nipples into his mouth and sucked on them long and hard, then pinned them between his teeth and pulled them until she cried out in blissful pain. She scrubbed her finger nails at his scalp, loving the bruises he'd be leaving. He let them bounce back to her body and repeated this with the other nipple. Austin kept kissing her full lips and rapidly fingering her; he knew Renee couldn't handle his teasing much more. Taking his hand from inside her, Austin slid his boxers down just far enough. Pink and swollen, his cock was stiff and aching. Renee pulled his body to meet hers. She felt the head slide against her slit, then his considerable length slid effortlessly into her sex.

Before he began to move himself inside of her, he whispered into her mouth, "I love you."

Renee didn't have a chance to respond as he pulled his length out to the tip, then slammed his cock back into her. He continued to slam into her then pull himself out slowly for a little while, feeling her walls grip against his cock, hearing her voice a little squeak in protest as he pulled nearly all the way out--then they fucked. Her entire body shook and her expression was of pure pleasure as she scratched at his back; her moans turned into guttural moans and even louder squeaks. She wrapped her legs around his, moving her hips with his as he mercilessly pounded into her. Feeling her chest heave a little harder, he slipped a hand down to her clit and worked it in circles. Although she had been relieving her own sexual frustration for weeks, there was something different about his hands working her clit. Within moments she was cumming down his hard working cock but he didn't stop pounding as she let out long sighs of relief and let her fingernails of out his back--he knew he was close too.

She stared into his eyes and smacked his ass. "Cum for me, damn it!"

Austin began to pull himself out of her, knowing he was close to exploding inside of her, She gripped his ass and thrusted him back inside of her. Surprised, he eased up for a moment.

"Are you sure?" He asked, cautiously.

"I'm tired of you pulling out!" She growled.

Finally getting the chance to please her how he wanted to, he pumped as hard as he could. Her hair sprawled all over the pillow as her tits bounced from his force. Her sex kneads at his dick as he pulverizes her. Exploding into her felt so much more satisfying than having her mouth work his shaft. She came again shortly after his, clinging to his cock. Both of their hearts were racing as Austin settled beside her. She wrapped his arms around her and burrows into his chest. Embracing her tightly, his worn out cock still inside of her. The sensation of her hard nipples against his chest made him want to suck on them even more. Her voice was sexy as she whispered. "That was amazing...don't pull out ever again."

He kisses her forehead and smiles. They held each other's panting bodies close as they drifted to sleep.

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