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You Never Think Your Fantasy Will Actually Happen

Author: Grey Wolf
Published: Nov 7, 2016
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Valerie found a spot about ten feet square that was unoccupied and lay down on her back, spread her legs and said, "Dan, I'm so fucking horny........Fuck me!"

* * * * * * *

I was at a party a year ago and I overheard some women talking about fantasies. The one I overheard had said her fantasy was to to do a nude photo shoot with a professional photographer. One of the other women asked her if she would really do it if she had the chance and she replied that she would probably chicken out and it would remain a fantasy. Another one of the women asked if anybody else had any fantasies. A really good looking red head said that she and her fiance were getting married in ten months and their fantasy was to have a nude wedding. She said they wanted it outdoors and set up like the Garden of Eden. They and their attendants would be nude but it would be up to the invited guests whether they would attend in the nude or not.One of the other women thought that was a great idea. I got in on the conversation by saying that was a great fantasy, but one that should come true and not remain a fantasy. I said it's to bad that so many people have hang ups about nudity that they probably wouldn't come at all. One of them asked me what my greatest fantasy was and I told her my fantasy was to be completely submissive to a well experienced Dominatrix for one day. A couple of the women giggled and another said that fantasy shouldn't be hard to fulfill. I asked her what she meant and she replied that there were lots of women that could take care of a fantasy like that. I laughed and said I'd probably be like the other one that would chicken out and leave it as a fantasy. We talked some more then moved on to other parts of the house and talked with other guests. It was a good party and early the next afternoon, I was sitting, relaxing when the phone rang. I answered and a familiar female voice said, "Hi Dan. How are you this fine afternoon?" I recognized the voice but couldn't put a name to it. I said, "Who am I talking to?" She said, "It's Valerie. We met at the party last night. Well, we didn't actually meet because we never got around to exchanging names. We were too busy exploring our fantasies." I said, "Yes that's true, so how did you find me?" "I got your number from our host. I hope you don't mind?" I said, "No problem. So what can I do for you Valerie?" The voice on the other end became almost a whisper, "Would you like your fantasy to come true?" GOD that voice was captivating. I slowly said, "What have you got in mind?" "You will come to my place next Saturday afternoon at 4pm where you will submit yourself to me for twenty four hours. You will obey my every command. You will not refuse. I promise you no pain, no injury, no drugs, nothing harmful but you said you wanted to be completely submissive and so you will be. Do you agree?" "What are we going to be doing?" I asked. "No questions......DO YOU AGREE?" "Well......." "LAST CHANCE.....DO YOU AGREE?".."OK I'll go for it" "Good...1689 Lockwood St. 4pm. You don't need to bring anything."

All week I wondered what I had coming this weekend."Completely submissive" kept ringing in my ears. From what I had heard and read, I could be doing anything from satisfying her sexual needs ( no problem there!) to being a slave for her and her friends at a party ( a possibility because I was told to come to her place this Saturday.) I thought of a thousand things I could be doing, some good, some bad but I decided early in the week, no matter what, I was gonna go through with this. I have had this fantasy for years and I was going to have it.

Saturday I was nervous as Hell all day and kept glancing at the clock wondering why it was going so slow. I checked my phone for messages. I checked my teeth. I checked my clothes, my shoes, my hair, everything. I was driving myself nuts. Finally, the clock got to 3:30. I knew her place was only 15 minutes away but I left anyway. I got to her place and drove around the block a couple of times to kill more time. Finally, I said to myself, "Go in Fuckhead before you have an accident!" I pulled in the driveway and there was a sign on the garage door closest to the house that said "DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THIS DOOR" So I parked in front of the other door and went to the front door of the house. I rang the door bell. No answer. I rang it again. I heard someone coming toward the door. It opened and that sexy voice said, "Come in." I stepped through the door into a darkened living room with only a couple of candles in two corners. The door swung closed and Valerie stepped out of the darkness and said, " You're early Dan." She walked toward the candle light and I saw that she was dressed in a skin tight black latex body suit that looked like it had been sprayed onto an absolutely fabulous body. I'm not kidding. Even though she was about fifteen years older than me, she had an absolutely fabulous body. I began to feel this was going to be a fun experience. She bent over and picked up two glasses and passed one to me. She said, " Before we begin, let's have a drink. It's the best Cognac you can buy. Here's to a fun time." We downed our drinks and she took my glass away, gave me a little kiss and said, "Now, Dan , You realize that from this moment on you will be totally mine. You will obey my EVERY command. No matter what, you will do as I say. As I promised, you will not be hurt. You will not feel any pain. You will not be given any drugs. Do you understand?" I said ,"Yes." She smiled and said, "Fine, let's begin. Do you remember me telling you that you didn't have to bring anything?" I said "Yes." She said, "Yes, Who?" I said, "Yes Mistress." She said, " That's a good boy. So you did bring something that you didn't need to. Well I guess you needed to bring them until you got here but you don't need them now, so you better get rid of those clothes." I looked at her a little strangely I guess and she said, "Yes Dan take them off, get naked. I took everything off and she put them in a drawer. She walked around me and as she did, my cock started to grow. She grinned and said , "Excellent, just the reaction I was looking for. We are going to have some fun. Tell me Dan how many times in one night do you think you can cum?" I said, "The most I've ever been able to do is five times in 24 hours Mistress." She said, "We are going to see if we can break that record by this time tomorrow. Dan , JACK OFF FOR ME RIGHT NOW!" "Right now?" "YOU HEARD ME RIGHT NOW!" Not wanting to displease her I started yanking on my meat I stood there in the middle of the room while she walked around me encouraging me by telling me what a good job I was doing and how much she wanted to see my cock shoot it's load all over the place.I was pounding away madly when she told me to slow down but keep stroking and get ready for the grand finale. I wondered what that could be but kept the rhythm going. Valerie pulled back a curtain on a wall and there were five video monitors and each one had a gorgeous woman's face on the screen. Valerie said," How's he doing so far girls?" All five of them said almost in unison, "He's doing great, but let him finish so we can see who wins." Valerie turned on two more monitors and there I was standing facing the other five monitors stroking my meat. She said ,"OK Dan crank it up, pump that cock, let the girls see you shoot your load, C'mon Dan, faster! Dan, faster, Make it squirt! Pump it Dan Pump it. " I pounded my cock as fast as I could go. There were six women watching me jack off and I was loving it. Pretty soon, I felt my balls tighten and my cock started to pulse. On the second pulse, the first string of cum shot out followed by two more strings, then a couple more smaller blobs and a few drips. The "Girls" were clapping and yelling and one of them was waving her arms around , hollering, "I won, I won!" Valerie said, "Alright girls, you can get ready for later on and we'll see you later. Congratulations, Robynn, you win tonight. We will definitely see you later. Meanwhile I'm standing there with my dripping cock wondering what's going on?" Valerie tells me to follow her to the bathroom. When we get there, she tells me to get in the shower and clean my self up. She told me to go to her bedroom at the end of the hall and help her get dressed for the evening.. "Dressed for the evening?" I wondered what she meant by dressed? What she was wearing looked fine to me. And what about me? What was she planning on having me dressed in? I finished my shower and proceded to the bedroom where I saw the most unbelievable thing I had ever seen. Valerie was almost "Dressed" , if you could call it that. She had a very tight black leather corset on that left her boobs not only completely exposed, but pushed upwards and forwards. It ended just below her tummy, leaving her pussy fully exposed, and I do mean exposed as it was smoothly shaven. She had black knee high leather boots with five inch heels, black elbow length leather gloves and hanging from her left wrist was a black leather riding crop. Sitting on the bed was a black half face mask with black feathers around the top edges. She looked fantastic. My cock immediately showed it's approval by swelling up. She laughed and said, "Naughty boy! no time for that now. We have a party to go to and you're not dressed yet. Here put this on." She handed me a black leather studded collar. I put it on and waited for the next item she had for me. I was looking around for something when she laughed and said, "If you're looking for something else, that's it, you're ready so go except for this." She handed me a black leather four foot leash and told me to clip it on my collar. I said, "That's it? I'm going to a party naked? I....um......er." Valerie said, "Remember you agreed, Totally submissive, no backing out. We're going to the party now and you're going naked, like it or not. And keep in mind you must obey my every command, no matter what, for the rest of the night. NO EXCEPTIONS!" Right now we are going back to the play room where we will take some photographs of ourselves in our party costumes before we head off to the party. We went and got the camera gear ready. After she set the tripod up, she set the timer and took several photos of us . She then said it was time to go. She took me out to the garage and told me to get in the car It was a black Mercedes with black windows. I got in and she got in the other side. She started the car up, opened the garage door with the remote, backed out of the driveway, closed the garage door and drove away.

As we drove along, Valerie asked me if I was having fun yet. I told her jacking off for six ladies was certainly fun and driving around naked in a car is kind off fun, unless we get stopped by the cops. She said we wouldn't get stopped by the cops unless she did something stupid, which she didn't plan on doing. It was really not a long drive before we pulled into a parking lot In the downtown area near where all the nightclubs were. The lot was lit up like daylight and I was getting nervous about how far from wherever we were going I was going to have to walk naked. Sure enough, even though there were lots of empty spaces near the front, she parked as far away as she could and right under one of the bright lights. She shut the car off and told me to get out and come around and open her door for her. I opened my door and of course the interior light flooded me in more light. I got out, went around the car and opened her door. I held out my hand which she took and I helped her out. She stood up , took hold of my leash and started across the lot toward the gate at the far end. She sensed my hesitance and stopped, turned toward me and said, "Now, don't be a bad boy and start giving me trouble. Walking into the party naked is good preparation for what you're going to see and what you might get to do if everything works out alright." I started to follow her wondering wat she mean't by that last comment. We walked out of the lot, turned left, walked a block down the street and entered a doorway that opened into a large lobby type room Right away, I thought "This nust have been a hotel at one time." We stepped up to the desk and Valerie told the lady who she was and we were told to procede to Reception. Valerie took me to the top of the stairway that led to a large room with a balcony overlooking an area that looked like a High School gymnasium. In stead of bleachers, there were cubicles looking over the area. We were a few minutes waiting as there were several people in front of us. Valerie said we have to get our photo taken before we go to our "Booth" Just before we were next to get our photo taken she started pumping my cock. I asked her , "WTF?" and she said ,"I want you to have a hard on for the pic." The girl behind us said, "Here let me help!" Between the two of them ,I was pretty hard for the pic. Valerie thanked the other girl who said, "No problem, maybe you can repay me later." Valerie said, "Sure, No prob." I wondered what that meant? Valerie took me along the upper deck to booth number 12 and said this is ours for the night. I stepped in and saw a bed, a small bar, two really comfy looking chairs and some towels. I looked around at the other booths and most of them were occupied and they were filling fast. People were wandering everywhere, some naked, some clothed. Some were just talking. Some were going from booth to booth introducing themselves and I saw a few making out in one or two booths. Valerie took my leash off and told me to wait in our booth.I saw her outside talking to the girl who helped get my cock hard for the picture. I saw Valerie nod her head and the other girl waved at me and scurried off. Valerie came in and told me that Veronica had gone to get her boyfriend and they were coming back in half an hour when the party officially got underway. I asked her why they were coming back and she said she had made a deal with Veronica because she had been so helpful, she could be your first fuck of the night. I said that sounds more than fair. She looked straight at me and said," There's a catch." "What,?" I said. "You have to suck her boyfriend off." "What? No way!" "Oh yes, you obey me! You can't say no. Remember, you're mine until 4pm tomorrow afternoon." "But" "No buts DO IT " "Yes Mistress" I sat there thinking........."SUCK A GUY OFF!? How's that gonna feel? How am I gonna put another guy's cock in my mouth? What's going to happen when he cums?" Valerie sensed my nervousness and leaned over and asked me if I'd ever sucked cock before. I told her no and she said, "OK, since this is your first time, I'll help you get started, then when you've got the hang of it, you're on your own. She took me out into the walkway where some more of her friends were talking. She introduced them to me. One girl was topless with gigantic tits hanging loose. I couldn't help staring at them. She said, "Stop staring at my tits! Feel them!" She took two steps forward and cupped them in her hands and said, "Go ahead and feel them." I reached out and gave them a good rubbing. She let them drop and said, "My turn." and grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. She said to Valerie, " Hey Hun, can I borrow your sub for a while?" Valerie said, "Sorry Amanda, he's a new one and I think he's going to have all he can handle tonight already. Maybe next time." "NEXT TIME?" I said to myself. "NEXT TIME!???" All of a sudden there was a commotion at the edge of the circle and the group split open and five women made their way towards us. I didn't recognize them at first, but then my head cleared and I realized it was the five girls from the video screens in Valerie's house. They all crowded around me and introduced themselves. When the one who identified herself as Robynn said her name I recalled that she had been the one so happy that she had won something after my little show. I asked her what that was all about. She said that the five of them had made bets on how long I would last before cumming when I jacked off for them. She had won because I held out longer than any of the other girls had guessed. I asked her what the prize was and she looked kind of surprized and said, "Didn't Valerie tell you?" I shook my head no and Valerie said, "I was hoping it would be a surprize if we got called but if you want to tell him, go ahead." Robynn said, "OK Dan here's how this works. This is a free for all fuck fest tonight. Anything goes here. You've probably seen some wild stuff already and you will see more. Valerie will be asked for favors from you. She controls what you do and who you do it with. I guess you know that already. Anyhow at the end of the night the floor down there will be cleared and one big mattress will be put out in the center of the floor. A booth number will be called and a couple from that booth will go down to the big mattress and the whole place will go into darkness except for four spotlights shining on the couple on the mattress. The music will start and they will be the final show of the night It is up to them what they do and they will have fifteen minutes to finish their performance. If our booth number gets called, it will be you and me on the mattress." All I could say was "WOW!" Robynn said, "I want to be on that mattress more than anything tonight." Suddenly all of the lights in the place went dim and music started. . I assumed this meant the party was officially under way. It was confirmed when I saw Veronica come through the door to our cubicle. She had changed since the last time I saw her half an hour ago. Her and her boyfriend were both wearing togas. Valerie told her she was free to do anything she wanted with me but no pain etc. Veronica introduced Brian to our group. Four of the girls left to seek action elsewhere and Robynn said she was sticking around to watch Veronica and me fuck so she could put together some plan for later if we got the final call. Veronica and Brian both dropped their togas. I couldn't help but check out Brian's equipment since I would be giving him a blow job any minute. His cock was about six inches, circumsized and shaved. Valerie told Brian his BJ would be after Veronica and I were finished. Veronica pushed me onto the bed and immediately began stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. In about one minute my cock was as hard as it was going to get. Veronica swung her leg over me and took my cock in her mouth and put her shaved pussy right in my face. I used both my index fingers to pull her lips open before inserting my tongue into her pussy which was already dripping wet. When my tongue found her clitoris, she gave a little shuddder. We continued with the oral for quite some time. I had managed to get my hands down to her tits where I squeezed and pinched them until her nipples were hard and she was breathing heavilly. She had my cock as far down her throat as it would go and she had one ball in each hand and was rolling them around in her fingers. I could feel her building up to an orgasm. She suddenly stopped, got off me, turned around, swung her legs over me the other way, jumped on and started riding me cowgirl style She rode me hard and fiercely. In a minute we simultaneously broke into orgasms that were so intense that both of us nearly passed out. We layed there still coupled for a couple of minutes until we caught our breath. When Veronica rolled off me, the first thing I saw was Brian standing there with a huge hard on. "My turn!" he said. Valerie explained to him that since this was my first time to give a guy a BJ, she was going to give me a hand. Brian replied, "This is my first time getting aa BJ from a guy, so why don't you just let he two of us blow each other?" Valerie said it was fine with her. She said, "OK guys, Have at it!"

I looked at Brian and He looked at me. Neither one of us knew where to begin. Valerie and Veronica both said almost at the same time, "C'mon, guys, try touching first." I tentatively reached out and touched the head of Brian's cock. It felt much the same as mine. He touched mine, then without hesitation wrapped nis hand around it and gave it a few strokes. It felt no different than when a woman did it. I did the same to him. He smiled I cupped his balls in my hand. Again, they felt like mine. He did the same. It was my turn to smile. Brian got on his knees and stuck his tongue out and touched the end of my cock with it. He glanced up at me, smiled and took the head of my cock in his mouth. I could feel him swirling his tongue around it. Next thing I knew, he took the whole thing in his mouth as far as he could take it. He pumped in and out on it aout 10 times. It felt just like a woman was doing it. He let it go and stood up. I got on my knees an repeated what he had done. When I put his cock in my mouth, I couldnt believe how soft it felt.It was just as soft as a woman's pussy lips. When got back up, I said, "How do you want to go at this?" He said, "69?" I said, "OK" We got on the bed with him on top.We took each other's cock in our mouths and while playing with each other's balls began to bob up and down on each other. Afer a couple minutes I felt his balls tighten and just as he shot his load into my mouth, my balls tightened and I filled his mouth with my third load of the day. His cum tasted salty and warm. Not all that unpleasant. When our cocks went soft, we stood up and the women all said they enjoyed that. Veronica licked Brian clean and Robynn licked me clean, then Brian and Veronica thanked us and left.Valerie said, "Now that wasn't all that bad was it?" I had to admit it wasn't. She then said we were going out and about to see what kind of fun we could find. She put my leash back on and led me out into the crowd. We walked along the upper deck, stopping here and there to watch what was going on at some of the other cubicles. There was group sex at one, lesbian one on one at another. People were into whatever turned them on and most didn't care that they had an audience. Valerie ran into some friends, one of them a huge guy about 6 foot 6 and about 300 pounds of muscle with the biggest cock I ever saw. She introduced me to "THOR" and we talked for a while. When we excused ourselves and left, Valerie said, " I am so fucking horny.....I get that way every time I see that guy. I tried fucking him once but he damn near ripped me apart with that weapon of his. I'm sure he doesn't get fucked very often. Being that big is probably a curse. C'mon Dan let's go downstairs to the common area and see what's up. We went to the lower floor which was basically a huge open area covered with huge mattresses. Valerie found a spot about ten feet square that was unoccupied and lay down on her back, spread her legs and said, "Dan, I'm so fucking horny........Fuck me!" I wasn't about to disobey my mistress now. I got down beside her and began playing with her tits. She said, "Forget the preliminaries, FUCK ME!" "Yes Mistress." I rolled on top of her and shoved my already hard cock into her and started pumping for all I was worth. "Oh yes, Dan, Fast and hard, give it to me, harder! harder! OOOOOOOOOHHHH YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!" and she had an intense orgasm, which triggered number four for me. When we were rested a bit, we wandered around some more. We saw some of our girls including Robynn who gave my cock a pat and told me to save some for the finale. We were just going to head back upstairs when we spotted an interesting scenario. A woman was laying on her back, being fucked by her husband or boyfriend or whoever and on each side of her was a line of men waiting for their turn to get jacked of by her. Each guy stepped up when she finished the guy in front of him. The whole top part of her body was covered in cum. I would say she had done twenty or twenty five guys already and there were another twenty waiting. We headed back to our cube and sat down and had a drink and a snack. Valerie looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you for taking care of my 'Problem' I always get that way when I see Thor. But I must reprimand you for not finishing the job." I kind of gave her a funny look. She grinned at me, turned her chair toward me, spread her legs and said, "You forgot to clean up after yourself." I got out of my chair, got on my knees, lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders, then spent the next fifteen minutes cleaning her pussy with my tongue. I licked and sucked and licked and sucked until she had another orgasm and then I cleaned it again. She said that was cheating, but she would let it go this time. The next hour was uneventful, except we had more visitors, mostly women. A lot of them wanted to know where Valerie had found me and was I going to be available for other parties. A few of them wanted to check out my equipment and my cock was kept half hard from all the handling it was getting. pretty soon all the other girls in our group returned including Robynn who picked up a couple of towels from the shelf and told me to come with her to the shower room. She said, " C'mon, Dan, Let's go get squeeky clean 'cause I just have the wierdest feeling we're going to be the main attraction tonight." We went to the showers and washed each other up. While we were doing this, I asked her what we were going to do if we were called. She said, "I don't know. I think whatever music they play will set the mood. We'll play it by ear. If it's slow and easy, that's the way we'll go. If it's Hard and fast, we'll go that way." I agreed so we went back and joined the group. About 20 minutes later a buzzer sounded and the lights went up for a few minutes while the main floor was cleared and a single mattress was placed in the middle of the arena. The lights went out completely except for some dim lights along the deck and the stairways. A voice on the PA system said, "And now for tonight's Grand Finale ..........The winner is Cube number .....SEVEN!" Robynnn let out a huge sigh of disappointment. Then in the darkness we heard a voice call out "DECLINE!" The announcer said, "We have a decline, we are drawing another number. The winning number is......TWELVE!" A loud roar erupted from our cube as Robynn jumped up and down screaming at the to of her lungs, "YES, YES, YES WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!" She grabbed my arm and said, "Come on Dan let's go!"

Robynn was unrestrainable. She had wanted this badly and she had got what she wanted. I hoped I could do what ever ahe wanted me to do and not disappoint her. I wondered if I would be able to perform at all. After all, there must be two to three hundred people here and all of them most likely would be watching Robynn and me. She looked like she was floating on air as she pranced down the dimly lit stairway and onto the main floor. She practically glidded across the floor to the big mattress. I was right behind her. We stepped to the center of the mattress and stood side by side in the darkness. It was almost pitch dark save for a few dim lights in the far corners. There was just enough light so people wouldn't trip and fall if they wanted eo move about during the performance. A single chime rang out and the place fell into total silence. Some very faint notes started playing. Robynn Whispered, "Ravel's Bolero. Quick, Wrap your arms around me and follow my lead!" I did as she asked just as four intense spot lights came on, one from each corner of the great hall. We were standing there with our arms wrapped around each other. As the music intensified, Robynn whispered, "Hold my hands above your head, then we slowly lean back, then pull me forward, let go of my hands, grab my tits, fondle them, kiss me, let go of my tits, wrap your arms around me, run your hands down my back, feel my ass." As she was leading me through this, the music was intensiying. Robynn now had her hands on my ass. She began whispering again," Grind your crotch into mine, we have about six more minutes before the music ends and I want your cock to shoot it's load just as the music ends. Now back up a little, put a finger or two in my pussy and tease my clitoris and I am going to stroke your cock to get it hard. " It was almost rock hard by now anyways. She got on her knees and began blowing me. She must have known Ravel's Bolero quite well, because when the music changed tempo, she lay down on her back and told me to lick her pussy. I went at it for about a minute when she Whispered, "OK now stick your cock in me and fuck me , we have about two minutes, so try as hard as you can to be ready to squirt your load. I will tell you when it's time then you pull out, roll onto your back and I will jack you off and hopefully you will cum just as the music ends." I got on her and stuck my cock in her and started pumping. She whispered, "One minute!" I was still pumping. "Thirty seconds!" I could feel my balls tightening. "Ten seconds!" I was going to cum!. I rolled off her. She grabbed my cock and pumoed it fiercely. Just as the crecendo began, my cock erupted. I think it was the biggest load I ever shot in my life. I think Robynn pumped six huge strings of cum then three smaller ones then a couple of dribbles. The cheering, whistling and applause frome the balcony was unbelievable. Even after Robynn and I got back to our cube, people were stopping by on their way out to thank us for a great performance. Valerie was very pleased. She invited a few people to her house for an after party. She told me to get ready to go because we had things to do at her place before the after party folks got there. We got in the car and headed off to her place. On the way she asked me if I had a good time. I told her it was fun, especially the last part. She said, "Yes I'll say you had a good time. We managed to break your cum record, and the night isn't over yet." I said, "It isn't?" She laughed and said, "That's one reason I want to get home before the others get there. I want you to promise you will not tell a soul about this. I have only ever given BJs to one guy in my whole life, but I have decided that since you were such a good sport tonight giving Brian his first BJ, plus you were really good with Robynn too that I'm going to suck another load out of your balls as soon as we get back to my place." After all that had happened tonight, I thought to myself," Holy Fuck!....what does she think I am ...a machine of some kind?" My balls were aching and my cock was tender from all the fucking and carressing and outright manhandling (make that womanhandling) it had been through, but there was no way I was quitting now. I know I'll never get another night like this handed to me again and I was going to finish it. A quick glance at the clock on the car dash told me I still had almost twelve hours to go until Valerie released me from my submission. We got to her place and there were already two cars in the driveway parked behind mine. A Valerie opened the garage door and drove in, she said, " Sorry, but it looks like our BJ session will have to wait." I breathed a sigh of relief, telling my equipment to make the best of the "downtime" to rebuild their ammunition. Valerie thought the sigh was a disappointment sigh and said,"Aw.....I'm sorry." Then she leaned over and kissed the head of my cock. We got out of the car and went to let the guests into the house. Valerie opened the front door and there must have been twenty people standing on the porch waiting and there were more cars pulling in the driveway. What Valerie did next was incredible. She went and got a large piece of cardboard and a felt pen. In large red and black letters sne made up quite an artistic sign that said, "IN HONOR OF ROBYNN & DAN'S AWESOME PERFORMANCE TONIGHT, THIS PARTY IS HEREBY DECLARED A TOTALLY NAKED EVENT EVERYONE MUST REMOVE THEIR CLOTHING UPON ENTRY. She hung it by the front door so it was the first thing everybody saw when they came into the house. Within half an hour there were at least fifty naked people dancing to the music, standing around talking and I watched one couple fucking in the spare bedroom. Several people came over to Robynn and I to congratulate us on our performance. Robynn said she hoped somebody got a vibeo of it and Valerie told her the club videos all the special performnces that they have and that she had ordered copies for the both of us. Robynn was sticking to me like glue for some reason and I wondered if she was hinting that she might like to go another round with me or whether she had other things on her mind. As the night wore on some people left. A few crashed out and nothing was going to wake them for hours. Valerie couldn't break away from her guests and she kept apologizing to me about me not getting the BJ she promised. I told her it was OK, maybe another time. She said there may not be another time. I told her there could be lots of other times. She said if things kept going the way she thought they were going, there wouldn't be another time for the two of us. I asked her what was going on and she said, Haven't you noticed Robynn's been hanglng on to you ever since she got here?" I said, "Yes, I have, but what's that got to do with you and me?" "Dan, Robynn wants you badly and I think you like her too. I wouldn't want to come between you two if something were to happen and you two started a relationship." I said,"Yes I do like Robynn and yes I had thought that we might get together on a regular basis, but you seem really upset that you could harm any kind of relationship that Robynn and I could have. " Valerie looked me straight in the eye and said, "Dan, Robynn is my daughter!" I looked at her and I guesss my jaw dropped open. I said, "Valerie, I .... but you and I.....we already......didn't you.......I mean?" She said, "That was before I realized Robynn was infatuated with you. I didn't fully get it until we got back here and I noticed how she wouldn't let you out of her sight." All I could say was, "WOW!" Valerie said, "Now do you understand? Dan, when I saw that incredible performance you two put on tonight, I thought to myself, "Those two are meant for each other" and when I saw her with you here at my house I knew it was meant to be for sure." I looked at Valerie and said, "Your daughter? You look like you could be sisters but mother and daughter!" Valerie said, "I had her when I was sixteen. My boyfriend was twenty when she was born. We got married, raised our daughter, had a good life and became swingers quite a few years ago. We had a lot of fun in the lifestyle. Robynn's dad is the only guy I have ever sucked off. That was the only restriction I made in our swinging lifestyle.....NO BJs. Robynn's dad was killed in a car crash five years ago and that ended my swinging lifestyle. Or so I thought. One day about a year ago, I was going to go to the mall to do some shopping. Robynn's car was in the way, so I got the spare key and went to move it. When I got in I noticed an envelope sitting on the passenger's seat with some photos sticking out of it. The were obviously photos of nude people because the top photo was of Robynn with at least no top on. I picked up the envelope and took the photos out. Indeed the top photo was Robynn, but she was not only topless, she was naked. The next photo was Robynn sucking some guy's cock. The rest of the photos were Robynn and some other women and some guys obviously at a swinger's party. I was shocked but I wasn't mad. How could I get mad at her when she was no different than me. If she was swinging of her own free will, OK. Later I told her I had found the pictures and that I wasn't angry with her. In fact I told her flat out that her father and I had been swingers for years and that I missed the action and all the fun. She was so happy I wasn't upset with her. The next time her group had another party, she got me an invitation. I was so worried about not fitting in and having sex with my daughter nearby or watching my daughter having sex while I watched. I was worried for nothing. It gave me a new sense of freedom and I said To Hell with it. I'm only here for a short time. I'm going to live my fantasies out to the fullest. From now on it's I'll try anything once." I told her straight out, "You are one fantastic woman and so is your daughter. Now will you excuse me while I go and talk to Robynn?" She kissed me and said, "Go." I went back to the living room and spotted Robynn talking to one of her friends. I must have looked serious because as soon as I got near them, the other girl left. Robynn asked me what was wrong? I said, "Nothing is wrong. In fact everything is right. Your Mom just told me the whole deal. I'm so happy." "Why are you so happy?" " I'm so happy because I've got the sexiest girlfriend in the whole world and she has the sexiest mom in the whole world. Nothing could make me happier." Robynn got the most devilish grin on her face I've ever seen. She said, " What are the sexiest girlfriend in the world and the sexiest mom in the world going to do with the sexiest guy in the world?" I shrugged my shoulders and said," I dunno, What?" She said let's end this party and kick everybody outta here then go find mom and have a threesome!"

And the final count on how many times I was able to cum in twenty four hours?


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