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Visiting My Girlfriend - Chapter 1


Author: Fred S.
Published: 02-Jan-17

I've noticed just how close we are so I slide the chair back until it hits the wall behind me. With a hand still on my shoulder she reaches down and rubs my cock.

* * * * * * *

It's Sunday afternoon as I make my way to my girlfriend Amy's house to surprise her. She lives with her mom in a posh part of town. She should just be home from visiting her father as I arrive unannounced to visit her. We have only being seeing each other 4 weeks after meeting in a local bar.

I ring the doorbell and after waiting a few minutes it's opened by a lady I can only assume to be her mom. I'm generally a shy enough guy so when this gorgeous lady answers the door I'm quite tongue tied. She smiles and asks "can I help you"? "Yeah is Amy in?"

"Ahhh, you must be mike, she's told me a lot about you. I'm Lisa, Amy's mom come on in". She closes the door behind me then reaches out her hand. "Very nice to meet you mike". We shake hands and then I follow her into the kitchen. I can't help but stare she is wearing a dress that shows of all her curves. Her ass looks amazing,the dress stops just above her knees. I'm a standard 22 year old and I can feel my cock stirring in my trousers.

As we step into the kitchen she glances back and spots me eyeing her ass up. She smiles at me and asks me to take a seat.

"I'm expecting Amy along anytime". I sit at the end of the table. Lisa asks if I would like anything to which I tell her a glass of water would be fine.

As she comes towards the table with the glass her phone beeps. She looks at it and says she has a text from Amy saying she will be a couple of hours as her dad got drunk and she has to take the bus.

"So typical of that selfish prick". I struggle to keep eye contact with Lisa as she sits on the edge of the table. Her long tanned legs stretch out just beside me. I stand up and tell her I'll call back later but she puts a hand on my shoulder and sits me down again saying I should stay so we can get to know each other. She the moves along the table until she is right in front of me. I've noticed just how close we are so I slide the chair back until it hits the wall behind me. With a hand still on my shoulder she reaches down and rubs my cock.

"Ohhh my have you a semi mike mmmmm" she purrs. As she is now bent over in front of me her tits are right in front of my nose. Her long brown hair is all about me hypnotising me slightly.

I'm broken out of this trance by my phone ringing.

Lisa has expertly pulled down my zip and unbuttoned my trousers. She has now whipped my now hard member out and started to tug on it. "Ohhh I love a young hard cock"she whispers in my ear. She the looks me on the eye and asks "are you gonna answer that"?

I dig around in my pocket and get my phone to my horror it's Amy. Lisa takes the phone of me and answers it then hands it straight back to me.

She then works my trousers and briefs down around my ankles. I'm in a trance again as Amy asks me how I am and what I'm up too. "Not much just at home" I answer. Lisa is now looking up at me shaking her head at me,she then grabs my cock pulling my foreskin back to reveal my tip which is oozing pre cum. Amy goes on to tell me that she will be late home as she has to get the bus. Uh huh is all i can reply as Lisa licks my cock with her tongue. A trail of pre cum joins her tongue and my cock as she moves her head back a few inches. Amy tells me she can't wait to see me this evening and if I fancied joining her and her mom for dinner. "That would be great" I half squeal as Lisa takes me in her mouth. "Are you sure your ok?" Amy asks. Uh huh I mumble.

Amy starts on to tell me about her weekend. Lisa now stands up and sits on the table in front of me putting a foot on the chair just in front of my cock. The other she lifts up till it's just below my chin. She is wearing a pair of high heeled sandals. I just noticed that her toe nails are painted black like her fingernails. "Take it of" she mouths at me. As I put my phone down on my leg she moves her other foot to my cock pushing the heel against my hard member. I stifle a squeal as I slip her shoe off. She then runs her foot down my chest and gets it under my tee shirt rubbing the sole of her foot up my chest as I put the phone to my ear again. Amy seems not to have noticed as she still going on about her dad. Lisa smiles at me and then mouths. "take it off" again referring this time to my tee shirt.

I put my phone down again and oblige her. Amy then tells me that she will now ring her mom and ask if I can come to dinner then hangs up. Lisa laughs and tuts "telling lies to your girlfriend."

Meanwhile her heeled foot pushes me back against the chair and she puts the other 1 to my mouth telling me to kiss her foot. She then lifts her dress up to reveal no panties and her pussy is nicely shaved. Lying back on the table she wraps her ankles around my head pulling me into her. As I start to lick her pussy she let out a squeal "mmmmm oh yeahhhhhh"

Her phone then starts to ring she picks it up and sighs it's Amy.

I start to lick her clit as she pushes my head away and holds me with her feet 1 at my mouth the other at my chest pushing her heel hard against me as she answers her phone. I suck on her toes as she quickly tells Amy yeah mike can come around to dinner she then tells her to ring her when she's at the station. Hanging up she pulls my head in between her legs. Her pussy is getting wetter the longer I lick and suck on it.

She pushes me back onto the chair and lifts her heeled foot up to me "you know what to do". I quickly undo the buckle she then stands up lifting her dress off so that she is just wearing a bra. She then puts a leg either side of me lowering her pussy down onto my cock. Rubbing her pussy against me she unclips her bra. Her tits are a sight to behold as she pushes then together then rubs her nipples against my mouth.

"Suck my tits while I fuck you big boy" she lowers her pussy onto my cock as I suck on either nipple. Lisa holds onto the back of the chair and with her feet on the floor she fucks hard loud and fast with her cumming quickly. As she stands up putting her bra back on she looks at me smiling she tells me she'll finish me off after dinner.

We both get dressed and she walks me to the door before she opens it she gives me a lovely wet kiss and tells me she'll see me in a a couple of hours for dinner.

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