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Turquoise Moonlight

Author: Mari Babette Contact: Tsukihenshin@gmail.com
Published: Jan 4, 2017
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Lowering herself down to a sensual squat she rubs my inner legs nearly feeling my hard throbbing cock. My head leans back as she slides her breast between my legs wetting my jeans...

* * * * * * *

The Moonlight shines across the lake glimmering ever so lightly. Finally a night alone everyone is away for the whole week and somehow I managed to get away from it all. I haven't had time to myself in a such a long time. Standing in the kitchen thoughts of what I would like to do with this feel time flood threw my mind. What should I do first, relax, watch some TV. Na I do that all the time. I want to do something different. I walk back to the bedroom , sit on the bed and look around in the dark room with only the moonlight shining through.

Something catches my eye outside in the back yard near the lake. I can't make it out, it is too far down on the property. I shrug it off it must be an animal. I slip off my shoes and head back out to the living room. I hear a faint noise from the same direction and now I have to check it out. I walk out onto the porch and I can see a silhouette of some kind with just a bit of shimmering moonlight. What, who is that? I venture to the back of the yard in the dark, I strangely feel drawn towards the lake. I can now see it is a figure. I stop by the tree on the outer rim of the water and I watch this figure in the moonlight. I can not see any details just a shadow of mystery and a turquoise colored necklace. The figure slowly walks towards the lake and slips in the water.

The moonlight ripples the water in the darkness as the figure runs their hands over their body and threw their hair. A woman? Soft light glistens off her now wet breast as she stands up in the water. Her silhouette drips with moisture as she turns to walk back into the yard. I step back cracking a small twig. I glance down and befor I knew it there she was standing in front of me I still could not see her details but I could see that she was looking at me in a seductive way. Turquoise eyes and a turquoise gem necklace radiating a magical essence. Frozen in place she reaches for my hand. I am speechless over her beauty. Soft curves, perfect Breasts, long legs and tight ass. The light shown lightly on it made me weak all over except for my now hard cock.

I could not help myself I felt strangely hypnotized. She lead me towards the picnic table we have we in our yard. I watched as each drop slid down her moonlite body. I felt desire build up inside me, a feeling I have not felt in a very very long time. She sits me down facing towards her and the water. I look up into her eyes and watch her every move as she starts to dance sliding her hands up and down her body Seducing me in every way. She glides her thighs against my knees and whips her torso around and her soft wet hair across my face and neck like sweet perfume. She continues to dance, bending forward so I might lick her glistening ass cheeks.

Lowering herself down to a sensual squat she rubs my inner legs nearly feeling my hard throbbing cock. My head leans back as she slides her breast between my legs wetting my jeans. Caressing my face she leans down that I might peer into her eyes. Turquoise like her necklace. I want to reach for her but I am unable. She slides her body down mine and kneels in the grass, bending forward she lowers her head in my lap. A moan escapes my mouth as she moves her head back and forth across my cock. I glance forward and I can see her hard nipples dripping wet with shine from the moonlight. God Dam!

She grasps my hand and slides them up her torso and lifts them up to hover over her breast not touching them but in a tease type fashion. This drives me crazy because the sexual energy is building up inside me. She stands me up and continues to dance around me sliding her body around mine like a glove. Pressing her breast against my back and running her hands over my ass reaching around and finally gently massaging my rock hard cock. I instantly feel a rush run threw me as she now turns to face me. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt she licks my chest, she feels so warm, so inviting. Feeling as though I can now move my hands, I slide them up her neck, behind her ears and threw her soft damp hair. She closes her eyes and falls towards me. She caresses my face with hers whispering in my ear, sending sensations all through my body.

She dances still in front of me constantly moving her hands up and down my body. She dips down in a squatting position and slowly unbuttons my jeans. Her fingertips glide slowly down my legs sending wild sensations through me. She runs her tongue up my inner thigh and knowing where this is going I lean back and look into the moonlight which now seems to be a turquoise color. I feel a warm sensation and I glanced down to see her sweet lips and tongue stroking my cock. It disappears deep into her mouth touching the back of her warm throat I grasped the bench and moan deeply. Her hands reach out to grasp me. She pulled me closer to her nearly at the point of climax I pull her face up to mine and I lick her lips and kiss her softly. Licking her cheeks and down her neck. She moans dragging her nails along my back. I sit her on my knees and I cup her breast in my hands. I kiss and drag my tongue around her wet chest not to miss one spot. I center myself and with a stiff tongue I lick her nipples she arches her back and moan into the night

I reach around her back and cup my hands around her shoulders and pull her back so that she is arched. Her torso slides towards me her wet pussy lips stroking up my cock an over-the-head dipping in her warm spot. I thrust my legs up and enter her colliding against the walls of her pussy. I can feel all the bumps as they tickle the head of my cock so deep so warm we melt together. In, out I thrust her up and down she bounces on me and her hair flows in the light breeze. She leans back and moans in ecstasy. I stand up and hold her to me her legs wrapped around my waist. I walk into the water still deep inside her. I look into her eyes and we kiss lustful and passionate running our hands through each other's hair.

Grasping at the neck I lower her into the water. As we dance ripples appear in the moonlight. She swings me around and I fall on top of her on the edge of the lake. Wrapping her arms around me and thrusting her pussy up to me as I thrust down. I can see the turquoise color moonlight shining off her wet skin. The necklace even brighter than before. I lean up dragging my hands along the sides of her body. She wraps her legs around my waist I thrust deep inside her. Her warm pussy sucks my cock. I pulled her towards me and flip her around. Now on her knees I bend her forward and slide my open palm down her wet back and guide her towards my stiffness. She reaches back for my hand and I grabbed her wrist and slowly slide back in.

Everytime I enter her it sends a vibration of energy through me. I grabbed her supple ass and spread her cheeks so that I may become farther deep inside. She lets out several hard moans thrusting back on me. Her pushes become harder and faster moaning louder and louder. I lift her up and take her to the table laying her on top. As I stand next to her, legs in the air I enter her once more. She reaches down and touches me and herself as we shift the table out of place. I can feel her pussy tighten on my cock as I thrust faster and deeper. As she comes to her end I pull out and bury my face in her sweet pussy tasting all of her as she cums in my mouth, on my face. I softly lick her as her moans become more intense.

She starts to quiver and shake as I suspect she is cumming again. I then thrust into her as her muscles clench around my cock I climax feeling the rush of sensations. Still sensitive to the touch I slowly exit as she lowers herself to me cupping and licking me. I lift her up to my face and I lick her lips as she licks mine. As we kiss and hold our bodies close to each other the moonlight brightness and I have to close my eyes.

I stretch and wake to my surprize in my bed. Was it all a dream? Did I imagine the lady with the turquoise eyes who so deeply filled me with pleasure. It can't be. It was insanely erotic and felt so real. I never felt so strongly about this encounter. I stand and slip my jeans on and I feel something rigid in my pocket. I reach in a pull it out. It is the turquoise necklace the woman was wearing. It wasn't a dream after all. I hurried and slipped into a shirt and went out back to the table were we both reached climax and I see an etching on the end. It looks like a symbol of some kind.

I hold out the necklace and on the back of the turquoise stone there is the same symbol. What does this mean? At that same time I see something out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turn my head to see the same marking on the tree just deeping inset in the shape of the Gemstone. I place it against the tree and suddenly I am in the dark with the Moonlight shining behind me on the lake. I turn to face the water and I see her walking towards me. She reaches out to me and I go to her she wraps her arms around me and I fall under her spell once more.

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