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The Wildest Sex

Author: Anon
Publish Date : Dec 28, 2005
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The wildest sex thing Katie ever told T/c (and of course T/c told me) was about the day she went rollerblading; Katie is very good on her rollerblades and just outside of Columbia is a nice park for it. A lot of us from college go out there and at times it can be very secluded and beautifully romantic.

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The wildest sex thing Katie ever told T/c (and of course T/c told me) was about the day she went rollerblading; Katie is very good on her rollerblades and just outside of Columbia is a nice park for it. A lot of us from college go out there and at times it can be very secluded and beautifully romantic It was mid autumn and a few leaves blew across the trail as Katie flew past at spends of nearly 35mph. There was enormous hill on the trail that most Rollerbladers never attempted. Katie is one of those other bladers. As Todd slowed for the hill she flew past him and on down the hill in a flash. "Pushing speeds of 50mph or so". Todd watched as his abdomen tightened. "That's just crazy" he said to himself. She was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Later he saw her again getting a drink of water. "I saw you fly the hill" I have been coming out here for 2 years and you're the first one I saw do that "It's nothing"; she said "If it scares ya just close your eyes" Do you want to give it a go "Later" he said and at that Katie rolled away. (According to T/c This guy was hot! He had a bod that would make any girl cream...Todd was convinced that he was going to get Katie's name and number but he had to catch her first..... So the race was on. Miles of the trail are slightly up hill leading to that enormous down hill plunge. Todd was just about to catch up with Katie when he found himself back at the top of the hill. But to Todd's surprise Katie slowed down this time. There is a nice romantic overlook at the top of the hill with plenty of places to get cozy. There is also a place to get a drink of water. He approached her again and said "I thought for sure I was about to loose you again" If I'd know you were trying to catch up with me; you would have. Then she calmly rolled towards the hill as Todd spoke loudly "Please Don't" She circled around "Do I know you" I'm Todd; please just a moment of your time I mean you no harm. Katie is very good at playing hard to get and she had this hunk exactly where she wanted him. She was about 1/3 his size and knew if he wanted anything else; her skates were the only thing that could save her. Gently he rolled up beside her and they rolled around in circles for awhile getting to know one another. "You're pretty good" she said. Todd had a secret he was raised to be a figured skater so speed was not his strong point. She was dazzled at his ability to carelessly glide about. Spinning and twirling with little or no effort. Take my hand and follow my lead "come on don't be scared" this was the moment of trust as she slowly rolled into his massive arms. He gently lifted her up and for next few minutes they soared together as one. "You're a quick learner" he said as he left her to perform a beautiful triple spin. She held her breath as he spun high into the air and gently touched down. "Amazing" I've never seen anyone with such grace on rollerblades before. They settled in at a near by bench and talked for hours. She had removed her white with pink trim Salomon Rollerblades and he gently began to massage her ankles. Unknown to Todd; ankle massage or any massaging was Katie's weakness. He slowly broke down all her defenses with the gentle stroking of his strong hands. It didn't take him long and she had snuggled in for more of his attention. She could feel herself loosing control as his hands now glided over other areas of her strong but sensitive body. At the time; she did not have a steady boyfriend and was already vulnerable to such a man as Todd. The massage turned into a little more as her young body yearned for the mature touch of this older man. His arousal was no secret to her. She could feel his throbbing and was attracted to it. He moved his hands along her thighs and across her firm and inviting body; then gently slid his fingers under her panties and then down across her most private parts. Unable at this point to defend her innocence she brought her mouth to his. Then found herself sliding her own hands up and under his shorts. She was lonely and wanted this man as much as he wanted her. She was just about to take his; when the gentle autumn breeze and singing of birds was shattered by voices on the trail. She quickly gathered her senses and reached for her rollerblades. He started to help her with her laces as hellos were exchanged with the walkers. Bent over her rollerblades and lacing them she started too roll away but Todd quickly caught up to her pressing his throbbing body against the back of hers. Still bent over; she reached back; finding him; she pulled her shorts to the side and as they rolled together she gently guided him in. It was his turn to go faint as he pushed himself deeper inside. He closed his eyes as his head fell back in the awl of the moment. He felt the wind whistle past them as they gently glided along. He thrust himself even deeper. As his moment of passion was about to peak she reached backed and grabbed his butt and held him firm against her. With a loud groan he stiffened and she felt the warmth of his body fill her loneliness. After a while of fulfillment she slowed the skates and relaxation quickly filled them. She turned towards him and pulled him in close again. He opened his eyes to find himself facing her, they were alone again; and at the bottom of the hill. She pulled his mouth to hers and she spent the rest of the day in his arms gliding and dancing about. Later; when they parted she left him overwhelm and still stunned that" he had flown the hill"; But amazed for how lovingly she shared with him; the courage she had while on her rollerblades.

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