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The Adventures of Jack and Dianne


Author: John
Published: 13-May-17 Revised/Updated 31-May-17

"Tell me again Jack, exactly why are we here?" Dianne asked in a voice raised above the loud music.

* * * * * * *

Dianne is a lovely woman who, fortunately for me, is my wife of 7 years. A beautiful brunet about 5'9" tall. In her youth she studied ballet and through her high school and college years, competed in track. I reached out and took her hand, "Honey, listen, the thought of you dancing naked before a bunch of rowdy guys would be a big turn on for me."

Dianne is a sophisticated woman, the manager of an exclusive art gallery in town. At the moment we were sitting at a small table against the back wall of a strip joint called Nero's. It was amateur night and on stage was a butt naked girl doing the splits before the usual boisterous crowd. I didn't think Dianne would go for it really, in fact I was afraid she would find the whole thing disgusting and there may be some marital price to pay. "I'd have to shave my pubic hair," she said. I almost choked on my beer. "All the girls are shaved," she went on, "I'd look like mona gorilla after them." I composed myself as best I could, "I see you more as a classic beauty," I said, "I think a trim would work just fine."

On the drive home neither of us spoke much. Dianne sat quietly thinking. "You know what surprises me," she said at last, ""It's that I'm not adverse to the idea, dancing there, in front of those guys. I never knew that about myself. Funny." She said, her voice trailing off.

I showered after Dianne. She was in bed reading when I went in. I reached over and put my hand on her breast and kissed her on the cheek. Without looking up she asked, "Are you going to fuck me tonight or is it one of those girls at the club?"

"Honey, I'm going to fuck you like those girls at the club whish they got fucked."

"That's why I married you," she said with a sigh, "It's that silver tongue of yours."

I peeled back the covers, slid my hand up under her night gown and caressed her breasts. I leant forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth. I rose to dim the lights and returned to bed lying down the opposite way. Dianne pulled off her night gown, knelt down beside me and took my cock into her mouth. She slowly moved around and straddled me 69 fashion. I could smell the musk of her cunt and reaching around, spread her lips and cheeks. I alternately sucked her clitoris and tongued her hole. I put my thumb in he hole then slowly pressed it into her ass. In awhile I moved her onto her back, pinned her long legs back and apart and fucked her slowly at first, then gaining momentum and vigour and she dug her nails into my back as I came inside her.

About 10 days went by with no mention from either of us about amateur strip night. I bought the subject up between soup and salad one evening. "Honey, have you given any more thought to Nero's."

She glared at me sideways, "You're serious about that aren't you?"

"I'd like to see it happen, yes." I replied.

"You're determined to see me naked in front of a bunch of drunk and lecherous men, is that it?"

"Honey, you're beautiful," I went on. "I want you to expose yourself before other men, lots of men, and have them look at you the way I look at you. I want you to open your legs for them, spread you cheeks for them. All of the things I love you to do for me.

"All the things?" she looked at me quizzicly.

"Well, not quite all," I said between bites. We ate the main course. "What if someone we know was there and recognised me. Have you thought of that?"

"The chances of that are slim to none." I said, "Was there anyone there we knew the other night, I didn't see anyone."

We continued eating in silence, then Dianne said, "I'm not shaving."

'bingo' I thought and a feeling of excitement rose in my throat. I couldn't believe that this may really happen after all. "I'll go there tomorrow morning and ask the manager what the deal is, If everything seems fine I'll put your name down for next Wednesday night.

"You'd do that for me Jack, ohh your such a sweetheart," Dianne said with exaggerated sarcasm.

I entered the back door of Nero's the next day and was directed to the manager. He was stocking shelves behind the bar. "Hi Frank," I said. "I want to talk to you about amateur night."

"So talk," he said.

"My wife wants to do it next Wednesday,"I said.

"Is she cute?" Frank had a blunt way of putting things.

"I think so, but there's a question I have. Do all the girls shave themselves?"

"We get girls with hair on their pussies. So, how old is she?" Frank asked.

"37" I said. "She's in really good shape, like an athlete."

" We had a broad in here 67 years old once, I did it for a laugh, the punters loved it." "How it works," he went on, "The girls dance 3 songs, the first song they lose the dress, the second song the lose the bra, then the panties, the third song the do all the gymnastic stuff, hanging off the pole, whatever they want. But what the punters want in the end, is to see the pussy. If your wife has a lot of hair down there, nobody's going to see much. So she'd better get a haircut because if the punters aren't happy, I'm not happy, cappich."

"No problem," I said. "One set right?" "One, maybe two, depending on how many girls come in." Frank said.

At 7.30 Wednesday night Dianne and I were at the back door of the club. "God I'm nervous," she said. "You'd better damn well appreciate this."

"Oh, I will," I said emphatically. She wacked me on the shoulder. The door opened and a bouncer called Max poked his shaven head out. "Hi," I said. "This is Dianne, she's doing amateur night tonight." Dianne gave a fake smile and a little curtsy.

Max looked at his clipboard, "O.K. your on second , show starts at 8. I went to follow Dianne in but was blocked by Max's thick arm. "Not you pal, no guys back here. You'll have to go 'round front and pay the cover. I went in the front door and was early enough to get a seat up front at the side of the catwalk. The show started on time and a girl called 'Saphire' came out and began gyrating around. The house was full now and the atmosphere electric. Saphire looked no more than 18 and she finished her set by crawling around on all fours, backing herself up and presenting her little pink pussy to guys in the front row.

"And now we have for your viewing pleasure, give a big hand for 'Diamond'" The DJ announced in typical baritone voice. My heart was in my mouth as Dianne came wearing a simple summer dress and began pirouetting down the catwalk, arms out, hair and skirts flying around.

As the first song ended she stopped, took the hem of her dress and unceremoniously whipped it over her head and tossed it aside. She continued as she'd begun but now in sexy pale blue bra and matching thong panties. I sensed the crowd didn't quite know to make of her but the whistles and catcalls continued none the less. Half way through the second number she stopped and took of her bra and panties as though she was going to take a bath. Again she pirouetted down the catwalk like a naked sugar plum fairy, arms, hair and now her 34c breasts flying around.

Each time Dianne turned I noticed that twist of flesh between her legs, her dark pubic hair now trimmed revealingly short. The third song began and for a second I thought Dianne was out of ideas. She walked to the end of the catwalk and shielding her eyes from the spotlight, just looked out at the crowd.

A slow rhythmic clap grew loud and the catcalls were coming "Show me your cunt," and "Show me some pink," Dianne slowly reached for the pole with one hand, her back was to me now, she brought her foot up to her crotch, took it with her other hand and straightened her leg up to the side and stood there unmoving. The cheering was deafening. The crowd were bunching up in front of her. Guys were coming up from the back of the room to get a better look. A moment went by then Dianne hopped around 90 degrees to face that way. The cheers followed her like a wave. Again she stood unmoving for what seemed like forever. She hopped around again, this time facing my direction. Her breasts bouncing wonderfully as she did so, Her nipples were hard enough to hang your hat on but it was her magnificent cunt that was making the guys crazy. Open, enlarged, her arousal was obvious, labia protruding, clitoris, even her very cunt hole was glistening wet under the lights. The song ended but the noise didn't. Dianne slowly lowered her leg, did a little curtsy and walked off the stage, gathering her things as she went.

I waited by the door back and to the side of the stage. About 10 minutes went by before Max appeared, saw me and held the door open for Dianne. She was wearing blue jeans and a loose blouse now. "I need a beer," she said as I took the duffle bag off her shoulder. We sat at a dark corner table. A few guys recognized Dianne. She was polite but in no mood for conversation. Frank came over and tried, without success, to convince Dianne to do another set. 'He would even pay her this time.'

We went home and in bed that night I held her close, spoon fashion. I brushed the hair from her face and kissed her cheek. "You were great tonight honey, I'm so proud of you." "Himmmm," was the last thing she said before falling asleep.

Continued in chapter 2

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