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Summer with Sister


Author: Kelsey Wayne
Contact: lwk8522@gmail.com
Published: 10-Sep-17

When I was 18 I ended up spending the summer at my older sisters house. She was 22 single mom of a daughter...

* * * * * * *

When we were growing up I was always in just briefs or boxers around the house. So when I got to her place I was thinking nothing about it.

The first night after dinner I took a shower and came to the front room to watch tv in just briefs. Sis was shocked at first but after I told her she had seen my briefs many times she relaxed and headed to put her daughter and bed and take a shower.

I was laying on the sofa watching tv and it was the only light on in the room. After a while she came back out in a night shirt. She sat beside me and asked if I remember giving her back rubs when we were younger.

I smiled and said that I did.

She asked if I would give her one now.

I say sure spread this blanket on the floor and lay down on your tummy.

She does but as she lays down she removes her shirt.

Now laying on the floor with just her panties. They had changed from the white cotton all little girls wear, to lacy and bright red. They rode up her crack just a little to reveal some cheek.

I ask what she was doing she smiled and said that I had seen her panties as many times as she had seen my briefs.

She lays down I get some baby oil and start rubbing her back. It did not take me long to move to her legs and as rub her thigh, she opened her legs a little more each time I moved to her legs.

Some how in my mind I took that as a sign to see how far I could get her to go. So the next time to moved to her upper legs she again opened her legs a little more and as I slid my hand up between her legs I made sure I slightly touched her pussy mound.

She let out a load moan so I went right back to it. I ran my hand between her legs and placed it full on her panty covered cunt. She kind of ground her pussy into my hand and I rubbed more openly.

I hooked the band of her panties and pulled the back down to expose her ass. She always did have a nice ass.

She asked what I was doing and I smiled and said relax you will have a good time. With that said she said take them all the way off.

I moved and pulled her panties off. She sat up and removed my briefs. My rock hard 8" cock sprang free. She reached for it and lightly stroked it. I leaned in and we started kissing. She pulled away and said we could never tell anyone.

I said hell no, mom would flip out.

We started kissing making out and soon we were in a hot 69. I have always love to eat hot pussy. We are going at it like crazy and from nowhere she says I need you inside of me.

She rolls onto her back I moved between her legs.

I rub my dick head on her slit a little and push it in.

I get just the head in and look her in the eyes and say we could still stop if she wants to.

She looks back at me and says fuck me now. I need that big dick.

With one move I go ball deep in her hot wet love slit.

We fuck like crazy fast and short.

Then long slow strokes.

We fuck her till I need to cum.

I moan I'm going to shoot and she says go ahead she was on the pill...

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